Beach-Themed Kitchen Accessories and Lighting Ideas

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

Different types of kitchen lighting can add the right balance of ambiance and style to a comfortable eatery. Weaving natural elements in and around an overall decor can deliver a surprise of coastal style, beach kitchen decor, and much more. Beach-themed kitchen accessories for low hanging lights can begin the process of taking blank white walls, natural light and transforming them into a summer theme. 

The easiest way to get started with a special project of a beach-style kitchen is to choose the right lights, fixtures and outline your overall space accordingly. By using kitchen accessories that create a beach decor feeling, the space will afford a larger and more airy feel.

Here are a few examples of themed accessories with lighting styles.

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beach themed kitchen accessories and lighting ideas - Interior of modern dining room with surfboard near color wall

Pendant Lighting

It is not unusual to have low ceilings in beach house kitchens with pendant lights dripping over a countertop coastal decor. Accent bold blues and brown tones of a white stripe color scheme bring out a lovely silhouette of natural materials against white wood design elements. There always is a better way beach-themed kitchen styling!

You can find some amazing beach-themed pendant lighting accessories on Wayfair. For extremely stylish options, check out’s collection.

Clear Glass Hanging Lights

Ideas for using low-hanging kitchen lights within the confines of a coastal design can be treated in a grouping of clear glass lights.A beautiful view of the outdoor landscape through casement glass windows will send a white kitchen to the drafting board for beach print design ideas and colorful bright summer colors.

This clear glass hanging lamp, on, provides a colorful mix of sea-inspired themes, and is colored in transparent stained-glass, which combines textures and structural paint in combination.

Drum Pendant Lights

Making a clean straight line below a ledge of low lying crisp white cabinets with drum pendant lights can bring focus into the area that is regularly needed above counters. Mixing ambient lighting to spotlight the task will bring the needed light to the surface. Penlights under the counter will further amplify the amount of light needed and appreciated. 

Glittering Modern Chandelier

Never neglect the presence of a chandelier for the ultimate presence of a modern-day sophisticated look. Stainless steel recharges any boring space with a natural stimulating presence. Whether centered above a dining table or hung casually over an end table, the look will never go unnoticed. 

This Sea Glass Chandelier on is absolutely gorgeous.

Floor Lamps add Stability and Flavor

Modern standing floor lamps can earn a spot of drama along with a colorful beach-inspired dining room table. Sleek gold-trimmed mermaid shapes and clear glass bulbs can embark on sandy beach scenes while enjoying a lunch of crab cakes and plantations. Keep the pepper shaker set handy.

Wall Lights and Sconces

A beach-style kitchen can be decorated with casual colors of sea glass and white cabinets that make an easy way to open a world of pleasing color. By selecting areas for lighted wall sconces, a pop of color can bring a great addition of natural bliss.

LED Groupings

Walking into your own kitchen on a cloudy west coast day need not be a gloomy experience. Twinkles of LED lights have a way of bringing rays of sunshine throughout the room. A sporadic display beside window treatments or a balanced clear line beneath natural wood running boards mixes the beauty of light with a tranquil setting. Reach for the coffee mug and glass bowl of sugar and delight in your beach-style kitchen.

A Circulation of Air

A centered ceiling fan adds a fresh feeling of air that is perfect for coastal kitchen decor and a cheery good mood. Placed above wooden floors and wooden planks that flow into an adjoining dining room with a wooden beach sign can reflect a lazy weathered look for bringing in a nautical theme. Fresh fruits and sand dollars lining neutral color walls are a great way to spread summer joy. Any summer breeze brings a feeling of happy bliss.

Multiple Flush Mounted Ceiling Fixtures

A flush-mounted ceiling light is by no means a throw-back eighties piece of hardware. New styles have only enhanced the shapes and textures that outline a ceiling’s surface. A flush-mounted ceiling piece can range from a simple hexagon-shaped unit to a gold finish plate or brushed aluminum. The finish adds extreme quality to the color palette of the fitting. The flat lying style will open up the ceiling area for an airy look and feel.

An Above Kitchen Sink Artistic Statement

A projective light over the kitchen sink is a mainstay in a beach theme low-lying kitchen. Combine skinny and sleek stainless steel-themed pendant lighting as a rich presence in a beach-style kitchen. A lot of time is spent over a sink where a beach vibe can be felt and enjoyed. The right direction and amount of light are necessary for work to be accomplished around the sink.

Recessed Edge Lighting

Recessed lighting has become prominent in east coast kitchens where a touch of seafaring and coastal colors promote a natural scene. Angled toward ceiling edges with dimming capabilities, the touch of a finger controls the entire light function. Placing cups around a room’s perimeter will open up space that a low-lying ceiling can often seem cramped and uninviting. Use smaller diameters of light to gain pinpoints of attractive beams for highlight.

The Right Light Form and Positioning

Not every beach-style kitchen has even walls and a place for positioned lighting. Using lamps in dimly lit corners is a great idea for filling in those darkened spots where light becomes a shadow. Adding small wall accessories to bring attention can brighten any area within this home decor. A navy blue nautical style dish rack with a pair of oven mitts aside from a stove can lend a comfy feeling of home security. Many times it is the little touches that help to stir a memory or a certain feel that makes the adventure worth the whole picture.

Layers That Offer Ambience

Using a layer of ambiance lighting over a task-oriented project light is not only satisfying but capable of delivering a new focus of direct lighting to an area in need. For example, a spotlight of focus can be served with a single glow of light through a direct light of pinpointed beam. Perch a small glass-shaded wall light along an end counter and appreciate the rotating colors while in thought.

beach themed kitchen accessories - Interior of modern stylish kitchen with surfboard

Side Lines with Creative Accessories

Mixing delightful objects of coastal-centered style and free-spirited beach accessories can give you a variety of wonderment and change in the rest of your kitchen. Simple items like spoon rests or a cutting board of colorful fresh fruits will add a sunny splash on countertops. A dish towel with a blue crab design will make a perfect touch in addition to salt and pepper shakers of ocean blue and warm sunny yellow. The same can be done with indoor and outdoor pillows either matching the blue crab design or mixing it up with sea turtle patterns.

Helios Touch Lights

A new development of touch lighting has recently been introduced for easy touch and display of styles. Warm light and cool light controls give sensible solutions to one touch technology by providing a hexagon lighting stick to a wall instead of a mechanical switch. This is an innovative way for quick movement and speedy light on those dark trips to the kitchen. Touch and let go. The process is simple.

Beach themed kitchen accessories - Stylish kitchen interior with beautiful artworks

Impressive Touches with Coastal Wall Art

It doesn’t have to be expensive to recreate the rest of the kitchen into a blissful sanctuary by the sea. A simple email address to a reputable lighting firm can begin a thrilling adventure into your happy place on earth. Free shipping is often provided for product samples to match articles. A small commission for expert decorating advice is also a sound piece of advice for bringing your decorating dreams to reality.

A beach themed kitchen is the next best thing to living under the sun on a tropical shore. With the right lighting, atmosphere, and wall decor, a fresh feeling will greet you each and every day. With wood floors themed elements and white cupboards, there will be multiple choices in designing a summer retreat filled with pleasantries of nature’s finest treats. Roman shades and other window treatments also highlight the beach style kitchen scene nicely.

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