Cute Bear Kitchen Decor That Melts Your Heart

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Last updated: April 9, 2023

Did you know that someone named the teddy bear after President Theodore Roosevelt, who refused to shoot a bear on his hunting trip? Well, you may be too old for your teddy bear, but if you still love bears as an adult, there are kitchen items with print or carved bear images. However, most of the bear designs are realistic-looking black bears.

The bear kitchen decor items available on the market are oven mitts, kitchen towels, upright paper holders, rustic floor/table lamps, candle placeholders, and pepper and salt shakers. The place that carries it may have a free shipping offer, which should make your bear obsession soar.

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Oven Mitt and Pot Holder

YIFTD Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets of 4 Bear Heat Resistant Oven Gloves Hot Pads Non-Slip Kitchen Gloves Washable Microwave Gloves for Cooking Baking BBQ Grilling

One of two oven mitts on the market resembles bear paws. The second is matching oven mitt and pot holder sets with decorative bear drawings or photographs.

While the bear paws have cute bear claws on them, the matching oven mitt and pot holder sets have the most variety. The traditional kitchen pieces have black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, and polar bears in both realistic and imaginary circumstances. Most bear oven mitts and pot holders are heat resistant with a non-slip grip.

Kitchen Dish Towel Sets

As a standalone piece or a set, the kitchen dish towel with bear prints removes stress from the day and water from wet dishes. The bear print is single or repeated designs alongside or on top of plaid, solid, or stripe backgrounds. Some resemble Christmas, and some are year-round designs.

KayDeeDesigns 4 Piece Pinecone Trails Black Bear Kitchen Decor Bundle, 2 Applique Tea Towels and 2 Pocket Mitts

Perfect for a rustic retreat or plain kitchen, the black bear decor printed on kitchen dish towels adds an eye-pleasing and contrasting focal point to solid color kitchen decor items. The right choice will complement contrasting artwork and patterns in kitchen items too. The design offers leeway to add more rustic home decor to the kitchen.

Bear Kitchen Decor -- Daschund puppy in a festive cap and a bear costume at the kitchen table

Countertop Paper Towel Holders

The perfect companion to guard your paper towels when no one is using them is upright paper towel holders with black bear images that fit on countertops and tables. The holders available on the market are stylish without sacrificing purpose.

The holders with a tear bar replace the tear bar with decorative bears. Some bears climb a tree while the rest have one bear standing upright or holding the paper towel roll. There may be decorative bears, a beehive, or a tree at the top of the holder.

Holders without a tear bar rely on holding the tip for easy tearing. There are bear holders where its body becomes the paper towel holder. There are holders where a bear image sits at the top for easy gripping when tearing a paper towel off the roll.

Brown Bear Paper Towel Holder Cabin Lodge Kitchen Decor

Rustic Lamp

While lamps are usually not in the kitchen because it takes up countertop space, bear lovers will make room for these rustic lamps. The floor and table lamps illuminate the kitchen area, but the appeal is staring at the detailed designs. There are table and floor lamps with bear decorations on the lampshade, the lamp post, or both.

Detailed designs range from a bear image or facial drawing to bears climbing a tree or walking on rock piles. The bear may read a book, walk through trees, or hold a marshmallow on a stick. There are sure to be best sellers for your household if you browse online for bear rustic lamps.

Ebros Gift Woodlands Rustic River Black Bear Desktop Table Lamp Statue Decor with Shade 20"H

Candle Holders

A focal point for dining room tables, kitchen islands, or breakfast bars, candle holders set the mood for romantic and casual occasions. Add a bear design to the candle holder to become a focal point that encourages conversation.

Cabin decor-inspired bear designs on the market include a bear wearing a candle like a crown, a bear holding a tree stump filled with a candle inside, and a bear carrying a placeholder over its head. The candle holders on the market fit tea lights, votives, and wick candles. The small sizes promote intimacy and togetherness, which fits nicely in kitchens.

Bath & Body Works Candle Holder Compatible and White Barn 1-Wick Candles - 2021 Winter & Christmas - Select Your Favorite! (Candle NOT Included) - Royal Polar Bear Pedestal

Salt and Pepper Shakers

As a set or as separate pieces, bear salt and pepper shakers offer the rustic charm to fit country farmhouse kitchens. It adds fun and whimsy to other kitchen styles such as modern, minimalist, traditional, industrial, and contemporary. Selections available are black bears, polar bears, panda bears, teddy bears, and Smokey the Bear.

The most popular design is two bears becoming the salt and pepper shaker. Another design is having one or two bears hold or guard two see-through shaker jars. Unusual designs are scenery salt and pepper shakers where the bears are in a boat, walking with a cub in a woody area, or sharing the spotlight with another animal like a bull or squirrel.

Black Bear With Cubs Salt and Pepper Shaker and Napkin Holder 5 1/4 Inch (Shakers Included)

Bears also appear as a printed image on pepper and salt shaker jars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy black bear decor?

There are websites whose niche is selling black bear decor. Search black bear decor websites on Google for websites carrying black bear decor.

Mainstream sites like Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Wayfair require a little more digging. Search black bear decor on their website search bar and browse their selection. The black bear decor makes a perfect gift for any animal or nature lover.

Why are bears used for decoration in the kitchen?

It adds whimsical personality, character, and charm to a plain area. Bears bring the outdoors indoors, adding nature and rustic vibes to any space. It is also a delightful distraction to focus on while cooking, cleaning, and using items, taking you away from stress to focus on something calming and cheerful.

Furthermore, bears on kitchen decor will not affect what the kitchen item is supposed to do.

Do I need a rustic home to enjoy bear decor in the kitchen?

Kitchen bear decor fits better in rustic, farmhouse, or country style kitchens. However, you do not need those kitchen styles to enjoy kitchen bear decor.

One or two bear decor items will fit any theme as long as the colors match another color in the kitchen. Doing this tones down the rustic cabin vibe of bear decor through color, blending into whatever theme the kitchen has.

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