Unique Antler Kitchen Decor and Accessories

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Last updated: April 10, 2023

Did you know that Antler kitchen decor is a “thing”? Or did you get addicted to John Dutton and his ranch on the excellent Yellowstone series from Amazon Prime Video? Well then, why not get an antler chandelier then as your first purchase? :D. So before you start with any personal information (especially your email address) to consider a purchase, why not Google “deer antler online” for ideas and decor inspiration?

Gone are the days when antler decor was reserved exclusively as traditional trophies for hunters and log cabins. Antler lamps and many other related items are the perfect addition to homes today. In fact, it is the hottest trend for real hunters and non-hunters alike. Just go watch any nature or wild hunting television program for inspiration. Or, watch more Yellowstone on Amazon Prime. 😉

Believe it or not, a pair of real antlers and faux antlers can do wonders and spice up your kitchen décor in ways you probably didn’t even imagine. There is no need for your home to have a cabin in the woods or wild west theme so that you can use antler accessories.

You don’t even have to put up the head of the dead animal in your living room or kitchen either. More and more homeowners today are starting to discover that antlers are very versatile as home décor. Depending on their texture, color, and how you use them, you can make a faux or natural antler look great not just in your kitchen but even in other parts of your home.

Here are some of the most decorative and creative ways to incorporate antlers in your home décor:

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Take Your Billiard Hall Game to the Next Level

Yes, an antler pool ball rack is a great addition for homes with gaming spaces and is also the perfect gift for pool enthusiasts. You can find racks made for standard-sized balls. Make antler handles part of your man cave experience.

Most products on the market have real antlers in durable cast resin. These ball racks will help put the natural world’s beauty taking center stage in your game room.

Perfect for Hanging Stuff

Antlers are also great alternatives to your regular or traditional hooks. These are not only strong because they also provide several hooks per antler.

Today’s most common trend is to use antlers for hanging jewelry, although you can also opt for antler coat racks or even an antler paper towel holder.

You can also use antler mounts to hang towels, belts, or even teacups that will surely complement your coffee tables. They are perfect for kitchen accessories and the United States is proving once again, that trends and popularity are born in good old America.

Showcase Your Photos

Deer hunters have started to discover that antlers can take their photo game to the next level. If you are sick and tired of your traditional picture frame, let antlers change how they look. Antler picture frames boast of unique design that outdoor enthusiasts cannot help but gush over them.

Best Setting to Highlight Your Wine

Getting an antler wine rack can make bold statements if you are a proud and certified wine connoisseur or collector. Antler wine racks are so beautiful that they will surely put your favorite wines in the spotlight every time.

Ideal for Seasoning and Condiment Containers

Do your salt and pepper shakers always go missing just when you need them the most? Then, why not get an antler salt and pepper shaker holder? It will look great on your kitchen table but will surely be a great conversation starter among family, friends, and guests. You might as well include an antler waste basket, while you’re at it.

You can also buy serviettes to complete your rustic home. Kitchen decor napkins with antler accents can be found in a variety of different products at Etsy, Wayfair, Walmart, and Amazon.

What about antler flatware? I actually found a really cool antler handle flatware set with silver caps. For that rustic dinnerware look, your kitchen will shine with this set because each piece is authentic, made of stainless steel, and created with natural shed antlers that act as handles. Depending on the time of year, you might even get free shipping. Have a look at these cool utensils at Cabin Place, your place for rustic cabin decor.

When I last checked, Cabin Place had some great offers.Subscribe.

Charming Way to Light Up Your Home

Antler lighting fixtures and antler pieces are just what you need to upgrade your home’s lights, and there are plenty of options for antler horns to make your house look brighter than ever.

Antler Chandeliers for the Win

Antler chandeliers are available in different interiors, including modern styles to more traditional rustic country designs. These fixtures have a rustic and warm charm, and the design’s shape and size depend on the animal’s age.

Most modern antler chandeliers are not made from real antlers because deer shed antlers only once a year. There are also faux antler chandeliers made of plastic and metal that come in various colors that make them trendy-looking.

The unique beauty and character of antler chandeliers are what make them truly exceptional. The natural shape and colors of these chandeliers also turn them into a real work of art. Even the faux versions boast a sophisticated and rustic appearance.

Antler chandeliers are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms, entry halls, family gathering spaces, and even bedrooms. You can shop for these fixtures online.

But before you choose one, always consider the room’s size and pick the best one that won’t look too enormous when hanging from the ceiling. High ceilings are the best for these chandeliers.

Antler Decoration for Your Lamp Base

Antlers can also work as decorations for rustic table lamps. Pick the right size and set of antlers, then glue these into place with adhesive, as this holds the antlers securely around or on the lamp base.

These can also make a bare and ordinary-looking lamp look more charming. Use a birch bark shade to replace your paper or fabric lampshade to make things more rustic and decorative. You can get these online and in shops selling natural décor and furnishings.

Antler Candle Holders for a Romantic Touch

It is time to make a switch from your good old candle holders to the antler ones. An antler pillar candle holder can add a more romantic touch with a more rustic charm that you cannot expect from traditional candle holders.

Wall Art Like No Other

You will surely be surprised at how antlers might be the unique wall decor you’ve been thinking about for a while. There are plenty of examples of this rustic look on the set decor for the Amazon Prime series Yellowstone. For example, painted white antlers can be used to form gorgeous wreaths that are simple but elegant at the same time.

You can shop for these unique antlers online. Ignore the privacy policy (it’s ok, they’re only antlers, grin), and pick the one you love for your kitchen and home decor.

Phenomenal Antler Drawer Pulls

The bases of antlers also have the perfect touch for kitchens as great drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. Antler handlers have fluted edges that are genuinely natural works of art. Cut off the antler rack’s base to form a sturdy and solid cabinet knob.

You don’t need any power tools to do this. A tiny hacksaw with a sharp blade and some elbow grease is the only thing you need. Once you have trimmed it away, you need to sand the cut end to eliminate any protruding or rough spots.

You can now drill a large hole in the middle which is enough to have room for the double-ended machine screw. You should apply clear-drying epoxy before you insert the machine screw. You can use the decorative knob as a pull for cabinet drawers or doors after the glue has completely dried off. The whole process might seem like a bit of hard work, but it is not.

Use Antler Fan and Light Pulls

Light and fan pulls are decorative and practical simultaneously, mainly if you use antler tips. You don’t have to pay more for those premade pulls. To create your natural lamp or light pull, cut off an antler tine at 3 to 4 inches.

Drill a hole carefully in the tip to make room for a bead ball chain. Fill this hole with some clear-drying epoxy using a disposable needleless syringe. Use a small nail or sewing needle to push the bead ball chain inside the hole. You can now wipe off the extra epoxy then let it dry before using.

What should you consider before buying an antler chandelier?

You have options that include painted and natural antler chandeliers. Either can make a statement on their own. These are available in different sizes and shapes, including two to three antlers entwined in a plain chandelier to chandeliers that are large and more elaborate with multiple tiers. You can buy chandeliers fashioned from wood or acrylic-made faux antlers or naturally shed antlers.

Where should you hang antler chandeliers?

Antler chandeliers can light up your foyer, living room, dining room, or even your bathroom if you like. These chandeliers present well in almost all rooms of your home.

What size of antler chandelier will work best with your space?

Large and multitiered antler chandeliers can cast some warm light in high ceilinged foyers to evoke a unique style for your home’s entrance. On the other hand, smaller chandeliers work best to hang them over the kitchen island or dining room table.

Should you go for faux or real antler chandeliers?

Some companies manufacture naturally shed antlers that benefit from being cruelty-free and real antlers at the same time. If budget is a problem, consider the faux ones.

How much lighting do you need?

Most antler chandeliers come with smaller bulbs that produce ambient and warm light. The fixture you choose will depend on the amount of light required in the specific room.

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