The Captivating Craftsman Style Kitchen Table

White oak mission dining tables are a beauty to behold and can serve as the focal point of your dining area.

If you also want to spruce up your home with a craftsman style kitchen table, there are some essential things you should know first before considering this unique furniture style as your top profile in the home.

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What is Craftsman Style Furniture

Gustav Stickley created craftsman style furniture (also called mission style furniture) in his craftsman workshops in 1900. Old Stickley did not change the company’s name until 1903, yet worked on the style for years. However, the company stopped producing crafts style furniture in 1916.

Mr. Stickley was a leading voice for the Arts and Crafts movement in America, and as an American furniture manufacturer, his furniture models became the perfect examples for mission design with timeless appeal. The craftsman style dining table was popular as one of the new products at the time. The Arts and Crafts movement developed its early popularity in Great Britain and would flourish in the United States and Europe between 1880-1920 by early accounts.

The style continues to be re-produced and remains popular in the furniture industry in the United States and worldwide. The retail price is much higher but for this additional cost, you’ve invested into a construction process, known as tenon construction, which is a joining technique known for centuries in woodworking circles. Wood is shaped to fit into a hole (mortise), making the joint very strong since both wood elements are very tight and held together with wood glue that is waterproof.

The crafts movement by Amish craftsmen is a thoughtful exercise in quality and craftsmanship. Practical and straightforward, craftsman-style furniture heavily emphasizes this artistry with the remarkable value of carefully made pieces. For example, accent chairs provide a little inspiration in the form of clean lines, vertical lines, and solid wood construction. Remarkable artistry can be found in traditional dowel legs, with patterns and detail, that enhance the room decoration through an oak dining table, for example, which by design, has a solid top and is a sturdy table.

Craftsman-style dining room furniture like an Amish dining room set, wooden dining chairs, mission style tables, or a farmhouse style table embraces the traditional style of woodworking through different finishes, ensuring this unified design and the durable finish lasted a long time.

Critical Elements of Craftsman Style

During the Industrial Revolution, inventors brought many things to life, including machine tools, steam power, chemical manufacturing, and the factory system. The craftsman design movement came into existence as resistance against the quickly changing industry. 

Champions of this movement ditched the mass-produced and embraced the handcrafted instead as a way of rejecting both the extravagant Victorian designs and commercialized manufacturing practices. It is easy to identify arts and crafts styles based on traditional woodworking techniques and practical and clean pieces. 

While modern style pieces are not handmade by artisan woodworkers, the functional practicality and traditional design elements keep the early movement’s principles alive and well. 

Here is a quick walkthrough of the style and its essential elements.

Function Over Form

The earliest craftsman homes prioritized practicality before anything else. These houses had a piece of furniture like cabinets, benches, and shelves built right into walls, and this focus on functionality is common today. Many mission-style bookcases, benches, and tables feature additional drawers, hooks, or shelves for optimum storage.

Amish chairs and side chairs generally have a seat height of about 17.5 inches. The full height provides excellent back support to promote good posture and comfort.

Today, this furniture is designed with high quality and fit, allowing homeowners (condos, homes) and even modern apartment residents to consider these functional pieces for smaller spaces

Metal Latches, Slats, and Panels

Simple metal hardware, Shaker-style panels, and parallel slats are the key elements of mission and craftsman design. Exposed joinery and stained-glass details are among the other hallmarks of craftsman style and are still essential even when mass-produced to achieve the carefully crafted style. 

Refined Warm Woods

You can quickly identify Crafts-style furniture thanks to its construction made from solid wood. Hardwoods, including solid oak, walnut, and cherry, are usually finished with a rich and warm stain that accentuates the wood’s natural grain. It is rare to see matte or paint finishes on craftsman wood dining tables. The perfect table, hardwood floors, and Amish furniture like side chairs boast a natural finish. 

Common Wood Types for the Best Craftsman Dining Tables

Hardwoods, specifically oak, walnut, mahogany, hickory, and cedar, are famous and standard wood options for mission-style dining tables. Amish artisans pay extra attention to the natural grain when choosing wood pieces. 

Common Shapes of Mission Dining Room Table

When shopping for a new dining table, it is only understandable to wonder which shape is the best. 

Many people don’t realize that their choice of shape for modern dining tables is equally important as the type of table itself. The form of your solid wood table will determine how many people can comfortably sit around it. The shape of kitchen tables also plays a role in how formal or casual the room will look and feel. 

Craftsman Round Dining Table

Smaller circular or round craftsman dining tables are great space-saving options if you have a tighter living space. Seating flexibility is one of the most important benefits of a craftsman round table.

Craftsman Oval Dining Table

An oval Amish dining table features an elegant charm that will indeed look great in your dining area. It is possible to seat more people around oval tables than round ones, and these tables are also a better choice than rectangular ones if you need to seat a larger crowd of people. 

Craftsman Rectangular Dining Table

For a good reason, rectangular solid wood dining tables are the most popular shapes. Aside from the rectangle being a classic shape, this can work well in modern and contemporary décor. A smaller rectangular wooden dining table can be used in tight kitchens, while a longer one can achieve a more elegant look. 

Craftsman Square Dining Table

Square dining tables are starting to gain popularity in today’s decorating trends for dining space. You can find these in pub-style dining tables and even console tables. 

Measurement and Dining Tables

When looking for a table that can be a great addition to your dining area, the measurements are vital because you must ensure comfortable and sufficient space to seat everyone. 

A rectangular table with a length of 4 feet, for example, can accommodate four people. A table that measures 5 to 6 feet can seat up to six people.

You want round tables with pedestal bases that measure 3 to 5 feet to seat four people. Eight to nine people can easily fit in a round table that measures 6 to 7 feet. 

How to Design a Craftsman Style Kitchen

The secret to making the most out of the elegant charm of mission furniture is to embrace all the details that embody hand-joinery and handcraftsmanship.

Craftsman Color Scheme

Earth-tone paints and stains are the color scheme you can use to create an authentic craftsman-style kitchen. Your choices include paints with natural colors and warm stained wood finishes. 

For your cabinet materials, you can opt for the unique grain pattern of quarter-sawn white oak, cherry with a naturally red undertone, maple with classic grain, or red oak. 

Painted finishes can be sleek and smooth on traditional paintable wood species or textured on red oak. These classic finishes are all favorites for mission-style cabinetry. 

Craftsman Style Cabinetry

In craftsman interiors, file cabinet door styles are more traditional, featuring raised or flat panels. Cabinet doors with square, straight edges and clean and simple lines work great in craftsman kitchen designs

A staple of the design is traditional framed cabinetry construction. Even though Inset door construction is the most common feature of craftsman cabinetry, standard overlay and full overlay doors are great options to achieve this style. 

An Art glass door is another familiar characteristic of craftsman architecture where inserted stained glass windows add style for your craftsman’s kitchen. It’s the perfect piece for inspired exploration in kitchen home decor and style. Another popular feature is elegant mullion cabinet doors with distinctive period patterns. 

Craftsman Styling Design Elements

Handcraftsmanship is common in craftsman kitchens, and even the most minor details receive significant attention. Most of the time, a simple stylized motif helps to embellish surfaces. You can also use an arched valance below wall cabinets or in toe spaces to give the design an arts and crafts flare. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Main Features of Mission and Craftsman-Style Furniture?

To integrate the craftsman look into your home, make sure you look for and choose furniture pieces that feature the traditional elements of vertical panels and slats, grainy stained words, clean and simple lines, and metal hardware. 

Given the high-quality material used, we recommend looking for deals on free shipping so that a delivery person or two can do the heavy lifting!

What Craftsman Furniture Can You Use in the Bedroom?

Matching mission bedroom sets offer a timeless warm appeal. You can pair a set of craftsman dressers with a slatted wooden headboard and complete this look with a mission-style nightstand. You can also add modern touches like a comforter, lamp, or chic rug to ensure it doesn’t look too 19th century. 

What Craftsman Pieces Can You Use in your Dining Room?

Playing around with the craftsman design is best done in the dining room. Since dining tables host multiple place settings, dishes, and plates, you should choose a reliable and sturdy one. You can pair your craftsman dining table with a handsome wooden buffer and slatted mission dining chairs as finishing touches. 

How do you Achieve a Craftsman Style Front Porch?

One of craftsman architecture’s hallmarks is a welcoming covered porch. Some key pieces you can use include comfortable benches, rocking chairs, or even a swing to offer to seat on the front porch. Cozy outdoor cushions or pillows, craftsman light fixtures, and potted plants can all add more character to the outdoor area. 

What is the Best Craftsman Living Room Furniture?

Mission style tables with bottom shelves included drawers and slatted sides are all ideas for giving you the necessary storage in the exact style you love. You can also adorn your living room with a wooden rocking chair featuring mission-style slats. 

Is there Craftsman Style Office Furniture?

Although the 19th century’s austere Shakers probably didn’t have offices at home, you can still apply the principles of the era’s design to your modern workspace. Look for a mission bookcase with many shelves or a practical wooden desk with ample storage. Complete this look with a slatted-back desk chair, or use a stylish dining or side chair for a modern twist. 

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