[GUIDE]: Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Cost Outlook

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Last updated: March 25, 2023

Bamboo might be grass, but it has become a great contender to traditional hardwoods like maple, walnut, and oak, thanks to its exceptional characteristics. It definitely surpasses the over use of particle board and is the right choice if you’re seeking top quality materials. The average cost of kitchen cabinets has gone up as homeowners upgrade their kitchens to more exotic options than standard IKEA kitchens. With it, labor cost has increased in the pursuit for high-end semi-custom alternatives.

It’s not surprising that more and more homeowners today use bamboo plywood for their kitchens. Bamboo countertops are trendy now, which go well with other materials such as stainless steel. While real wood and wood veneers (which is a higher quality hardwood versus Medium Density Fiber (MDF) particle board or high-end plywood) with a flat grain styling continue to be popular, many homeowners are shifting to sustainable interior design, green energy and environment-neutral home applications.

Cheaper alternatives include thin plastic veneer that looks like wood, but isn’t. Do you really want to waste money on a low quality kitchen redesign?

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You have to decide the best ways to enhance your kitchen. This ultimately falls on type of material to use since the material cost of a bamboo countertop comes with a higher price tag. Bamboo work will stand the test of time. Solid natural bamboo kitchen cabinets, solid bamboo panels, and bamboo flooring will add to overall costs.

Your kitchen cabinets range will be greatly improved with clean lines, natural color and light color elements that generously bath open and spacious kitchen with warmth and appeal. Have a look at Domain Cabinets, premium ready-to-assemble cabinets available in different options. Bamboo veneer style options include high-quality materials at higher kitchen cabinet prices.

Adding just a linear foot of bamboo to your kitchen is a stunning feature that can last for a long time, which might not be possible with traditional wood. 

If you plan to change your solid wood kitchen cabinets, bamboo kitchen cabinets can give you that coveted modern look that represents the perfect harmony between humanity and nature. Your kitchen will enjoy a much needed face lift.

Please continue reading to know more about using bamboo for your upper and base cabinets, including their costs. 

bamboo kitchen cabinets cost - The Bamboo flooring replaced faux brick linoleum tiles.
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Bamboo Basics

Bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet, has approximately 1,500 varieties of this native species that grow in Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

Bamboo is a staple part of the diet for many animals, and it is equally helpful for humans because of its diverse uses for writing, weapon making, and construction. 

Bamboo is a common material and an affordable option for building almost anything, from scaffolding to houses and bridges. Countries like Hong Kong have modern skyscrapers are made using bamboo scaffolding, a testament to the timeless utility and strength of this exceptional material. 

While bamboo has long been a popular flooring material in China and Japan, it was only during the mid-1990s that the practice took off in the West. Since then, the bamboo goods industry in the United States, which includes furniture, flooring, and cabinetry, has experienced significant growth. 

Today, renowned retailers offer many bamboo products, including new kitchen cabinets. Bamboo cabinets are heavier so you may need to factor in transportation costs for home delivery.

bamboo kitchen cabinets cost - Vintage metal cabinets were brightened by the addition of bamboo flooring, butcher block countertops and new door hardware.
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Bamboo – The Best Renewable Material for Kitchen Cabinets

A modern bamboo kitchen cabinet gets made using naturally grown bamboo trees. Bamboo trees are harvested and processed into woods. Bamboo is an inexhaustible grass, is easier to cut compared to trees, and according to Grand View Research, absorbs 30% more carbon dioxide compared with wood. In environmental and friendly material terms, a bamboo countertop installation, for example, is a consciously green choice that offers great value to homeowners who want to think about modern settings in terms of sustainable interior design.

According to Grand View Research, the global market size for bamboo will reach $82.90 billion by 2028. There are many reasons why.

Bamboo also grows quickly with harvests every three to five years. When it is harvested, it continues to grow and renew every three years, making it sustainable for kitchen floors, kitchen cabinets and kitchen and living room furniture. Once hardwood is harvested, it dies. New hardwood trees take “decades” to mature. As such, Bamboo trees are also known for their fast growth, which categorizes them as one of those renewable resources that Mother Nature gifted to humanity.

The processed woods get used for designing custom bamboo cabinets, shelves, drawers, and other types of furniture. The best bamboo cabinet boasts a unique look in stained and waterborne finishes and have become a more popular choice thanks to the different grains available for high-end custom cabinets. The actual cost of bamboo cabinetry has varies broadly and can go as high as $35,000 USD for the top-end and $12,000 to $22,000 USD for semi-custom styles.

bamboo kitchen cabinet costs - Small Kitchen Bamboo and Pine

Are Bamboo Cabinets Expensive?

The cost of cabinets made from bamboo can vary depending on your chosen finishing and style for every square foot of your kitchen. Full solid natural bamboo cabinets, for example, are priced higher than those made from plywood bamboo. In the second option, plywood bamboo gets added on top of traditional hardwoods. 

The cost of cabinet doors and cabinet boxes made from bamboo may still be more expensive because they are not yet as common as traditional hardwood cabinets. And since these are not mass-produced, it may also cost you more to order bamboo cabinets. 

You can expect the average kitchen cabinet cost to be higher if you choose to use bamboo medium density fiberboard than other materials.

Bamboo cabinets are often more expensive than maple or oak cabinets. If no installation is involved, the cost of bamboo kitchens ranges from $7,000 up to $15,000 for contemporary kitchens measuring 10 x 12 feet. 

With installation, your bamboo cabinets will cost anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 for an average 10 x 12-foot kitchen. Bamboo cabinets are often unavailable as stock cabinets. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of Bamboo Cabinets

The cost of custom and semi-custom cabinets made from bamboo depends on the quality of the specific materials used, the number of cabinets for installation, and the price of material and local labor.

Another factor that affects the price of bamboo cabinetry is the cabinet style you want. Every different design style and idea has a different price tag. 

The shipping fee is also a factor to consider, as this depends on the designed cabinet’s volumetric weight and your location. Save money by choosing to receive the cabinets in parts for assembly on-site with the assistance of a technician.

To get a sense of the costs of installing your bamboo cabinets, talk to your supplier and provide your specifications to get a quote.

bamboo kitchen cabinet costs - Modern Interior Kitchen Living Room with bamboo flooring.

Different Styles of Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

There are several styles of bamboo kitchen cabinetry that you can choose from to find the right one that suits your taste, budget, and overall kitchen design. 

Bamboo Plywood Kitchen Cabinets

Most bamboo kitchen cabinets today are primarily manufactured using bamboo plywood. Plywood is a form of natural bamboo that underwent processing through cutting, assembling, milling, and painting. 

Since plywood is in a processed form, these cabinets are often available in different finishes and bright colors and remain a perfect cabinet choice if you need versatility. 

Bamboo Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Their structural integrity, environmental benefits, and aesthetic appeal are just three reasons bamboo shaker cabinets are popular. Bamboo’s high growth rate makes it a renewable resource, and switching to bamboo shaker cabinets can help the planet in your little way. 

Bamboo Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Installing new bamboo wood cabinets or giving your existing drawer fronts an upgrade through a kitchen renovation is the easiest way to spruce up this part of your home. 

Although bamboo trees have no classification as natural wood or hardwood trees, bamboo is a versatile material used for designing cabinets and other furniture pieces. 

Installing bamboo wood kitchen cabinets is a good idea if you want to replicate the natural beauty of this remarkable tree.

Modern Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Modern bamboo kitchen cabinets in different colors are your best choice to add more aesthetic value to your kitchen. An average homeowner can update their kitchen cabinets with modern bamboo cabinets. 

Modern bamboo is the newest trend used to build more appealing kitchen cabinets. Bamboo is top-quality material used for cabinet faces, sleek drawers, and corner shelves that can instantly transform your kitchen. Realtor’s also claim that installing these modern bamboo cabinets is also a great way to increase the value of a property. 

Natural Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets made from bamboo are also rising trends in many countries because of their elegance and natural beauty. For a better way to enhance your kitchen, cabinets made from natural bamboo are your best option. Your kitchen will look more rustic and classical than using other cabinet materials. 

White Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Since it is possible to process bamboo wood into various colors, it is possible to blend it with almost all types of interior home decorations. White bamboo kitchen cabinets are among the many different types of cabinets you can find today. White color is a favorite choice because of its glossy and timeless appeal when used on kitchen cabinets. 

bamboo kitchen cabinets cost - modern kitchen dining area with bamboo flooring and cabinets

Top Benefits of Bamboo Cabinetry

When shopping for the best bamboo cabinets that suit your needs, it is essential to be familiar with their different benefits.

Bamboo cabinets don’t only exude style and beauty.

Aside from enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetic value, here are other reasons why bamboo is an excellent material for kitchen cabinets:

  • Bamboo planks and boards are available in both vertical and horizontal grain orientations. Options include stain in your preferred color, just like other types of woods.
  • Bamboo cabinets are perfect for modern homes and offer unlimited ideas for kitchen interior decoration. 
  • Bamboo cabinets can increase the aesthetic value and improve the overall value of your property. 
  • It is notably easier to preserve and maintain bamboo cabinets than those made using other materials. 

The kitchen is the part of your home that gets used regularly, including kitchen cabinets. Since cabinets are banged and bumped into through the years, they will inevitably suffer from nicks, dents, and scratches. Quality bamboo is three times harder than several traditional hardwoods, allowing the material to outperform most of its rivals.

Bamboo trees reach maturity in just seven years or even less, unlike hardwood trees that take decades to mature. Unlike hardwoods, a portion of the stalk stays intact during harvesting bamboo, which allows it to regenerate for more harvests in the future. 

Essential Things to Consider Before You Buy Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you know the cost of bamboo cabinets, the different types available, and their benefits, it is time to learn the essential factors before adding them to your home. 

Refer to Your Kitchen Floor Plan

Your kitchen floor plan is one of the top considerations when shopping for bamboo cabinets. The cabinetry design you choose will depend on the size of the room and its floor plan. Be sure to give this to your supplier to ensure that you will get cabinet designs that perfectly match your kitchen. 

Consider the Function of the Cabinets and Your Budget

Your budget is the most significant determining factor of the bamboo cabinets you will buy. Remember that different styles mean different pricing as well. Make sure you figure out how you plan to use the cabinets to identify the right style and type of cabinets for your needs. 

Identify the Materials and Ask for Quotes

Be clear about the specific material you want for your cabinets. The floor plan will give you a good idea of the number of materials you will need. Through this, you can ask for accurate quotes from several suppliers to compare the prices and choose the one that suits your budget. Don’t forget to ask the supplier how they arrived at the product’s price before placing your order.

Consider the Different Finishes of Bamboo Cabinets

Honey and blonde are two of the most popular finishes for bamboo kitchen cabinets. You can choose between stained finish or waterborne finish, and the tone of the cabinets can also vary based on the quantity and type of applied stain. 

Confirm the Cabinet Design

Design confirmation will give you a good idea of the final product’s appearance. After you provide your specifications, you can request to check the design from the supplier. Use this chance to make the necessary modifications if there are any. 

Pay a Deposit and Schedule the Production

Most suppliers require a partial payment of the total production cost of your bamboo cabinets. But this is only applicable to custom design options and not on ready made products such as IKEA cabinets. The initial payment assures the manufacturer that you are serious about your order. 

Quality of Indoor Air

Adhesive and other chemicals get used during the processing of raw bamboo materials. Unfortunately, these can affect your kitchen’s indoor air quality. Any materials free from formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds are better since they do not impact air quality in your home.

Aside from these factors, it would be best to consider other concerns such as installation, quality, delivery time, and shipment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bamboo kitchen cabinets durable?

Yes, bamboo kitchen cabinets are durable, sustainable, and attractive to any kitchen style or design. Bamboo is a strong material compared to hardwoods and is resistant to cracks and chips. Cabinets can be cleaned with soapy, warm water and a soft cloth and mineral oil can also help brighten up their look.

A re bamboo kitchen cabinets environmentally friendly?

Since bamboo is grass that grows back every 3 to 7 years, it is a highly sustainable choice for cabinetry, flooring, and furniture. There is no need to treat bamboo cabinets with oil, while the eco-friendly waterborne finish of the material also reduces the impact on the planet overall. Remember that it can be tricky to transport bamboo, and some transportation practices may reduce environmental friendliness. 

Is it expensive to buy bamboo kitchen cabinets?

With bamboo still a more unconventional option for kitchen cabinetry, bamboo kitchen cabinets often run on the higher end. Material quality and transportation can also substantially increase the cabinets’ total price. 

Want to know the best way to clean bamboo kitchen cabinets?

It is straightforward to clean bamboo cabinets since there is no need to treat them with oil, unlike other types of traditional hardwoods. Mild dish soap, warm water, and a piece of cloth are the only things you need to remove the tough grease stains on bamboo cabinet lines. 

Which kitchen styles will look best with bamboo cabinets?

Bamboo fits well with minimalist and contemporary kitchen designs with its natural aesthetic. Opt for a vertical grain if you want a modern and clean look. A horizontal grain works best if you like your kitchen to look and feel more spacious and unified with other parts of your home. 

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