10 Richest Texas Cities and Unlikely Residents

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

What are the Ten Richest Cities in Texas?

Understanding the reasons why companies, millionaires, celebrities, technology CEOs, and employees were moving to Texas, I now wanted to find out where the rich and one percent lived in Texas.  We know that lower business costs and a lower cost of living are important factors for companies and employees, and we discovered that some celebrities seek space and freedom to raise their families or expand their creativity as other reasons.

The super-rich and wealthy also have their reasons but where do they live?

A data provider called HomeSnacks analyzed 349 locations across Texas and computed data to determine the 10 richest cities in Texas based on poverty rate, median household income, unemployment rates, and where the one percent live. 

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However, we went one step further and analyzed US census data to better understand community demographics in these 10 rich cities, quality of life factors, and if celebrities, politicians, athletes, or business executives lived there.

Table of Contents

  1. What are the Ten Richest Cities in Texas?
  2. Where Celebrities and the Super-Rich Live in Texas
    1. Terrell Hills, Texas
      1. About Terrell Hills, Texas
      2. Which Famous Celebrity Lives in Terrell Hills?
      3. Terrell Hills, Texas: Demographic Data
    2. Bellaire, Texas
      1. About Bellaire, Texas
      2. Famous Celebrities and Athletes: A Bellaire Connection
      3. Bellaire, Texas: Demographic Data
    3. Highland Park, Texas
      1. About Highland Park, Texas
      2. Famous Athletes and Political Figures: Connection to Highland Park?
      3. Highland Park, Texas: Demographic Data
    4. Melissa, Texas
      1. About Melissa, Texas
      2. Melissa, Texas: Demographic Data
    5. West University Place, Texas
      1. About West University Place, Texas
      2. West University Place: Demographic Data
    6. Trophy Club, Texas
      1. About Trophy Club, Texas
      2. Famous Athletes: Connection to Trophy Club
      3. Trophy Club, Texas: Demographic Data
    7. Willow Park, Texas
      1. About Willow Park, Texas
      2. Willow Park, Texas: Demographics
    8. Southlake, Texas
      1. Famous Celebrities, Athletes and CEOs: Connection to Southlake
      2. Southlake, Texas: Demographic Data
    9. Fair Oaks Ranch Texas
      1. About Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas
      2. Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas: Demographic Data
    10. Coppell, Texas
      1. About Coppell, Texas
      2. Famous Athletes and Political Figures: Connection to Southlake
      3. Coppell, Texas: Demographic Data

Where Celebrities and the Super-Rich Live in Texas

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Terrell Hills, Texas

About Terrell Hills, Texas

As a neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas, this small bedroom community with zip code 78209 is based in Bexar County.  Ranking #1 in the HomeSnack study at the time of this writing, you will find many retirees with a conservative-leaning and dense suburban feel that is bursting with restaurants, bars, and parks.  The schools are rated highly and most residents own their homes. 

The community began to develop around 1919 and was named after Dr. Frederick Terrell, a local bank President who served as San Antonio mayor in 1901.  Mr. Terrell sold 22.5 acres to the Terrill Hills Community, a private organization that managed the community until 1939 when it became a municipal corporation.  Terrell Hills successfully stopped an attempted annexation by San Antonio in 1945.

Which Famous Celebrity Lives in Terrell Hills?

One of our favorite actors, Tommy Lee Jones, lives in Terrell Hills, Texas, and actually owns a 3,000-acre cattle ranch in San Saba County, TX where he was born in 1946.  He also owns another ranch in Van Horn, TX, and it was part of the film set for The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.  He owns a home and farm in Wellington, FL and as an avid polo player, he also has a home at a polo country club in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Terrell Hills, Texas: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

Bellaire, Texas

About Bellaire, Texas

Bellaire, Texas with a population of 18,733 and zip code 77401 is located in Harris County,  a suburb of Houston.  Residents have moderate political viewpoints, mostly own their homes, and enjoy their suburban living experience in a more sparsely populated way.  Schools are above average but residents enjoy access to plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks.

Bellaire, founded in 1908 by William Wright Baldwin, is known as the “City of Homes” reflecting a residential personality but there are businesses in the area.  Mr. Balwin, an Iowa transplant, was President of the South End Land Company and Vice-President of Burlington Railroad. 

The city was incorporated in 1918 and was founded on William Marsh Rice, ranch land totaling 9,449 acres.  The eastern portion of the ranch was converted into a truck farm which would be named Westmoreland Farms and Bellaire be central to the farm, serving both as a residential neighborhood and agricultural trading center. 

Two weomn in yellow and white dress wearing white cowboy hat

It is unclear if the name Bellaire was named after Bellaire, OH because it was served by Mr. Baldwin’s Burlington railroad OR because of “Good Air” from the area’s breezes, according to the online Handbook of Texas.

Bellaire, TX would see the population explode after World War 2 due to a building boom, but in December 1948, Houston would annex land around the city to prevent its land growth but in the end, Bellaire remained independent. By 1950, residents would exceed 10,000 and when 700 homes were built by 1952, four schools would be built including Bellaire High School, according to the Bellaire Examiner. 

Famous Celebrities and Athletes: A Bellaire Connection

Bellaire High School is notable since Brent Spiner, actor for Star Trek: Next Generation as the character Data, attended the school.  Actor Dennis Quaid and Major League Baseball outfielder Richard Stephen “Bubba” Crosby of the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees, also attended the school. Jose Cruz Jr. also attended the school, and as a baseball outfielder for 9 different teams over 12 years, he is recognized for his 2001 most valuable player award for the Toronto Blue Jays.  Randy Quaid, the quirkier actor, and brother to Dennis Quaid, also grew up in Bellaire. 

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Bellaire, Texas: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

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Highland Park, Texas

About Highland Park, Texas

Highland Park, home to zip codes 75205, 75209, 75219, 75225, and Dallas County, has a population of 10,380 according to the 2018 American Community Survey (US Census) and is regarded as one of the best places to settle in Texas.  Its dense urban feel is supported by the numerous bars, coffee shops, parks, and restaurants.  It is the land of many retirees and it also leans conservative or Republican.  Not surprisingly, the public schools are rated highly.  More demographic data will be shared below.

Highland Park is near Dallas and University Park.  Together, University Park and Highland Park are known as the “Park Cities”.  Residents use Dallas or Highland Park interchangeably for mail. The city is famous for the 1980s television series, Dallas.  WHO SHOT JR?! I feel old now.

A group of investors, known as the Philadelphia Place Land Association, bought the land in 1889 for $500,000. A real estate agent by the name of Henry Exall would develop the area into residential housing and dammed Turtle Creek for Exall Lake but an economic depression in 1893 halted development plans.  A horse-breeding farm would be developed after this and Exall Lake became a family playground for Dallas families looking for a picnic spot.

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Wilbur David Cook, a landscape designer who planned Beverly Hills California, and George E. Kessler, who planned a large portion of downtown Dallas, would be the team to layout Highland Park in 1907.  The name Highland Park was given because it was on high land overlooking downtown Dallas.

The city was incorporated in 1915 after Highland Park asked for annexation but was denied by the City of Dallas.  At this time, the population would grow to 1100 residents and the city’s first mayor was W.A. Fraser.  In 1931, the town would be recognized for the construction of the first-ever shopping center in the United States.

By 1919, Dallas changed its mind and tried to annex Highland Park leading to a fight that would go on until the end of World War 2 in 1945.  As was typical with other locations, Dallas would try to annex land around Highland Park to limit its growth.  By the late 1950s, it had over 12,000 residents and could only build homes on vacant lots and by destroying old buildings.  It remains a place with quality and luxury homes, many parks, and the Dallas Country Club.

Famous Athletes and Political Figures: Connection to Highland Park?

Highland Park is home to quite a few celebrities and influential figures.  In sports, Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers pitcher, MLB), Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner, NFL), Matthew Stafford (Quarterback, Detroit Lions, NFL), and Marty Turco (Canadian hockey player for the Dallas Stars, NHL) have roots in Highland Park.   The Governor of Texas, Bill Clements, also has a connection.

At the time of this writing, it was ranked #14 as the Best Place to Retire.

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Highland Park, Texas: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

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Melissa, Texas

About Melissa, Texas

Melissa, with zip code 75454 is located in Collins County, has a population of 8,492 according to a US Census survey in 2018. 

Settlers flocked from the old Highlands community to establish themselves in Melissa. After the town plan was developed for Melissa in 1872 and access by the Houston and Texas Central railroad, a post office was set up in 1853.  The town may have been named after railroad executive George A. Quinlan once the trains rolled in but some suggest it was named by another railroad executive.   Next time you look at street names for new developments in your area and you see some uncommon names, it’s probably the name of a daughter, mother, grandmother, or some other connection to the building developers, or philanthropists who have made great contributions to society. A perfect example of Street Naming for recognized individuals.

Notably, Melissa was an important shipping point in the early 20th century, using the railroad to ship out wood, livestock, wheat, corn, and hay.  A tornado hit the town in April 1921 leaving considerable damage to the Waldon Hotel, schools, homes, churches, businesses, the post office, and the railway station.  In August 1929, many buildings rebuilt from the tornado were burnt down due to a fire.  For the curious, have a look at the Melissa town website.

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Melissa, Texas: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

West University Place, Texas

About West University Place, Texas

West University Place, owning zip codes 77005 and 77265, is known as the “Neighborhood City” because it is a bedroom community for upper-class families.  It is located within Harris County and is a suburb of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan region.

Many people think that Texas is all conservative, but you’ll be surprised to learn that residents lean liberal and this might not be too surprising since most street names are associated with generally liberal institutions like colleges, universities, and talented individuals like poets. West Place University has a rural feel but a vibe for plenty of bars, coffee shops, parks and restaurants, and public schools in the area are above average.

Incorporated in January 1924 but developed in 1917 by Ben Hooper, a former Tennessee governor, the city’s name is due to its proximity to Rice Institute, known today to all of us as Rice University. Once again like other Texas formations, Houston would annex unincorporated land around West University Place, but the municipality refused to consolidate to become a formal city. 

A city planner asked and received street names with authors like William Shakespeare from a Rice University English major who had aspirations to become an architect as a lasting reminder for women that they could rarely pursue the profession in that time.

Development rules were liberalized in the early 1990s and the city became a place for mid-century (20th) bungalows and cottages to wealthy urban professionals in red-brick Georgians versus an aging middle-class.  A 2018 Wall Street and USA Today ranked the city as the best place to live.

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West University Place: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

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Trophy Club, Texas

About Trophy Club, Texas

A suburb of Fort Worth, Trophy Club with zip code 76262, sits within Denton County and is ranked 2nd as the best place to live in the county at the time of this writing.  Planned 1973 by developers Johnson and Loggins as a housing development, it was Texas’s first planned but foremost community, with the town incorporated in 1985.  Built around a golf course designed by Ben Hogan, it is in the affluent northern suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

This is a family-oriented community and its conservative residents ensure rural life.  Public schools, as you can see below, are rated positively.  The area has extremely hot and humid summers and cool, mild winters. 

Famous Athletes: Connection to Trophy Club

It was named Trophy Club around the idea that golf legend, Ben Hogan, would house his trophies at the country club. Notable figures are associated with Trophy Club including sporting greats like Tyler Collins (Detroit Tigers, MLB), Larry Hardy (Texas Rangers coach, MLB), Tommy Maddox (Quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL), and Don Stanhouse (MLB pitcher for Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, and other teams). 

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Trophy Club, Texas: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

Willow Park, Texas

About Willow Park, Texas

Willow Park, sporting zip code 76087, is nestled into Parker County, and ranks #3 as the best place to live in the county.  Most residents own their homes, enjoy rural life, and are more accommodating to families and younger professionals at the time of this writing.  Public schools are rated highly, and residents tend to be conservative.

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Willow Park, Texas: Demographics

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

Woman in brown shirt and blue denim jeans wearing a white cowboy hat overlooking a green grass field in Texas

Southlake, Texas

Southlake, sporting two zip codes at 72096 and 76092, is ranked #1 as the best place to live in Tarrant County.  In a rural experience, residents mainly own their homes, there are plenty of parks, coffee shops, and restaurants to enjoy a night out.  Schools are rated very highly and politically, most lean conservative.

Famous Celebrities, Athletes and CEOs: Connection to Southlake

It is noted for the significant number of professional and college sports figures, commentators, announcers, politicians, and CEOs.  Southlake is a connection to people like Terry Bradshaw (Football), Ruth Buzzi (Actress, Comedian – I remember from classic television episodes like Emergency! And CHiPS!), and J. Paul Raines (CEO, Gamestop) to name a few.

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Southlake, Texas: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

Fair Oaks Ranch Texas

Cowgirl in stripped red top, short blue denim shorts next to white horse

About Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Fair Oaks Ranch, home to zip code 78015, is a suburb of San Antonio and is a city within the counties Bexar, Comal, and Kendall.  Most residents own their homes, and many retirees live here, enjoying their rural way of life and lean conservatively.  It is great for families since schools are rated highly.

The city’s land was acquired in the 1930s by an oilman, Ralph Fair Sr., who also owned racehorses and cattle.  By the 1970s, a residential community was developed by Fair’s family and eventually would be incorporated in 1988.  For more information on Fair Oaks Ranch, check out their website.

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Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

Blonde Cowgirl with red striped top and blue denim jeans next to large brown horse

Coppell, Texas

About Coppell, Texas

Coppell, home to four zip codes (75006, 75019, 75063, 75099) is a suburb of Dallas and is located in Dallas County.  The residents enjoy dense, suburban life with many owning their homes.  With its population size and location, residents enjoy highly rated public schools, plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.  Political views are moderate.

It was interesting to find out that the location was originally settled by German and French immigrants in the 1840s and would undoubtedly influence Texas architecture and design.  A wealthy English financier/banker, after arriving in the 1880s, would contribute to the railroad line construction, leading to the renaming of the town in his family name in 1892.

After incorporating in 1955, the city would transform from small farming to a large, upper-middle-class suburban community in 1980 through the 1990s, thanks to the opening of the large Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).  Beyond residential, the city has expanded to include transportation centers and warehouses in the city and near DFW.

Famous Athletes and Political Figures: Connection to Southlake

The city is famous for several figures.  These include Corey Kluber (Texas Rangers, pitcher, MLB), Solomon Thomas (defensive end, San Francisco 49ers, NFL), Connor Williams (offensive lineman, Dallas Cowboys, NFL), Ashley Cain (US figure skating champions), and Bennett Ratliff (Texas House of Representatives).

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Coppell, Texas: Demographic Data

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Source: US Census Data: 2018 American Community Survey

As they say, “Don’t Mess with Texas!”  More and more people are considering Texas for their next relocation.  We’ve personally spoken to Silicon Valley technology executives who’ve told us, much of the sought-after talent they are seeking has moved to Texas which is forcing some companies to move with this talent over time.

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