I would kindly ask anyone about to email me on any of these topics to not waste their time though …we are not interested.

  • Paid links
  • Paid promotions
  • Guest posting for backlinks
  • Advertising

If you are a writer with expertise in custom home building, home decor, home improvement, interior or exterior design, architecture, landscape design, tiny home or modular home building, or smart home configuration, let’s talk.

What type of articles do you accept?

We only accept qualified articles from emerging or established writers who wish to expand their writing portfolio and receive proper attribution. We will usually ask for writing samples and will provide a link to their personal portfolio websites.

We will ask writers with experience to provide samples and post articles on various digital properties.

We prefer experience and/or background in home improvement, home decor, architecture, and interior design but will make exceptions based on writing work. We also consider college or university students who wish to gain experience with EvolutDesign Media Inc. in return for references.

Do you accept guest posts?

We do not accept guest posts in return for backlinks to a business, product page, or blog that is related to the writer or outreach company hired to make these requests. This also includes suggested “content upgrades” or “content enhancements” to our existing articles for a link.

We remain committed to serving our readership with quality information and product suggestions that we produce.

If you choose to write to us and do not meet these criteria, we will not respond because of the volume of inquiries.

Do you accept sponsored or native advertising?

NO. We do not accept direct advertising opportunities, but this could change in the future. We will update this question to reflect this change.

Do you accept interview opportunities?

We have not entertained interview opportunities; please submit your inquiry for further evaluation.

Do you accept related products in the home and garden/home decor / interior design industry?

We will consider inquiries from companies for products or services if we feel this will benefit our readership with an honest review. Submit your inquiry for further evaluation.

If selected, we would need access to products/services and stock images and/or product information to complete our analysis.

Do you accept portfolios from custom home builders, design, and architecture firms?

Yes. Submit your inquiry to further discuss.

We ask for home plans/blueprints, site/location details, and a high-quality portfolio image gallery accessible from a cloud service provider.


William Lane, Editor,

Send a note to williamlane[dot]editor@gmail[dot]com.