Alphabet Releases Swanky Furniture Series

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

Spring is in the air and with it, comes the increasing desire to spruce up and clean up. Spring cleaning is an annual ritual that compels us to say, “out with the old, in with the new!”

Alphabet, a design studio in Montreal (Canada), has the right idea with its swanky new furniture collection. The set has the right contemporary style and color finishes to make anyone paint their walls again!

The studio is recognized for its light fixtures, spatial arrangements, and furniture. Alphabet’s spring collection is made up of ten amazing pieces for the home. When you look at the photos, there is complete integrity to the design quality and textile beauty. Your eyes naturally soak up the textiles and solid oak that magically connects.

Table of Contents

  1. Essential Fabric Lessons
    1. Upholstery Finish
    2. Upholstery Seating
    3. Upholstery for Health and Well-Being
  2. Alphabet: Elegant Furniture Collection with Ten Pieces
    1. Serra Dining Room Set
    2. Dune Armchair
    3. Minuit Bed
    4. Archipel Coffee Table
    5. Sud Lamp
    6. Horizon Lamp
  3. Image Gallery

Essential Fabric Lessons

When it comes to fabrics, it’s all around us. We touch, feel, sit, walk and look at it. Furniture upholstery is where we make the greatest demands as it’s a part of our everyday life when we eat, lounge, entertainment, or relaxation.

Upholstery Finish

Fabric finishes are used to improve fabric which could help improve functional quality, durability, feel, appearance, or simply change the texture. You need to ask if the finish for any furniture item is water, stain, or soil protected; otherwise, it becomes a nightmare. You also want to ask about care-free finishes which require little maintenance. Did you know that interior design fabric, on average, has six finishes for it to be ready to sell?

Upholstery Seating

Some of us remember a product video from Apple where robotic processes stress-tested the iPhone home button (before later iPhone models lost that feature) a countless number of times. The stress test was designed to simulate the lifetime use of the iPhone’s home button and determine durability.

Imagine what is done for furniture and other home decors. The fabrics we sit on undergo this stress daily from pets, children, adults, or Netflix couch potatoes. There’s a lot of wear.

Homeowners now ask for durability and commercial abrasion ratings (30,000 to 50,000 double rubs, anyone?) for any manufactured sofa. One standard, known as the Wyzenbeek Method, rubs the fabric in a repetitive back/forth manner on itself to evaluate the strength.

You’ll want to check for durability ratings. If they don’t exist, interior design experts recommend a “diamond ring” or “key” test where, for example, you rub a ring or key back/forth on the fabric to uncover any wear, thread loosening, or shifts. If it does, you are buying a product that is not fit for sale.

Upholstery for Health and Well-Being

Environmental sensitivities appear to be more commonplace than ever before; or, the Internet has allowed information to flow more freely and that sensitivities always existed and we just didn’t know about them.

Manufacturers, more often than not, will be aware of environmental concerns and can provide you with an indoor air quality (IAQ) measure.

Most materials will off-gas (outgassing) which means they release airborne particulates/chemicals (known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs) from common home products. Off-gas is common to cabinetry, paint, furniture, carpeting, construction materials (you’re surely experienced some of these odors with cheaper IKEA products with its MDF fiberboard materials). Solution? Open your windows and let that wonderful fresh air flood in to dissipate those fumes. How’s that for spring cleaning

Alphabet: Elegant Furniture Collection with Ten Pieces

Alphabet didn’t hold back and through refined, clean construction details has released a furniture collection series that stands out in 2021.

Serra Dining Room Set

Made by hand, from solid white oak, line symmetry is clean, straight, slightly angular. When you look at this seat, it’s beautifully robust and teasingly elegant.

The Serra table has wooden joints. This allows the slightly angular legs to establish their own footing at the edges. This offers the benefits of robust legroom and ample space.

The table’s rounded corners create order and linear balance that is clean, simple, and refreshing.

The Serra chairs provide a subtle back panel that curves, supporting back contours, thereby guaranteeing dining comfort.

The Serra bench, supported by wavy textile and foam padding, ensures comfort without the back panel.

Dune Armchair

The chair is enormous in its generosity, providing comfort with a cloud-like appearance. A steel frame encourages and protects the cushions, which are stuffed with foam. The final presentation screams comfort with overstated sophistication. This could be a fan favorite with smaller children.

Minuit Bed

Handmade with solid wood, construction and assembly are through a technique woodworkers have used for thousands of years. The technique uses a mortise and tenon joint to connect two pieces of wood or materials. Its simplicity is also its strength.

The bed is imbued with simplicity, sophistication, and strength. In a seated position, the headboard offers comfort and the natural wood’s effect completes the beauty of quiet, private spaces. This product is available in varying sizes, in maple or solid oak.

Archipel Coffee Table

The white oak tabletop is supported by a steel base, and its design supports minimalist approaches in larger, open spaces. Table complements include an Ottoman for seating or a side table that can be used for room ornamentation.

Sud Lamp

Beautifully made from solid white oak, its minimalist design is a testament to the art, creativity, and manufacturing mindset of the Alphabet design team. Not just design, but art, the Sud Lamp provides the perfect ambiance to any room setting, near a bed, for direction and soft ambient lighting. The lighting source has 50,000 operational hours, is a dimmable LED strip, covered by a light diffuser.

Horizon Lamp

Perfect for the Serra Dining Room set, the Horizon lamp is made of solid white oak from a single source. Perfect for central ornamentation over the dining table, its clean, simple, elegant appearance compliments the warm, accommodating atmosphere. The light source has a dimmable LED strip, is covered by a light diffuser, and has 50,000 operational hours.

Alphabet has released a new branded online store. Check it out.

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