The Blue Estate is a Magical Floating Oasis

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Last updated: April 10, 2023

There’s been a lot of talks lately about the Blue Estate, an exclusive lifestyle community.  It will offer 340 sunny days per year,  sandy beaches, elegance, and a five-star experience. It promises the ultimate bespoke experience within reach of Miami and the Bahamas.  

The man-made island will measure at 4,921 feet by 3,280 feet, which is half the size of Monaco.  This floating luxury oasis only requires a 25-minute flight to Nassau (Bahamas) and less than 90 minutes to travel to Miami, Florida.

Location of Blue Estate floating luxury real estate near Miami, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas on a map
The Blue Estate floating luxury island is near Miami and Nassau, Image courtesy of Blue Estate Group

Table of Contents

  1. The Blue Estate’s Value Proposition
    1. Key Real Estate Benefits at the Blue Estate
      1. Zero Taxes
      2. Immigration-Friendly
      3. Sustainable Energy
      4. Strict Privacy
      5. Weather and Other Concerns
      6. Freedom to Live Well
  2. Blue Estate Promises Architectural Nirvana
    1. The Principality of Sealand
    2. The Blue Estate Dream
  3. Blue Estate Luxury Real Estate Pricing
  4. Blue Estate Payment Timelines
  5. Blue Estate Crunchbase Data
  6. Blue Estate Construction Timelines
  7. Will it Be a Success?

Are you thinking about soft, sandy beaches and turquoise water, yet? We are too.

The Blue Estate’s Value Proposition

Blue Estate promises unique, sophisticated lifestyle options including high-tech conveniences and many amenities. Fifteen thousand residents will be part of an inclusive multinational community. Resident VISA’s for exceptional talent and by lottery will be available.

Residents will be able to choose between luxury apartments, penthouses, and signature estates. Modern contemporary design will embrace open concepts, the sea, and the sky.

Residents will enjoy beach clubs, swimming pools, five-star dining, and inspired nightlife. Rumors indicate Michelin chefs will play an important part in the island’s dining experience.

Imagine a floating oasis with a full-service experience, harbor views, and mansions?

The Blue Estate's artist concept of the Garden Villas with palm trees, modern contemporary concrete finish, lawn chairs and umbrellas, pool, and poolside lounging chairs.
Artist Concept, Garden Villas, Courtesy of Blue Estate Group

Key Real Estate Benefits at the Blue Estate

Zero Taxes

Blue Estate has promised to offer free education for toddlers and affordable healthcare.  As a resident, you will not have to pay taxes as an individual or business taxes, let alone sales taxes for shopping. Zero taxes!

This provides some interesting opportunities. Entrepreneurs can buy, own and rent properties.  Some can start their businesses with flexible business licensing and no income taxes.  This presents some compelling opportunities for hustling entrepreneurs. Students may have opportunities, with a one-year business license, to work and save money as there are no taxes.


As a multinational enclave, immigration will be friendly. Entrepreneurs will have simple business applications and fast licensing experiences.  This inclusive, multinational community is business-savvy, diverse, and will be technologically advanced and successful.

Sustainable Energy

Blue Estate even has a plan for a sustainable, luxurious lifestyle.  Their plans include 100% renewable energy sources and hydrogen or battery-powered transportation.  Elon Musk will likely sign up!  Actually, Elon may provide the battery technologies!

Strict Privacy

We live in a world where the assault on individual privacy is a daily occurrence.  Strict security measures and limits will be in place for visitors on Blue Estate. Private information about any resident or business is withheld from the community.

Weather and Other Concerns

You may ask yourself, “What about bad weather?”  Blue Estate’s floating luxury estate will move if bad weather becomes a major concern.   We’ve seen countless stories about Florida and island communities destroyed by weather patterns.  

Potential residents will likely want details about emergency procedures and insurance policies.  The floating luxury island estate will have shields against bad weather.  How often will the luxury real estate move? Can the community vote move the luxury real estate if it’s too hot?  Answers to similar questions are found on the company’s website FAQ.

Freedom to Live Well

We love this magical concept that promises freedom of race, color, sex, age, language, or religion.  Don’t get voted off the island. This magical paradise provides a utopian opportunity for humanity.

Blue Estate: Coral Towers
Source: Blue Estate Group

Blue Estate Promises Architectural Nirvana

We thought of Second Life and Minecraft for some reason. The concept of art and photos and community ideals remind us of Second Life. Minecraft, the more survivalist in form, is an architectural playground of builders. Together, Blue Estate seems to deliver on both.

The Principality of Sealand

Blue Estate reminded us of the Principality of Sealand. We first read about Sealand in WIRED’s July 2000 issue (!) At the time, freedom was the killer app.

The Principality of Sealand, an offshore platform in the North Sea, 12km off the coast of Suffolk. Roughs Tower is a Maunsell Sea Fort that was built by the British during World War II.
“sealand-x” by octal is licensed under CC BY 2.0

We should be clear. Sealand’s principles were very different from what the Blue Estate Group aspires to become.

HavenCo, the startup behind Sealand’s plan, would become an offshore technology hub. Thanks to $1m in seed financing. It would allow online gambling, pyramid schemes, and adult pornography. It would not allow spamming or corporate cyber sabotage. Using a World War II anti-aircraft deck as “fixed land”, Sealand only had 6000 square feet to operate in. Not enough for residents or any luxury lifestyle.

Sealand was a pirate radio station too. Roy Bates, a retired British army major, set it up to fight a dominant BBC with unlicensed stations.

Seems old ideals don’t fizzle away. People have always wanted freedom from taxes and a flexible way to live.

The Blue Estate Dream

In the movie Elysium with Matt Damon, we see this picturesque living platform in space. It’s vibrant, natural, modern, and contemporary. Families are enjoying life in complete safety with the best medical care.

Blue Estate offers similar advantages. It offers potential residents an opportunity to build an architectural masterpiece. Minecraft anyone? It is an opportunity to define high luxury with private gardens, penthouses, or yachts. Feeling a bit like Monte Carlo now, aren’t you?

For the super-rich, they must come with something groundbreaking from an architecture standpoint. If they do not, they cannot buy the mansion. There are reports of one submitted application already.

A comparison map with a signature estate on the Blue Estate floating island compared to Monaco and the world's largest cruise ship, the Symphony of the Seas.
The Signature Estate, Compared to Monaco and The Symphony of the Seas (Image Courtesy of Blue Estate Group)

Residents can choose from Garden Villas, Corner, or Sideline Estates. For the extravagant, the Signature Estate option promises flexible building regulations. Think of your dream castle with helipads, pool bars, and Olympic-sized pools. In comparison to Monaco and The Symphony of the Seas, the Signature Estate provides some enormous real estate for a Blue Estate property owner. Wow.

The Blue Estate Group is offering apartment benefits that are affordable and support a diverse community. Apartment accommodations include interior studios and balcony apartments. They are within easy reach of shops, restaurants, offices, and fitness clubs for residents seeking doorstep amenities.

Other living options include Coral Towers, Hexa Buildings, Waves, and Green Towers. Garden Penthouses provide the most luxurious lifestyle experience with:

5 or more bedroomsEnsuite Bathrooms
Private Pool, Spa, and GymCommunity and Play Park
Private Winery and GardenMaid Room
Private CinemaSun, Sun, and More Fun

Top floors will sell fast, according to the Blue Estate Group. For Garden Penthouses, only 16 designated locations exist, on top floors.

We have reached out to the company as we’d love to learn more about its construction techniques and materials.

Blue Estate Luxury Real Estate Pricing

Artist concept of Blue Estate Garden Penthouse with pool, lounging areas, palm trees and privacy.
Artist Concept, Garden Penthouse, Courtesy of Blue Estate Group

A Garden Penthouse has a unit turnkey price of $15.5 million US dollars.

This features a triplex layout, private garden deck access, and a pool. Living space measures 16,146 square feet. The garden and balcony space measures 21,528 square feet.

The Signature Estate has a sales price of $1.15 billion US dollars, with a plot surface of 592,015 square feet. The living space has 215,278 square feet.

A Ring Levels Interior Apartment has a surface starting from 215 square feet. The price per square foot is $92 US dollars with units starting from $19,780 US dollars.

A Ring Levels Balcony Apartment has a surface of $430 square feet and the price per square foot is $334 US dollars. Unit pricing starts from $169,200 US dollars.

Blue Estate Payment Timelines

Payment plans are flexible:

% paidPayment Schedule
0.5%At booking for document fees
15%First installment at construction start
10%Second installment at 20% construction
10%Third installment at 40% construction
20%Fourth installment at 60% construction
20%Fifth installment at 80% construction
20%Sixth installment at 90% construction
5%Final installment with handover to property

The Blue State project launched in December 2020 and the pre-sale phase with tiered pricing has started. Potential applicants can benefit by saving 21% on listed property prices if they reserve by June 2021.

Blue Estate Crunchbase Data

Blue Estate Group had a Series A funding round in February 2016 for $28.4 million US dollars. It does not identify who were the principal investors in the Series A round. We tried a similar search on other platforms like Pitchbook and turned up nothing. Learn more about how Crunchbase gets its data here.

We reached out for more details on its management team. Based in Nassau, Bahamas, Blue Estate Group reports having 51-100 employees. Its website discloses that Blue Asset Management Holding Ltd. has a registered office in Mahe, Seychelles inside the Orion Mall. A Google search confirms that the Orion Mall in Victoria, Mahe does exist.

The company has advertised new office openings in Nassau, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Monaco, which are target markets for the rich and famous.

Blue Estate Group: Full External View of Floating Island
Source: Blue Estate Group

Blue Estate Construction Timelines

Construction is expected to start in Q2, 2022 with final project completion expected in Q2, 2025. Some property handovers may occur in mid-2023.

Construction phases include:

Time PeriodCompletion Phase
End Q2, 2022Construction Begins
Near the end, 2022Base Structure & Central Harbor Completed
Q2, 2023Exterior Shell and Ring Levels Completed
Near the end, 2023Green Towers and Hexa Buildings Completed
Q1, 2024The Waves and Coral Towers Completed
End, 2024Garden Villas and Signature Estates Completed
Q2, 2025All Construction Completed
Project Timeline for the Blue Estate Luxury Floating Island.  Include Project launch, construction start and construction completed dates.

Will it Be a Success?

We will continue to follow the project. This will be an amazing architectural and technological success story.

We remember the Titanic. We remember Toronto’s CN Tower. At one time, it was the world’s tallest free-standing structure.

If a strong team is behind this venture, the Blue Estate could achieve success early. We do admit the project timelines seem aggressive but if there is a credible plan and team in place, those fears will be put to rest.

Let’s wait and see. Pre-sales are critical.

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