8 Egyptian Bedroom Ideas

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

Turning your bedroom into an Egyptian paradise will release your inner mystical soul. The grand illusion of Ancient Egypt will come to life with elegant fabrics, statues of worshipped gods, and jewel-toned colors. Create an Egyptian theme bedroom of your own with these exciting ideas. 

Table of Contents

1. Egyptian Bedroom Ideas – Color Scheme

It’s hard to imagine that the Egyptian culture only had six colors to choose from. In 3000 BCE, artists relied on blue, green, red, yellow, black, and white to symbolize different aspects of their beliefs across Egyptian cities. These rich colors graced many design accents.

  • Blue represented rebirth and creation
  • Green meant new life, growth, and fertility
  • Yellow symbolized the eternal. They also included gold in this category.
  • Red was a sign of power in life and victory
  • Black meant death, night, and the underworld
  • White represented all things sacred and purity

Artists quickly decorated walls, ceilings, and floors of palaces besides temples, tombs, public buildings, and pottery. Wall sculpture of landscape frescos of water, birds, and animals created a pleasing background in an Egyptian temple.

Today’s choices of colors give you a wider variety of shades to choose from. With a little planning, an Egyptian themed bedroom can range anywhere from rust-colored walls to a deep blue look. 

2. Egyptian Bedroom Ideas – Wall Coverings

Fieldstone and mortar made a cement-like covering for an Egyptian master bedroom. There were many ways that a royal family would decorate the surface for style and beauty. The primary color might be neutral beige or bold colors, like blue or gold. 

Egyptian wall art comprised crude drawings of hieroglyph symbols. Many items from the animal kingdom got displayed as communication. A scarab beetle, animal legs, or the body of a lion, had different interpretations. Today, we may use symbols in framed pictures or as indoor sculptures.

3. Egyptian Bedroom Ideas – Furniture

Ancient Egyptian bedrooms were massive. The tall ceilings and rooms often held a large wooden bed and a seating area. It was not unusual to see a four-poster bed of dark walnut. Very few bedrooms today are this lavish, but the furniture still holds a rich stately look. Carved wood with clawed feet and patterned trim carry a historical theme of wealth and status.

4. Egyptian Bedroom Ideas – Quality Fabrics

One of the most telling signs of ancient Egyptian style is the quality fabric that ancient worlds demanded. Linen, made from flax and wool, was the two primary fabrics during the early Egyptian era. Cotton was also a favored fabric and easily accessible to their descendants in India.

Egypt had the most skilled talent with its unique weavers, and Egypt’s technique did not appear in other areas of the world. They considered it the prime advanced world culture in ancient times. The quality of many textiles has grown significantly since the earliest days.

Egyptian cotton is a popular fabric today because of its extreme softness. You can find this feature today in sheets that never pill and increase comfort through years of use. Egyptian royalty grew very fond of this material and most bed linens from this fabric. A high thread count on sheets and a spread of rich colors delivered a focal point from the bed linens alone.

Draperies hung from the ceiling to the hardwood floors in the glamorous Egyptian decor. Thick and luxurious and made of cotton, linen, or silk, they covered open outside doorways. They were essential in keeping the desert sun from leaving an Egyptian bedroom hot and sultry. Curtains covered other open areas, even kitchen cabinets.

Capturing the grandeur of an Egyptian King in a master suite may sound intimidating and over the top. However, with a bit of planning and learning about the history of Ancient Egyptians, the overall design can be splendid. Following are ideas for your first complete design style of an Egyptian themed room.

Egyptian Papyrus

5. Additional Ideas

1. Egyptian Bedroom Ideas – Bamboo Instilled Beauty

Bamboo was prominent along the Nile and used to push off boats and decorate. A bamboo wall treatment can comprise picture frames made of bamboo, bamboo cladding to cover walls or Egyptian furniture made of this sturdy material.

A neutral backdrop gets formed when using light-colored bamboo to add soothing traditional Egyptian colors throughout the room. Wallpaper of light-swirled gold and hiring a mural artist to create stunning palm trees on one wall will set the mood for ancient sophistication and modern designs

Modern lamps in brilliant gold and gold pillow shams will bring Egyptian style without appearing too regal. Draperies of pastel silk fabric will keep the room light and airy. Finish this perfect place with a stone hieroglyphic wall hanging above the bed and an Egyptian sphinx statue sitting proudly on a display stand.

Statue Egypt Cat isolated

2. Egyptian Bedroom Ideas – Egyptian Deities and Dark Leather

Although black was the main color of death in Ancient Egypt, it brought depth and royalty to Egyptian bedroom decor. Black walls trimmed in thick golden-patterned stripes can bring royal elegance to a room. Cracked mirror panels will offset the chilling dark color and turn it into grace.

Egyptian furniture of dark leather and fabric of soft cheetah prints creates a sophisticated look.

Black furniture such as a wrought iron bed and a trunk with wood inserts keep with the rich style. Caged hanging lights of gold with a delicate open-laced design will grace the bed in romantic glamour. Sphinx sculptures and white glazed ceramic pots will immediately catch the eye of visitors with the bright contrast. 

Select your favorite Egyptian gods and deities to line on a bare wall. Keep them simple and frameless for an authentic presence. The burial chambers of pharaohs can give you an idea of the most famous gods. Tombs had the most exquisite designs in Egypt in honor of the dead. This can form the right accents of Egyptian art in your Egyptian style bedroom.

3. Egyptian Bedroom Ideas – Pyramids and Geometric Motifs

I can’t think of Egypt without the picture of the Great Pyramids. The bedrock of an Egyptian plateau, mystery, and intrigue surround this Egyptian art of massive proportion. Design your Egyptian home around this wonder with the Egyptian wall art of pyramids. 

Using geometries in your decor complements the fantasy of the pyramids. A modern themed dining room or living room will also blend well with a nearby bedroom’s straight lines and neutral colors. A focal point of a great pyramid wall hanging above your bed will bring you the serenity of an ancient Egyptian land.

Natural light will invite with ceiling-to-floor sheers that flow with the touch of air. If you want to see your pyramid wall beauty lying in bed, place your fabulous piece of art across from your sleeping chambers. Use a subtle geometric style wallpaper on the wall of your bed’s head frame in neutral or colored pastels, depending on your taste.

Egyptian Style Dining Room

4. Egyptian Bedroom Ideas – Modern Chic and Egyptian

Have some fun decorating your Egyptian bedroom in deep blue, red, and brown color palettes. A transitional feel of luxury, oriental, and contemporary will display an exciting scene.

An Egyptian bedroom does not have to be separate from the overall style of your house, and we can use transitional styling with almost every interior design. If you enjoy the look of Egyptian decor, don’t be afraid to share it a bit in your other living spaces.

Opposite walls of royal blue can set the stage for a dramatic sense of richness. Wooden doors and brown crown molding will keep the blue from being too startling. A simple, light-colored contemporary headboard prepares your backdrop for exciting Egyptian wall art and furnishings.

Use framed brightly colored prints of Egyptian deities and kings on a wall in random order. Indoor sculpture transforms contemporary style into the ancient beauty of Egypt. Place a famous cat-god sculpture on a pedestal beside an open window where it can catch the sun. 

Oriental rugs make a statement with Egyptian style furniture. Tables and stands of oriental or Egyptian design allow you to use contemporary chairs and sofas without ruining the Arabic feel. Use throw pillows of a similar print of your wall art to form accent colors. 

Some simple additions to a recreation room or an entertainment area with a home bar can include:

  • Wall divider made of bamboo
  • Stone-looking Egyptian deity wall hangings
  • Oil paintings of the great pyramids and famous gates
  • Handmade pillows of ancient stick figure Egyptians
  • Tapestries of Egyptian gods or nature

Changing your style to Egyptian decor can create a pleasing update to your home. Black and white are popular colors today but can be difficult to transpose into a graceful look and feel. Egyptian touches can solve this problem with primitive color, texture, and grand art displays. Thanks to the protectors of the people, the royal kings of Egypt, we received the beginnings of delicious design and architecture. The era’s history is fascinating; the more you learn, the more you will want to be a part of this past with your home decor. 

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