Before Renovation: Tips to Reconsider

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Last updated: April 10, 2023
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The kitchen is your command center and is the heart and soul of the home, If it’s outdated or inefficient, it’s time to consider some renovations. Before renovation, some tips to consider. Below, our list of do’s and don’ts.

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The size of your appliances directly impacts the measurements of your layouts and you must choose them before finalizing the design.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you order an application that requires customization to match the cabinetry, for example. You could face a situation where the appliance is sold out or worse, discontinued which would for you to search for a new model that could likely impact your costs as a result.
Do you like messy, disorganized counters? I don’t and am sure you don’t. In this situation, you will want to bump up your budget to upgrade for things like hidden-away storage to hide appliances or other things which are not used often. Yes, the bread machine, juicer, or Nutrabullet comes to mind.
PLAN LIGHTING IN ADVANCELighting schemes should always be decided before any renovation begins. Why? If you need new wiring for the lighting and layout, it will be easier to contract the electrician during the renovation phase when your drywall is still not up. This will allow backsplash switches and outlets to be added well before cabinet installs and tiling.
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Investing in trendy, expensive kitchen items can be a risk if you think you’ll grow tired of it within ten years. You want to avoid falling for the latest tile or countertop trends as these items are not easy or cheap to replace. Our recommendation is to be conservative if your tastes have changed in the past. The easier approach would be to play around with paint colors and cabinet hardware because it’s easier and cheaper.
AVOID TOSSING YOUR OLD kitchen It’s easy to think about destroying your old kitchen when you’re in the mood to renovate.

Instead, donate your cabinets to charity and avoid landfills!
The faucet is could elevate your entire kitchen or be a show-stopper for a few hundred bucks. Don’t be cheap on this one!

Before You Renovate the Basement

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What to Expect

How much it could cost?

The price range is between $35-$45 per square foot and on the lower end without a bathroom.

A basic three-piece bathroom would be more expensive and once the upgrades kick in with bedrooms, offices, a kitchenette, bar, or fireplace, the price starts to go up.

Estimated timeline

Anywhere from three to four weeks.

Are permits needed?

Sometimes and depends on your municipal laws. If the renovation involves structural or plumbing work, you’ll likely need a permit.

Home Insurance Impact

Naturally, most renovations will improve the value of your home so it is likely that your insurance premiums could go up after a completed renovation.

How much it could cost?

Basement renovations start from $55-$80 per square foot. For a legal basement apartment, many safety building codes must be met and this requires extra materials when compared to “personal” basements. The cost of materials will be more expensive as will the labor costs. Legal basement apartments must be fire-separated and sound-proofed from the rest of the residence.

Estimated timeline

Six weeks plus additional time for inspections. Basement apartments require inspections at every stage from framing, insulation, HVAC, and plumbing, unlike personal-use basements.

Are permits needed?

YES. This renovation requires a second-dwelling permit and must be verified by an engineer.

Home Insurance Impact

Insurance providers must be notified about new tenants as it may impact your premiums. Further, tenants would be required to get personal insurance for their basement apartment for personal effects.

How much it could cost?

Anywhere from $50-$70 per linear foot if the contractor is waterproofing the basement from the inside. It could be 20-30% more than this price if they dig around the perimeter of your home to waterproof from the outside.

Estimated timeline

One week for exterior waterproofing and this also depends on the weather! Anywhere from two to four days for interior waterproofing.

Are permitted needed?

This depends so check with local municipal laws. If there are exvacations or structural changes, a permit could be required.

Home Insurance Impact

Premiums likely remain the same for waterproofing and could decrease if you install a sump pump with a battery or a backwater valve.

Before You Renovate the Bathroom: Budgeting Tips

Bathrooms are small spaces and can be tricky a renovation project because it requires coordination between demolition, framing, plumbing, electrical, tiling, carpentry, painting, cabinetry, and counters.

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It Will Take Longer Than You Think

An average four-piece bathroom will require at least two to three months because supplies need to order and delivered before the design is completed.

Availability of materials is another challenge as you need your cabinets, tiles, and fixtures picked out and order in advance. Obviously, you can’t change your mind after work begins because that will cost more with re-wiring and re-plumbing.

Also, be ready for delays if your contractor hasn’t lined up the skilled trade professionals to work when they’re needed. I’ve seen so many renovation projects delayed because planning and coordination were not handled properly.

Research Fixtures

The first step is to decide on the type of fixture you want before you narrow it down to aesthetic specifics and certain functions. For a children’s bathroom, a single-handle faucet is great because they don’t have to set the water temperature each time.

Putting some thought into your finishes is important too. The antique bronze is very trendy as are matte black or white. For longevity, you really can’t go wrong with chrome or nickel.

Get Creative With Your Accessories

Avoid coordinating mirrors and lights because it could make for a bathroom without personality! Fixtures will always have coordinating accessories, though.

Something that could work even if it doesn’t really match is a vintage towel hook as it will stand out.

Know What to Spend On

While budgets will vary from the extravagant to the cheaper side of things, never skimp on things that go into the wall behind a tile. That means, invest well so that things like a faulty diverter don’t create nightmares for you in the future.

Consider Storage and Bathroom Vanities in Advance

Nooks are great in showers and can be designed to be interesting or cool, like contrasting tile. Mirrors with recessed storage are fun too and manufacturers make shallow ones that fit within the depth of the joist.

Non-Slip Tile Works Best

Choose textured or honed tiles. Large, modern tiles are easy to clean but also easy to slip on. More grout lines on smaller tiles mean more slip resistance but are harder to clean; thus, they should be sealed after installation.

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