17 Best Kitchen Designers in San Diego, California

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Last updated: June 7, 2023

When you consider the high quality of living and the young, active clientele, it comes as no surprise that San Diego is known as a flashy, modern city. One of the first cities to try trends of modern architecture and of making the most of space, get ready to enjoy a luxurious and laid back space to call home.

Whether you have a historical mission style home or a savvy ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), a custom kitchen is no doubt on your agenda. We have put together 17 Best Kitchen Designers in San Diego, CA that are sure to pamper your desire for luxury while keeping the heart of your home comfortable. 

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How much is a full kitchen remodel in San Diego

If you are looking to have kitchen renovations done, do not be surprised at the price. $40,000 to $80,000 is the normal range for a full kitchen remodeling in San Diego. If special features, like moving walls, along with plumbing and electrical updates are added, look to spend at least $150,000.

Do you need a permit to remodel a kitchen in San Diego

A permit is needed anytime there is remodeling that includes changes to plumbing, electrical, or mechanical systems. Structural additions or changes also need a permit. Your kitchen designer will be able to determine and file for as-needed permits in San Diego.

How to embrace San Diego’s Coastal Vibes in Kitchen Design

Add a beach theme to your new kitchen by using white paint colors. White kitchen cabinets and lots of natural light will make your kitchen space look larger. New wave design wall hangings and 3D beach landscapes will add depth and texture.

Portrait of a girl sitting on kitchen table by the stove, cooking sauce in pan

Space-saving solutions from San Diego’s Kitchen Designers

Space-saving designs can be one of the biggest challenges, especially in a small kitchen. With minimalism being a hot west coast style, interior designers work extra hard to create extra storage. A few ideas include organized shelving inside a kitchen island and custom cabinets

How to create an indoor-outdoor connection in San Diego Kitchen Design

Outdoor kitchens are a favorite in San Diego with the mild year-round temperatures. Placing a patio kitchen close to an indoor kitchen is a widely accepted feature. A marriage of cohesive decor between the two makes for a beautiful kitchen. Potential buyers are always taken aback by this smooth process of the indoor-outdoor design flow.

Local artisan collaborations in San Diego’s Kitchen Design Scene

Kitchen cabinetry can define the style of your dream kitchen with quality materials and creative ideas for storage. This is one form of collaboration with contractors. Flooring, lighting fixtures, and kitchen countertops must also merge in a kitchen remodeling project. This is why design consultation is so important.

San Diego Skyline

Best Kitchen Designers in San Diego

Creative Design and Build

A free in-home consultation begins the creative design process Creative Design and Build. Predesigned or custom kitchens are both available, depending on your budget. Located in San Diego, project managers and kitchen contractors have a reputation for detail and quality.

Lori Ramsay Design

Italian artist, Lori Ramsay, has used her love of home and life to create a good design for your modern kitchen. Award-winning styles can be found around San Diego county in your individual taste. Whether for entertaining or quiet meals, Lori Ramsay Design it will provide the kitchen of your dreams.

Design Studio West

Major renovations are no stranger to Design Studio West. Their combined expert design team and expert contractors work seamlessly to deliver creative outdoor kitchens, baths, and specific needs for your home. Merging a design company and a well-known construction firm was the best move that Design Studio West ever made.

Being able to offer exceptional designs and building to a customer’s desires has made them attractive to all types of living situations. Rated 5 stars by client reviews on Houzz, they service areas like Del Mar and Carmel Valley in addition to other Southern California areas.  

Kara Nicole Clark

Whether you are looking to put final touches on an elegant living room or to embark on a remodeled kitchen, the best choice for a personalized service designer is Kara Nicole Clark. Recently awarded Houzz Best in Service  for 2022, Kara tirelessly searches for the best materials and detailed touches that are important to clients.

Located in Alpine, this firm is ready to serve you in the San Diego area. Call for a home remodeling cost estimate today.

Fisher Gross Kitchen & Bath Studio

Savvy style and approach describes this firm’s unique level of quality in the custom cabinet selection. Karin Fisher grew up in South Africa where cabinet manufacturing was instilled in her love of contemporary design.

Showered with service awards and 10 years of solid reputation, Karin Fisher leads Fisher Gross Kitchen & Bath as a dedicated project manager with overall vision and experience. Their design center is located in beautiful La Jolla, serving surrounding areas. 

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Marrokal Design & Remodeling is your whole house go-to company for home improvement projects. Known for employing only the finest professionals for major kitchen updates or installing electrical systems, 40 years of experience has gained them prestige in the San Diego area.

A winner of national kitchen awards in service, design, and remodeling, they understand the importance of good work, obtaining necessary permits, and bringing each customer the most value at a reasonable price.

J Hill Interiors

Creating an ageless style in your home kitchen, the team of professionals J Hill Interiors creates a lasting impression on the heart of your home. From Coronado to Rancho Santa Fe, the whispers of this emerging company are making news with their fresh 21st century design achievements. 

Wood and steel kitchen

Mathis Custom Remodeling

Here is a company that can do it all. From adding a new roof to the tiniest details in your cooking area, Mathis Custom Remodeling will take on the entire process. Specialties, like aging in place, can give you a new look to your existing home.

Since 1983, this firm will be with you each step of the way to guarantee improvement to the value of your home. This firm will help you envision a Chef’s kitchen for all of your gourmet-style meals or a customized kitchen island with storage designed for your needs. 

Inplace Studio

Inplace Studio is proud to offer a good idea in the areas of cabinetry, architecture, and interior design. Forget the costly mistakes of first time designers with this 20-year-old seasoned company. With as many awards, Inplace Studio it specializes in kitchen and bath design.

Brand-name new appliances and custom new cabinets are a few of the many options that your next project could have. Name brands like Elmwood, Hudson Valley, and Aurea Stone are a few of the high-class names available. 

UNIQ Kitchen and Bath Designs

Acting as a liaison between you and trade professionals, UNIQ Kitchen and Bath Designs focuses on your specific needs. You will have no worry about installation services or a cohesive look between kitchen and dining room. Eight years of winning awards in client satisfaction in the San Diego area guarantees a special look at the heart of the home.

Just Go Home Design

If you are looking for a design consultant that can focus on space and color, Just Go Home Design it is the right way to go. Owner Britney Stanley is all about Northern California style and natural surroundings. With over 10 years’ experience in high-end furniture and art, you will find her sophisticated taste enchanting.

If you wish to learn more about Feng Shui design, this is the company for you. The element of intention through interior design will come alive and give you the incentive to use in your brand new kitchen design.

Studio Stratton, Inc.

Studio Stratton brings you 30 years of design experience for the discriminating homeowner. Lance Stratton is a San Diegan who feeds on the creative design lusts of the city. A designer and drafter, his business employees are the best of the best for the latest and finest kitchen remodeling projects.

Whether needing a family setting or an open space for frequent entertaining, Studio Stratton will deliver with grandeur. 

Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen

Serving San Diego county, this firm has a team of designers including design-build contractors. The whole process of planning, designing and completing a remodeling job is available through Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen.

Beautiful and practical kitchens in every style take shape in award-winning designs and your personal needs. Visit their website for ideas and finished rooms.

SoCal Kitchens

SoCal Kitchens specializes in indoor and outdoor kitchens and baths. They are a designer, dealer, and contractor that provides custom kitchens in the South Bay and Orange County regions.

Over 10 years’ experience has shown the area how luxury and name-branded materials can be used to enrich your home in a cohesive style to match your interior.

Aeris Home

Experts in the field of custom-built cabinets, handi-cap accessible, and outdoor designs, Aeris Home stays on top of each next step in the home design world. You will find exciting new ideas on art and innovation in their portfolio.

If you live in the San Diego area, you owe it to yourself to visit the Aeris Home website and see the fascinating styles that are unique and affordable.

LEICHT San Diego

LEIICHT San Diego will show you how sophistication is done with their kitchen designs that are superior in materials and unique in practicality. German engineering plays a part in the European collection of bespoke and custom kitchen designs. With over 40 years of bringing luxury to the high-end clientele, you will be amazed at the seamless and affordable projects they have created.

Let this firm walk you through all of the details of forming a deluxe kitchen setting and know that you made the right selection with this talented group.

DSO Designs

Awarded with national honors, DSO Designs is known for going the extra mile to bring a plan together. From 3D rendering to pantry designs, each project is crafted to a customer’s expectations. Located in San Diego, they have won Houzz Service Awards for outstanding work.

One customer praises a designer for great color and textile management while dealing professionally with special dimensions. 

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