131 Custom Home Builders in Texas

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

Texas has been recognized as an architectural marvel for designing epic mansion estates and luxury homes modeled in various styles and themes. In 2017, Texas won America’s Homebuilding Race when compared to other states.

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You can count on us to do the hard work. We spent countless hours compiling this ultimate list of custom home builders, designers, and architects because we know you don’t have time to do this. Since we’re passionate about home design and architecture, this kind of felt like something we should do. We’ll do plenty more but for now, we’ll start with Texas. 😉

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Luxury Custom Home Builders in Texas are Well-Recognized

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Custom luxury home builders in Texas have strong recognition in their communities, the State, and across the United States. Texas designers provide beautiful portfolios of their custom home projects that have a range of luxury styles from the modern contemporary, modern farmhouse, Lakehouse, Ranch, Southern Living, Tuscan, Modern Mediterranean, French Country/Acadian, Transitional, Colonial, Craftsman, New American, Texas Hill Country, Spanish Courtyard, Waterfront, Multi-Level Mansion, European, Moroccan, Beach House (Gulf Coast)….the list is endless and only hindered by your imagination.

Luxury Home Styles and Home Floor Plans

For example, Dallas-Fort Worth has plenty of ranch-style homes but if you head over to Austin, you’ll find a mix of Mediterranean luxury homes (yes, I am serious) and even sustainable contemporary homes.

Our list of custom luxury home builders, designers, and architects also provide floor plans within their design portfolios which you can download and review in further detail.  Given custom home builds are unique but for discerning tastes, clients can work with luxury home builders to find the best general contractors, and interior and exterior designers to get the project done. In the future, we will profile some of their amazing design portfolios on our website.

131 Luxury Home Builders, Architects and Designers across Texas

Custom home builders have their luxury home designs published in the United States and internationally so it’s not surprising to see that some of these Texas-based designers, builders, and architects are winning main awards in design and architecture with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Architectural Digest (AD100), or the Texas Society of Architects.

Thankfully, many architects, exterior and interior designers, and home builders have adopted principles that integrate the natural environment with green design, clean energy, and smart technologies for energy efficiency and home automation.

Using our list, you may be able to find a local home builder in your area to plan and develop your next luxury home.

Austin, Texas: Custom Home Builders and Architects

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Corpus Christi, Texas: Custom Home Builders and Architects

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Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston: Custom Home Builders and Architects

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Lakewood is the perfect combination for those who want a laid-back lifestyle with access to incredible trails for cycling and running along with a great lake for kayaking.

-- Alan Hoffman, Hoffman Homes

Incorporated into the Town of Lakewood Village in April 1977, Lakewood was to be a golf course and airplane community with its own runway for small planes.  The town has since evolved into a relaxed, lakeside bedroom community and since 2006 has been zoned as residential.

To my great surprise, Lakewood Village earned a special designation.  As a hobbyist astronomer, I have traveled a great length to watch the stars in the Dark Sky regions of North America.  In 2019, the International Dark-Sky Association designated the village as the 23rd International Dark Sky Community in the World.

Part of Denton County in Texas, the US Census Bureau indicates the city has a total area of 0.7 square miles and enjoys 7.5 miles of shoreline within its jurisdictional limits.  The area is full of wildlife with gray foxes, bobcats, wild turkey, deer, coyotes,s and wow, the occasional mountain lion.  This ain’t no Disney affair. 😀

It has a population of 964 people, mainly white, but also has African American, Hispanic and other races in its village community.  Based on other census data for 117 households, close to half of the households have children and more than 75% are married couples making this a perfect family-oriented community.

Less than 1.6% of the population lives under the poverty line and median incomes suggest a middle-class community lives in Lakewood.

Worker drilling through a window pain at a factory

El Paso, Texas: Custom Home Builders and Architects

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San Antonio, Texas: Custom Home Builders and Architects

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Other Texas Cities: Custom Home Builders and Architects

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Using our list, you may be able to find a local home builder in your area to plan and develop your next luxury home.

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