Are Brown Granite Countertops Still In Style?

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Last updated: March 23, 2023
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The brown color and its many hues, is always a contentious issue, especially when a variety of color alternatives are available, and still certain well-known colors dominate over the rest being popular every year. In this article, we’ll revisit the brown color and its most widely used variant for granite countertops in this discussion.

Is It A Wise Idea To Choose Brown For Your Kitchen?

Brown Granite Countertops are very popular these days because of their appearance. Other than Brown, few stones provide the sweeping motion of marble in warm, neutral hues such as cream, sand, and fantasy brown. Fantasy Brown is a very adaptable color., matching a wide variety of décor, from contemporary to rustic. The subtle designs go well with a modern cabinet in stark white design as well as the natural appearance of light oak or dark mahogany-stained wood.


Brown, whether it’s a highly intricate design or a simple one, raises the colors in the vicinity to increase its appeal. When light or dark is used as a background, it also serves as a moderate neutral that blends into the natural environment. Brown tones look distinguished and expensive when used with black, but pleasant and playful when paired with lighter hues in a similar color scheme.


Brown and dark brown woods are ideal furnishings for lounges, clubhouses, and billiard rooms because they create a soothing atmosphere that engulfs the visitor. Brown is a great color for creating a relaxing setting that embraces the visitor. Brown is another hue that works well in a kitchen. It makes the space feel cozier, warmer, and more inviting, and it goes with conventional, natural design ideas rather than cutting-edge. Sepia images have a similar formal air to black-and-white photos; as a result, they provide for pleasant reflection.


Black is mysterious and modern, while white is classic and elegant. Brown occupies a middle ground, being both opulent and pricey-looking while at the same time relaxing and inviting. This means it may be used in any room, from a kitchen to a bathroom, as well as in a living area or formal dining room. Brown is a neutral, flexible color that can be used in any room. It’s a classic hue with roots informal dress codes, yet it appears to be more informal than many browns on the market today.


Brown is a color that can be used in many ways. It may be combined with bright colors or dull /light colors for various reasons. Brown has the potential to always appear both rich and costly, regardless of your choice. Brown rarely appears budget-priced or washed away. Brown, when combined with blacks and grays, appears to be elegant (like Coffee Brown color). Brown tones tend to add richness to a design while keeping it contemporary.


Brown, like grays and whites, may be utilized to create light and shadows. Brown similarly adds depth and complexity to a color scheme. The Indian Dakota for granite countertops is a good example because it has darker browns with lighter brown highlights that give the surface an illusion of depth. A dark and light brown pattern may define regions and make them appear larger or smaller depending on how they are utilized throughout the space.

What Type Of Stone Is Fantasy Brown?

Fantasy Brown is one of the most well-liked natural stone surfaces for kitchen worktops in the United States, yet it is also among the most mislabeled. There are several different types of granite, and they can be challenging to understand. It may become difficult to comprehend for those who like to do their homework before spending thousands of dollars on a slab of stone.

Durability Of Fantasy Brown

Technically, the fantasy brownstone is a sedimentary one. As a result, it is incorrect to refer to it as granite. It’s made out of marble and quartzite. The Natural Stone Institute claims that the material is composed of several layers of marble and quartzite that have been combined over time.

In most cases, however, Fantasy Brown is more durable than its marble counterparts. That’s why the stone makes so many people stumped. To discover whether the slab they are buying came from one of the marble-like rock or stone layers comparable to quartzite, potential customers must do their homework.

Styling Ideas For Fantasy Brown With Backsplash And Cabinetry

Fantasy Brown And White Cabinets

A lovely and open contemporary farmhouse kitchen with a glass subway tile backsplash and white glazed worktops.

Fantasy Brown Paired With White Cabinetry And Brick Subway Tile

This kitchen has a rustic feel to it, complemented by the gentle color scheme and cozy decorations!

Fantasy Brown With Gray-Blue Backsplash

The gray veins of the stone are enhanced by combining the Fantasy Brown wall color with a gray backsplash. It brings out the gray lines!

Fantasy Brown Paired With White Subway Tile And White Cabinetry

This area has a bright, clean appearance thanks to the white subway tile and cabinetry! The addition of Fantasy Brown worktops was the ideal way to tie all the design elements together while also providing a hint of warmth.

Choosing A Fantasy Brown Countertop: Is It A Good Idea?

The appeal of Fantasy Brown stems from its appearance, which is primarily aesthetic. Other than Fantasy Brown, few stones provide the sweeping motion of marble in warm, neutral tones such as cream, sand, and brown. The color of Fantasy Brown is highly adaptable, matching a variety of décor from modern to rustic. The subtle patterns go well with a stark white contemporary kitchen design, as well as the natural look of light oak or dark mahogany-stained wood.


Consider the brown color if you’re searching for porcelain tile or granite countertops for your upcoming project. It looks wonderful with wood or white cabinets, complements stainless steel (SS) appliances wonderfully, and adds complexity and depth to the area.

Don’t be concerned about the argument over whether or not to use Fantasy Brown, with some claiming it’s as fussy as marble and others claiming it’s as rough as quartzite. The fantasy brown, on the other hand, falls into a distinct – and perplexing – category; nevertheless, it is a long-lasting stone that is well worth the money per square foot.

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