Last updated: May 13, 2023

About us. We’re not some fly-by-night operation.

We have a global team of writers, content calendars, and yes, deadlines. As much as I hate getting into the nitty gritty of operations, it’s essential when you have a distributed team. This was well before the common practice of hybrid work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic!

EvolutDesign: Our Growing Team

After the editor, my writers include Tonya Jones Edwards, Kathy Garton and John Thompson. Each have impeccable qualities and they are part of our growing team of senior writers at Evolutdesign.com

Their full biographies can be found by clicking the button after their photos.

Our Team

Youtube: Our Growing Coverage

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Attention: Aspiring Writers

If you’re an aspiring writer, with expertise in the home decor/improvement or architecture field, let’s talk. Geography has no borders. If you want to write about an interesting custom home or architecture project in any part of the world, let us know. We’re open to ideas and fresh stories.

Perhaps you want some brand recognition. Great – if you’re good, hungry, and interested in investigative-style journalism, we might take on a few of your projects with author bio to help you get off the ground.

Read our Contact Us page for details.

Our Tagline

Watch for the tagline….Evolutdesign: Helping homeowners fall in love AGAIN with home decor, home improvement, interior design and beautiful architecture.

We love everything about modern homes, home remodels and rebuilds, home improvement, home decor, and architecture.

Our Site also receives permission for beautiful home and architecture design ideas from custom home builders, architects, interior designers, real estate and professional photographers, municipalities (home and urban developers, historical archives), home owners and building developers including special guest writers on themes that matter to our readers.

My team of writers is a mix of offense and quarterback players. All of them are team I love!

Our Cover Stories

We want to become one of your best sources of information on home design and architecture to inspire your own home improvement plans and bring together builders, architects and designers to help save you time and money when you’re considering your next home renovation.

Above all, we want to learn from our readers. If you have some great ideas to share, please email us with your beautiful photos, home projects that we can post and share.


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The list goes on and on. I hope you like what you read.

Yours truly,

William Lane - he is Editor in Chief for EvolutDesign.com

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