Amish Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

The artistry of Amish craftsmen is second to none when it comes to heirloom quality. Known for building solid wood furniture by hand, you will find no staples or nails in their proficient assembly and the perfect selection of wood. 

Amish bedroom sets are among the most sought-after furniture collections by discriminating homeowners. By using old world techniques and refusing to adapt to faster and cheaper furniture-building solutions, their solid wood bedroom furniture is a sign of excellence.

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Who Are the Amish

If you do not live in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Indiana, you may be unfamiliar with the Amish sects. Their belief system was started in Switzerland during the 17th century and carried into Germany. The philosophy is simple. They strive to dress in plain clothes, live simply, practice Christian pacifism, and turn away from the conveniences of modern technology.

The Amish value rural life, manual labor, humility, and submission to God’s will. They interpret God’s word as valuing manual labor, living a rural life, humility, and self-sufficiency. Although the world has changed, the Amish hold firm to their original beliefs.

Amish carpenter holding hammer in a brown and yellow crest design

Migration to America took place in 1720 with others following throughout the 19th century. Today there are approximately 350,000 Amish in the United States and their God-given values and skills demonstrate how quality never goes out of style.

What Makes Amish Furniture Superior

Amish woodworking is a learned skill that has been passed down for generations. The labor-intensive process of creating fine furniture has not changed with the technology of today. The Amish communities do not recognize electricity that comes from grids and power lines. 

Vintage shed with Amish craftsman working on solid wood furniture

Not giving way to modern conveniences has left the Amish order with tight-knit families, respect for one another, and pride in creating the highest quality of goods. There is no mass-production of slat beds or night stands that use wood pieces and plastic components. The product descriptions of solid oak wood are genuine. 

Skilled in dovetail joinery and making tenon joints, all the frame pieces are put together like a puzzle and have a tough lasting connection. Great care is given to a secure full extension of lumber and the finest materials in detail, such as drawer glides are used.

Tools used in the carpentry trade include:

  • Hatchet
  • Saw
  • Plane
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Awl

While electricity is not used, battery-operated tools and pneumatic tools powered by air compressors help to speed up furniture making. These include:

  • Band saw
  • Drill press
  • Sander
  • Buffer

Take this philosophy one step further and use some Amish bedroom ideas to perfect your decor with your incredible collection of bedroom furniture

Styles of Amish Bedroom Collections

While the Amish craftsmen stick to strict guidelines in how their furniture is made, they are fluent in creating current trends in style. Information accuracy is never questioned when it comes to Amish-made furniture. Here are a few of the styles that you can find in their new bedroom furniture:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Mission
  • Modern
  • Transitional
  • Rustic
  • Farmhouse

In addition, custom furniture of a specified wood species, color, or measurement can be ordered from most Amish artisans. 

A traditional style Amish bedroom set, like queen Anne, will hold many characteristics of the 18th and 19th centuries. Crown molding, ornate designs, and turned legs are common features found in Amish handmade furniture. Rich, warm hardwood is used and finished with a soy-based non-toxic finish. 

Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, USA, is the site of a Shaker religious community that was active from 1805 to 1910. Following a preservationist effort that began in 1961, the site, now a National Historic Landmark, has become a popular tourist destination. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, or Shakertown, as it is known by residents of the area, is located 25 miles (40 km) southwest of Lexington, in Kentucky's Bluegrass region. It is a National Historic Landmark District.
“Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill – Harrodsburg Kentucky ~ Basket Making Room” by Onasill ~ Bill is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

A master suite of traditional decor can easily transition with other styles, such as requesting feet that flair and adding modern straight drawer handles. This Amish dresser will never need to be replaced as you move from traditional to conventional to modern home design throughout the years.

A mission-style bedroom suite uses simple straight lines both vertical and horizontal to highlight the quality of hardwood used. Mahogany, hickory, oak, and walnut are favorite timbers that outline the chunky rectangular shapes. This is a preferred style for delivering a masculine personal style. By requesting a lighter version of Mission design, your style then changes to Shaker. Transitioning into a contemporary style is very easy to accomplish by using oak with uncomplicated lines.

Amish bedroom furniture collection of a country or rustic nature is a superb way of showing the natural beauty of the species of wood used. Solid oak or brown maple furniture can turn your master bedroom into the heart of your home with a blanket chest and soothing quilts.  

The rustic design of case goods furniture brings a touch of America’s Amish country into a room with simplicity. The stress of a busy day will melt away when you know your ideal bedroom is waiting.

Consider a keepsake for your child with a solid wooden personalized storage chest with handles. From use as a toy chest to blankets and more, this is one item that will not be left behind as your grownup child leaves home. There is also no need to worry about furniture collapsing from rough play or dangerous chemicals seeping from finishes. 

Decorating Tips for Amish Bedroom Furniture

Visiting Daniel’s Amish Furniture is a great way to see the variety of options of great quality furniture. Located in the midst of Amish country in central Ohio, Daniel’s Amish Furniture began with a one-room shop where he made and sold miniature hand-carved buggies for $1. As time went on, his artwork expanded to curio cabinets, then on to new furniture made of American hardwoods.

Small bedrooms need not be eliminated for rich Amish furniture. Tone down the scale for excellent results in your favorite style of decor. A full-size cottage panel bed made of maple with a matching nightstand will fit any contemporary or country home design with seamless beauty. Always keep neutral colors prominent in a guest area along with black-out drapes or blinds as window treatments for a restful sleep. 

Improving an already perfect piece of Amish furniture can be accomplished with the right stain colors, accommodating accessories, and the size of a room. A wide chest of drawers may look stunning in a staged display, but the space in a guest bedroom can limit you to a narrow lingerie chest to deliver a better proportion.

The right place for a mirror option is not always above a long dresser. Choosing the right location and the right dimensions for this piece of furniture can make a significant statement in a small bedroom. Select earth tones and neutrals as the wall color to make your space appear larger. Bring out color and depth with accessories, like fabric wall hangings and glazed ceramic pieces. 

A larger bedroom can give you the luxury of using a king bed and long bedroom dresser. Elegance in oak delivers formal styles of traditional or contemporary that focus on the quality of wood.

Striking beautyrest black and limited essential elements of metal can work well to bring out industrial modern decor. With the right variety of bed style and linens, your area that provides a good night’s sleep will soon turn into a dramatic focal point.

Take advantage of this opportunity by dressing up your striking furniture in elaborate finish colors. Abby dark color on maple wood with chrome bar handles will set the stage for a Metropolitan look. Distressed cherry is another unique way to portray your individual bedroom furniture in modern or industrial decors.

Highlight the room with plants, personal photos, and cityscape oil paintings. The aura of simplicity will turn your senses to the amazing natural timber feel. Use the wide selection of hardware options to complete a bedroom dresser and bedside table with sophistication. 

Use Amish Woodworking in Other Areas of the Home

Strolling through Daniel’s Amish lets you decide on a custom look that highlights your decor and taste. Before long, you will find yourself wanting to extend the look of quality throughout your home. The exact preferences of style can be found in dining room tables and chairs and home office furniture. 

The great selection of sofas not only provides comfort in the latest styles but also guarantees the test of time with incredible quality. Whether used as a reading area in the master bedroom or as a group setting in the living room, your decor will take on a passionate look with Amish-based sofas and chairs.

Never hesitate to mix your Amish bedroom furnishings with living areas. A 3-drawer nightstand can add a wholesome look to a media room or family room where storage is always needed. 

Quality kitchen storage can be created by skilled Amish craftsmen. In addition, a storage drawer that is made to fit into an unusual space is a winning project for one of these Amish masters. If you have an idea for counter stools or bar stools, make a suggestion to your furniture artist and have custom chairs that your neighbors will die for. 

Shaker style hardwood kitchen dining table

From selecting the right timber to finished scroll designs, Amish workmanship by the Amish has never been copied. Not only do they have a specific niche in the building and furniture world, but the inherent or distinguishing characteristics and degree of excellence make Amish furniture a pride to own.

If you are looking for the best quality that money can buy, look for 100% Amish-made furniture and storage solutions. The perception that simple people make simple country styles is not true. All furniture is made according to your specifications and any trendy style can be delivered. 

Materials are all USA based and the cost for quality will certainly surprise you. Seldom advertised as eco-friendly or green, the Amish trademark tells you everything you need to know about buying natural quality goods. Visit an Amish direct sales store online or on Amazon to find the amazing selection of bedroom furniture made by Amish artisans, whether it is a king bed size or something small. 

A custom order never comes with a low price for such high-quality furniture but you may get lucky with a no sales tax break special or even free delivery. I have not seen this on Amazon with other products, but some consumer electronics are now available in equal monthly payments, at the time of purchase, with no interest over a set period of time.

The buy now, pay later movement has been picking up steam so maybe you can find similar payment arrangements with other fine retailers. Happy hunting!

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