7 Easy and Affordable Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Last updated: April 10, 2023

Kitchen decor is important in your home improvement plan. The kitchen is the heart of the home where the family (besides the dining room) spend most of their time. Kitchen decor can become boring and many assume that you have to spend a lot on costly renovations to spruce things up. We’re going to change that perception with the following tips.

These fixes don’t have to be done at once as kitchen improvements are always a work in progress. A fresh coat of paint, some new cabinet knobs, or a new wool rug can make a huge difference for $500 or less.

Table of Contents

  1. Drawers
  2. Floors
  3. White Paint
  4. Walls
  5. DIY Projects that Help you Fake It
  6. Accessories


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If your cabinet has vinyl or melamine-type material, holes can be filled with matching color caulkingIf your cabinet is stained or painted wood, you can fill the holes with stainable or paintable wood filler
New kitchen hardware and furniture: Options include painted porcelain or the simple functionality of Scandinavian (read: IKEA) design Polished brass for finger pull handles can add some decadence to your utilitarian design aestheticTo change it around, you just need a measuring tape, pencil, drill, drill bit, screwdriver, and provided Allen key


Affordable Kitchen Decor Upgrade Tips
Affordable Kitchen Decor Upgrade Tips
Beaten up wooden floors: A new paint job will do the trick! White and pale grey works well and gives you that Cape Code feel and aesthetic

Beach house feel: Let paint fade and get bruised over time or if it is bothersome, add a rug near the kitchen sink or stove, and it won’t be a problem with food or water too

White Paint

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When we wanted to freshen up our own place, we committed to a new, fresh coat of paint to spice up our dwelling. Always works and if you can’t do it yourself, there are more than enough service providers through crowd-sourced applications that can help lessen the cost burden.

Use white paint to brighten the kitchen
Do your own painting to reduce costs
Prepare: If you’re diligent, patching cracks and dents before the actual painting, you’ll have much better results
Clean Kitchen surfaces really well: Any good detergent will work or something like Trisodum Phosphate (TSP)
Most common problem: Improperly cleaned surfaces lead to bad adhesion
Higher sheen finishes: Best for kitchens because it’s easier to clean
Consider pearl if you’ve used semigloss before because it cleans easily and isn’t as glossy but still is a high sheen
Stick to white: Don’t chase trends as they change often and with white, you have a crisp, bright fresh look that never goes out of style


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The quickest way and most affordable way to freshen up an entire room is with feature walls
Patterned wallpaper in the kitchen makes a bold statement and botanical patterns are making a comeback like the days when you visited grandma
For kitchens, the wallpaper will a vinyl finish acts as a barrier against moisture
Look for wallpaper that is washable, scrubbable, or highly scrubbable because when applied correctly, it will last for years
Chalkboard walls are fun in the family kitchen and decorative plates are a nice retro option.
Frame squares of wallpaper or vintage scraves to add texture and color to your kitchen space

DIY Projects that Help you Fake It

Vinyl tiles with geometric patterns or even exotic ones can do the trick: a simple herringbone tile always looks amazing but can be a slightly more expensive tile
Always practice in a small surface area before going headstrong into a DIY project like this
Adhesive papers can always masquerade as fake concrete, granite, and natural wood and do create some dramatic effects on an island
Marble options with subtle veins deliver sophistication for a small bump in costs
Vinyl tiles can do the trick if applied well
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Source: Unsplash, Dane Deaner


Floating or open shelves which help showcase colorful art, plants, and find can really impress the viewer!
Display handmade ceramic bowls to add to the visual experience
Beautiful cookbooks, a vase with fresh flowers or utensils helps to keep the look chic and uncluttered

With a little effort and now a lot of skilled craft, you could make some significant kitchen decor changes that could look like a million bucks.

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