My Best Granite Kitchen Sinks

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Last updated: April 7, 2023

The prospect of redesigning your kitchen can often be a way to combat the winter months of isolation. I caught the design bug and discovered a treasure chest of ideas. With just a few changes to update my old countertop and replace my scarred sink, it cast a new light on my eat-in kitchen.

I began my search for modern-day products by looking at stainless steel sinks. If you have ever surfed the internet, you soon discover many choices. An article on the best granite sinks caught my eye, and I was hooked. Not only was the look refreshing, but the easy cleaning of a composite granite sink seemed an excellent choice for a modern look.

The big box stores, like Home Depot and Lowes, had an excellent selection of farmhouse granite composite sinks. They did not ultimately sell me on this style as an ideal choice. My current style is a mixture of country and chic and not very becoming. Continuing to look at the best granite composite sinks online, I found some double bowl sinks. 

Single basin sinks are famous for many, but I prefer the separation of the garbage disposal and another free bowl for rinsing and prepping foods. I wanted to move away from country and rustic, opting for contemporary and modern. My surprise came when I felt the surface of the solid granite sinks on display.  

I expected a rough natural stone, like a Terrazzo basin, popular in Industrial Washfountains. The feel of real stone was present, but with a non-porous surface and seamless look. Different matted colors were comparable to natural quartz and granite countertops.

The ability to choose from an undermount sink or a drop-in installation style keeps the sink form in balance. Amenities like a workflow ledge or a roll-up dish drying rack are available for easy cooking and cleanup. My personal preferences are the integrated models and the flush-mounted granite composite kitchen sink.

Integrated sinks give you a smooth surface combined with a solid surface countertop. Unlike top-mount sinks or drop-in sink, there is more of a seamless transition between sink and countertop. There are no small crevices where food and dirt can become trapped when sliding crumbs into the sink. This was a plus for keeping my kitchen clean and germ-free. 

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What is Granite Composite

Granite composite combines stone dust, crushed quartz, and acrylic resins. Eight percent comprises natural stones. It forms a hard shell that will not chip, burn, or scratch when blended with the resins. It is heat resistant up to 500 degrees (some go as high as 750 degrees). Black, gray, and beige are the popular colors that work well in a kitchen. It gives a rich mineral appearance at a fraction of the cost. What you get is a striking sink that stands out in the kitchen.

Factors for Choosing the Best Granite Kitchen Sink


I have learned several lessons in purchasing inferior materials. A crucial factor in making a durable sink comes from the raw components and chemical processes used during manufacturing. Different grades of metal, plastic, or stone are helpful in the production of sinks. Further, thermal shock, acrylic resin, and high temperatures play a part in meeting specific guidelines set forth by manufacturing standards. 


Government agencies regulate important factors of form. While many types of sinks have various shapes and sizes, the slopes and operable parts must be in industry compliance. This usually goes unnoticed since professionals take care of most plumbing installations. 


I never realized all the functions that a kitchen sink carries. Reading An Intro to Granite Composite Sinks has provided a new respect for this fixture that is taken for granted. For a high-quality granite composite sink, we should expect the following items:

  • Made to resist high temperatures
  • Scratch resistant and free from chipping
  • Stain resistant
  • Durable and hygienic
  • Quiet exterior and easy to clean
  • Multiple styles and colors
  • Easy installation

After you consider what a great choice granite composite material offers, you almost feel as if you have been in the dark ages with iron sinks, stainless steel sinks, and porcelain sinks. 

When Did the Trend of Pure Granite Sink Emerge

Farmhouse sinks have become popular over the past decade, but dual mount granite sinks have been alive and well in Europe since 1980. Ceramics and metal made up the designs of the kitchen sink much earlier. If you combine new technology, develop functional designs, and increase natural home products, it is no surprise that natural granite stone is making the news.

Could we ever have imagined the discovery of natural materials, silver ions, and acrylic resin could change the make-up of a simple kitchen sink? Just on the horizon is another state-of-the-art granite alternative called Fenix NTM. Similar in appearance to a matted composite single bowl, this amazing sink material contains 70% paper material. I will save my excitement for this new revolution in the next decade.

The Best of the Best for Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks

Learning my lesson from the cheaply priced and cheaply made materials in the past, I put in the extra work to find the best brands with the luxurious look of real stone. I wanted my countertop and striking sink to make a statement in my modern style. Here is what I learned.

Ruvati is an Italian company that understands the importance of quality. For 11 years, Ruvati has been based in Austin, Texas, where designing and manufacturing occur. Ruvati RVG is only one of the many composite sinks models made in various colors and shades. Arctic white, Caribbean sand, Espresso brown, and Silver Gray are examples of their color schemes.

I found the Epigranite series of kitchen sinks superior in quality and more resistant to stains than other brands. This is due to undergoing a proprietary treatment to resist stains, bacteria, and high temperatures, up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit. We can purchase a basket strainer drain assembly that traps food waste. My favorite was the 33 x 19″ mount Double bowl Low divide with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Blanco Precis

The Silgranit material sinks are among the world’s most popular choices of granite and quartz composite sink items. The Precis is very close to the Ruvati that I had previously chosen. Here, I have other options for styles and shapes. Round, curved, uniform, and functional, nine shades of color highlight the look of your sink. Over 300 exclusive sink designs await the discerning buyer if that is not impressive. 

A unique patented surface protection formula cuts bacteria growth by 98%, repelling water and grime quickly with a bit of scrubbing. There are many other collections worth visiting on Blanco’s website. I found the American headquarters in Lumberton, New Jersey. The brand gets its design mojo from a highly respected German design team. They have recognized this team for its quality workmanship with several awards.

Bellucci is another Italian company that handcrafts granite sinks, which has recognition for its integrated engineering. Slightly sloped surfaces to prevent standing water and the creation of ample space for kitchen work give this one-of-a-kind sink the name of the Bellucci Workstation. Bellucci is part of the Kraus USA company based in Port Washington, New York. 

I had looked at the Bellucci Workstation because of the multiple accessories that come with their sink as a separate chef’s kit. A single bowl sink turns into a cutting board, a roll-up drying rack, and a drain assembly with a strainer, and everything is needed for installation and mounting. 

Pre-drilled holes let you keep the balance for the perfect sink, and a top mount or an under-mounted sink will make your instant style upgrade quick and professional. If you have a specific chore for which you use your sink, check out the styles and sizes of Kraus quarza kitchen sink kgd-442. All Kraus products include the latest soundproofing technology to prevent echoes and deaden vibrations.

For instance, if you use your sink for peeling and washing vegetables, a larger bowl can give you a helping hand. With the Kraus Miseno quarza kitchen sink kgd-442, a 60/40 split allows for a large basin and a smaller sink for vegetables that are ready to cook. The curved design is beautiful for any style of kitchen. The sink surface is smooth to the touch, and this model comes with basket strainers.

I recognized some brand names and some I did not. For example, Delta carries a simple kitchen design process sink. The ratings were excellent for the granite sinks, and they are excellent. Their selections are not very broad, but Delta works mainly with new and improved fixtures. They make a good choice for any brand of sink listed above. 

Maintenance and Care of Granite Kitchen Sinks

The first thought that came to mind when shopping for a composite granite sink was cleaning. I couldn’t see using an abrasive cleanser or strong chemicals on such a smooth surface. I picked up a few brochures on the care of granite sinks and was pleasantly surprised by the cleaning process. Blanco lists general cleaning with soap and warm water. Invest in a nylon brush and scrub any built-up dirt. Rinse and wipe dry. 

Tougher stains require a non-abrasive cleaner, like Bar Keepers Friend. Get the sink’s extra space wet and sprinkle the sink with the cleaner. Scrub well with your nylon brush, rinse, and check for any leftover dirt. I was thrilled to see that little or no scuff marks usually occur. If you find a mark, use a Magic Eraser sponge to wipe away any marks.

Never use bleach or acids on the sink or counter’s surface. Grab a bottle of Lime Away or CLR if you live in a part of the country where mineral deposits seem to form on everything. These products have a type of acid but are not heavy enough to damage surfaces. It has phosphoric acid, not sulfuric acid, as toilet bowl cleaners have. You can find them with other cleaners at your grocery. 

Time to Design and Decorate

I never realized the number of choices I would have in selecting a new kitchen sink. However, I no longer see composite granite as unattractive and hard to clean. I love the clean lines and the extra space these sinks can provide. The styles and colors amazed me. There are soft tones and bold colors to match any decor. The single sink concept is appealing to me. A single sink would make an excellent storage space when I think about large pots that are hard to manage and how they slop everywhere. 

I am still sold on the double bowl by Blanco. I go to order it and see Item Discontinued. Does this ever happen to you? No, bother. It has been a very long time since I upgraded my kitchen. When I last purchased my kitchen hardware, the manufacturer made cabinets with wood. Thinking to myself, they could also use a fresh look. Maybe paint a light gray and add new handles that are sleek and modern. My countertops are butcher block and are tired looking. 

A shiny stone pattern for the counter with a single granite sink of white would take away the country look and open up the room. The Bellucci Workstation could provide extra counter space and many nifty accessories. I better sit down and look at my budget before I get carried away. Keep your budget in line and decide what is important to you. If you need a complete do-over for your project, take your time. Change or add features until your kitchen is exactly how you like it. 

An interior decorator could probably help with making my room look modern. I don’t believe that these granite sinks will be going out of style anytime soon. There are many pluses and few negative features in this new material. The fact that they carry a lifetime warranty tells me that my new kitchen sink will probably outlive me. And the companies have top-notch reviews and references.


How did buying one new sink turn into a complete room remodel? 

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