Ambientec Lamps: Nomadic Contemporary Design

DesignerNao Tamura
Production Year2021
Material And FinishingAluminum Black, Brass, Stainless Steel
Dimensions6.5 inch by 3.5 inch
ImpermeabilityIp66 Potenza: 0,03 A 1,5w
Reload DurationFino A 500 Ore

Table of Contents

  1. Ambientec: Optical Science Leads to Pivot
  2. Ambientic: Indestructible Contemporary Design
  3. Ambientic Introduces TURN+: Designed by Nao Tamura
  4. Yoshinori Kuno’s Philosophy

Ambientec: Optical Science Leads to Pivot

Founded in 2009, Ambientec is a Japanese light design company is led by Founder and CEO Yoshinori Kuno. He previously founded AOI Japan Co. in 1999. AOI Japan Co. was a specialty manufacturer of protective underwater cases for professional photography equipment and professional underwater lighting systems. This lighting equipment sold under the RGBlue, still recognized for its high quality today.

It should therefore not come as any surprise that the Ambientec founder has the requisite knowledge for lighting systems. His extensive experience to develop professional lighting for underwater photography would require expertise in materials, optical science, and design for functional use.

Mr. Yoshinori Kuno possessed the know-how and technological capability to develop portable equipment that could resist high-water pressure at extreme depths and still deliver excellent light.

This would ultimately allow him to pivot his knowledge into the world of portable lamp design.

Table of Contents

  1. Ambientec: Optical Science Leads to Pivot
  2. Ambientic: Indestructible Contemporary Design
  3. Ambientic Introduces TURN+: Designed by Nao Tamura
  4. Yoshinori Kuno’s Philosophy

Ambientic: Indestructible Contemporary Design

Tesla knew how the power of electricity and technological capability could transform humanity; simply, by allowing accessible daylight over any 24-hour period.

Mr. Yoshinori Kuno also explored the relationship between people and light, helping to redefine and create new “atmospheres” through technological means. Mr. Kuno holds an interesting philosophy that is sorely lacking in today’s manufacturing environment. The design of lamps that can last a lifetime.

Ambientec explored the design frontiers for everyday living spaces. It considered every environment from the outdoors to baths, from homes to cafes and office spaces. The company has relied on high-quality components and a refined mid-century modern look and feel that is compatible with contemporary interiors and home decor.

Ambientic lamps have a nomadic design footnote. They blend the sophistication of a tradesman’s craftsmanship with the technological benefits of modern, optical science. It’s designer time travel where objects from a far-future join the present with mid-century modern accents from the past.

Ambientec has produced portable, rechargeable, and waterproof lamps based on years of experience with underwater photography. The company has made these lamps with masterful precision using ultra-sturdy materials which offer both style and virtually indestructible durability. Easy to carry from room to room to create the desired ambiance.

When we look at these lamps, it’s poetry in motion. There is a personal and sentimental connection that blends accented design with advanced technology. Its functional artistry for the hungry heart.

Ambientic Introduces TURN+: Designed by Nao Tamura

The company has released a new contemporary lamp series called TURN+. Designed by Nao Tamura, the finished product uses high-tech lighting, artisanal craftsmanship, and fine materials to push the boundary of design.

The TURN+ series includes an integrated touch sensor and two LED segments requiring simple gestures to adjust the light across four settings. Settings include an intimate, candle-like glow for meditation a more intense light for gatherings, or a restful light for reading.

Solid glass is used for the diffuser on the TURN+ which is very unique. Its carved and polished perfection delivers greater light depth to LED technology.

Ms. Tamura is responsible for the previous designs at Ambientec, such as the portable work and desk lamp TURN series.

Her design inspiration for the TURN+ series couples natural light and the familiar lines of classic lanterns. TURN+ exteriors are made of aluminum, brass, or stainless steel for durability. The TURN+ provides 500 hours of a rechargeable light. This light can be used outdoors, on balconies or gardens because it is waterproof.

Yoshinori Kuno faced many challenges in his previous company such as resistance to water pressure at 100 meters below the surface which would require total and absolute waterproofing.

By Ambientec, The exterior of TURN+ is made in aluminum, brass or stainless steel, all extremely durable metal
Photo credit: Hiroshi Iwasaki

Yoshinori Kuno‘s Philosophy

After following his initial passion for the depths of the ocean and his ensuing research into professional lighting for underwater photography, Yoshinori Kuno’s philosophy would shift after reflection from the rise of modern devices. These consumer electronic devices have created a “disposable mentality” culture of mass production. Companies like Apple have tried to combat this. Apple uses a large-scale robot called Liam. Liam has 29 mechanical arms that carefully disassemble your returned and damaged iPhone. Few realize that these electronic devices are filled with rare earth materials, are sourced mostly from Africa, and have created a “Blood Diamond” industry.

Mr. Kuno has discovered a new passion that saws away on a disposable culture. His ideal world view is one which more honest, balanced, and sustainable relationship between humanity, objects, and nature.

His philosophy appears to have been further shaped by tragic events in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Inspired by this reality, he envisioned an indoor lamp that could be taken by anyone into any space or settings.

His concept was visionary because most lamp or light style products are mass-produced in certain outsourced markets, use cheaper materials and components, and are not generally perceived as salvageable or recyclable. Mass producers enable the disposable culture in the race for “shareholder value” through cheap, forced obsolescence.

Mr. Kuno would ultimately build a portable, indestructible, reliable lighting system known as the TURN and TURN+. This product would have integrated LED technology and yet, would inspire comfort and charm for the homeowner or general use.

We alluded to this earlier. Ambientec’s designs are poetry in motion as the light is mellow, not harsh, nor cold. The nomadic lamps radiate, shimmer, and beam a light that is friendly within the confines of its environment. Yoshinori Kuno wanted to create light that “caresses the dark” and yet encourages intimacy for atmosphere.

His success appears to be far more than the strong sensory and emotional bond that a gentle poetic light brings. His TURN and TURN+ lamp series of nomadic lights appear to be contemporary beauty, in a flawless and refined manner, for mid-century modern interiors even when the light is off.

Source: V2comNewswire