8 Amazing 10 x 10 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Last updated: May 16, 2023

Remodeling your kitchen can start as a delight. Imagining brand new cabinets and countertops along with sparkling new appliances is a dream that everyone has. However, you will quickly realize you must work within your kitchen layout and size. An L-shaped kitchen is the most common in 100 square feet of space. 

Even if you have a galley kitchen or a U-shape kitchen, the overall cost will not change much unless the size of your kitchen dramatically exceeds a 10′ x 10′ space. A small area will always be less costly. For a high-end luxury kitchen, spend top dollar on materials and labor. 

You may have many ideas, but hopefully, I can help guide you with some 10 x 10 kitchen remodel ideas.

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10 x 10 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

When tackling a new project, I find it easier to outline wants and needs. With a kitchen remodel, these may include:

WALL COLORNeutral Tones
Butcher Block Countertops
Vinyl Flooring
Open Shelves

Consider the style and color that you wish to use and any past storage problems you may currently have. If you have hard-to-reach cabinets, there are solutions for lowering space and utilizing the islands’ interior for storage.

Kitchen Remodeling home creative conceptual illustration

What are the different 10×10 kitchen layouts

A 10×10 kitchen is a standard size and is commonly used as the starting point for cabinet placement.  Different formations, such as a U-shaped kitchen with three walls holding the cabinets and appliances, can be used. An opening is reserved for an adjoining room. This style also works well for a large kitchen. 

An L-shaped modern kitchen works on a kitchen floor plan with an island or eat-in counter. The square footage can be expanded or decreased quickly for a kitchen remodeling project. The traffic flow is free, and the work triangle is met. 

One-wall or galley kitchens can also be considered for extra small kitchens where the space has to share other work climates. For instance, a bar or a home office area may be needed as the only dining option. A skilled professional designer can aid in making your dream kitchen a reality with the space you have. 

Can you put an island in a 10 x 10 kitchen

With the different sizes and designs of islands being built today, there is almost always a way to fit an extra counter space in a 10×10 kitchen. The size of the kitchen used to have a bearing on whether or not an island could be included, but not anymore. Skinny islands, islands on wheels, and square designs make choosing an extra kitchen counter space easy.

An interior designer can make suggestions regarding the correct type. The kitchen’s layout and your working triangle will influence an island selection. I like visiting a home improvement store or kitchen cabinetry center to see the different forms of counters and islands.

What is the average cost of a 10 x 10 kitchen

The total price of a 10×10 kitchen can fluctuate depending on the labor costs and the type of material used. High-end materials are always more expensive than basic kitchen products. The square footage figures are typically the cost estimation. A 10×10 kitchen equals 100 square feet.

A simple kitchen renovation can begin at $100 per square foot. This could include a new backsplash, updated light fixtures, a new coat of paint on the walls, and replacing stainless steel sinks and fixtures. This would also include keeping the same layout in place.

Total costs for a high-end redo can go as high as $300 per square foot or higher. Changes like redesigning the layout, electrical work, and gas lines, adding custom cabinetry, and adding high-end appliances can quickly shoot up remodeled price ranges. 

How many cabinets fit in a 10×10 kitchen

The average number of new kitchen cabinets that comfortably fit into a 10×10 kitchen is 10 to 12. The base cabinets represent the counter space for the work area or food preparation. However, additional custom cabinets can be made as lower cabinets beneath an island or attached counter.

Tall cabinets can also be used along an open wall. Upper cabinets may be replaced with open shelves if there is sufficient storage in your kitchen area. A small kitchen remodel cost can be expensive if customized cabinets and space are needed. Professional kitchen designers are great at bringing an aesthetic look and feel by arranging cabinets and counters.

How much does it cost to put 10×10 kitchen cabinets

If you plan on a U-shaped kitchen, which is the best layout recommended by designers, 10-12, cabinets will fit nicely. A total budget of $20,000 should be set aside for updating this space with white shaker cabinets, new kitchen flooring, countertops, and a ceramic tile backsplash. The material cost will fluctuate according to quality.

Unless new appliances are needed, a general contractor can provide affordable options for materials that will increase your home value or your remodeling budget. If you are leaning toward premium materials and custom cabinets, plan on doubling your base amount.

How many linear feet and # of cabinets are there in a 10×10 kitchen

The linear feet of a 10×10 kitchen size differ from the square footage. This term considers all of the structures and materials that will be included in each linear foot. For example, if you are starting with an empty room, ask yourself if cabinets, appliances, countertops, and flooring will be included in the final cost of the linear figure. 

Cabinets are also used as a starting point for vertical space. The height of projected cabinets can give a more precise average of the cost of a room. Follow this formula for guidelines on linear feet for a cost estimate.

8 Design Ideas for a 10×10 Kitchen

1. Wall paint

Your wall paint is the backbone of your dream kitchen. Neutral colors extend the space for kitchen cabinet collections and new kitchen appliances. White is always a pure and bright choice for the Midcentury style with layered pastel-painted cabinets. Your selection of shiny gold hardware will add an elegant look.

Although the simplicity of the space provides a clean reflection of the small space, I prefer to let the color and texture of nature play a part. Use flowing flora as a background. Highlight with the shades of fruit and greenery in a natural material vase.

2. Cabinets

Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen. Wood that is stained or painted is the trend in most 10×10 kitchens. Metal and stainless steel are another choice in many luxury and chef-inspired areas. However, this look is reserved for the larger kitchen with several prep areas. Choosing between solid wood cabinets that are stock or custom-made is a decision to be made by the homeowner. Many stock cabinets are lovely, but they do not offer the same quality of materials and craftsmanship as custom.

Interior of modern light kitchen, with white wooden furniture, table and chairs, cabinets and pantry

Painted cabinets are an option for bringing color and texture to a kitchen. Different choices can define the style of a room, which often coexists with adjoining areas and work islands. White cabinets blend well with stainless steel appliances, dark wood floors, and a smaller kitchen.

Painted cabinets also provide an easy transition to other styles and materials. For example, adding wood to a few cabinets and natural stone to countertops can make your kitchen more elegant.

3. Kitchen Countertops

Countertops announce your taste in durability, cost, resistance to heat, and appearance. Natural stone, like granite and marble, are trendy but expensive. Laminates are wearable and affordable and often used on stock cabinets. An upgrade to laminate would be a tile that leaves an intelligent look for counters and backsplashes. Heat-resistant and inexpensive, it is a good choice for a classy look.

Butcher block is an excellent material for forming a timeless and long-lasting presence in your complete kitchen. It goes with almost any style or color and is always acceptable. From contemporary white to dark wood, it goes a long way toward staying trendy.

Scandinavian classic kitchen with wooden butcher block and turquoise details

The quality and thickness of stone countertops are different, with each piece fabricated. The shade can also be impossible to match with an existing piece. Stone is unique because it is not mass-produced. This makes each type of stone one-of-a-kind. Getting advice from an interior designer on the quality and pros and cons of stone is a good idea. 

4. Backsplashes

Backsplashes with an artistic flow have taken over many kitchens looking for a quick redo. I have seen some fantastic patterns and materials that give a wow factor, but I have also seen backsplashes that make you cringe. It is true that Subway tiles are trendy but do not fit everyone’s kitchen scheme.

modern white kitchen, backsplash and green countertop

If your taste is strictly contemporary with light oak cabinets and white countertops, try adding warm blue Moroccan tiles to accent the room’s overall feel. Not all backsplashes need to be flashy and demand attention, especially when it ruins the theme of the space.

Careful planning to include accent colors and materials initially can save your backsplash from looking like an afterthought.

5. Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have become a staple in large and small kitchens. The proportions need to be laid out according to the size of your kitchen. For example, a 10×10 kitchen cannot accommodate the exact dimensions as a 12×14 space. Begin by considering the amount of space from your island to the cabinets and keep the same amount of clearance all the way around. The industry standard is 36″ to 42″. 

The good news is that mobile kitchen islands are fabulous for moving in and out of kitchen spaces as needed. This way you can share the same island for indoor and outdoor cooking. Often referred to as carts, the color, and wood may be limited. 

Kitchen interior in old house with small kitchen island and antique table

Permanent islands provide several benefits, including cooking, eating, and storage. Custom islands can be as luxurious or as simple as your needs are. The National Kitchen & Bath Association provides a resourceful guide for helping your dream kitchen come true with different work surfaces. 

6. Kitchen flooring

Kitchen flooring needs to be durable as well as lovely. The amount of traffic that is tried in this room can leave a floor of poor quality and material with scars and premature wear. The most practical choice is vinyl. Easy to install and water resistant, vinyl offers excellent durability and many colors and designs. 

If elegance is your preference, stone tile will be your pick. All types of stone have a unique look; many portray a rich look with the minerals running throughout. Beware, the stone is expensive. Slate, limestone, and marble are examples of natural stone. Another downside is the comfort. A rock is a rock, and there is no cushion on the stone tile.

Kitchen with appliances and a beautiful interior and stone tile flooring

There are many other options for kitchen flooring. Some of these include wood, ceramic tile, laminate, and concrete. More or less a personal choice for homeowners and potential buyers; as long as a neutral color is used, cabinets and countertops will blend. Consider the comfort underfoot. Laminate and cork are the softest materials, while concrete and stone are the hardest.

7. Kitchen storage

There are so many great ideas for storage today that it can be challenging to choose. My favorites are the pullout drawers and the turn tables that can be fitted to lower cabinets. When you are only 5’tall, cabinets that stretch to the ceiling are impossible to access. I also like the inside cabinet racks that hold hanging pans and bakeware 

Stand-up pantries have designs that match almost any type of decor. Less than 17″ deep with different widths, these cabinets can hide canned goods, pots, pans, and more. If wall space is limited, placing it in an adjoining dining room or living space can be used. 

Square Small pantry with empty wall shelves at the corner of the kitchen of home

Kitchen islands and eat-in counters can serve multiple purposes by utilizing the space below. This space can be perfect for holding awkward cooking aids like blenders, waffle makers, coffee makers, and can openers. Keeping clutter off counters can make your dream kitchen look more significant and aesthetic.

8. Kitchen Art or Wall Art

What would your favorite room be without accessories that showcase your desires and add a welcoming sign to your kitchen? Pay attention to what you feel is missing regarding color, texture, and feel. For instance, if you want something contemporary but transitional in style, check out this tempered glass wall art that delivers a burst of color and texture on an inviting wall.

Downloadable art is the newest trend in owning a work of art. Just print it off and add it to a frame for a reminder of your favorite painting. The kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy a touch of your favorite memory from a trip or a special person.

Interior of turquoise and white kitchen full of sunlight and beautiful kitchen wall art

Fresh flora and herbs will stir the air with luscious scents. Whether your favorite scent is lemon, Eucalyptus, or lavender, select your favorite container and spread the smell of love.

Etsy is a favorite place to find handmade artistic items for your dream kitchen.   

Final words

Other decorating and remodeling ideas for the kitchen can be as simple as replacing light fixtures, updating hardware, replacing your oven hood with a sleek new model, or changing your window treatments.

There are always larger projects that can make a significant difference to your kitchen space. For example, adding more windows for natural light, expanding your kitchen area, or creating architectural details for a specific design. Significant moves require professional craftsmen and designers familiar with materials and custom designs. 

Many websites offer different sizes and formations of kitchens and other rooms where you can determine the best way to begin a remodeling project. My favorite one is called Room Sketcher. Cabinet manufacturers may also offer this service by visiting their websites.

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