The Complete Kitchen Remodel Checklist

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Last updated: March 26, 2023

A kitchen remodel might be a good idea if it is outdated, you want to make room for new furniture, you are unhappy with the style, or it isn’t lovely (we won’t tell you otherwise). The kitchen is the heart of your home and is the place where people eat or work together the most. You may also be looking to sell in the near future, so your home value so it’s a good thing to revisit your kitchen because it can help increase the value of your home.

Kitchen renovations can be fun but stressful too, if not planned properly! Rather than looking at the same cabinets on each visit to Home Depot, you can finally pick out a cabinet layout and the cabinets you’ve been eyeing. You can also take down that wall to see out the window.

The best way to update your house with a style you like is to remodel your kitchen according to your needs and wants. Although kitchen remodels is not an easy task, the rewards are worth your effort. In the process of remodeling your kitchen, you have a lot to consider and the last thing on your mind should be your first priority. Yes, it’s a complete kitchen remodel checklist.

Table of Contents

Cost to Remodel a Kitchen

You can be budget-conscious to remodel a kitchen’s design style. It can be hard to estimate the cost of kitchen remodels due to the number of variables involved. For your kitchen remodel plans, you have to consider what type you want, what appliances and layout you want to keep (if any), and where you will purchase materials for a kitchen remodel effort. Kitchen renovations are on the way up in the United States and it remains the number one home renovation project because it helps to significantly increase a home’s value.

Home Advisor suggests that the national average cost of remodeling a kitchen is $24,086. The most affordable home starts at $4,100, while the most expensive is $58,000. Many considerations include the type of wood for the cabinets, new appliances, and the wiring and piping. You can potentially calculate the cost per square foot and how much money this will cost you in the end for square footage. The cost of remodeling your current kitchen depends on the size and if there are many changes, it’s going to cost a lot more for a major remodel. The average price per square foot is between $75 and $250. If you use a kitchen designer, kitchen planners, a design-build firm, or other contracting services, it may cost you a lot more if you intend to use their expertise. There’s also room to seek the best prices for your remodeling project with some careful planning.

Naturally, you can reduce the cost with a mix of professional services and a (do-it-yourself) DIY kitchen renovation effort.

Build a List for Kitchen Remodel Updates

Even if it is not your first time, it is a good idea to make a wish list of the sections of your kitchen you would like to remodel as the first step before you start planning the remodel. The remodeling process for your kitchen goes beyond a building permit and includes a list of what you will replace or upgrade. The value of your home is more than just a fresh coat of paint.

Build A Checklist

  • Countertops (e.g. color countertop), counter space
  • Cabinets (overhead, base cabinets, or blind corner kitchen cabinet if you do not have much storage)
  • Plumbing
  • Paint colors
  • Backsplash
  • Drywall
  • Lighting (e.g. light bulbs – LED, etc.)
  • Windows
  • Small Appliances and Regular-Sized Appliances (e.g. stainless steel etc.)
  • Sink
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen Island (e.g. considering a large island)

Creating a list will give you direction on how to come up with the kitchen of your dreams. Having a list is you can begin budgeting for the parts and resources your kitchen needs. Choosing a style for your kitchen is also essential. You should consider your home’s architecture and layout floor plan to decide what your work area should look like.

The kitchen triangle design is popular with many interior designers and is considered a better design because of how much time is saved in the new space. In some condos and modern homes, it’s an upscale remodel that carefully considers the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop which together form an imaginary work triangle that provides the ultimate dynamic range for a chef or family to remain functional.

According to your needs, there are different kinds of kitchens:

CHEF’S KITCHENThis is an ideal choice for homeowners who enjoy cooking and have access to all kitchen appliances and tools
GOURMET KITCHENAnyone who enjoys baking has a flair for styling and needs a lot of space
ENTERTAINING KITCHENThis is the best option for homes with many people who prefer to spend time in the kitchen
FAMILY-ORIENTED KITCHENThis kitchen layout is perfect for families with kids, dogs, cats, or pets that roam around freely. This kitchen is kid-friendly and can cater to several cooks at once

It’s great that you updated the layout to go along with your updates. It would help to consider who will be using the kitchen and what goals you have for the remodel.

As soon as you’ve made your updates and layout choices, it’s time to take some measurements. Find out how much space there is in the room by measuring walls, floors, doors, and possible windows. If you are remodeling a room only, take measurements of that area. It is also an excellent idea to measure the wall space from floor to ceiling if you add extra storage.

Plan your Budget

Always work within a budget. A good reason being you avoid unnecessary expenditures by creating a budget.

As per the NKBA, your budget should consider the following:


You can work out the finer details of your kitchen renovation once you know your budget for each aspect.

To complete your renovation, the next step requires you to develop a detailed plan for your kitchen checklist. You’re in the right direction when you plan your order of work considering long lead times for some items, such as windows, plumbing fixtures, and even open shelving. The ultimate goal is to make sure you’re on time and on budget.

Choose the Right Season for Remodeling

Kitchen remodels continually cause temporary disruptions in the home. Be careful when choosing the remodeling season to avoid putting yourself under undue stress.

Be sure to consider the weather seasons as well as your family’s schedule. The summer and spring is a good time for a home remodel due to the ease of grilling outside when nobody feels like using their oven.

Studying Kitchen Designs

A great way to come up with the perfect kitchen design, all you need is some time and the internet. Check out remodeling kitchens online to get some inspiration.

Black Mana Studios has released a really cool iPhone app called TapGlance Interior Design. Having little experience, you can create some photo-realistic images of any interior design project. These could be used for more inspiration or to show any interior designer before you begin the project.

You can find excellent kitchen design ideas on Pinterest. If you like a particular idea, you should list it and look for sources to get the resources. You can speak to a home Remodeler if you cannot find the specific help you need.

Choose Suitable Materials for your Kitchen

Once you have come to this point, it is time to finalize the materials you will use to remodel your kitchen. You should only buy quality items for your dream kitchen. Trying to save money at the expense of quality might lead to regrets or negatively affect your home’s value.

Take time to research where you can find kitchen parts, hardwood, paint, and so on.

Is oak wood your choice for the counters? Would laminate flooring work? Could you use an iron kitchen sink?

You must select the materials and the suppliers, according to the realistic budget you have set. Can you find everything you need at Home Depot? Are you going to need to purchase materials locally from a different company?

For the quality of your product, it matters what materials to consider and from where. Make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy company.

Shop with Flexibility

It pays to reconsider your original kitchen layout or color scheme to save costs when changing any above aspects.

Consider switching color schemes or design styles if you find that it is less expensive overall. You can also make your bargain finds fit in with your main idea by painting or resurfacing them.

When to Call the Professionals

Kitchen renovations include some things that you cannot or should not do yourself. In a kitchen, you’ll require experienced hands for most electrical and plumbing work.

Along with the dangers involved, completing these complex tasks by yourself can be very time and resource-consuming. If you plan to perform specialized work, you should get estimates from a few reputable companies to help build your budget.

When approaching contractors, the general rule is to make sure you ask about timelines. Occasionally, there is an opening a few weeks after you apply.

How to Choose the Best Contractor

If you consider remodeling your kitchen space, you will find it more expensive to hire a contractor who has experience in the field. The cost will matter based on your budget, the time it will take to complete the project, the prices for tools and materials, and the shipping costs for materials. Choosing someone with experience to make your dream kitchen may cost a few thousand dollars more, but at least you’ll feel less stressed during the project.

Their current performance depends on their last job.

A reliable general contractor wins most jobs due to their reputations. However, circumstances can change. A contractor’s quality can be affected if the changes subcontractors or laborers. Ask those you favor to provide references and follow up with recent contractors.
You get what you see.

If possible, visit a renovation in progress as well as completed work. When you inspect a job site closely, you can tell a lot about the company’s commitment to quality and safety.
A good contractor is also the busiest.

You may have to plan around your schedule to get the best contractor on the market.

A Hypothetical DIY Case

Let’s say you decide to do the kitchen renovation and research on cabinet installation by yourself. After buying all the proper tools, you will remove the old cabinets yourself and replace them with new ones. You noticed something strange after you added the new cabinets. Stepping back, you see that the cabinets aren’t just slanted; the screws that hold the cabinets to the wall are missing. Your hard work on putting together cabinets can pay off, only to find that a few errors ruined it all.

Using a professional contractor for kitchen remodeling ensures the hired help will do the work right. You can count on them to be fast and to install your cabinetry straight.

Locate a contractor or company that has the expertise you need to implement your design accurately.

In addition, asking your contractor to help you purchase materials can also save you money. Their connections with vendors might allow them to locate the exact materials that you need.

What To Do if You Don’t Know

The best place to begin is Pinterest and magazine clippings. Each is a great place to help you visualize your kitchen remodel inspiration from double wall ovens to new kitchen cabinets that are actually major kitchen remodel efforts. These are not small decisions or little things to consider because your best layout must consider how the finished product should look.

The first thing when redesigning your kitchen begins with looking at Pinterest or magazine clippings. Make one stack of all the kitchen clippings if you collect magazine clippings.

Start pinning kitchens you like on Pinterest and create a kitchen board. Pin any images that you like for your kitchen.

It would help if you went back to the board with fresh eyes after you have selected about twenty kitchen images that appeal to you. Take a look at the pins you have (and magazine clippings). Are the kitchen cabinets white, or do they have the same color counters? Are the knobs and light fixtures the same metal? Are their colors similar, or do they all share a neutral view?

Your top five to ten images should be the ones you pin/clip. It should now start to look like patterns are emerging. Based on your evaluation, these ten images will help you develop a list of the kitchens you like best. Organize your checklist by putting them in priority order.

When the image of your dream kitchen in your mind becomes more apparent, you can start over. It will help you crystallize your plan if you write down what you want.

Make a Final Decision

The process of finalizing your plans involves details that may seem familiar from step one. Sign all contracts and make sure that everyone understands what their responsibilities involve. Pack your kitchen and prepare a temporary cooking space. It would help to create a safe area away from the construction zone for your pets and children.

In closing, try to stick to your budget and plan as much as you can. Make sure what you like does not need to be changed to fit newly appearing trends. The world of infinite choices offers something better every day, but changing things takes a lot of time and money for luxury items. By doing what you and your family love, you’ll have the kitchen, you’ve always dreamed would become a reality.

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