8 DIY Bedroom Vanity Ideas

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

Your bedroom should be a personal sanctuary of all of your favorite things. Colors, memorabilia, and unique = style top the list of pleasantries to fulfill in your urge for rest. Make your bedroom the best part of your day by turning it into everything you have ever dreamed of. Your own DIY (do it yourself) vanity can spice up any traditional location you’ve seen in other homes.

Instead of searching furniture stores for perfectly matching bedroom vanity sets, use these DIY bedroom vanity ideas and form a unique look that fits your desires and personality. The result will bring a personal touch to your space and give you emotional satisfaction the easy way.

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DIY Makeup Vanity Table Ideas

Any small table and old chair can be the start of your small space beauty station. Garage sales offer a great way to discover some creative DIY vanity table ideas. An old typewriter stand, a vintage sewing table, or a student desk are all potential beginnings for creating a makeup table. Keep in mind drawers for storage. 

Sketch of old vintage desk with 5 drawers used as a bedroom vanity

If you have a small bedroom, take measurements of where you intend to place your dressing table. Consider the storage needed for beauty products and hair care supplies. An old sewing machine or desk will provide a lot of space with side drawers for extra storage.

Spray paint is a great idea for adding your favorite color to a wooden piece of furniture. We can achieve a stylish makeup vanity using bold or pastel colors. You can never go wrong with a white color that is neutral and blends cleanly with any decor.

Clean and sand the wooden frame before spray-painting to create an even surface. A coat of finish will seal in color and bring out a matte or shiny appearance. The same applies to refinishing wood to make your vanity shine. 

Best Makeup Vanity Ideas for a Small Room

A small apartment with small spaces does not have to eliminate the idea of a dream vanity. A new vanity can comprise any flat surface that serves as a makeup station

You can buy a closet shelf made of melamine in different sizes to create a white vanity. This can be a perfect fit for an awkward space like the corner of the room. Hold the board at a ninety-degree angle at the right place for your vanity set and secure it with sturdy commercial metal brackets beneath. Kitchen stools fit perfectly under your simple design.

Sketch of bedroom vanity which is an old desk for writing or work

Stacked plastic or wicker storage units easily make as much space as necessary and keep close to your makeup vanity desk. This is a simple way to save room, work within a tight budget, or keep your little princess happy with her perfect vanity. Storage units on wheels can also be handy if little space is available.

A bathroom vanity could solve limited space challenges. Any narrow side table can provide a flat surface for commonly used beauty supplies. Some are available with drawers and shelves for storage. Make a wall display of mirrors in different shapes and sizes around your stand for a decorative statement. 

Vanity Seats

Don’t forget about the chair or stool accompanying your new vanity station. An old piano bench or small side chair can add the perfect touch when padded and recovered. A small amount of fabric, padding and upholstery tacks are all needed to make a brilliant impression. 

Try out a small chair or bench for comfort before putting in the work of restoration. Gauge the height to give you good angles of your face. Padding will add extra inches, so be sure to consider this.

If your makeup table is missing that extra pizzazz you were hoping for, make it up with a stylish seat. An armless club chair or a high-backed wing chair can be options if the size is not too large and bulky. Sophisticated chairs are always a welcome sight in a bedroom and make for a great reading area. 

The Importance of Storage Space

Makeup vanities need to have enough space for a makeup artist to reach all pieces of a makeup collection, like makeup brushes, eye crayons, and other makeup products.

DIY glass top makeup vanity is a popular choice today. Remove the top of the table and replace it with clear Plexiglas to expose the open drawers beneath. Place hinges along the back for access to your makeup storage items.

Bathroom counter organizers are wonderful ways to keep makeup stash accessible.

A few examples include:

  • Clear open trays with compartments
  • Counter caddies
  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Spice racks
  • Hanging shelves

A stand with attached wheels and pull-out drawers can give you ample space for your beauty needs. Available in plastic, wood, or wicker, we can easily move them when not in use. 

Selecting the Right Mirror

A nice mirror to complement your beautiful vanity table is a must. Natural light cannot provide the different angles of light needed when applying cosmetic products. However, creating a lighted mirror does not have to be difficult. There are several models available that are pre-wired for easy mounting. Some lights come attached to the sides and top of your vanity mirror for even easier installation.

The best thing to do when considering light bulbs on a DIY vanity mirror is to find the proper place for mounting. A flip-top mirror will give you easy access to light when needed and works well for a converted desk-top vanity. 

A small mirror on a stand will fit with a DIY apartment-sized vanity with limited space. Make sure you position your vanity table to receive plenty of natural light. A wall mirror with LED lighting can also serve as a modern vanity solution that offers clean lines in a simple overall design. 

A hanging mirror can add character to a room with a dramatic outline of wood or metal. Visit thrift shops and find an ornate mirror that has potential. Paint the frame in silver or gold for an elegant look. More casual decors can be uplifted with bold colors. Use strips of LED lighting and follow the outline of the mirror to add the light you need for your beauty routines. 

Makeup Vanity for Little Girls

Following a step-by-step video for creating a tot’s vanity table can be quite complex. Not to mention that a 3 to 4-year toddler can be rough with furniture. This method simplifies the process for anyone that does not have a woodworking shop and leaves you with a safe and inexpensive vanity station. The proportions are accurate, and the legs provide a sturdy piece of furniture.

Needed Supplies

  • Plywood tabletop from a child’s play table – resize to 14 1/2″ x 32″
  • Four 18 1/4″ 2×2″ lumber for legs
  • Two 11″ 2 1/2″ lumber for the side apron
  • Two 28″ 2 1/2″ lumber for front and back apron
  • 1 1/4″ pocket screws
  • Sandpaper
  • One can of non-toxic spray paint 
  • Small hanging mirror
  • Clear makeup box


Cut your tabletop to size and set it aside. Cut the legs and apron lumber and attach them to the tabletop. Use four pocket screws for each leg and apron end to provide a solid unmoving base. 

Take your finished table outside and sand down all rough edges. Spray paint the table with non-toxic spray paint in their favorite color. White or dusty pink are good colors. 

Place the desk in her room with a proportionate hanging mirror that is the right height for her size. Glue a clear cosmetic makeup box to the top of the finished vanity where your little girl can keep her jewelry.

Hollywood Glamour Makeup Vanity Table

Who doesn’t want a sparkling makeup area complete with storage, makeup lights, and an easy-to-care-for surface? A straight and simple console table can be the start of a beautiful addition to your bedroom with a little time and effort.

Modern white feminine dressing room with minimalist vanity table and mirror

Needed Supplies

  • Silver leaf sheets
  • Metal leaf adhesive
  • Sealer
  • Silver spray paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge brush
  • Plexiglas
  • Clear plastic knobs
  • Hanging ornate mirror
  • Portable Makeup lights


Your storage solution will be handled if you find an old straight-lined desk with drawers. Remove the drawers and paint the interior with a color of your choice. Black makes a good background against the silver exterior. 

Begin by spraying adhesive and lining the top and sides of the desk with sheets of silver leaf. Only do a small section at a time so that you can control the smoothing process. A paintbrush can help to manage wrinkles. 

Once you are happy with the pattern and even distribution of the sheets, allow time to dry. Move your unit outdoors and spray over the patterned area with silver spray paint. Include spray-painting the legs during this process. 

Have a piece of Plexiglass cut to size for the top surface and smooth the rough edges. Purchase crystal-imitated knobs for the drawers to set it off. 

Find an old ornate mirror and spray paint the border with the same silver paint. Allow drying before hanging on the wall directly above your new makeup desk. 

Portable LED Makeup Lights are perfect for adding the finishing touches of glamour to your mirror. They simulate daylight and are cordless and rechargeable for ease. Available in adhesive strips of 4, you can add as many light bulbs as you want.

Complete your look with a small chair or bench in silver or white with a seat cover of fake fur. Your friends will be stunned at your beautiful handiwork.

Country Sewing Machine Makeup Beauty

They made singer sewing machines of the early 20th century of black iron. They had an open compartment on the top where the sewing machine rested when not in use. Instead of hiding this antique in the attic, turn it into a useful focal point as a makeup vanity table. 

Victorian bedroom with vintage vanity pastel sketch

Needed Supplies

  • Tape measure
  • Wooden makeup storage box
  • Long and short screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Melanite or plywood to cover the opening
  • Small hinges
  • Small mirror
  • Adhesive
  • Mirror clips
  • Paint for creating distressed wood
  • Polyurethane
  • Ornate knobs


The sewing machine base already provides a rustic atmosphere with the scrolled legs and heavy black metal. The top and drawers, however, will need a little facelift. First, remove the sewing machine to begin the transformation.

There will be a deep hole that can easily be fitted with a wooden makeup storage box for small makeup supplies, creams, and perfumes. Shop around for a size that overlaps the sides of the opening. You may have to buy two to fill the hole.

Before working on the hole, sand and paint the exterior wood casing with paint to create a distressed look, have a piece of Melanite or plywood cut at a home center that either fit your open space perfectly or overlaps. Paint this piece as well. Allow drying. Polyurethane the distressed surfaces for protection. Turn the sewing machine unit over and carefully position screws to hold the makeup box in place. Paint your storage box before securing it with straight-side screws.

Bring the unit upright and attach the piece of plywood to the opening. If possible, have it cut to fit flush with the surface. Fit and secure with two hinges along the back. On the underside of the top, attach a small mirror with adhesive and mirror clips so that you will have a hidden space for your mirror. 

Complete your new look by placing wooden or plastic crystal knobs on the side drawers that add to the desired style. During non-use, your stand will be an attractive piece of furniture to match your rustic or country decor. However, when needed, you will have everything that you need in a beauty station inside the unit. 

Create your own DIY (do it yourself) makeup vanity ideas but make sure it’s for practical and aesthetic purposes. The most important thing to remember is how proportion, style, and color are used to blend in with your room decor.

Sleek lines are always welcome for modern and contemporary bedrooms and bathrooms. Scrolled legs and ornate-laced vanity tops have a more traditional and warm appearance. Finished wood mixes well with country and rustic designs.

Your DIY vanity table and chair can be a desirable addition to your bedroom or bathroom. You will want to experiment more with beauty products, pay closer attention to your skin, and look forward to the personal time prepping for your day. 

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