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Last updated: March 23, 2023

The kitchen grew from an open flame outdoors to the stove invention in the 18th century to the current open floor plan. Since World War II, kitchens have become an entertainment hub, and artistic kitchen designs have elevated the sense of pride. Artistic kitchens comprise a backsplash, cabinets, flooring, lighting, and artwork.

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Artistic Kitchen Designs - Couple hugging in the kitchen


The first place to give dull kitchens personality is the backsplash. Available in tile, wood, stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass, steel, and concrete, this area adds contrast and color to cabinets and countertops. Kick the art up a notch by adding a mural or focal point.

The Tuscan style kitchen backsplash is a perfect example of mixing a focal point artwork around the cooking range with a tile pattern background. Tile is the top choice for backsplashes, yet concrete and granite stone slabs are the easiest to clean. Backsplashes made with wallpaper, mirrors, and windows add artistic flair to a new kitchen.


Nothing says kitchen of your dreams quite like upper and lower cabinets, so modern kitchens must give cabinets that artistic flair. Extend the artsy flair to cabinets inside pantry rooms and kitchen islands. Do more to cabinets besides painting the exterior and adding whimsical hardware.

Incorporate metal grates, mesh, or opaque glass as cabinet door alternatives to transparent glass doors for pizzazz. Turn dishwasher and refrigerator doors into cabinet doors to merge with overall cabinet decor. Another idea is to paint the cabinet interior with an accent color.

Don’t DIY (do it yourself) the entire process of choosing and installing cabinets. Kitchen designers who know cabinets are the professionals that know what works in your kitchen. There are custom cabinets and pre-made versions on the market.

If you don’t mind an overhaul, a custom kitchen incorporating a mix of open shelves, see-through doors, and enclosed doors is possible with a designer. Check the BBB business profiles of the companies in contention before considering kitchen renovations.


A crucial yet underrated area for artistic flair is the kitchen floors. From a contemporary kitchen to a farmhouse kitchen, the flooring needs to be high-traffic durable, waterproof, stainproof, scratchproof, easy to clean, and can withstand heat and smoke. Flooring is significant for kitchens inside a residential building, a private home, and a second vacation home.

Kitchen flooring is available in wood, tile, bamboo, cork, porcelain, laminate, ceramic, stone, and concrete material. To make flooring whimsical and artsy, choose a pattern or add color. If you choose tile flooring, mix and match tile colors coordinated to kitchen decor for striking results.

Like cabinets, a flooring company should help with kitchen design. Their hard work can turn a multi-residential kitchen, single residential kitchen, or apartment/studio kitchen into an artsy masterpiece. Their art kitchen showroom offers a visual idea of how flooring style meshes with cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, lighting, and more.


There is a design process for the perfect lighting. Today’s kitchens combine a ceiling light, a task light, a light inside the pantry, and natural sunlight through windows for a well-lit area.

The ceiling light is the primary light illuminating the entire kitchen area. However, it can’t illuminate hard-to-reach sections, hence the need for task lights. Examples of task lights include puck lights, under-cabinet strip lights, a table/floor lamp, directional lights, and pendant lights.

To make lighting an artistic experience, a dedicated staff of specialists at an interior design company can assist with material, color, design, and arrangement. These people can turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary bathroom, so a kitchen space is no challenge.

Artistic Kitchen Designs - interior of modern turquoise kitchen

Wall Artwork

Other than a backsplash focal point, artwork in kitchens seems unusual. Yet, it will look amazing next to a mountain view seen through a window or custom cabinetry. Artwork comes as captivating paintings and photos, eye-pleasing graphics, thoughtful messages, funky alphabets, chalkboards, and decorative kitchen gadgets in various sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors.

In a dream kitchen, artwork adds artistic flavor just by being there. Besides an empty wall space next to a window or cabinet, the artwork looks breathtaking in the dining room or the gap between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. If the cabinet doors are see-through, a space-saving option is to place small artwork pieces inside the cabinet.

What Makes a Kitchen Artistic?

You have ideas for an artistic environment in the kitchen, but you may not know the basics. What makes a kitchen artistic is about taking chances with the area, and Houzz and Pinterest do a great job showing pictures of jet bath’s available today and artsy kitchens. Nevertheless, there are additional style rules not listed in this article.

The Accent Wall

While artwork does a beautiful job of adding character and personality to the space, an accent wall in the kitchen is the quickest way to shake things up. In kitchen remodeling, fill the blank wall, if available, with the bright and contrasting wall color or decorative wallpaper.

The Jazzed Up Flooring

Modern kitchen styles spice up the floor using different tile sizes and different tile shapes alongside color variation. Small, medium and large tile squares or rectangles break up the space and draw attention to the floor. You can shuffle small, large, and medium tile sizes of other shapes, including triangles, diamonds, and geometric shapes.

artistic kitchen designers - brown wooden table and chairs
artistic kitchen designs – brown wooden table and chairs

The Colored Cabinets

Color on cabinets, including orkitchens cabinets, is always artistic. Red, brown, black, gray, and dark blue look marvelous on white or bright wall colors, and bright colored cabinets match dark-colored walls. An expert will help every step of the way with cabinet color selection.

The Bold Backsplash

The backsplash is the accent wall for kitchens without a blank wall. It must complement Italian cabinets or similar above it and the countertops and cooking range below. There is a selection of products available to form an eye-catching backsplash.

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