What Separates Designer Bathroom Accessories from the Rest?

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

Recognizable bathroom accessories in superstores and big box stores are beautiful and on-trend. Designer bathroom accessories don’t need to strive for beauty like the competition because it is. When you compare the two, there is no comparison; the luxury brilliance of designer bath accessories is on an extraordinary level. 

What makes luxury bathroom accessories stand apart from their more affordable counterparts? Why can big box stores not carry luxe bathroom accessories? The simple answer comes down to its construction and cost.

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What are Designer Bath Accessories?

Accessories that act as a focal point, rather than background bathroom décor, are designer bath accessories. When they sit on top of a countertop and makeup vanity area, the pieces add a stunning, sophisticated, elegant, magnificent beauty, changing the ambiance. Designer luxury bath accessories exist to elevate existing bathrooms into master bath or spas. 

One reason luxury accessories are the bathroom centerpiece is the material. Like the big box stores, the luxury versions will use ceramic, plastic, acrylic, and wood/bamboo as the body. The distinction is designer accessories also use stoneware, lava stone, glass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

The body uses genuine material to construct the bath accessories instead of cheap imitations like the big box stores. The same goes for the pump heads found on soap and lotion dispensers. Pump heads use authentic bronze, brass, nickel, aluminum, or metal. 

The shine when luxury bath pieces hit the light is another way it distances itself from the competition. Glass, crystal, and gold reflect light beautifully and naturally, aiding in distributing light throughout the room. While not all designer bath pieces shine, the ones that use reflective material rather than polishing it with a glossy finish.

The appearance is another reason designer bath accessories outshine their inexpensive counterparts. Every glued-on crystal or cracked mosaic tile is precise. The colors chosen do a fantastic job of blending in and standing out, and that’s a hard thing to balance.

You can tell the artisans paid careful attention to detail because you can see and feel it. The stone versions carry weight, and the stainless steel and aluminum metals are highly durable, for example. The bath items operate as intended, meaning you are paying for high quality substance and style.

The cost to own expensive taste is not as expensive as you think. You can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for designer bath items, but they are also under 100, going as low as $40. They come as separate pieces or a pre-determined set, although it’s rare to get a luxury bath set under $100.

Prevalent items in designer accessory sets are a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser, soap dishes, and a tumbler. Possible items included in luxury bathroom sets are a tissue box, wastebasket, toilet brush, storage box, and vanity trays. The groups range from a set of two to a set of nine in many colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Who Carries Luxury Bath Accessories?

If designer luxury bath pieces are enticing, understand that you must seek them out rather than accept the choices in front of you. Leave the superstores and big box stores for online marketplaces, upscale shops, and online specialty stores. Browse the vast selection and choose the one that matches the modern look in your bathroom.

Continue to search the luxury bath retailers for new arrivals, the latest discounts, and new products. These retailers always have a holiday sale, a website sale, a store sale, or a coupon code up for grabs. If you prefer paying for items online, the company will provide a postal tracking number to track the delivery route and schedule.

Don’t limit yourself to countertop bath accessories because shower seats and shower drain covers are available too. There are shower sets with shower curtains, bath mats, toilet seat covers, and a toilet rug. There is also an accessory set with towel rings, towel bars, towel warmers, shower caddies, toilet brush holders, toilet tissue holders, and a toilet brush holder.

Online Marketplaces

Companies who need greater audience exposure to view their products work on a larger platform to get noticed. Amazon and Wayfair set the bar pretty high for designer luxury bath products. They sell individual pieces and luxury bath sets in many price ranges to meet all budgets.

If you prefer a great place off the beaten path, an honorable mention is Etsy. As you type in “luxury bath accessory set” or “luxury bath accessory” in the Etsy search engine, you will find a reasonable amount of choices. If separate pieces are what you’re after, it requires additional digging on the site. 

Online marketplaces are the perfect route for people who shop at these stores often. If you don’t have an account, you must open one once you press checkout in the shopping cart.

Specialty Online Stores

They are a source of luxury bath decor. These are the brands you commonly see on online marketplaces and upscale shops. These specialty stores also have a website should you want to order from them directly.

Finding specialty stores is difficult when online marketplaces, upscale shops, and big box stores compete for attention on search engine results. That may be because the brands are not mainstream or recognizable. They are top brands in the luxury bath market.

Specialty brands like Labrazel, Mike + Ally, Luxdeco, Pigeon and Poodle, and Mette Ditmer Denmark are not bland. All are striking and classy; some add well-placed color to make the collection pop. That is a route to take should you want to buy individual pieces and bath sets straight from the source.

Upscale Shops

The upscale shops benefit from an online presence and several brick-and-mortar establishments, so choose which one works for you. Browse their bath collections at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Bed Bath and Beyond. They carry the hottest brands in designer luxury baths alongside their store brand products.

Most of the luxury selections at these stores are stone materials like stoneware, marble, onyx, and slate. However, these stores also carry glass, crystal, and acrylic. To find your ideal material, type “designer bathroom accessories” or “luxury bathroom accessories” online and filter the results by material.

Should you notice a price range, the stores allow you to pick which bath set pieces you want. The low price is for one item; the high price is for all items. It depends on which set pieces you choose and how many you want.

That is a perfect route for people who want to see the bath items in person. You can examine the items, ask an associate a question, and pay for them on the same day. It is easier to return the items to the store for an exchange or cash back as long as you have a receipt.

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