The Cost of New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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Last updated: March 24, 2023

Replacing the drawer fronts or getting new cabinets altogether does wonders to revamp your retro kitchen and breathe new life into it. Making changes to real wood veneer can be a good choice, for example. Why? It can be an affordable option in a kitchen remodel and allows you to make a color change without spending too much of your budget. Budgets will vary because it depends on the size of your kitchen, the type of cabinet if you’re going with full cabinet replacement, and the number of cabinets you need to replace.

To avoid higher prices, you can use wood veneer for new kitchen cabinets. Why? A smaller amount of natural wood is used, making things more affordable and great for the environment because all-wood designs can splinter and warp.

You may have moved into a kitchen that has a veneer that is either blistered, cracked, or scratched. If it was made less than five decades ago, it is was likely glued and heat-resistant, which some veneer companies, the claim is difficult to remove. If this is the case, your only recourse is to get a new cost estimate to replace everything with new custom doors and high-quality wood veneer. The price tag and total price may be more than your budget warrants for a kitchen renovation.

shaker stylie kitchen cabinets - white Shaker style cabinets, white glazed subway tile
“Historic Kitchen” by is marked with CC BY-ND 2.0. A remodeled kitchen screams authenticity of a 1940’s home by using white Shaker style cabinets, white glazed subway tile and a subtle pattern for countertops. Stainless Steel appliances enjoy cup pulls as accents on the drawers. Original concrete flooring with a waxed finish.

You may end up changing the entire look of your kitchen which is an expensive option. If your budget permits, it might be a good time to look at shaker doors because they are durable and will last a long time but at a much higher starting price. Our team has already written about shaker-style cabinets in another article. Shaker seems like a new style but actually is an enduring one that has become more popular for the average homeowner.

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A laminate veneer is a cost-effective option because it has many customization options. It’s an interesting material because layers of heavy-duty paper are compressed into a format called melamine that hardens as a resin. This is manufacturing method essentially presses flat paper layers and plastic resin under extreme pressure. This results in cost savings for custom cabinet doors in a full kitchen. An even cheaper option would be medium-density fiberboard which can be found at major retailers like IKEA.

Striving for a different look with new cabinetry also means many options to choose from and a wide range for kitchen cabinet costs. Many new homeowners either grow tired of their old kitchen cabinets or need to change them due to damage.

New cabinetry options include:

  • Color Choices
  • Style of Drawer Pulls
  • Style of Cabinets: Frameless or Cabinet Frames
  • Type of Door: Solid Wood Panel Door or Medium-Density Fiberboard or Rigid Thermofoil (RTF)
  • Style of Hinges: Self-close hinges and soft-close hinges

For example:

  • RTF, or Rigid Thermal Foil, is an affordable durable vinyl. They are a great choice because they are easy to clean and retain color better than painted wooden doors. However, you may have sophisticated tastes. Crown molding adds sophistication to kitchen cabinets and requires extra work and patience if you plan to do it yourself.
  • Soft close hinges have built-in hydraulics so that the hydraulics ease the door so it closes silently. Self-close hinges have a built-in spring, and the door closes with a tap. An example of the self-close hinge is the Waterson Heavy Duty Commercial Self-Closing Door Hinge.
Waterson Heavy Duty Commercial Fully Adjustable Self-Closing Door Hinge

Waterson Heavy Duty Commercial Fully Adjustable Self-Closing Door Hinge 3-Pack 4.5" x 4.5" – K51M-450 (SA,SA,SA1) -Satin Brushed

Depending on any of the above choices, it could lead to lower or higher costs. Also, look for free estimates from a local contractor with a great business record who will have a better idea of options to help you make the right choice.

Another example of a self-closing hinge comes from Blum. They still make a little tap (“noise”) but it is a lower-cost option.

Blum Compact Soft-Close Overlay Blumotion Hinge

Blum 38N355BE08x50S Compact Soft-Close 1/2'' Overlay Blumotion Hinge, Nickel Finish (Pack of 50)

Replacement kitchen doors are not a low-cost decision and one bad mistake could lead to problems later. Why? Most homes with recently upgraded kitchens pack more punch on home resale values because new buyers want a modern kitchen and might be deterred from buying any home if significant kitchen renovations are required.

Estimated Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement

Whether you should opt for cabinet refacing or a total replacement is a budgetary decision. If it seems like repairs are out of the question, a complete overhaul is your best choice. 

Average Cost of New Cabinet Doors

The average cost of new kitchen cabinet doors ranges from $160 to $380 per linear foot. On the other hand, custom options are priced between $700 to $1,000 per foot. Meanwhile, you should expect to spend $3,200 to $8,500 if you want custom-style cabinet doors complete with installation because of the labor cost involved. 

Average Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Door Upgrade

The average cost of upgrading kitchen cabinet boxes and doors for a completely new look can range from $2,000 to $7,000. Several factors affect the price, including the quality and style of the new doors, the number of doors, and the labor cost for installation. 

While the price generally varies, you can expect to spend approximately $225 for each door for this upgrade. 

Average Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Door Installation

Kitchen cabinet door installation is a labor-intensive job that needs time to achieve professional results, mainly if your cabinets are already old or have imperfections with the wood veneers. Generally speaking, installation labor costs start anywhere from $150 per door and can reach $200 per door or even higher. 

The installation process often involves several steps, including:

  • Detaching the old doors 
  • Repairing the flaws
  • Measuring and cutting the hinge mounts
  • Buying the necessary equipment and materials
  • Preparation and setup
  • Adjusting the door gaps to make sure that these are flush and square
  • Cleaning up

Whether you entrust the contractor to buy everything for you or purchase the doors and have a professional install them, try to get several estimates as much as possible. 

Replacement Cost According to the Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Your choice of glass-front, DIY, custom, or stock cabinet doors will help determine the total cost you will pay for. While larger sizes, premium wood species, and new veneer are often more expensive, the national average price is approximately $60 per door.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Door Cost

The cost of doors for custom and semi-custom cabinets varies according to the type of wood, preferred profiles, and whether these will be finished, painted, or stained. 

Cabinet makers usually have references and samples, and they can assist you in choosing the best style for your home’s kitchen. You can expect to pay anywhere around $180 up to $200 per door for custom-made door options. 

High end kitchen cabinet manufacturers: Man with facemask taking measurements of wooden side frame for a kitchen cabinet door

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Door Cost

The cheapest cabinet door you can get today is custom DIY kitchen cabinet doors, like those you can buy from Home Depot. 

However, you need to consider that the cost may go higher if you need to rent equipment and tools that you don’t own yet, including a miter saw, jigsaw, table saw, router bits, sanders, planers, and more. 

If you have these pieces of equipment already, all you need to pay for are the required materials and wood. 

Cherry wood can cost $1.80 to $6 per board foot or linear foot, depending on the quantity you will buy. Cedar is priced at $3.89 to $5.39, mahogany costs $7.75 to $12, and white oak is $4.40 to $6.50. You can expect that more exotic wood will also be more expensive. You might want to consult a local lumber retailer to have a good idea of the prices of different types of wood. 

Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinet Door Cost

Costzon Kitchen Sideboard, Antique Stackable Storage Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf, Wooden Cupboard Server Buffet Console Table for Home Living Room (Cream White with Sliding Door Window)

Glass-front kitchen cabinet doors are probably the most expensive options you can get, although these are still cheaper compared to premium wood custom-made cabinet doors. 

These options are the best way to showcase your collectibles like fine china. They also help your kitchen look and feel more spacious, giving it a more stunning appeal. 

White Modern Kitchen: Custom kitchen painted cabinets installation with a furniture facades mdf. Gray modular kitchen from chipboard material on a various stages of installation. A frame furniture fronts mdf profile.

You can also add interior lighting to make your otherwise dull cabinet rows look more attractive and exciting. To add a more unique touch, you can also opt for frosted, beveled, or other types of decorative glass.

The amount you will pay for will also depend on the number of panes of plexiglass or glass you use, tinting, the cabinet’s size, and the overall quality of the glass material. You can expect to pay around $150 to $300 for every glass front cabinet door. 

Stock Kitchen Cabinet Door Cost

Depending on the finish and size, doors for stock cabinets available at local home centers and online stores are priced as low as $11 for every square foot for RTF or Rigid Thermal Foil. On the other hand, Unfinished hardwood is priced at $50 to $100 per door. 

Cost of Cabinet Hardware for Replacement Doors

Other expenses include new hardware such as pulls and knobs, together with hinges, if you choose to use them. 

For example, you can match copper, bronze, or chrome to your faucet or use ceramic to complement or contrast other kitchen fixtures. 

Pulls and knobs often cost $3 to $5 for basic finishes and go as high as $20 to $40 for higher-end hardware. Meanwhile, every pair of hinges costs $15 to $40. 

Why Replace Only the Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Simply changing the doors for your kitchen cabinets can achieve the same look as replacing your cabinets entirely but this time, at a fraction of the cost. Getting new kitchen cabinet doors is also a less strenuous renovation, especially if you plan to do the work on your own. 

Tearing out all of your old cabinets in the kitchen may damage your flooring and countertops. If you are conscious of your budget, cabinets often make up a high cost of the total renovation budget that can go higher if you have a larger kitchen. 

For example, cabinet doors made from plastic laminate are the best option if you want to reduce the total cost of your renovation project. 

the cost to install a kitchen island waterfall kitchen island countertop with white marble and white cabinets 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace your kitchen cabinet doors?

Yes, you can replace your kitchen cabinet doors. But before buying new doors for your kitchen cabinet, you might want to ensure that the bones of your current cabinet carcasses are still in good condition or in good shape. 

Good quality kitchens that are already 5 to 10 years old will likely have lots of life remaining in their units. These cabinets are generally fixed to the walls with no moving parts. 

The doors experience wear and tear since these are regularly opened and closed, and they also become damaged due to general use, cleaning, and sunlight. Cabinet doors below the sink are more likely to suffer damage from water leakage and regular bangs and knicks from children and other objects, and this is also common with kitchen cabinet doors on the ends and edges.

Are all kitchens suitable for replacement kitchen cabinet doors?

Before getting replacement cabinet doors, you must ensure that the cupboards are still in excellent condition. While cabinets less than 8 years old should be fine, watch out for structural damage, especially near the heat sources or sink. 

How do you get the right size of kitchen cabinet doors?

Cabinet doors come in both made-to-measure and standard sizes. You will pay more for made-to-measure cabinets, not to mention that the delivery may also take longer. To measure your cabinet doors, always begin from the back because this is the squarest portion. You can then measure the height followed by the width.

How do you line up the hinges of kitchen cabinet doors?

You have to measure correctly whether you plan to order pre-drilled doors or drill the holes yourself. With the doors still attached, measure starting from the upper edge to the center of the top hinge hole to determine the position of the top hinge. 

Follow the same process measuring from the bottom edge to the bottom hinge hole. Make sure you measure each door and take note of the side where the hinges are located. 

What extras do you need for replacement kitchen cabinet doors?

Cornices, fillers, end panels, face frames, drawer faces, and others are often available in a similar finish as the door fronts. You also need to measure these, but you might want to go bigger if something must be attached to fit an unsteady floor or wall this time.

Can you do a complete cabinet replacement yourself?

Yes, as long as you can handle and know how to use a tape measure and an electric screwdriver. You can seek advice from your supplier. 

If you find it daunting to replace the doors of your upper cabinets or base cabinets, you can hire a local carpenter who can help you out. You can also choose a supplier that offers an installation service. 

Can you reface your kitchen cabinets yourself?

Refacing cabinets is cheaper than replacing kitchen cabinet doors. If you decide on refacing versus door replacement, refacing the cabinets with a new natural wood veneer yourself will take you around a week to finish the job. But if you are not confident with your skills, you can always call a professional who can complete the work in three days. 

Before you reface any cabinets, check if your existing cabinets are still suitable for this process. It means that these should have a sturdy and solid box construction made of MDF or plywood panels that should be ideally smooth. It is essential to have solid face frames that can accept new veneers. 

Don’t forget to check that all internal hardware like the drawer tracks is also working smoothly. 

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