Our Favorite Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

Organized space and kitchen storage have always been an ongoing battle. There are hundreds of solutions for improving the flow and quick access to cooking supplies. We have abandoned some of these ideas, and others are in use today. Finding the best solution among hundreds of suggestions can be your preference and taste in your kitchen design and size.

Corner kitchen cabinet ideas are one of those gray areas where maximizing space is still developing. You don’t want this space to go unused, but the inability to reach items is not always straightforward. In 1949, the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics created a film on home economics in response to stay-at-home parents asking for tips on timesaving techniques. Finding and using usable space was the primary focus of their studies.

Exploring the use of dead space in the kitchen has come a long way since the 18th century. This was when the Lazy Susan was first introduced to the world to save time and make meals more accessible. There are many arguments about who first invented this device, but this simple spinning table is one example of how kitchen organization began. 

Corner cupboards were the answer to storage in the early 1700s in England, and their popularity moved to the United States. Standing tall and decorative in solid wood, they added design to dining areas or a kitchen corner space. However, as built-in kitchen cabinets replaced open shelves and the freestanding kitchen counter, they slowly faded away.

Today, diagonal cabinets sit neatly in the corner where cabinets meet and create a continuous flow of the base cabinet and the upper cabinets. If this blind corner cabinet lacks the convenience you need, there are ways to remedy the situation. Kitchen corner cabinet concepts continue to develop, as interior designers discover better approaches to maximizing smaller areas, like modern condominium developments today.

Small corner kitchen cabinets can provide a lot of storage when adequately designed and installed. Here are a few ideas from top kitchen designers and manufacturers on how to be satisfied with your storage solutions. 

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Butterfly Drawers

A great way to solve the problem of a blind corner kitchen cabinet is to turn this space into convenient corner drawers. Having pull-out drawers for a corner is not as complex as it sounds. Known as butterfly drawers, they divide the drawer front into halves to fit the 90-degree angles.

This creates the appearance of two small drawers sitting on either side of where the cabinets meet. When the drawer handles get pulled, a sizeable one-piece drawer appears. This is a practical way to hide those awkward utensils and kitchen tools without too much bending. The best part is being able to see the contents with little trouble.

Glass Front Corner Kitchen Cabinets

A balanced look with cabinet fronts is essential, especially for a contemporary look. Adding a touch of luxury with a bit of space wrapped in glass, though, can create a focal point in the room. One of many blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas, a glass door front, is an acceptable stylish way to deter awkwardness from a corner.

While corner cabinet drawers display a classy picture of straight lines and matching hardware, upper cabinets deserve a graceful break in the stretch of cabinets. Making a statement with architectural detail and glass will add glamour to your kitchen. This open space also provides enough room to showcase crystal and designer stemware.

Ceiling to Floor Kitchen Nook

Taking the idea of a kitchen cupboard and turning it into a simple solution for the corner of your kitchen will give you easy accessibility. Picture this open triangular space as an opportunity to place a corner cupboard to show off your favorite plates and memorabilia. Leave part of the space open and have large open cubbies for microwaves, TVs, cookbooks, or drawers. Put this awkward space to good use and stay with the surrounding kitchen design. You will have a custom built-in look. 

Flexible Accordion Cabinet Door

An accordion cabinet door is a great idea for any small kitchen. Install a two or three-tiered lazy Susan inside the cabinet. Once you open the cabinet door, you can twirl the shelves to find needed kitchen appliances or pans for cooking. Think of it as appliance storage for keeping hard-to-fit pieces like blenders, mixers, toasters, and food processors. 

Magic Kitchen Shelves

Magic kitchen shelves are any type of flat surface or carousel with a mechanism that automatically moves a shelf when the lower corner cabinet door gets opened. We can also use baskets according to your personal preference. This is also a great place for storing small dishes and little-used cooking utensils. Usually made of durable plastic, they are made to stay sturdy and swing easily. These holders may not be as weight conscious as wood or metal but come in handy with the shelf swing-out option to put all contents right in front of you. 

Appliance Garage

The appliance garage is a perfect solution for using that blind corner of the kitchen for your countertop. Instead of filling this L-shaped crevice with novelties, install a roll-up cabinet that will streamline the look of your cabinets and provide tons of storage space. It will be the perfect size for storing small appliances and kitchen utensils. The height can be as tall as you like while keeping your cabinets balanced. It will surprise you how much space this ingenious little place will provide.

We can also use this kitchen cabinet design with regular straight cabinets, using double doors, depending on your kitchen layout. One large pull-up or pull-down door is ideal for keeping cabinet hardware even and clean. They often use these for hiding bulky coffee makers and large mixers. Swinging pullouts are another great option for that back of the cabinet space.

Open Shelving

Use open corner shelves to make a statement by creating a little space for spices and herbs. Build them in a V-shape or straddle them in your corner storage space. Spices in glass jars are always attractive, and you won’t select much of what you need. Add a little aroma to this small space with dried herbs and fruit. It will highlight your counter space under your upper regular cabinets.

Corner Sink

Corner kitchen blind cabinet ideas have progressed to placing kitchen sinks in this ample space. Knowing how to handle the extra storage below sounds like a great solution to most needs. Interior designers have offered creative ideas for sinks with a unique design and a modern style. One basin or two basin kitchen sinks are growing in popularity and could become a common way to plan out this room in the future.

Freeing up an entire wall for more cooking space and kitchen counters is a dream come true. You can store necessities like dish soap and scrubbers under the kitchen sink cabinet, but we can easily find oddball items like special pans and decorative dishes.

Fresh Ideas for Older Homes

Creative ways to upgrade your kitchen space in an older home should begin with the standard cabinet and counter space and planning for lots of storage. You should certainly consider corner cabinet options for your storage needs.

If you consider a significant remodel where plumbing and electrical lines are being moved, you have good reason to include a beautiful corner sink. You will need to dedicate considerable thought to a project of this size.

If we impressed you with these ideas that provide a perfect place for everything in your new kitchen, take it one step further with a small pantry closet. That restless corner at the end of your kitchen can become a small corner cupboard to display your treasured large and small items.

Diagonal to your glass corner cabinet, it will put the finishing touches on your brand-new kitchen with a beveled glass front. Don’t forget a bold splash of color through a backsplash or island kitchen chairs. Architects and designers continue to pour in new designs and fresh ideas to create your perfect modern kitchen. Space will appear more open and inviting, and all the time-saving measures will be in place for excellent meal prep.

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