Captivating Wrought Iron Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Last updated: April 9, 2023

Iron has historical footnotes in mythology and folklore. Horseshoes, originally made from iron, were used as ornaments like a wind chime, to ward of evil spirts and demons. Considered lucky throughout the ages, they were nailed to walls with seven nails. Triple 7s, anyone?

Wrought iron kitchen decor has always been popular but of late, has experienced a resurgent interest from homeowners and is familiar through standard accent pieces such as a towel hook, iron gates, iron towel rack, iron candle holder, and pot rack. Metal accents can help you transform your ordinary and average-looking kitchen into a French country kitchen that makes your family proud.

The Old-World design is best known for its rustic iron decor and old-fashioned feel, and one of its classic elements is wrought iron. Wrought iron has value in different areas, including furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, doors, and more. It can also be modern with an antique and rustic feel or a steampunk vibe.

If you have always wanted to make your kitchen stand out and turn it into the focal point of your home, wrought iron allows you to veer away from the usual composites and wood selections. You can use the material if you are looking for a timeless décor to update your home that is beautiful and practical at the same time.

Wrought iron décor pieces are popular thanks to their distinctive look, durability, and customizable property. Read on below to know more about wrought iron and how you can incorporate it into your kitchen design.

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Top Reasons to Use Wrought Icon Décor

Iron is gaining more and more popularity in home decorations, whether you are a fan of rustic, modern, farmhouse, or industrial look.

Before the Middle Ages, iron was primarily valuable for tools and weapons. However, ironwork has become more ornate since the 16th century, commonly used for decoration.

Wrought iron décor pieces deserve a spot in your kitchen or other parts of your home. Here’s why.


Unlike other materials, well-made wrought iron décor can last several hundreds of years. The unique properties of wrought iron let it resist corrosion that ensures both timeless and durability that you cannot expect from other materials.

Low Maintenance

Wrought iron kitchen equipment and pieces require very minimal maintenance. For you to keep these pieces looking their best for a long time, the only thing they need is occasionally scrubbing using a wire brush. You can use clean water afterward for rinsing. If the time comes that you wish to change how your wrought iron décor looks, a fresh coat of paint can do the trick to update its appearance.


Wrought iron is synonymous with sophistication and elegance, as it offers a unique character and classic, timeless style. One of the best benefits of investing in these wrought iron pieces is that they are now available in various designs and shapes in any online shop. With this, you have many options for a plan that matches your kitchen’s overall aesthetic and theme.

For instance, you can go for a traditional Art Deco style or opt for a modern and streamlined style using LED lights. Wrought iron can is customizable, letting you pick a tailor-made design to create the exact look you want.

Incorporating Wrought Iron into Your Kitchen Décor and Design

Wrought iron enjoys respect for its timeless, beautiful, and practical qualities. The unique malleable properties of the material mean that you can use it for almost any purpose in kitchen décor, where you need both durability and aesthetics.

Check out the following ways to use wrought iron to give a unique character to Tuscan theme kitchens.

Captivating Wrought Iron Kitchen Decor Ideas: Dining wrought iron table with glass top and two benches

Accent Strips, Ornamentation, Panels, and Wainscots

You can use ornamental wrought iron for accent strips installed in a wall tile pattern or as actual sheet metal panels and planks installed directly on the walls. One more option is to use wrought iron as a wainscot that can go well with woods in light colors. We can also use wood for the wainscots, while metal can go well for the upper part of the wall.

You can also use sheet metal wrought iron on the ceiling or as backsplash material. You can also hang wrought iron mirrors, clocks, picture frames in the kitchen hallway, and other high visibility parts where you want standout accents.


There are many ways to use wrought iron decorative accents if your kitchen has balustrades. You can use a classic and straightforward country-style balustrade that features flowing patterns of swirls, lines, or vines to visually extend the overall length of your staircase leading to your kitchen.

Wrought iron also works well for futuristic, or sleek designs. Another option is complex Art Deco or Victorian design with custom-made swirls, twists, lacework, or intricate scrolls.

The material is also ideal for a nature-inspired design that mimics the silhouette of climbing vines or a tree. You can also combine wrought iron with other kinds of mediums, including LED lighting, strong crystals, or timber.

Cabinet Doors and Hardware

One of the most subtle ways to use wrought iron in your kitchen is hardware for the cabinets. Handles and doorknobs give you a chance to use wrought iron material with no need for it to dominate the room’s design aesthetic.

Another alternative is wrought iron hinges for the doors, door locks, and handles. These can range from the old-fashioned handle with a thumb tongue and a big key to unlock the door to the more modern style of doorknobs. You can also use wrought iron sheets to cover doors as veneers for the cabinet or regular doors.


Lighting is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of using wrought iron in your kitchen, and classic favorites are none other than the old iron lanterns. You can use oil-burning old-fashioned iron lamps or wall torches or sconces wired in with modern-day bulbs.

A wrought iron chandelier is an excellent option if your kitchen has empty space, while a pendant light can look right at home in small modular kitchens. You can decorate your kitchen table, breakfast bar, or kitchen island with wrought iron candleholders or hang lights from the ceiling with old-fashioned chains.

Outdoor Kitchen Furniture

If your kitchen has an outdoor extension, wrought iron is an ideal material to use. Its durable property and ability to endure harsh weather elements make it the perfect choice for an outdoor table and furniture.

Wrought iron furniture provides a natural and straightforward stylishness ranging from contemporary rustic outdoor kitchen furniture to a more traditional Roman and Victorian style.

Captivating Wrought Iron Kitchen Decor Ideas: Light and airy kitchen eating nook


Wrought iron furniture gives your kitchen design a faintly industrial look. You can get a wrought iron coffee table with a glass surface that showcases the metal under it. A metal-built table with a solid surface or a latticework top is popular.

Other standard options include wrought iron tables topped with granite slabs.

Other available materials are cultured marble, tile, and wood. Wood and iron tables for dining rooms are also excellent alternatives with matching sets of iron chairs.

Wall Art

With origins tracing back to the remarkable Spanish and French iron craftsmanship, the elegance and beauty of wrought iron art can add an exceptional touch to any kitchen space. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a more understated accent piece or a bold statement. You have the choice to choose a more modern abstract design or a chic filigree pattern; you can tailor wall art pieces made from wrought iron to evoke the design statement achieved.

For instance, wrought iron wall art with its sophisticated filigree design can complement a rustic and cozy aesthetic, a stylish Art Décor interior, or a unique oriental atmosphere. A geometric design can also go well with modern kitchen interior design styles.

Wrought iron wall hooks, toilet paper holders, and paper towel holders can also function as fantastic wall art pieces that combine usability and beauty that you will surely love showing off. Iron towel bars are also excellent choices for farmhouse decor, especially if the stainless steel option is out of the question.

There are now online stores that offer free shipping for these wrought iron accents as iron hooks to help you create a modern look for your kitchen. Don’t forget to check the terms of use to guarantee a good shopping experience.

Door or Window Grille

Wrought iron grille in a decorative pattern can also offer the perfect addition of style and safety to the security mesh on the doors and windows of your kitchen. The window grille lets you keep the windows open without compromising your home’s security. Possible designs include interlocking spirals with floral motifs, twisted steel and arrows, and solid iron scrollwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does iron rust decay faster than copper or bronze?

Yes, iron rusts and decays much faster than bronze or copper. Iron develops a nonprotective oxidation layer, which lets the corrosion rust penetrate the metal. Meanwhile, copper or bronze forms an adherent layer protecting the underlying metal, so iron objects can deteriorate in several years, while bronze or copper only shows minimal deterioration after hundreds or even thousands of years.

I like to support small businesses and found a local Lancaster County PA company called Steel Expressions, which designs and custom makes ornamental wrought iron decor. The company has been in business for more than 10 years and serves the county and surrounding areas. You do not need to go with custom solutions but with a bit of creativity, you’ll have greater success making something unique and custom to your home compared to mass market productions available through home improvement retailers.

What are the best wall decoration products?

There are many choices for unique home decor products for your walls. Some of the best ones include large-scale art pieces, mural paintings, shelving, mirrors, and even plates.

What are some ideas for window grills?

Safety should always be a top priority with window grills and be sure to choose high-quality products made from solid materials. The design must also allow simple operation of the window, with bars close enough to prevent kids and adults from passing through. You also need to pick a design that allows repainting and easy maintenance. 

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