[TIPS] Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

You may still do this, but the days of spending a fortune on a few drinks at a local bar are gone. More and more of my friends have opted to host parties and get-togethers in their own homes in recent years.  As a result, home and basement bar design renovation projects have taken off with an integrated family room area that can be a lot of space in any basement, including a basement apartment.

Historically, basements were cold, depressing storage spaces with very little beyond dark colors. Closed off from the real world with little in terms of natural light and utility as warm living areas for entertainment or living. This has all changed as homeowners maximize their home living to consider basements as functional spaces.

There are some reasons for this trend to home and basement kitchen bars:

  • Cost of living
  • Comfort of your home convenience
  • Laziness after a long workday

However, there’s an even better reason. According to MyKukun, a second kitchen for your basement is a sound financial investment, increasing the home resale value up to 85% of the original spend. The real estate market continues to be hot for home renovators and custom home builders. This should give you enough reasons to complete that unfinished basement, design a living room, seating area and convert it into one of the many contemporary spaces that people only dream of.

According to Statista, U.S. retail sales for bar stools totaled approximately $2.07 BILLION U.S. dollars for 2012-2019. That’s a big number and while it could include restaurants, it is likely there are homeowner purchases in this data.

The cool basement bar ideas in this article will help you to choose a home bar for your own home. There are different ways to take advantage of a large space. However, if you already have a small basement kitchenette , a small basement bar is a great idea for a corner space which includes a mini fridge, basic food, alcoholic beverages and your wine collection.

If you have room in your basement, now will be the time to put it to good use. Note that the designs reviewed in this article are ideal for large and small spaces. 

Continue reading for some of the best basement kitchen bar ideas.

Table of Contents

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas

Mancave Design

If you’re considering constructing this type of basement kitchen bar, you should know that it’s all about coming up with the best ideas. Note, a man cave is a perfect place for relaxation while watching sports, TV, and movies. Before getting down to construction, you must first research the audio and video equipment alongside other necessities such as bar stools and how they’ll fit into the space.

A mancave must have a home theater system. There’s no point to have a dinner party without the entertainment, bar top and alcoholic drinks.

If necessary, feel free to get creative with the space to reflect your personality and interests. For example, if you’re a big boxing fan, consider adding a portrait of legends such as Joe Louis. In addition, consider adding a dry bar equipped with all the requirements for convenient drink preparation to enjoy as you watch, e.g., a football match with friends. 

One of my friends has the ultimate mancave. The basement area is dressed up in Dallas Cowboys pennants, photos, team wear and bright colors that might make an interior designer scream (LOL!). He’s an avid NFL football fan, so Sunday’s are caveman days because he simply won’t leave his basement. As long as he has running water, a dining room, he’s set for life. His wife might have concerns but it’s normal nesting behavior for older sporting fanatics.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - A basement arcade with various retro pinball machines and classic arcade games, old steel and tin company signs, and plenty of seating.

The basement should have storage options such as ample cabinetry to make drink preparation easy. You don’t need to be fancy here so simple cabinetry from IKEA is only required.

Since appropriate entertainment equipment in the space is a matter of creativity. You can never have too much floor space, so if you have it, consider adding a pool table. The pool table is a great entertainment alternative, especially when there’s nothing meaningful you can watch.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - A basement arcade with various retro pinball machines and classic arcade games, old steel and tin company signs, and plenty of seating

Depending on furniture and hardware included, you might want to consider hardwood flooring. The space feel should not be cramped with a pool table and you should still have easy access to go back upstairs, exit from the backyard or get access to your kitchen bar.

If you have a small setting, don’t worry, as you can still equip your man cave with all the necessary equipment of your choice. e.g., a beer refrigerator, open shelves for book storage, etc. Note concealing the location of such features aid in maximizing the floor space while adding polish and style.

Stunning Low Ceiling Design

First, note that a 7-foot ceiling height (modern basements now have 9 to 10-foot ceilings) is ideal for a bar height of 36 inches, and that height is also usually the kitchen counter height. Moreover, consider using counter height stools if your kitchen bar basement adopts this design instead of typical bar stools. 

As for the walls, you can install open shelves or cabinetry for storage purposes. Consider maintaining a brick wall-style appearance to add some sense of elegance and style to your basement kitchen bar. Bear in mind that this design is ideal for any basement size, i.e., small and large spaces. That way, you don’t need much space to pull it off. Usually, most low ceilings tend to make a room darker. 

If you want natural lighting in the basement space, the most logical option would be to extend the ceiling height, which can be costly. However, less expensive alternatives include coloring your brick walls lighter or using vertical wallpaper to render a ‘taller ceiling’ illusion. 

One other best way of bringing natural light into the basement is; using glass balustrades or glass doors. With these indoor components’ reflective properties, you can be sure of enough natural lighting in the basement, with a touch of modern and open appearance. Alternatively, you can focus more on design details and save some money; you can hang mirrors in the basement to ensure proper light distribution of natural light.

Floating Shelving Style

Floating shelves are ideal for small spaces. Consider open shelving design options if you’re tight on a budget regarding storage equipment such as cabinets. Note the floating shelving goes well with the wet bar ideas. Adding the floating shelves is a great way to ensure maximum functionality, especially in a space that can’t accommodate traditional cabinetry.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - A small basement bar man cave with liquor on shelves and the bar is surrounded by wood bar stools. A basketball game is setup in the background

On the other hand, installing a couple of shelves can go a long way in adding versatility to your basement kitchen bar. Advisable, your primary focus should be on creating a durable but utterly functional space. Whether you have an open or closed space, you can choose whatever design suits your preferences. 

If you’re seeking a small wine cellar, this is a perfect option. If this design is challenging to pull off, consider consulting with companies such as Ultra Shelf. They’ll provide you with incredible basement bar designs such as finishes and shelf styles alongside other basement kitchen ideas that might interest you.

Color Blending is of utmost importance, especially if you want a design that adds ambiance to the basement’s overall appearance. An example of an ideal combination is white walls with brown shelves. Also, you can make color choices based on the basement floor—for instance, LVP floor for white oak wood with a natural finish. 

Basement Bar Game Room

If you have plenty of space for your kitchen bar basement, including gaming equipment such as a pool table, a play station should be accessible. With such components in the basement bar space, you can be sure of never-ending entertainment as you help yourselves to some drinks with buddies.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Pool and kitchen in basement

Deciding on the best focal point within any typical kitchen bar basement design, including this one, isn’t an easy task. However, you can make your gaming station the focal point by giving it a striking and eye-catching design. Also, remember this kind of decision also relies on your budget. So, you should know that designing the gaming station will be more costly. 

If you’re tight on budget, another alternative focal point can be; a bold backsplash. The backslash serves as a protective element to your walls against accident spills from foods and drinks. In addition to protection, it also adds some elegance while also serving as a decorative element. Notably, if you opt for colorful tiles, add some hue between the spaces for complete decor.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Basement kitchen with fireplace and bar

A uniquely colored cabinet is also a great alternative that will aid you in achieving your ultimate focal point goal. If your basement bar is painted white, this gives flexibility to the color of your cabinet, and a leafy green cabinet is unique and instantly recognizable on a white wall. 

Also, consider giving the gaming equipment a brighter color, e.g., red. However, consider adding the color via something that will make it easier to change as taste changes down the road.

Small and Straightforward Basement Design

Suppose you want to maximize your small living space; introducing traditional bar elements can take the design to the next level. Moreover, to elevate the area’s general appearance, consider adding neon signs, top liquor shelves, unique shelving, etc. Investing in a comfortable counter stool and lovely countertops will also be worthwhile.

Like a large kitchen basement, you can also get creative with a small kitchen bar basement in line with the countertops and the stools. If you want a lovely view up the table counter, you’ll have to go for the tall stools with the ideal height compatible with your front bar’s counter height. So, whether you seek a peaceful night with tall drinks or start your day on a comfy bar stool, there are countless options in the market worth considering.

Ideal kitchen bar stools for small kitchens are the slim variety. So if you choose to go with leather stools, you can be sure that making such an addition to your basement kitchen bar will go a long way in setting the tone to your basement and the entire space. Moreover, a slim bar stool frame also ensures a different design blend depending on the seat material. For example, a backdrop blend of a leather seat with a narrow wooden or metallic framework maintains a stool’s stylish look.

Innovative Lighting Design

Just like the stunning low ceilings design, this one also requires lighting. But you can choose whether you want natural or artificial lighting. Either choice is an excellent idea as you’ll also add a touch of elegance through the lighting equipment. Also, you can choose both options, i.e., natural lighting during the day and artificial model at night. 

There are several inspirations to use to model your kitchen basement bar too. For example, I arranged lighting under my shelves to give an illuminated appearance, and the ambient mood and vibe are hard to ignore! Note there are several ways of installing lighting under the shelving units. 

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Modern Basement Kitchen Style Basement Kitchen

Those seeking a permanent arrangement can use manual hardware lighting with their preferred illumination under their shelves. Alternatively, they can install sticky lights, a relatively straightforward solution. Your ultimate goal should be a well-lit basement bar as you follow this. 

On the other hand, you can step up your ‘lighting game’ by illuminating the entire room. The best thing is that your guests will appreciate the level of luminance alongside the general appearance of your home, making them feel comfortable, courtesy of this bar design. Some of the lighting options for an entire basement to opt for include lighting options for innovative lighting design; such as:

  • Tray lighting: is an ideal option for setting a mood in the room. In addition, it’s best for those who want to relax and drink while watching. 
  • Track lighting: if you need to illuminate the fireplace, countertops, pictures, or any localized space requiring task lighting, then this is a great option. However, it’s not ideal for a ceiling less than 8-feet taller.
  • Scone lighting: is a perfect option for lighting the walls of the room. Generally, scone lighting is light fixtures with a control switch attached to the wall or the lamp. These scones are adjustable and illuminate the whole room or point downwards for reading.

The Kitchen Theme Design

The kitchen theme’s quirky design is hard to overlook when considering the best design ideas for an ideal kitchen basement bar. Lightning here is easy as you can choose artificial or natural elements, as previously pointed out in the stunning low ceilings and the innovative lighting design.

Other components such as open shelves and longwall cabinets bring more kitchen space than a bar. So, if you desire your basement to be more like a bar than a kitchen space, consider having shorter cabinets with enclosed shelves. You can also set up a bottle opener in the area to add a more bar-theme appearance. In addition to classic bar appearances, generally, the bottle opener is a bonus.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - fireplace and stone bare in basement

As for color blending, if you’re going with metallic gray cabinets, then a coffee-themed back wall is the best supplement to the entire decor. Alongside these, consider a brown wooden floor which will be a great combination with the whole set that can give you a sense of a bar fused with the main kitchen space. As for the countertop, you can either go with black or stainless steel. Conclusively, to add coziness to this design, you should also add bar stools.

The Garage Design

Garage design might sound unconventional, but it’s one of the most popular designs that you’ll love. Look at a typical garage design, and you’ll put it at the top of your list’s best options. Elements like the clinic designs and metal sidings will surely make your bar appear industrial. Even those who don’t like an industrial appearance will appreciate what this design offers.

One of the unique features of a garage design is the galvanized corrugated metal. This style will reward you handsomely with ample lighting, courtesy of the clean lines on the corrugated metal with the appropriate black trim. Due to the ergonomic fluted design of this kitchen bar, you might also consider adding the technique to other areas of your house. 

Basement Kitchen BAr Ideas black and gray wooden garage design

Behind the counter, you can have either an open or enclosed back bar. These are ideal for making your kitchen bar basement look like a typical bar. Also, if you choose to go with an enclosed back bar with a small window, consider adding some color lighting, e.g., blue lighting if you want a whole experience of an actual bar. The color of the corrugated metal is better with a brown wooden kitchen counter alongside tall wooden comfy stools.

The Built-In Bar Design

The built-In design is an outstanding choice that will require some renovations in your basement to pull off. But you can be sure that the outcome will be worth the effort. Majorly this design mainly focuses on cabinetry and its shelving design. Also, if you’re residing in a confined space, this option is worth considering.

The advantage of this design is it significantly adds style and substance to your entire kitchen bar basement. Also, several other basement bars concepts can help you pinpoint what works for you under this design. For example, you can have a white wall on the left and right sides, with the center being black. On the black wall, you can install grey floating shelves. 

Note you can paint all the walls white, then install a black faux python wallpaper to give the wall a dark template for glass, gold, and light decor on the shelves. The door handle of the glass front bars, on the other hand, should be fitted with black pulls for contemporary completion.

Another alternative is an all-white setting, from the cabinetry to the shelving. So, if you’re tight on occupancy, you can save on space by setting the countertop at the top of the cabinetry below the shelving. Note that open shelves are the ideal shelving choice for this to work.

Secret Bar Design

Just like the built-in design, this is also a perfect choice for those with small space but still desire to have a watering hole in the house. The secret bar design also focuses on the bar, cabinetry, and related storage designs. Also, if you’re an avid fan of spy movies, this kitchen bar basement will give you an experience like that in spy aficionados.

You can have bookshelves, flower decor, etc., at the front of the secretive cabinet with wine shelves, among other drinks behind the unit. As for the installation of this cabinet, an opening resembling a door is a great place to install it. Since the theme here is a secret bar, the bookshelves’ side should face the front. 

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Basement Kitchen Bar with Wine Cabinet

As you slide the bookshelves aside to serve yourself a drink, be gentle and careful, or you risk breaking the liquor bottles if you flip too quickly. The basement kitchen bar should give a secretive vibe, so consider having a counter under the shelves. 

In short, the built-in bar design is an ideal choice that you can quickly turn into a secret bar. Generally, if you have friends over, it’s a great way of showing off your secretive bar basement as you slide the flower decor or bookshelves side to pull out a vintage drink. 

Rustic Touch Design

With this design, you can get creative based on how you want its structural design to look. However, the color blend should bear a rustic and vintage touch to give off the wild wild West theme. With this model in your house, the experience of traveling back in time is unique. And once you get a taste of this great space, you’ll be feeling nostalgic.

Ideas to help you pull this off include; having pendant lights almost halfway from the countertop with low lighting. That ensures that the combination of modernity and vintage touch is maintained proportionately. As for the shelving, you can have a simple model, either closed or open shelving.

If you want to bring out the rustic appearance of the woodwork, consider using a brown wood stain followed by vanishing. You can also have the rest of the counter’s wood parts looking grey, i.e., using gray wood dye to maintain the rustic theme. 

Note that this design will perfectly blend well with the exposed brick wall style and still maintain the rustic style with a hint of personal touch that you desire. Around 3 to 5 round stools should suffice for such a setting but don’t make the countertop too high such that you’ll need high countertop stools. Remember, this is to maintain a perfect balance between the rustic appearance and modern touch.

Warm Wood with Whites Design

A basement that shows off Woodsy whites can significantly add elegance and ambiance to your entire kitchen basement bar. This white design will give your basement a fantastic color splash with a splendid modern look from the floor tiles to the bottle colors. Pulling it off should be relatively easy if it’s the theme you want.

On the other hand, coloring doesn’t limit your creativity, but you must be careful if you’re considering going all creative with coloring some components. For example, you can change the counter color to brown while retaining the whites for all the others.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas basement with bar

Like the rustic design, consider installing the pendant lighting. Notably, the design harbors a better appearance with both enclosed and open shelves. Suppose you choose the enclosed shelves or cabinets, consider the option with a glass door to ensure the drink bottles are adequately visible. However, the open one is way better to provide the space with the colorful splash of color from the liquor bottles. 

One idea includes installing a mini-fridge to store a few drinks you prefer cold. Also, the mini-fridge is a crucial basement component if you have friends over. And if you want to prevent your friends from rummaging through your kitchen refrigerator, the mini-fridge will be convenient to keep your guests happy while having a party in an organized fashion.

The Brick’d In Design

Among the most elegant yet challenging to pull off kitchen bar basement design is the Brick’d In. If you are successful, it will have spectacular results. Moreover, if you’ll be having guests over, it will turn heads.

This design is definitely for individuals who like an underground feel alongside a bare-bone effect. The natural stone walls also add a vintage appearance to the entire appearance of the basement space. On the other hand, wooden furniture will also refine the whole decor. Equally important, if the bar area space is more significant with legroom, you’re sure to make this work.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Stone bar and kitchen in basement

The Brick’d In design also works well with a brick wall interior design. Like most concepts, there are numerous ways of manipulating this design. You can have the brick column on both ends of the counter extending from the ground to the roof.

You can install low light bulbs on the roof above the countertop since the design doesn’t require much lighting. And to match the countertop color with the brick columns, a brown wooden countertop should suffice. However, to make the place look more classic, you should also include high counter table stools. 

You can hang your fancy portraits on the brick column for more added elegance. And If you have more bar space, you can supplement the place with entertainment equipment such as a pool table.

Foldable Bar Design

If you just moved out of your folks’ house and wondered how you’d ever fit a kitchen bar basement in your tiny apartment, you will like what this foldable bar design offers. The good thing is that you can provide all the necessities you need for a typical bar in this model. Most importantly, you can make it a foldable wet bar. 

Generally, this design comes with bells and whistles that’ll meet your preference, especially in a tight space. You should know that this is a kitchenette inspiration concept. And in addition, you can also employ the design for a full kitchen. 

The design also harbors some of the best features to make your work easier. For example, at the very bottom, you can have a base cabinet with one for holding a mini-fridge and the other one for other essentials. e.g., bottle wines, other drinks, etc. 

Typically this design comes in numerous varieties. For example, a foldable design with a glass-paneled wooden door opens either left or right. Another one is the two glass-paneled wooden doors opening from the middle. This way, you can make your choice based on the foldability design. This design doesn’t require bar stools since the counter gets fused into the entire unit. Plus, the counter is mainly for drink preparation.

Neon Theme Design

If you like a kitchen bar basement with a neon lighting theme, consider adding this one to your wish list. The neon theme design can go a long way in adding spruce with a neon touch to your basement’s entire structure. But to pull this off, you must choose a strategic focal point that grabs guests’ attention when they enter the basement. 

Note that the color blend here is of utmost importance when positioning the neon signs. For example, you can have brown wood with a dark texture for the entire bar unit. Moreover, to ensure color uniformity, consider hardwood floors with a similar dark surface to the bar unit’s color.

A great spot to install the neon sign is the back bar. You can position the neon sign at the center of the wall at the back bar with the shelves on either side. You can decide whether you want open or enclosed shelving on both sides of the neon.

However, it’s better not to enclose the neon sign with any form of glass pane since it has to be outright visible for decorative purposes. An additional lighting component to consider adding to the equation is pendant lighting on the roof above the countertop for added elegance.

Custom Cabinet Design

From the name, it’s pretty apparent that you can go with custom cabinets to make this design work. Compared to ready-made cabinets, these are more expensive. However, if you don’t mind digging deeper into your pockets, this design should work perfectly, especially if you have a small space.

Since this design is all about saving on space, it harbors impressive features which you’ll find extremely helpful. In addition to styling your small basement, this design is an ideal option for neatly keeping every essential bar requirement. Instead of establishing a small wine rack for your wine bottles, you can have custom-made drawers to fit all your liquor bottles.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Bar in basement with dark wood cabinetry

While the bottom shelves hold your liquor bottles, you can have an enclosed wall cabinet right above the bottom shelves for storing the glass cups, e.g., wine glasses. Remember to leave a space between the base shelf and the upper unit to use the top of the bottom shelves as a countertop as this will make life as you prepare any drink of your choice.

Typically, consider having a transparent glass pane for the wooden wall cabinets to display the beauty and neatness of the glassware stored in the cupboard. If you like some of your drinks cold, consider having a liquor mini-fridge nearby or installing the fridge in the larger drawers below the unit. 

Cafe-Bar Combo Design

The cafe-bar combo is also another design ideal for individuals with limited space. What is good about this model is; it has a cafe attached to it. It is one of those unique basement bars you’ll rarely come across. Moreover, this concept may sound hard to pull off, but you’ll be surprised at the beauty and simplicity it will add to your basement space.

Typically, this design requires an installation of base cabinets with enough storage for your liquor bottles. Additionally, ensure enough space at the top because that will be your drink preparation station. Ideally, you can have two large drawers in the middle, one for ordinary liquor storage and the other one to fit your mini-fridge. 

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - interior of basement cafe bar

You can also use the drawers on each end to store glassware such as wine glasses. On the other hand, you can use the countertop (top of the base cabinetry) as a decoration space for flowers and other items. In addition, you can also install pendant lighting.

As you already know, the upper portion of the wall gets used for shelving or cabinetry. But for this design, you can paint it in the form of a blackboard. So, on the chalkboard, you can write weekly or monthly inspirational quotes. Alternative lighting options to consider are scones that you can install at the top of the chalkboard to illuminate the inspirational quotes.

The All-Black Theme Design

You’ve seen the level of elegance a kitchen bar basement can add to the overall experience of your basement. The all-black-theme design can also deliver a similar level of the magnificence of your preference. 

Even though the design grants you flexibility in the creativity department, you have to be careful with color blending; otherwise, you risk ending with some unsatisfactory results. Plus, it can also be expensive to pull off regarding the requirements.

The black-theme design primarily focuses on three major elements, I.e., the floor color and design, the wall, and the base cabinets. One thing to note about this design is it bears a significant resemblance to the foldable and the neon-theme models. Plus, just like the cafe bar combo and the custom cabinet design, this one is also ideal for people with small spaces.

Essentially, you can use the top of the base cabinets as a countertop with the cabinets for liquor bottle storage. Other glassware such as wine glasses should go in the wall cabinets. If the wall cabinet adopts the neon-sign theme, you can use the middle shelves as additional liquor storage space; moreover, if you can partition the area, that means more storage space.

As for the floor design and color, below are some floor ideas you may wish to consider.

They include:

  • Black Steel Tiles
  • Ceramic Boat Tiles
  • Blackwood Floors
  • Black Porcelain Tiles

There are numerous other options to consider. The above floor recommendations will work well with your kitchen basement bar. Notably, consider maintaining a white background as its vital element to the whole ensemble’s look.

The Corner Bar Design

Like most designs reviewed in this article, this one is also ideal for small spaces. In addition, it’s a small setting with all features of a kitchen basement bar, plus it occupies relatively lesser spaces than most small space models.

If you like a brick-wall theme style, this is one of the simple concepts that work well with such themes. Also, if you choose the brick wall to go along with it, consider opting for a natural stone wall design. 

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Lower level basement with bar

The simplicity of this design is exemplary; for example, it has a base wall cabinet. The base cabinet’s top is a good countertop alternative for those who want to save on space. Aside from drink prepping, you can use this counter as decor for items such as flower vases and photo portraits. Additionally, you can use this space to hold other things, such as a small fruit basket and used liquor bottles.

As for the spaces above the cabinet, you can install two to three shelves to hold glassware like wine glasses since the cabinet is mainly for liquor bottles. You can also use the top shelf to keep other decorations like antiques and flower vases. 

Scones are ideal for lighting this space if you don’t have any illumination ideas. Also, you install lighting under the shelves to illuminate the shelving storage space.

The Victoria Style Design

Victoria style design is one of those designs that will save you money aside from space, meaning, if you have an old functionless cabinet, you can put it into use to pull off this design concept. For a millennial couple who’ve moved to a small apartment, this design is perfect for creating the effect of a bar basement option in their apartment or condo.

Generally, the entire cabinet has an enclosure by two pairs of opaque wooden doors at the front and back. That means you can only display the content when the unit is open, and arrangements in the furniture unit are exceptionally unique. 

At the bottom is a base cabinet for liquor bottle storage like most designs. So, if you want a stylish vintage look, consider painting the base cabinets brown along with vanish cover to give it a reflective appearance.

You can also use the top of the cabinets as a countertop in this design. Alternatively, use it as a storage space for any liquor-related glassware—for example, large liquor bottles that can’t fit at the bottom drawers or wine glasses. Ideally, a shelf midway from the countertop works best.

You can choose whether to have a glass or wooden shelf for extra storage. Alternatively, you can use the unit’s roof for wine glass storage, I.e., hanging the glass cups upside down. Incorporating this design in your basement is a sure way of adding a vintage touch to the entire ensemble.

The Shelf-ish Bar Design

If you like simplicity, you’ll like this kitchen bar basement design. 

Generally, it’s like a whole bar existing in a single cabinet; plus, the space it occupies is relatively tiny. So if you’re an individual with a small space for a kitchen bar basement, then this option is worth checking out.

Its design is straightforward, and one unique thing about the model is its different blend of wood texture which offers the entire ensemble a unitary feel. On the other hand, the bar’s design makes it easily movable. So, In case you don’t like where you’ve positioned it, you can always move it to a preferable spot.

So, how does this basement bar concept look? At the bottom, there would be a base cabinet, whose primary function you already know, i.e., storage of liquor bottles. And like most small space designs, you can use the top of the base cabinets as a countertop. Remember, you can also use this countertop to store oversized liquor bottles. 

Midway to the countertop roof, you can have a drawer shelf for glassware storage, e.g., wine glasses, and you can use the top of that drawer shelf as decor for items such as your antiques, potted plants, etc., to add beauty to the unit. At the top should be a wooden roof held by four small wooden or metallic columns that extend to its feet. If you want to take your basement to a whole new level, consider adding this option to your list.

White Theme Design

Basement design dominated with white color is easy to pull off. But what about an all-white theme design? The white theme design is ideal for small and large basement spaces. If you’re saving on space but still want that typical bar experience feeling within your house with a dedicated countertop alongside counter stools, then this option should be one of your best picks.

 The simplicity with a touch of sophistication makes this model unique. Like most concepts models reviewed in this article, you can also get creative with this design. For example, you have a lean mosaic counter table for serving drinks. Also, in this model, you don’t need base cabinets under the dedicated front bar countertop.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Love level with bar area

However, you can have white base cabinets or shelves at the back bar at the bottom. Note you can install an open cabinet with simple shelving units on it. In addition, you can modify the top of the base cabinet arrangement by incorporating a mosaic-style countertop similar to that of the front bar. 

The countertop chairs should also be white with a White background to maintain the white color theme. Another importance of this model is that the white color also contributes to the illumination of the entire space. Adopting the white color theme to your basement will make your visitors feel welcome.

The Minibar Style Design

By far, the minibar model is the smallest one that’s very budget-friendly. Essentially consider this design a portable bar. You need a small custom-made cabinet, and you’re good to go. But how does it save you on space?

Note that the main focus of this design is the small cabinet. If you’re wondering the type of bar cabinet ideal for this design, don’t worry, as there are plenty of options in the market. Remember, you can choose a mini cabinet with the relevant liquor bottles and glassware storage according to your preferences. Bear in mind that this model’s small size won’t allow you to store many liquor bottles or glassware.

Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas - Mini bar room

Design and flexibility are among this model’s main selling points. For example, you can paint the cabinet any color of your choice. Note that some of these cabinets’ interior door spaces get used as storage space. You can be sure that you will waste no space in this minibar. So, if you’re were seeking a less stressful yet simple basement bar solution, this sleek and stylish compact unit is here to your rescue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I keep in my kitchen basement bar?

When establishing a basement kitchen bar, storage is among the essential elements. Most models have cabinetry or shelving to store liquor bottles and other glassware. So it’s reasonable to have such facility in your kitchen basement. 

Other elements to keep in your kitchen basement include:

  • Refrigerator, which you can store drink mixers and beers. If you’re saving on space, you can choose a cabinet that can also accommodate a mini-fridge
  • A fireplace is notably ideal for large basements. On the other hand, a fireplace can create a fantastic ambiance to your entire basement. That’s if you like the crackling of burning wood.
  • Entertainment equipment like a TV is a good way of entertaining yourself as you enjoy drinks with friends.
  • Barware is a must-have item in your basement bar for convenient drink preparation. Apart from glassware, don’t forget to purchase double jiggers, stirrers, cocktail shakers, whiskey rocks, etc.

Above are a few essentials, but there are many other components to include in your kitchen basement bar; such as:

  • Small kitchenette
  • A minibar cabinet
  • Mirrors
  • Wine Racks
  • Decorative Art
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Can I include an oven in a wet bar?

First, you should know that a wet bar is barely considered a kitchen. As you know, a kitchen is a unit that can allow you to cook or prepare food. So, a wet bar with elements such as a mini-fridge, toaster oven, or microwave usually passes as a small kitchenette. 

As for oven inclusion, the answer’s yes; you can include it. The bottom line is; if your wet bar has all kitchen components, the chances are that a buyer would see it as purchasing a kitchenette. 

Is a kitchen different from a kitchenette, and if so, how?

Both a kitchen and a kitchenette serve a similar purpose. The suffix ‘ette’ means a small kitchen. However, there are some significant differences. 

Some of these differences are:

  • While a kitchenette design aims at occupying the minimum available space, a kitchen, on the other hand, can be used as a catering facility or a room for cooking and storing kitchen equipment.
  • A kitchen is suitable for cooking enthusiasts, family living, etc. A kitchenette is well-suited for cooking activities in settings with space constraints, i.e., small apartments.
  • A kitchenette can fit in a few electric essentials, e.g., an oven, electric kettle, etc. A kitchen design accommodates as much kitchen electrical equipment as possible, e.g., a dishwasher, oven, and it’s ideal for large families.

What’s the cost of establishing a kitchen basement bar?

On average, the costs of a simple basement bar ranges between $2,000 and $4,000. You can pay more for a sophisticated basement bar like the rustic touch design. 

Note that these prices vary depending on your design and the basement space. Also, if you have a larger basement space to fit a bar with excellent materials and more features, expect to spend up to $10,000.

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