Asian-Style Bedroom Furniture

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

Asian style is one of the world’s most popular interior styles and can now be seen in different parts of the home. In particular, Asian-style bedroom furniture is increasingly in demand among homeowners.

Let me point you in the right direction with three trends which you can follow on your own.

  • Japandi-Style: Like food fusion, there is now fusion between Scandinavian design and Japanese aesthetics. What’s obvious is that both styles emphasize naturalism, or rather a connection to nature, and through the use of natural materials. Of course, both styles also emphasize minimalism, which is reflected in obvious forms such as calm, but muted, color pallet, and the extensive use of simplified shapes and clean lines.
  • Chinoiserie Chic: According to Beth who runs a site called Chinoiserie Chic, “Chinoiserie” is a French term meaning “Chinese-eque”, and is a Europeans interpretation of artistic styles from China. Aesthetic cues will include things like bamboo, Chinese porcelain, and detailed natural motifs and florals. In its own magical way, this fusion of culture, brings tradition to modern styles, with an enhanced feeling of sophistication and luxury to any space in your home.
  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo: Like most things today, people are becoming far more responsive to their environment and surroundings. I hope, you as a valued reader, feel the same way. This trend has expanded to many decor styles but many people are now considering Asian-themed furniture, considering bamboo and reclaimed wood as a focal point to their design and styling choices. Of course, this also considers other responsibly-sourced materials to make any home environmentally stylish.

The fascination with everything Asian or oriental started when Marco Polo traveled to the Far East from Europe. East Asia has specifically captured the interest and imagination of western artists and designers. From the Japanese homes boasting elegant designs to the magnificent luxury of the Chinese Emperors of the distant past, the orient is rich in history that served as the inspiration for new designs.

leonardo difussion with japandi style bedroom with green accents edited with photoroom

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What is Asian-style bedroom furniture

Asian-style furniture, also known as oriental furniture, is a furniture style that originated from the continent of Asia. People also often think of oriental furniture as a furniture style with Asian-inspired accents.

Oriental furniture, particularly Chinese furniture, is famous thanks to its solid construction and beautiful styling. Since Asia is the world’s largest continent, the term is often only limited to furniture originating from or made in Far East Asia, like China, Japan, and Korea.

This furniture style is typically red in color and is made of bamboo with Asian symbols or characters. Remarkably, the construction style of Chinese furniture, despite being traditionally rooted in pieces crafted from bamboo, started to appear with hardwood. These pieces boast patterns meant to mimic the appearance of bamboo or just the style of earlier bamboo-made elements.

As a result of globalization, furniture from Southeast Asia, such as Balinese, Indonesian, Javanese, Thai, and Vietnamese furniture, has become more appreciated and recognized. Other Oriental furniture styles from India and South Asia have also become prevalent in the interior decoration industry.

A sub-category of South Asian furniture is known as the colonial furniture crafted for the British when Asia was under their rule. This includes furniture mainly from Burma and India and their reproductions.

wooden table top with minimalistic modern vases over blurred modern white japandi bedroom with bed and wallpaper and minimalist interior design

There is a wide range of options for you to choose from if you have fallen in love with the unique beauty of Asian-style bedroom furniture.

Bamboo bedroom furniture

Bamboo is considered the best material for Asian bedroom furniture. You can find beds and other types of bedroom furniture made from this hard-wearing material, and it is an excellent wood for screens and blinds.

Bamboo can also be made into reeds and weaves that work great to cover surfaces. Wall covering made from bamboo reed has a trendy appearance that perfectly complements an oriental bedroom décor. You can complete the look by adding a simple pot and a bamboo plant for the best effect.

Chinese-style bedroom furniture

Chinese-inspired bedroom furniture can stimulate your senses with some eastern promise and help turn your room into a restful and calming place after a long, tiring workday.

The best way to incorporate this style into your bedroom is to choose the right headboard for the bed. Wooden headboards with Chinese design cues, like paneling with oriental flowers and dragons, are good options here.

You can also convert one using a Chinese screen or window frame if you don’t find the headboard you want. Be sure to set the bed at a low level to complement your chosen headboard and pair it with a Chinese-style stool.

Stick to a restrained color palette, but add a splash of gold and red here and there. Go minimalist if you want a more modern Chinese vibe. You can opt for plain white walls and paper shade around light fittings.

interior luxury modern japanese style bedroom with clean zen like atmosphere and calming glow

Japanese-style bedroom furniture

Traditional Japanese homes have a distinct appearance that can serve as an inspiration to make a great-looking bedroom. You can use sliding doors for this design.

But if sliding back an entire screened wall is impractical, your next best option is to add false screens to create the illusion of a Japanese room. These paper screens will look gorgeous when lit from the back. You can add traditional Japanese imagery, such as photos of samurai warriors.

Maintain an uncluttered and clear floor space. Hang traditional calligraphy on the wall opposite the bed or over the bed to complete the aesthetics of your Japanese bedroom.

oriental style bedroom with red and green and chinese character accents

Asian-style bedroom accessories

There are also Asian-style accessories that can complement your Asian-style bedroom furniture. Eastern-style rugs can look right at home in your Asian-style bedroom. Look for a matching pair of runners and a throw that you can put over the bedspread to achieve the right look.

Hang a Buddhist circle or mandala over the bed to add a sense of calm to the space. An ornamental fan or a piece of Eastern artwork will also look right at home above the bed.

Choose some cushion covers and pillows that also evoke classic Asian designs. Complete your Asian-style bedroom with paper lanterns hung over the bedside cabinets.


Is Asian home decor design the same as Oriental home decor design

Yes, Asian style design is also often referred to as oriental design. It showcases the cultures of China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other prominent societies in the East.

What are the most recognizable Asian-style home decor designs

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, Japandi-style and Chinoiserie Chic, are popular and trending. But there are others which I did not mention. To help with your inspiration, please consider the following design styles for your home decor needs.

Zen-inspired home interiorsThis style has one aim. To create peace and harmony in your living spaces. I am an absolute fan and have added this throughout my home to allow safe spaces meditation and decompression.

The style adopts from Japanese Zen principles and boldly incorporates minimalism for decor, use of natural materials and neutral color palattes.
Korean Hanok-styleSimilar in some ways to Japanese Zen principles, the style’s aim is to achieve “natural” harmony (with nature), using flexibility and natural materials in final design choices.

You will find Hanok interiors using sliding doors, paper screens, and wood. The result is a cozy, warm, and inviting interior space.
Textiles and patternsInspired by Asian principles and philosophy, textiles and patterns will adopt from Chinese brocade, Japanese Shibori, or Indian Block Prints, to add visual elements that act as a strong focal point and cultural inspiration for your interior living space.
Rattan furnitureIn short, rattan furniture gives inspiration to chairs, tables, and lighting fixtures, by adding an organic and natural feel to your overall interior space.

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