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Last updated: April 8, 2023

Customers who pick the custom cabinetry route want a one-of-a-kind kitchen. While function is important, custom cabinets are all about style and beauty unique to individual specifications. Options some customers rely on for custom-made cabinetry are the designer’s choice.

Refinished or new kitchen cabinets, designer choice cabinets, or designer’s choice cabinets transfer your vision to the cabinets. A design team goes over the wood material, the craftsmanship, the finish, and the hardware. With kitchen cabinet dealers found all over the United States plus a limited warranty on every cabinet, your cabinet selection will be the focal point in your kitchen.

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Designer’s Choice Cabinetry

Customers lean toward this custom cabinetry choice because it is one of the top ways to customize a dream kitchen during a kitchen remodel. Combining the tradition of old world craftsmanship with modern technology and intelligence, you get a long-lasting, high-quality product at an affordable price. For example, the source of top-quality cabinets is in manufacturing companies across America, from South Carolina to California and New England states.

A large variety of finishes hold equal importance to the wood material. While the finish and slab combos vary, all combinations give the wood shine, and detailed grains and straight lines gain texture for a breathtaking result. The light and dark stains, optional glaze accents, and subtle tones complement the wood finish nicely.

Some locations add more to the kitchen than cabinets. They offer a designer choice style on granite countertops, hardware, sink, and faucet designs in the kitchen. The cabinetry style is the home solution for cabinet decor throughout the house because the bathroom, laundry room, and closet can enjoy the same custom option.

Should you dive into the designer’s choice option, three collections will guide you toward the type of cabinet you want in your kitchen and bathroom. All choice cabinetry builds craft cabinets of the highest quality wood using the best American hardwoods on the market. All three have a variety of styles, glaze colors, finishes, and stains within the collection.

Presidential Collection

Channel the spirit of upscale excellence with the presidential collection. The presidential wood doors are 100% cherry, red oak, hard maple, or knotty alder material. When you choose one of the four materials, expect to pick which stain, glaze, door style, and paint color your custom cabinet will get.

Cabinets are not the only thing you get in this collection. You get matching kitchen and bath items to ensure the style remains consistent throughout the room. One combo is dovetail drawers, soft-close drawers, and countertop slabs; dovetail drawers, soft close drawers, and drawer fronts are the other.

The Euro-Wood Collection goes by the same excellence as the presidential one. Similar material, stain, glaze, paint, and styles of cabinet doors are up for grabs. The only exception is that euro-wood construction is not in the knotty version.

What differs between the presidential and euro-wood is the full access cabinetry. A see-through or frosted glass door with a wood rim gives you full access to what is inside the cabinet without opening it. A presidential cabinet is a solid wood surface that replaces accessibility with a stunning exterior you will stare at all day.

Urban Collection

The urban style is the best for customers craving a modern look in kitchen cabinets. You can distinguish the urban style when you see high-gloss, a textured surface, and the best hardwoods. The three modern contemporary styles in the urban category are Contempo, Urban, and Europa.

The urban door is a textured modern contemporary style. When you touch it, the texture has a distinctive matching edge, frameless construction, and several wood finish options. Meanwhile, the Contempo door and Europa are basic contemporary modern styles.

Europa doors share a similar matching edge to urban doors, yet the door is smoother. The two-tone edge of the Contempo doors separates from the pack. Both versions have finished options in matte and gloss.

Besides contemporary and modern styles, the urban collection also personalizes wood cabinets to suit traditional and transitional styles.

Millennium Collection

A modern, clean, and budget-friendly option is the millennium style. Like the rest, the millennium style comes in melamine and linear foil sub-styles.

Linear foil cabinet slab choices range from raised panel exteriors to round beveled edges. Different finishes in woodgrain, gloss, and solid are available.

Melamine doors are the most inexpensive cabinets because of their wood-paper-resin heat-sealing laminate construction. Besides square edges, there are woodgrain and solid finishes to select. Melamine and linear foil cabinets are available in full access and traditional cabinets.

Wood Finish Types

Finishes keep high-quality cabinets beautiful and durable. Stains, glaze, and paint is two of five cabinet finish types needed to seal in the craftsmanship, preserve the wood grain, and keep it from drying out. The other two are natural and distressed; the right choice is up to you and the designer.

  1. Stain finishes highlight different grains of fresh wood. The stain finish depends on the wood chosen. The designer can show examples of how it may look should you prefer that stain over another.
  2. Painted finishes are a choice for maple and birch wood, and the most popular colors are white and off-white.
  3. Less is more with a natural finish. The goal is to preserve the natural appearance of wood cabinets, so cabinets get one coat of finish.
  4. Glazed finishes also embrace the natural appearance. It may get many coats, but each coat highlights the color and detail of the wood.
  5. A distressed finish is a rustic, beat-up, worn-out piece of wood perfect for a farmhouse country kitchen or bathroom. The artisans emphasize the imperfections with a finish coat or paint to highlight them before becoming cabinets.

Benefits of Designer Cabinetry

The kitchen industry offers pre-made and custom cabinetry to give customers a choice. Going the custom cabinetry route, especially designer’s choice cabinetry, is a perfect route for new cabinets. The style offers many benefits suitable for any room in your home.

Endless Options

While there are limits to stock/pre-made and custom cabinetry, there are hundreds of options when you choose designer cabinetry. That gives you breathing room to create whatever you wish with the designer’s help in a given time. The stock cabinetry has some customization, but your options are about ten compared to hundreds.

Stock cabinetry woods offer standard stains, limited finishes, glazes, and standard paint colors. Designer cabinetry offers many stains, finish, paint, and glaze options that the result is authentic. Unlike stock cabinetry, no one will have the designer cabinetry you create.


That is a reason designer cabinetry is a beloved choice. Every cabinet door is handmade and crafted for your specifications. It requires authentic wood so durable the design lasts years after completion.

There is no faux wood with custom cabinetry. When artisans construct cabinets, the company gets materials straight from the source. After all that hard work and the money you paid for them, it will not break after a few months or one year.

To complete the masterpiece, the artisan seal in the hard work with stained finishes, and glaze.


Most cabinet woods need resealing every few months or every year to keep them looking pristine. The average person will not remember this, and the neglect dries wood out. The designer collection does not need that responsibility.

The staining, finishing, glazing, and painting on top of the wood are layers of protection for the genuine wood to survive in humid temperatures. Cleaning the cabinets requires a damp cloth with regular soap and water, a light stroke, and drying the cabinet. Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions because they will damage the wood and ruin the finish.

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