6 Best LED Lights for Kitchen Ceiling Design

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Last updated: March 25, 2023

Kitchens are far more versatile today, mainly because of changes in home design, with open concept becoming a popular design style in recent years. For example, the kitchen island has become a workspace and a great way to use space as more people work from home. The kitchen now acts as a workspace for many with small houses, condos, or apartments. As well, the world has moved on with better lights, remote control, and automation providing the best results for many homes.

General lighting and incandescent lamps are a thing of the past. Did you know that traditional incandescent bulbs have been around since the 1800s? Some of the best LED lights for kitchen ceiling design amount to style, design, and effect. Read on.

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Things to Consider

Beyond the small kitchen, there are other places to consider. Any small room. Large rooms. The living room. Laundry rooms. If you have many rooms, with a large mix of ceiling light fixtures, you think about all the energy consumption and consider dimmer switches and LED bulb lighting.

Kitchens are more than just a place to gather for meals because they’re retrofitted workspaces. Lighting becomes more critical, especially for energy efficiency.

An overhead lighting fixture is also necessary for kitchen tables, such as a dimmable fixture that helps radiate a warm color. With other ceiling lights in your kitchen and any other lights on your counters, you could create the perfect ambiance.

However, things get complicated when choosing LED lights for the kitchen ceiling because there are various options available, making it difficult for most property owners to pick the best led lights for their kitchen ceiling. It’s not just about low power consumption, the range of color temperatures (lumens of light) but the type of light fixture or style.

Your preferences and kitchen style will determine the type of ceiling light.

  • Is it low profile?
  • Is it stainless steel?
  • Does it require chandelier bulbs?
  • Will it act as a focal point in our modern kitchen or interior design?
  • What is the quality of light?
  • Does it provide a warm glow?
  • What is the color quality?
  • If so, is the amount of light enough for a specific area or for a large area?
  • Perhaps your ceiling fixtures must have high quality elegant design.

Some people might have different needs. They may prefer track lights, or based on climate, need ceiling fans with integrated light fixtures. Each depends on installation complexity, design and available square feet and size in the kitchen.

Modern designs adopt energy star ratings,

ensuring less energy use and energy savings from a single fixture.

I will talk about the six LED kitchen lights, all different styles, and which can be the best choice for your kitchen.

Choosing Great LED Fixture Lights for Kitchen Ceilings

Good lighting for your kitchen is essential for food preparation and dining, and home kitchens should also consider ambiance for lighting. The choices for lighting in kitchens are three, including ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Ambient Lights

You should install the prominent light fixture in the center of the room.

A powerful ambient light source should illuminate corners and other room areas with a useful beam angle. You should see your counters, stove, and refrigerators easily without straining.

Fortunately, there are various overhead lights to meet your needs.

Accent Lighting

It would be best to use accent lighting to draw attention to specific sections in your kitchen. You may wish to draw attention to something like artwork or an architectural feature.

One example is wall sconces. This Simplicity Bar Shaped LED Wall Mounted Wall Sconce from LitFad is absolutely beautiful. Suitable for the living room, this also looks perfect as accent lighting in the kitchen, giving enough warm ambiance and not too much light for a healthy glow to your kitchen.

Another example is cabinet lights. This Brilliant Evolution Under Cabinet Light Bar sold at Wayfair helps to highlight countertop areas but also showcase your beautiful backsplash! One of the great things about accent lighting is that it can show a great deal.

Accent lights attract attention to a particular feature. Installing LEDs just above the kitchen cabinet area is a good idea, as it will help make the space appear more welcoming and the ceiling much higher.

Task Lighting

The first task is to decide which portions of the kitchen will have the most activities. Task lighting is usually straight light beams that brighten a specific workspace, and a sink, tables, chopping desks can all benefit from task illumination.

Then, look for the area directly just above workstations. It is advisable to account for it when you have anything over the place, like an oven hood or a cabinet. Use longer light fixtures when nothing rests above the area. An excellent example of lighting is a chandelier or a pendant.

Most property owners use halogen bulbs. However, LED lights are becoming more popular. Below cabinet lighting is a common choice, and the lighting does not need to be exceptionally bright to brighten the region properly.

Alternatively, you can install recessed lighting directly above the working area, which may be preferable. Throughout your job, these lights provide an even and more comprehensive brightness. Just keep in mind that it’s the most difficult to set up.

Other options include pendant lights and flush mount lights.

Pendant lights are suspended by a metal rod, chain, or cord from the ceiling. You’ll find them used as an arrangement, with multiple lighting pendants, in a straight line over kitchen countertops or kitchen dinette sets. It’s rare but the bathroom is popular for them too.

Pendant lighting is a great option for focused light from the ceiling and helps bring a more bright light to dark areas. It is the best option for task lighting; for example, over kitchen counters where you may be preparing food often. This lighting depends on the style of your kitchen but uses less space than floor or table lamps.

Flush mount lighting is directly attached to the ceiling, bringing warm light and much brightness to kitchens with a shorter ceiling. Its design also helps avoid dust and debris from away from the bulb/shade.

My Six LED Light Selections

There are many options for an LED ceiling light fixture that is good for kitchens, you may find it hard to pick one. We’ll go over some of them to help you plan your next purchase.

Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light, 10-Inch

Cloudy Bay is one of the better-LED lights for your kitchen or any other interior space.

The Cloudy Bay LED light has lighting controls to customize the brightness to your liking. If you do not want that to be excessively bright, dimmers are available.

Let’s look at the CRI90+ rating, which guarantees you you will get a much more exact image with even clear colors than natural illumination. In addition, the accuracy of the LEDs will please you with their representation of material colors.


  • It’s ideal for tiny places
  • It is dimmable
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Its diameter is a little unexceptional

LE Ceiling Light Fixture with LED Flush Mount

LE and its light fittings are far less expensive than most brands and their offerings and remain feasible for property owners with a limited budget.

The LE LED kitchen ceiling light is ranked third in this post since it is among the most affordable solutions available. Because this spherical LED light seems to be on the cheaper side, the provided diameter is 13 inches.

Moving on to the technical specifications, it is a 24-watt lamp with a full brightness of 2400 lumens. Expect good lighting for the cost when you pair along with its unique color temp of 5000K. Although this inexpensive option comes with a two-year warranty, the fit and finish are subpar.


  • 13-inch diameter LED kitchen lighting
  • Accredited at 24 watts of electricity
  • Two-year warranty


  • Low-cost LED ceiling lamp
  • Good light output
  • Perfect temperature for natural lighting


  • The construction quality is average

Taloya Kitchen LED Ceiling Light

Taloya is a high-end illumination manufacturer that produces high-quality LED light fixtures ideal for kitchen lighting.

Taloya kitchen ceiling LED light is a versatile alternative. Even though it is a spherical kitchen ceiling LED light, it has a 15.8-inch diameter.

That it only has the power of 24 watts means it won’t be bright like other alternatives. For functionality, this is among the few kitchen LED lights you can set to color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, or 6000K. Included with the two-year warrant, given that this is a premium option.


LED kitchen lighting in a circular shape

  • 15.8 inches
  • With an output power of 24 watts, this product is ideal for various applications
  • It comes with a two-year warranty


  • Supports three different color temperatures
  • For a round fixture, it’s pretty huge
  • Excellent build with a basic warranty


• For the cost, relatively low wattage output

Flush Mount Ceiling 14-Inch LED Light by Vicnie

Vicnie is a well-known LED light fixture manufacturer, thanks to its beautiful aesthetic design that might complement your kitchen. The units, however, are one of the most expensive, so get ready to spend extra cash on them.

The 3000K lamps in the flush mount LED ceiling light produces a pleasant brightness which provides a cozy ambiance in your kitchen. It also contributes to the artistic value of the device.

The LED has a 20 wattage, resulting in a 1400 illumination, and is a standard output and one that should suffice for your kitchen’s visual requirements.

Its reasonable size of 14 inches further enhances the light’s beauty in diameter.

A three-year warranty, ensuring that you make a risk-free purchase, accompanies the device.


  • Well-built
  • Exquisite design that is appealing
  • Light that is pleasant to look at


• Low lumen count and insufficient brightness

LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light by Airand

The Airand LED ceiling light manufacturers produced the product, considering your safety and comfort. For example, it doesn’t buzz and doesn’t flash, so they protect your eyes to the fullest extent possible. It is also environmentally beneficial because it does not produce mercury, UV irradiation, or lead, destroying the environment.

Following that, the lighting fixture will have a brightness of 1850 lumens. This number denotes exceptional intensity and can brighten up your extra-large kitchen.

Let’s talk about the importance of the IP44 waterproof rating, meaning you may use this light for your bathroom ceiling because of its secure sealing.


  • No flickering or buzzing
  • It saves energy
  • It lasts a long time


  • Installation can be difficult

Round LED Kitchen Ceiling Light by Hykolity

Hykolity is a well-known manufacturer of light fittings. The circular flat panel light is ideal for the bedroom-living area, laundry room, closet, garage, and kitchen.

Its edge-lit and ultra-thin form makes it ideal for low-ceiling applications. It has a sliding and locking bracket that makes installation secure and straightforward.

This lamp contains a color selector button that allows you to choose between three preset color variations: gentle white, brilliant white, and daylight. For flicker-free performance, it is suitable for most residential Triac LED dimmers.


  • Edge-lit LEDs
  • Ideal for low ceiling areas
  • CCT that changes color
  • Dimming range between 5% and 100% is available
  • Non-flickering operation
  • Flat circular panel


  • Simple and secure installation
  • It fits in with any home decor
  • Energy conservation
  • Attractive design


  • It buzzes loudly

How many LED Lights Should You Install in the Kitchen?

The activities in your kitchen determine how many LED lights you’ll require. Most property owners have between one ambient lighting fixture, three task lighting fixtures, and three accent lighting fixtures.

The most ornamental light fixture is the illuminance fixture, usually placed in the center of your kitchen. If the kitchen serves as both a kitchen and a dining room, you’ll probably have one light source at the center and a different one over the dining room table. Some individuals opt for a chandelier over the dining table and intense lighting at the center.

However, it is also essential to examine the working areas. Washing dishes, cutting/chopping/preparing meals, and working over the stovetop should all be well-lit to see what you are doing. With that, you won’t burn or cut yourself, and you won’t forget to do the dishes.

Add task lighting beneath the kitchen cabinetry if necessary. Alternatively, if this is not doable, you can mount the task light on the kitchen ceiling and direct it downwards to the area where you need lighting. Just ensure that your shadow is not a problem and that the cabinetry isn’t blocking the light.

Accent lighting is a great idea. A chandelier casts illumination outward on the kitchen ceiling as both an ambient and an accent light fixture, making it a dual piece.

Where Should Kitchen Ceiling Lights Get Added?

Although there is no set rule for lighting arrangement, most individuals prefer task lights at strategic points to have sufficient lighting while handling various tasks.

When you prepare meals, you’ll need a lot of light to avoid cutting your fingers and adequately preparing the meal. When preparing to load the dishwasher, make sure they’re clean once you’re finished.

Most property owners place the ambient lighting in the center of the kitchen, as this permits light to get through all the corners, and they may look dull compared to the rest of the place. You can uniformly distribute out ambient lights to provide a little more light.

Accent lights work best wherever you want the viewer’s gaze to go. You can, for instance, use a painting or knickknacks to draw attention to a particular spot.

What is the Best Way to Install Kitchen Ceiling Lights

You need several tools to install your kitchen ceiling lights, including flashlights or work lamps, wire cutters, or screwdrivers. You may also need wire connectors, a junction or electrical box, and a light fixture.

Although some light fittings include a junction box, you may use one already placed in your house. It is not good to set up or wire new light fixtures alone. If there isn’t a junction or electrical box where you plan to install the light, call a reliable electrician to install one for you.

Manufacturers will also include setup directions in the lamp you select to order. It’s simple to figure out where to wire all that and connect the cabling to a junction box. Every remaining part of the component, like the chandelier, will be installed after that.

Most lighting systems give detailed information advising you to engage a technician to install them instead of doing it yourself. If you do not want to do it, look for light fixtures that are easy to install. Make an appointment with an electrician to assist you in properly installing the light fixture.

Confirm that it works properly after its installation. Your wiring should not produce any sparks, and the lighting should not flicker, especially when switched on. You most likely installed it improperly when this occurs, and you need to seek professional help.

Final Thoughts

The six products, of course, came with a wide range of options. The most pleasing kitchen ceiling light is the one that fulfills all of your requirements while being simple to set up. You should also think about the cost, especially if you buy several light fixtures.

LED lighting is unquestionably the most acceptable choice among the several lighting options available today. Technology is fast evolving, and it is also highly power-saving for your home.

When you purchase the best fixture and use the right LED light bulbs, you will discover that they are considerably more trustworthy and long-lasting than any other type of light.

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