Inspired Accent Wall Ideas with a Fireplace

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Last updated: July 9, 2023

Fireplaces provide timeless beauty and remain an excellent addition to any living space. Besides being a rich focal point made from natural resources, the thought of flickering flames is enough to draw anyone’s attention.

The living room is a favorite place to have a fireplace installed. This is a great way to add the function of warmth and the feeling of comfort. Your style and decor can give you a reason to want to improve this area. Consider these accent wall ideas with a fireplace for the perfect way to capitalize on a trendy look.

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Fireplace Walls

Interior designers have gotten creative with materials that outline a fireplace. A standard fireplace of today does not require the skills of a stonemason. While heavy stone and brick make the biggest impression of delivering an actual roaring fire, modern homes are too airtight to justify having an old-fashioned fire inside. 

However, an existing fireplace with a stone wall can remain an excellent addition to the room as a nonworking architectural element. A farmhouse look or modern country is perfect for using a dormant natural stone fireplace. Piling framed pictures and a family portrait on the mantel deliver a warm and comforting atmosphere. 

An oversized oak fireplace mantel can act as an entertainment shelf for a large screen tv, while the hearth can provide color and height. Tall glazed pottery jars can hold foxtail and dried flowers, while shorter metal pots can hold flora and branches of the season. Sharpen the look of stone accent walls with reclaimed wood strips along the edges to form an outline. 

Zero-clearance fireplaces that operate on natural gas or propane have been gaining popularity in recent years. Why? We insert them in the wall space and run them flush for a clean straight look.

It is not uncommon to see no wall hangings on this fireplace accent wall, but a bit of color or texture can make a difference. A wallpapered accent wall of metallic design or dark color is an easy way to emphasize an ultra-modern look. 

A wooden streamlined mantel above the flush unit can make way for tall and thin pictures of nature. Or flat-screen TVs mounted above the mantel serve as an entertainment center. Using a different material on the entire wall or the immediate surrounding area of the fireplace can also make it a great accent wall. A good example is smoke gray shiny ceramic tiles or natural-looking faux stone on white walls can give your fireplace more character.

Build your architectural features with the use of a pre-built fireplace cabinet. I often recommend inserts to use with each model. This remains a great idea for designing your feature wall in a new home. Plan it out carefully with the proper hearth and wood panels or faux brick to deliver a personal, unique way to have an accent wall fireplace. 

Exposed Flues

The flue (duct, pipe) is essential to any fireplace. Usually, the flue is not visible because of a wall. However, the Industrial style has given way to exposed pipes and beams for a more natural look.

We can leave the flue out in the open when a fireplace gets moved away from the wall. This look can change the feel of the room by exposing all sides of the fireplace in a great open space. Dot with accent chairs for social gatherings in a relaxed atmosphere.

Colorful Shiplap Walls

A modern approach to updating a blank wall that surrounds a fireplace is using a shiplap accent wall. A shiplap fireplace wall gives you many options in modernizing your fireplace. This is a simple DIY project when you have the right tools. 

Shiplap is a term created for marketing efforts. It is a pine or MDF wood board with a pronounced groove along the bottom edge. Used for interior decorating, it is lightweight and easy to work with. The shiplap presents an engaging and textured look when installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. 

We can quickly and easily cover a home office or dining room with noticeable scars using a whole shiplap wall. Also, this whole wall allows you to add a different color to a white mantel with a white fireplace.

For example, we can turn a plain red brick wall into a fresh and inviting scene with white shiplap and whitewashed bricks to deliver a sophisticated white brick fireplace. Diagonal shiplap painted blue or green and lines a fireplace wall makes an even bigger statement.

A black wall or other dark colors is a great option for making a contemporary look. Paintable wallpaper makes this look possible if shiplap is not an option. The bright accent color of silver or white will deliver the pop that you need. 

One more trend that blends well with Italian modern and a high-end look is flat polished marble. Marble is so popular, so why not flaunt it as a wall surround for your fireplace? Placed against a wooden wall drop of black and using a black fireplace insert, it will intrigue guests with your originality.

Or go over the top with handmade designer tiles that immediately draw attention. Installation is not cheap, but you will have an exaggerated decor focal point that is unbeatable to the eye or visitor. Stone mosaic and copper tiles are other original ideas that will work in selected decors. 

Never forget about the outdoor spaces that provide such a great fire in the evening. A fireplace offers the best part of a perfect day, whether open as a pit or more subdued against a patio wall. Use the same style as shown indoors, with enough comfortable chairs to enjoy the atmosphere.

Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

Mirrors and clocks are becoming more common as a wall hanging over fireplaces. Fireplace screens are taking on creative looks in placement and materials. They make some to fit snugly against the fireplace opening when not in use. Others are stand-alone versions of iron, bronze, or other metals. Shaped into delicate designs or bold linear fashion, these screens add a great touch of style to any fireplace. 

We can use plenty of other novelties and items for your specific fireplace look. Twinkling lights, baskets filled with holiday splendor, and candles that add glowing warmth amidst a comforting fire are all considerations you cannot ignore.

Add Value to your Home

According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, fireplaces can add value to your home. If you add a fireplace that is tasteful and operable, your appraisal can go up by 12% to 20%. Comfort with minimal maintenance and trendy designs can be a deal breaker in today’s home buying market. A makeover on an existing fireplace accent wall can add to your home’s value. 

Nothing spells good design like a stunning fireplace that stays within the realms of natural materials and delicious colors. Whether you want to add a fresh new look to an old fireplace or are planning on creating your own missed fireplace, the choices in variety are astounding.

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