The Mysterious World of 3D Printed Homes

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

3D printing as a technology for producing goods has been rising since its launch in the 1980s. It is among the most innovative discoveries in manufacturing, and it is a time saver and makes the process easier.

3D printing at its very basic involves the use of machines to recreate an object from scratch from its digital file or scan. You could say it resembles ordinary printing except that the item printed is in three dimensions. Also, instead of ink, the machine uses material constituents of the object made; plastic, polymers, steel.

3D printed homes are perhaps the most innovative application of this technology in production, and it could help the housing crisis in the US and around the world.

Many large cities now face an affordable housing crisis and companies like Boxabl, not involved in 3D printing, are trying to find better and faster ways to deliver affordable, factory-line accommodations for poorer Americans, disaster recovery efforts, and military applications.

But you may be asking, “What is a 3D printed home?”.

Let me take you down a fascinating developing in home construction and building.

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What are 3D Printed Homes

3D printed homes are houses printed from a giant 3D printer. 3D printing technology enhances the speed, ease, and flexibility of the construction process design. House components in 3D printing rely on jets of concrete or mortar.

It is easy to edit the primary design software when printing houses, unlike in the conventional techniques of using blueprints. A controlled robotics system assembles the house piece by piece, and only finer detailing such as decoration or furnishing requires human physical efforts.

Where Did the Idea for 3D Printed Homes Start?

The first implemented 3D printed home appeared in Europe in 2015. Although the implementation of 3D printing in architecture was forthcoming before then, it was in 2015 that the first 3D printed house came into place. It was a residential building spanning 2985 square feet by a company known as SPECAVIA.

Since then, this technology has been spreading quickly around the globe. As a result, numerous 3D printed homes get fabricated from various printing techniques. While some homes get printed from scratch, others rely on the assembly of pre-printed parts.

Are There 3D Printed Homes in the United States?

3D printed homes are now accessible to you in the United States. The East Seventeenth Street Residence is among the first homes of this kind to hit the market and is based in Austin. This project is the brainchild of ICON, with lead development by Logan Architecture.

The home by Habitat for Humanity in Williamsburg, Virginia, is another excellent example. The 1200 square feet residence by Alquist 3D company has sparked an interest. With its exterior built only in 28 hours, the house creates hope of a brighter future in 3D printing.

ICON has a single-story affordable home in Austin, Texas, partnered with Band Design and New Story. This project is printable in 24 hours and occupies 350 square feet, and it could pioneer the proposed 100-home neighborhood of 3Dprinted homes scheduled for printing in the same place this year.

3D printed homes - a 3d printed living room by Shanghai WinSun Design and Engineering - 3D printing industry Expo

30 Companies in the 3D Printed Home Business

If you wish to renovate or build your home from scratch, 3D printing is a very feasible approach, and it is fast and becoming cheap each day. Here is a list of thirty companies offering home 3D printing services.

Apis Cor

Apis Cor is a world-renowned construction corporation launched in 2014. It is based in Melbourne, Florida, and focuses on 3D printing technologies and accessories. It is famous for having built the largest 3D printed structure.

Continuous improvement and quick deliveries are the focus of Apis Cor. It has one of the swiftest 3D printing technologies in the world. This company can build a fully functional house in less than 24 hours.

Website: Apis Cor

Wasp 3D

Wasp 3D, known as World’s Advanced Saving Project, focuses on designing, producing, and retailing 3D printers. This company launched in 2012 with its headquarters in Massa Lombarda in Italy. The ideal goal of Wasp 3D is to attain sustainability in 3D printing services.

The company aims to achieve new designs of printers that minimize energy consumption. With advanced research technologies, Wasp 3D aims to revolutionize the future of 3D printing. It also aims to incorporate eco-friendly materials such as clay in constructing homes.

Website: Wasp 3D


Cobod, fully known as Construction of Buildings on Demand, is yet another world renown manufacture of 3D printers. In addition, the company offers a wide variety of 3D construction solutions. Cobod calls home in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cobod prioritizes assimilating high-tech automation in 3D construction. It partners with famous 3D construction companies such as PERI. Launched in 2015, the company has made tremendous progress in the 3D sector and made the headlines in 2017.

Website: Cobod

Constructions 3D

Constructions 3D is a French-based manufacturer and dealer of 3D printing machines. It focuses on creating machines that can print enormous volumes quickly. It has a mission based on achieving simplicity and robustness simultaneously.

Constructions 3D printing machines have high portability, and this characteristic makes the company well renowned for on-site 3D construction.

Website: Constructions 3D

Icon Build

Icon Build it’s a famous 3D printing construction company based in Austin, Texas. It was launched in 2017 and has been on the rise to create affordable projects within and outside Texas. It was also the first licensed 3D construction company in the United States.

Icon Build uses an additive construction approach to printing structures. It offers fast and affordable services and has numerous works to show. As a result, it is in the spotlight among the companies responsible for the upcoming fully 3D-printed neighborhood in Texas.

Website: Icon Build

Contour Crafting

Contour Crafting, named after a construction technique and often known as Contour Crafting Corporation, is a 3D construction company in El Segundo, California. It was launched in 2017 and used computerized cranes to print houses with minimum physical labor requirements. In addition, it focuses on using modern robotics to automate the construction process.

Contour crafting is a 3D printing technique that aims to reduce the cost of construction while eliminating wasted materials. It is a sustainable method of construction that is much less sophisticated compared to other 3D printing techniques. Contour Crafting holds a simplified approach to 3D printing as an upcoming company.

Website: Contour Crafting


Mudbots is a manufacturer of 3D printers in a wide variety of sizes, and it offers as tiny as six by six inches to as enormous as 100 by 100 inches. But unfortunately, one of the most affordable 3D printing companies does not stack you with a lifetime subscription of their mixes.

The machines’ warranty is not limited to their preferred mix like most 3D printing companies. You are, therefore, at liberty to use your preferred mix from the local hardware without worrying about the loss of the machine warranty. This company launched in 2019 and set up operations in Midvale, United States.

Website: Mudbots


Rohaco is a 3D printing construction company based in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. This Dutch-based company was founded in 1972 and entered the 3D construction profile in 2016, at which time it showcased its 3D printing prowess.

Rohaco focuses on using a system of conveyance, machining, and pick and place techniques. This systematized robotic system was the company to construct affordable houses in a significantly tiny amount of time.

Website: Rohaco


Vertico is a 3D construction company that deals with concrete printing of various mixes. It is based in Eindhoven North Brabant and opened its doors in 2017. The company uses modern 3D printing solutions, from design at the factory to implementation, that supersedes the barriers of conventional construction.

Website: Vertico


Passivdom is a 3D printing company with a keen interest in clean energy, self-sustainability, and zero-emission houses. The company integrates artificial intelligence and the internet of things technology to print your bright house. As a result, their homes will be well-fitting in the future.

Passivdom launched in 2016 with an office in Reno, Nevada. In addition to solar energy integration, their houses can be transported anywhere globally and do not require a pre-cast foundation. They can build an autonomous place in any climate.

Website: Passivdom and

3D printed homes by Shanghai WinSun Engineering at 3D Printing Industry Expo
3D printed homes by Shanghai WinSun Engineering at 3D Printing Industry Expo


CERAMBOT company focuses on ceramic printing services and printers. So if you need ceramics for your house or botanical garden, this is the go-to company. Their 3D printers print the ceramics directly without molds.

Founded in 2018, the company has an office in Jinan, China. It continuously launches improved ceramic 3D printing machines with improved functionality, and their designs are known for ease of use by local consumers.

Website: Creambot


Koala 3D printing company hails from Tabasco, Mexico, offering affordable printing for homes and accessories. Unlike other printing machines, the Koala 3D uses intense additive printing to print structures more significant than the printing machine. It launched in 2019 and is on a continuous spree for commercialization.

You can read more about Koala3D: A Continuous Climbing Printer on ScienceDirect.

Website: University of Chile


Houseofdus was founded in 2004 as an architectural industry in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It focuses on indoor and outdoor 3D printing furnishing, and it is the go-to company for a tailored furnishing design for your house.

Houseofdus uses modern technology to integrate new materials in intelligent homes. Their homes are also very eco-friendly, with some printed from reclaimed waste. However, this company insists that design is user-specific and that clients will enjoy projects tailored to their needs.

Website: Houseofdus


Sika is one of the oldest construction companies based in Baar, Switzerland. It was founded in 1910 to provide waterproofing and mortar design solutions. It provides a wide variety of design solutions in 3D printing ranging from CAD design and automation to mix design.

With a lot of experience in construction, their 3D printing technology applies unique mixing and design properties with high strength. In addition, their printers enable color changes during printing. Also, at Sika, you access all industrial 3D printing services and machines from a single source.

Website: Sika

Branch Technology

Branch Technology is a diverse 3D printing company offering design installation and manufacturing solutions. Launching in 2013, The company has offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It specializes in fabrication and design, robotic coding, and computer technology integration in designing wall systems and building enclosures.

If you only have a blurry idea about the house you want to build, this is the company to approach. Their engineers and mathematicians focus on liberating and manifesting their client’s ideas.

Website: Branch Technology


CyBe is a Netherland-based 3D printing company founded in 2013. It offers a diverse range of 3D printing services from hardware, software, printing materials, and a learning platform. Their 3D printing technology is among the latest you can find.

They aim to revolutionize Conventional construction by making it cheaper and at the same time more sustainable and of better quality. In addition, CyBe operates as a platform to nature ideas and quickly nature them to designs and realities.

Website: CyBe

Hyperion Robotics

Founded in 2019, Hyperion Robotics is a construction company near Helsinki, in a place called Espoo in Southern Finland. They focus on 3D printing with reinforced concrete integrated with recycled materials.

Their structures are safe and stable with reinforcement in their concrete and a good base with robotic automation. In addition, using recycled materials lets them print eco-friendly houses that are much cheaper for your pocket.

Website: Hyperion Robotics

Twente Additive Manufacturing

Twente Additive Manufacturing uses one of the most eco-friendly 3D printing approaches to construct modern houses. It was founded in 2018 to build homes that achieve a serene connection to the natural environment. Twente Additive Manufacturing is based in Enschede Overijssel, Netherlands.

Their construction techniques minimize the unnecessary consumption of materials. Moreover, it makes their designs cheap among the few companies that integrate green building technology in urban and residential development.

Website: Twente Additive Manufacturing


Sq4d is a 3D printer manufacturer and servicing company for home construction, décor, and improvement.

They print sustainable structures, maximize plastic recycling, and use an Autonomous Robotic Construction System technology. The company has an office in Long Island, New York, and started in 2014.

Website: Sq4d

3D printed homes by Shanghai WinSun Engineering at 3D Printing Industry Expo
3D printed homes by Shanghai WinSun Engineering at 3D Printing Industry Expo


Winsun, also known as Yangchuan Building Technique, is a Chinese 3D printing company based in Shanghai. It was founded in 2002 and led in commercial 3D printing of houses. It is currently integrating its construction techniques to become more human and nature friendly.

Winsun uses construction waste and mining residues to design printing mixtures. Their designs are sustainable and with a lower carbon footprint, and Winsun ought to be cheap and less energy-demanding in the construction of your house.

Website: Winsun


Betabram is a 3D printer manufacturer launched in 2013 and dealing in high-tech printing solutions. It is based in Slovenia, Senovo, and provides clients with fascinating but straightforward printers with remote video control. You can control the printing from your tablet.

Website: Betabram

D Shape

D shape is a 3D printing company that uses sequential layering to convert CAD designs into actual structures. It was founded in 2008 to reduce time wastage, errors, and the intensiveness of labor associated with conventional construction methods. It is based in Buti, Toscana.

It uses an interesting design technique where an inorganic binder replaces cement. It only requires this binding agent and sand for 3D printing of structures, making it cheap. This technique also minimizes wastage of the printing material.

Website: D Shape


Setup in 2015, MX3d has an office in NDSM, Amsterdam. It uses additive manufacturing in robotic software to achieve metal 3D printing. Among the few companies using this 3D printing method integrated with welding, robotics is among the companies.

Website: Mx3d


Xtree is a French best-ready printing company founded in 2015. Its primary focus is the design of houses that help humanity achieve low carbon emissions. It uses a pre-casting and pre-fabrication technique to construct off-site sustainable homes.

Website: Xtree

ESA/Foster & Partners

Foster & Partners is an architectural and engineering firm founded in 1967 in the United Kingdom. It used integrated design techniques to find engineering solutions even to the most remote places. One of its most iconic projects is its partnership with European Space Agency ESA to make 3D printed lunar habitations in 2012.

It utilizes available materials through a series of improvements to meet the need of its clients. Their designs are award-winning for being innovative and sustainable. If the company printed a house in space, they could do much for your home!

Website: Foster & Partners | ESA

Total Kustom

Total Kustom it’s a 3D printing company that focuses on the construction of smaller houses that can resist hurricanes and are fireproof. The design and manufacture of commercial-grade printers specialized in achieving the above aspects. Their printers can achieve a 33 by 66 by 20 printing envelope.

The company launched in 2005 and is currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. It uses pre-analyzed printing techniques that continually improve towards better printing. They also have a variety of printers specific to the printing assignment, whether a home, school laboratory, or plastic models for architectural design.

Website: Total Kustom


BatiPrint is a French-based 3D printing company located in Nantes. It was founded only recently in 2019 to offer less painful and environmentally protecting construction solutions. It uses a disruptive innovation technique that integrates several materials.

The resulting structures become sustainable and unique. They also guide their clients through their ideas until execution.

Website: BatiPrint


MOBBOT is a 3D printing company founded in 2018 and based in Fribourg, Switzerland. It focuses on the digital fabrication of homes through automated spraying of concrete. It is also among the few companies that have integrated shotcrete techniques into their design and 3D printing systems.

Website: Mobbot

Fastbrick Robotics

Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) is a robotics company that designs automated robotics that prints homes. Launched in 1994, it has an office in High Wycombe, Western Australia. Their robots use additive technology to assemble houses components.

Website: Fastbrick Robotics

Atena (Software)

Atena is a modern-day solution software for analyzing reinforced concrete structures based in Prague 5, Czech Republic. The software simulates concrete and reinforced concrete response to loading and determines yielding strengths. It was founded in 2008 and provided computation and mechanical data to analyze concrete behavior.

Website: Atena

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 3D printed homes cheaper than traditional homes?

While 3D printed homes hold the construction industry’s future, the mechanisms and machinery involved in their design are yet to become cheaper than traditional construction. However, 3D printed homes will become more affordable with time and improved technology.

Can I 3D print a building on my land?

Yes. With a 3D printer, you can print a building on your land. However, you must adhere to the conventional building codes applicable in your area.

Can you legally 3D print your own house?

Yes. You can print your own house provided your construction meets the set building codes of your zone. However, if the zoning laws do not provide for such techniques, you will not be allowed to occupy them.

Can I build a 3D-printed house in California?

Yes. You can 3D print a house in California, and plans are already underway to print homes in California to relieve the housing shortage.

Could 3D-printed homes relieve the housing crisis?

Yes. This technology is faster, more efficient, and less labor-intensive than conventional construction. 3D printing could help relieve the housing crisis if well-integrated and funded into the housing programs.

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