Light Up Your Home with 8 Amazing Atomic Age Lamps

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

Featured Image for this article is a Sputnik-styled Space/Atomic Lamp called “Lustre” by Denis Bourez is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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Growing up, I was always fascinated by style and design of the atomic age. You may not know what this is, but it was an experimental period in design and architecture.

The atomic age spawned dreamy views on the future. You may recall episodes of The Jetsons or a few futuristic episodes on The Flintstones.

You may be asking, “What’s Atomic Age Design?” Great question!

The atomic age is the period between the 1940s through the mid-1960s. This period had a significant impact on American life and culture. In the classroom, children learned how to respond to a nuclear blast by hiding under their desks. Ugh.

Design added themes from nuclear science and the atom bomb into home decor products. This was at a time of massive suburbanization post-WW2. New homes were simple, modern, and had clean lines and patterns. With it, home decor took shape with inspired Atomic age features.

Demand for Atomic Age decor continues as new generations adopt historical references. Light up your home with inspired atomic age decor. It will be blast for your guests. 😉

Astra Sputnik 20″ Semi-Flush Nickel Spike Starburst: Atomic Lamp (Deluxe Lamp)

This one got our attention! We don’t know why but it is likely the result of the old 1936 opening reel. 😉

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Either way, we thought of Sputnik too!

Image of the Soviet Union's Sputnik spacecraft
By paukrus is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Made by Deluxe Lamp, it’s nickel color and metal shade gives off a real 60’s era space capsule feel. The appearance is striking at first glance and a definite talking piece. At 20 inches diameter and 14 inches in height, you can also find this in gold color.

Assembly requires an hour of time given the number of metal rods. Another gold version is also available in a 27 inch diameter.

The Flush Mount 20″ is suitable for small rooms and low ceilings. This might be perfect for modern, contemporary condos if spacing is small. With dimmable functionality, you can create ambient lighting perfect for any occasion. At eleven pounds, it isn’t heavy either.
Corded for electricity, there are four lights requiring 40 watts, and a total 140 volts. You can buy E12 bulbs on Amazon and some have used Ecosmart 60W soft white LED bulbs, according to reviews.

We scan fake reviews using several methods and time elapsed since product launch. Released in March 2018, the verified purchases and reviews are positive.

Astra Sputnik 27″ Semi Flush Mid-Century Gold Spike Starburst: Atomic Lamp (Deluxe Lamp)

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Modern Mid-Century 63″ Atomic Sputnik Metal LED Floor Atomic Lamp (Jonathan Y)

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We love this black floor-based lamp! The Orbit-10 63 inch lamp is a nice addition to any white rooms, corner book nooks, or your open living space. It can create perfect warm ambient LED lighting.

Classic-looking, it feels modern for that contemporary home decor. The LED bulbs are a nice touch, helping to reduce energy use by 90%. They won’t get hot to the touch!

The company, Jonathan Y, claims its bulbs have a lifespan of 25,000 hours. At 6-8 hours of theoretical use, these bulbs would last ten years. Added compatibility for Philips Hue and Alexa smart outlets too.

Located in the Soho District in New York City, Jonathan Y is serious about stylish design. They have created affordable home decor with a high-end design feel. A black stain finish, clean industrial design and atomic-age style will inspire you. A simple, cost-effective upgrade to any living space.

We always look for sturdy design and high-end components to make any decision easy. Even better, installation is easy!

Mid-Century Atomic Caged 26.5″ Edison Bulb Metal/Marble Modern LED Table Lamp (Jonathan Y)

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Another Jonathan Y inspiration to show you. Wow, the Atomic caged modern table lamp is bold! This lamp is a replica of the atom symbol with a well-placed bulb.

The lamp is 7.52 pounds and has 10x10x26.75 inch dimensions. Material is a mix of metal and marble with a tasteful oil rubbed bronze/white complexion. The lamp comes with LED bulbs, use 90% energy and will last up to 25,000 hours. Enjoy a warm light giving an added cozy feel to any room.

Prefer a softer-entry into atomic design? This table lamp complements the living room with a light touch. Perfect for living room reading chairs next to the fireplace, window, or living room sofa. Complement your mid-century modern coffee table with this atomic caged table lamp. It places well with a vase and showpiece book, giving a sense of contemporary class to your room.

We love atomic and googie design. This classic design will impress modern, contemporary homeowners with high-end style. The lamp is perfect for the living room, dining room, bedroom, home entry and modern office spaces.

Reviews and pricing are top-notch. The product released in June, 2019. We were not able to determine how long Jonathan A has been in business, buyers appear satisfied.

Mid-Century Modern Gold Chandelier Lighting Pendant: Atomic Lamp (Modo Lighting)

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Made by Modo Lighting, another Sputnik-style chandelier for your dining or living room. This atomic lap is adjustable with 1 x 9.8 inch or 1 x 19.7 inch rods to accommodate low or high ceilings.

Installation is quick and easy for most. Some customers reported missing parts and some difficulty to install. There is not enough evidence to suggest installation is difficult. Most lighting fixtures are not easy snap and go experiences so expert to have some skills or find a good friend. 😉

Customer examples of the fixture shows us that it’s beautiful! A beige or lighter beige paint color complements this gold fixture with ease. General reviews call it a beauty or “bonita!” for our Spanish readers. 🙂

Modo Lighting has done well to give a competitive-priced elegance to your home or condo space. It shines bright but is not dimmable. This product uses G4 (LED) halogen bulbs at 40 watts / 110 volts. These bulbs are common for under-cabinet, decorative, rask and RV/camper lighting.

Important Footnote

The product description says that the company does not include light bulbs. Under Questions and Answers on the Amazon product page, Modo Lighting’s states that the lamp contains G4 bulbs (May 2020).

Modo Lighting also recommends searching Amazon for replacement bulbs under keywords “g4 led bulb 110v”. Modo Lighting also confirms width for the lights as: (1) 11-light diameter: 60cm/23.6″ (2) 12-light diameter: 80cm/31.5″ (3) 18-light diameter: 100cm/39.4″.

Customers purchased non-dimmable G4 3w 110v LED lights and they provided a “warm light”. Modo Lighting recommended B07PG79Z8V, B07BRNZ6LG, B0778WJ8PQ, B07WKCG54Z on Amazon. These codes are bulbs which are white light, 6000k, dimmable 110v G4 led bulbs.

Mid-Century Modern Atomic-Sputnik “Cyrus Six” Lighting Lamp

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This stylish lamp gives off a lovely geometrical look that still has a bit of atomic and sputnik. A beautiful compliment to a mid-century modern or contemporary mahogany dining room table.

The product shines with brass and has a bronze finish type. Any homes with exposed gray brick, dark hardwood floors and this lamp will scream luxury. It will feel like an upmarket speakeasy lounge bar if your living space is fancily-styled.

It does not come with bulbs but it is compatible with LED bulbs for energy-saving. To get the light bulbs, look for type B, Incandescent 40W or CFL 9W.

INK+IVY store does recommend professional installation for this lamp. You may want to reach out to an old friend who is handy.

We love that the lights are adjustable to your personal preference and it will work on a sloped ceiling. Lighting up your room with this stylish decor is an easy win for your home. The hang height is 102 inches or 8.5 feet. You will need to have a reasonable ceiling height to make this atomic-style lamp work.

There may be other unique questions. Feel free to contact Designer Living Customer Service at You can also call them at 1-888-879-8790. You can see some photo examples in our links above or here.

10-Light Sputnik Chandelier: MidCentury Modern Appeal with Retro Atomic-Style Lamp System

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This lamp has a beautiful black high-quality metal finish. It’s sturdy and durable. This light has major appeal for midcentury modern or contemporary home decor.

The lamp arm is 0.85 feet offering consider flexibility for ceilings. The lamp’s black metal finish is a comfortable match for light grey and dark grey interior decor. The elegant design matches American, European and modern design styles.

Arms are pre-wired and threaded for simpler installation. This atomic lamp will work on flat, sloped, slanted or vaulted ceilings. This lamp offers excellent texture for all settings. This includes:

  • indoor
  • outdoor
  • kitchen
  • loft
  • bedroom
  • living room
  • porch
  • patio
  • home entrance
  • garage
  • backyard office

The lamp is dimmable with a dimmer bulb and compatible dimmer switch. The switch and bulbs are not included. The lamp needs 10 E26 bulbs (Max 60W per light). It is compatible for LED, incandescent lamp and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL).

This lamp is well-priced as an entry product. The price is perfect for home designers starting their journey with midcentury modern.

8-Light Sputnik Chandelier: A Brass MidCentury Modern Atomic Lamp

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By Vinluz, this brass metal contemporary lamp is a sight for modern eyes and home interiors. It has a matching stem plus canopy with flush mount fixture.

A perfect fit for clean interiors or modern, fashionable styles with a jazzy, hip feel. This could be a winner for condo homeowners with the right specifications.

This MidCentury design will spruce up the elegance in traditional or modern homes. It is dimmable with dimmable bulb and dimmer switch.

Customers report a simpler installation process since it includes all mounting hardware. Customers do report installation was not that easy. You may want to keep your handy friend close if you decide to get this product. If you have to pay someone to install it, consider our earlier lamps as they may be easier to set up. Again, this depends on look and fit that you’re seeking.

Bulbs are not included but are E26 type and compatible with LED and incandescent bulbs. You can choose white or warmer bulbs for a cozy, comfortable light in your living space.
The chandelier is light at 3.74 pounds and comes in at 220 volts and 60 watts. Its height comes in over 1 feet.

In Conclusion

No matter what you end up selecting from our list, you will impress your room and your guests. Bring that midcentury modern appeal and light up your home atomic style!

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