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Last updated: March 25, 2023

Craftsman style kitchen lighting is one of the best accessories you can install over your kitchen island. Craftsman-style pendant lights provide the necessary lighting and ambiance paired with a mission-style ceiling fan. Wayfair has an excellent selection of ceiling fans with craftsman lighting. If you’re looking for a bit more chic, a craftsman kitchen, or modern farmhouse style kitchen, can benefit from gorgeous pendant lighting with solid brass accents (see Wayfair for ideas).

Stylish pendant lighting provides an excellent focal point to nestled breakfast nooks with calming warm, ambient light surrounded by modern elements in a white kitchen. You can complement a modern look any classic style, influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s craftsman design, bringing along the clean lines and natural beauty of early 1900s furniture hardware. The Usonia Collection: Frank Llloyd Wright from InsiderWeather offers striking examples of rustic vibe and the simple forms of a straight line into modern feel examples of dining tables, stools and pillow cases.

The unique ceiling lights made from natural materials honor the crafts movement. High ceilings are the best way to distinguish key zones and accentuate the design details of your craftsman’s kitchen and living room.

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What is Craftsman Style Kitchen Lighting

Craftsman, also known as mission style, is distinguished by the exacting straight lines in squares and rectangles, which carry through with an emphasis on woodwork.

These mission-style light fixtures and lamps get used with modern applications like electric and gas power sources. Often made from iron or brass, mission-style lighting fixtures contain square brass tubing and square glass shades.

Lighting fixtures of this specific style match and blend with the home’s architecture, contributing to the synergy between the furnishings and the house itself. 

Craftsman Style Kitchen Lighting - Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farm sink

Mission style floor and table lamps carry a simply elegant design. It is also common to see basic shapes forged out of copper and iron attached to some bulky chains in mission-style fixtures. 

Lamps have square wooden bases with elegant but straightforward glass shades, which were common during the period.

The inherent characteristics of this style were quality craftsmanship, simplicity, and functionality. While mission-style lighting fixtures are not elegant in a classic sense, these are not easily broken and are not fragile either. 

Craftsman-style lighting fixtures are typically bronze. Wall sconces for the indoor or outdoor area also dominate the selection of mission-style lighting fixtures. A rectangular chandelier featuring incandescent bulbs is also an excellent choice for foyers or over the dining room table. Pendant lamps also offer the accent island light you need. 

It is also noticeable that pull chains are fashionable accessories to turn on and off these lighting fixtures that thrive on vertical and horizontal lines. 

Best Craftsman Style Kitchen Lighting

The following are some of the craftsman light fixtures you can choose from to replace your traditional kitchen light bulb.

Mission 23 Inch 5 Light Chandelier by Arroyo Craftsman

The Arroyo Craftsman Mission Light Chandelier is reminiscent of the California Southwestern and Mission Revival architecture that is enduring and solid at the same time. It is a family of fixtures that can meet and stand the test of time. It has a height of 25 inches and a width of 23 inches, and the chain supplied is 3 feet with a canopy width of 4.25 inches. 

Emery Pendants by Quoizel

Quoizel ER1814PN Emery Vintage Pendant Lighting, 1-Light, 100 Watts, Palladian Bronze (12" H x 14" W)

Quoizel’s Emery Pendants will look right at home in any kitchen. The bronze finish is perfectly harmonious with natural stone and wood floors, giving these light fixtures an authentic craftsman feel. The series of Emery Pendants are available in bronze, brushed nickel, and imperial silver finishes.

Sloane Pendant by Visual Comfort

Visual Comfort’s Sloane Pendant features a perfect bronze finish if you want a dressier feel. The natural tone of the bronze finish makes it work well in craftsman homes. 

Tiffany Glass Flush Mount Ceiling Light by Kira Home

Kira Home Mateo 16" 2-Light Tiffany Glass Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Black Finish

Kira Home’s Tiffany Glass Flush Mount Ceiling Light boasts a vintage classic design. Its stunning semi-flush has a distinctly patterned Tiffany shade and a smooth black finish for an everlasting beautiful style. This rustic style decorative and gorgeous piece can illuminate your kitchen with natural light. 

This lighting fixture is ideal for different settings. This elegant fixture is mountable in other parts of your home, including your dining room, hallway, entryway, foyer, living room, and bedroom. 

Tiffany Ceiling Fixture Lamp by GlassMyth

GlassMyth Lighting Tiffany Ceiling Fixture Lamp Semi Flush Mount Light W8 Inch Antique Blue Dragonfly Stained Glass Crystal Gem Light for Living Room Antique Art lamp

GlassMyth’s Tiffany ceiling lamp features a bronze-colored metal base and a handmade mix-color-stained glass shade. Incandescent lamps or LED Edison bulbs with a max wattage of 60W can further accentuate its art glass shade. It is also possible to use different light bulbs to achieve distinct and ample lighting effects. 

Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light by Minka Lavery

Minka Lavery Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light 4951-267B, City Club Round Glass Lighting Fixture, 3 Light, Bronze

Minka Lavery’s Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light has a Lathan bronze finish with etched box pleat glass. Dimming is possible if used with a dimmer switch and dimmable bulb, making it a good option if you are looking for cabinet lighting or something to highlight your farmhouse kitchen sink

Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture by Q&S

Q&S Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture has an urban industrial design, and this is a rustic ceiling light that uses a durable and crafted metal frame paired with a bronze finish. It evokes a traditional, antique, and country feeling reminiscent of the designs of C.R. Mackintosh and Gustav Stickley. 

Its square shape with an iron cage design also adds a charming, artistic, and retro look that is gaining popularity in this 21st century. This farmhouse ceiling lamp made with clear glass creates a lovely and cozy living environment.

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Tips to Remember When Buying Craftsman Lights Online

While there are a variety of styles of craftsman lights that you can find in a local store near you, you can also check online to see more options. 

However, unlike shopping from physical stores, there are a few things you need to remember before you buy online. 

First, you might want to consult with interior designers to know the correct type of craftsman light for your home. 

Don’t forget to check the online store’s website’s main content and terms of use. Learn about the policies since these include the guidelines on returns of defective items, the number of business days when replacements are allowed, and if there is free shipping available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of lights and creative lighting designs are suitable for kitchens?

Ample lighting is one of the essential things that every kitchen needs. The specific type of lighting that will work best for your kitchen will depend on your particular needs and the size of the kitchen. However, a well-lit work area is essential to ensure safety in the kitchen.

The secret to proper kitchen lighting is to use a cast of different lighting sources and layer the lights. You can also mix ambient in decorative, accent, task, or overall lighting with natural light. 

How do you coordinate the best lighting design for your kitchen?

Your kitchen lighting design must be according to your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen. While the primary function of today’s kitchens is still for cooking, more and more homeowners have now turned their kitchens into one of the primary entertaining spaces in their houses. The design of your kitchen lights should consider the level of activity that your kitchen sees daily. 

Is there any kitchen lighting safety advice to consider?

Selecting the best lighting options for your kitchen, you need to consider the safety level of the lights that you plan to install. So far, there are no official guidelines on kitchen lighting safety.

However, remember that the splashes from the sink and the rising moisture may pose some hazards to your electrical light fittings. I recommend using IP-rated lights in spots that may experience some water ingress. 

How do you install lights in your kitchen?

The lights you install and use in your kitchen are always at risk of coming into close contact with heat and water. Ensure that all the lights are fitted well and are also compliant with the safety standards. 

For safety, I do recommend you hire the services of a qualified and skilled electrician who can install any lights in your kitchen that might come into close contact with water or heat to prevent untoward incidents in this part of your home. 

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