Coffee-Themed Espresso Kitchen Decor

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

Espresso kitchen decor is a great style for modern kitchen design. Adding an espresso style to your kitchen will give it a stylish, bold appearance, along with a timeless, classy look. Espresso kitchen cabinets with a white countertop will give your kitchen a sophisticated yet bold look, whether you are beginning a new construction project or remodeling an existing one.

Considering the benefits of using dark wood cabinets in modern kitchens, which is a popular choice among most homeowners, might help you decide whether to redecorate your kitchen with them. This article will highlight the advantages of a style that, unlike white or painted cabinets in your kitchen or dining room, is generally not considered a fad that fades with time.

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Finishes and Colors of Espresso-Style Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinetry is always at risk of losing appeal despite the everlasting style that dark or black finish kitchen area cupboards offer. Dark shaker cabinets are lavish, providing bold colors but still have a subdued tone that is very popular in today’s home decor marketplace.

The aesthetic of dark colors and espresso finishes for kitchen cabinets is welcoming and significant, and they can go well with nearly any style in a new kitchen, including glass fronts. They are available in both glossy and textured finishes and blend comfortably with modern, clean lines.

Decorating with Rustic Coffee Kitchen Decor

You may want to consider brown (almost black) upper cabinets that go with the espresso kitchen decor style and highlight some rustic dark coffee kitchen décor, especially if your design tastes weigh heavily on the rural or utilitarian farmhouse vibe. Some ideas might include rustic wall art related to coffee or a distressed farmhouse table found in an old coffee shop. An old coffee press, coffee pot, or coffee bags are popular as planters, succulents, or storing other kitchen items.

Many people like old and rustic home decor items. An example of an item that can add a unique touch with natural materials is a handmade coffee latte gnome. Besides, you could complement the theme of this kitchen decor with a coffee table. You might be able to get away with this in the home office too!

Modern Dark Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

In all likelihood, you’ve heard of the dark espresso cabinets available for purchase by any coffee lover.

There are plenty of modern kitchen cabinets, which makes it difficult to choose as there are so many manufacturers. The dark brown cabinets are among the most popular modern kitchen designs globally, attracting attention.

Mix in a dark wood floor, wooden facades, and stainless steel appliances for maximum effect and modern appeal that will raise eyebrows.

Espresso kitchen cabinets often receive awards for “Kitchen Idea of the Day” and continue to be popular. The outstanding Italianate style of espresso kitchen cabinets makes them very popular, from “Kitchen Idea of the Day” awards, to leading design exhibitions where a modern Italian kitchen showcases dark espresso color, an island hood, and raised bar. An espresso island hood bar featuring dark wood Italian vega style garnered significant interest at a recent exhibition.

Kitchenette Coffee Vinyl Art Wall Decals and Espresso Kitchen Wall Art Decor Stickers

The popularity of espresso-themed wall art is eye-catching and has the perfect background. Paper is the most commonly used material for espresso wall paints decor. The accent color is rich and tasteful, even if you use it a little bit.

You can purchase kitchen art printables such as coffee types poster, stickers, coffee print art, and even framed images that feature espresso-inspired coffee cup designs. Most coffee wall art is available on the highest quality vinyl that can last for more than ten years indoors and five years outside. Digital print art also works well.

Some of our friends have used coffee chart wall art in their kitchens because they’re hardcore coffee drinkers and love a great coffee recipe.

Most coffee poster products are wall-mounted items that include pre-fixed application tape and step-by-step instructions, as well as illustrated diagrams for easy installation.

This coffee art is suitable for kitchen decor or the living room. Due to the popularity of espresso art, there is a mini-industry that supplies online shops, such as Amazon, Etsy app, and eBay, with products. You will find plenty of Etsy ads for this art and even a coffee guide or two on the subject matter.

These online marketplace companies also offer free delivery on business days to your doorstep when you place your order. It’s never too late for Christmas coffee gifts.

We’ve seen some amazing hacks where thrift store buyers repurpose old coffee equipment, such as tables, into beautifully re-defined and upscaled furniture that feels modern with rustic undertones.

Farmhouse Style Espresso Kitchen Islands

With an espresso kitchen island, you’ll experiment with a farmhouse vibe while maintaining functionality. You can even use the farmhouse islands as mobile carts while preparing items in the kitchen. Whether rustic colors, reclaimed wood carcasses and bases, or restructured cabinets, farmhouse islands complement any kitchen design.

There are several examples of farmhouse islands for the kitchen in Espresso style available on the market today. Walmart, for instance, sells the beautiful Ameriwood Home Williams Kitchen Cart in Espresso. A mobile (wheeled) island will help you stay organized in your kitchen by adding additional storage. This stunning piece comes with laminated particleboard and an espresso finish, and silver handles for a sophisticated look in your kitchen. Featuring six bottles, cubbies, a display shelf, two cabinets, three shelves on either side, and a top surface you can use as a workstation or for decoration, your kitchen island can accommodate all your kitchen storage needs.

A classic espresso-styled kitchen island from Pemberly Row, also available from Amazon and Walmart, is the Chocolate Gray Kitchen Island with Spice Rack. With both style and functionality, this kitchen island will compliment any decor. Having a versatile design, it is an excellent choice for traditional as well as cottage-style homes. A towel rack, a spice rack, and a spacious drawer on this kitchen island enclose the attached cabinet space with one shelf. The top of this kitchen island features a beautiful wood grain design that adds to its appeal. The frame of this sofa is constructed of solid wood, ensuring it will last for years to come.


· Finish: Chocolate Gray

· Towel holder and spice rack for added convenience

· Drawer you can use to store utensils and dinnerware

· Cabinet space to store small appliances, pots, and pans

· Wheels that enable movement around the and locking casters for fixed positioning

· Hardware and instruction manual included, which makes set up fast and easy.

Which Espresso Color Is Used in Furniture?

Between black and brown, espresso is a color that sits in the middle. The color is a dark brown that is often confused with black. It is common to see furniture listed as “black,” but it is espresso in color. There is so little difference that you can use espresso in place of black furnishings, so you don’t have to worry about telling the difference between the two.

Black color shades aren’t likely to be very different from each other regarding shade choices. Although brown is a versatile color, choosing the right shade to go with black can be tricky.

The Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets in Espresso Colors

You can refresh a dated kitchen without spending much money by painting the cabinets. Although it may be a time-consuming task, cabinet painting is easy for virtually anyone. Apart from preparation, picking quality paint is essential to a successful cabinet painting job.

The first step in painting kitchen cabinets is to clean and sand them thoroughly. Then, it’s time to apply a quality primer undercoat. Primers help seal the sanded cabinet wood, prevent stains, and form a tacky surface that bonds well with new paint.

Classic Kitchen Designs With Dark Cabinets

There is nothing more classy than black! High-end kitchens and homes worth millions of dollars often have traditional black or nearly black stained cabinets and solid wood floors. A near-black stained wood kitchen is an excellent choice if you are a wood lover and want a rich and dark environment.

To give bright white cabinets a sophisticated touch, use a dark grey cabinet paint like Benjamin Moore grey (our favorites are Farrow and Ball “all-white” and Benjamin Moore “decorators white”). Dark gray complements bright white nicely.

Why Should You Choose Espresso Kitchen Cabinets?

You can combine espresso kitchen cabinets with many other colors and shades, so selecting these cabinets for your kitchen has many benefits for you.

Here are a few advantages of this color:

·   Versatility: this color can be used in the cabinetry or as a highlight on the kitchen island.

·   Fashionable for a long time to come.

·   Several suppliers stock this item.

Ensure that the espresso assembled kitchen cabinets you buy for your new or remodeled kitchen are well constructed and ready for installation immediately from the box. Solid 3/4′′ birch face frame construction and 1/2′′ plywood box construction provide maximum strength and durability in these espresso finish kitchen cabinets. Cabinets come equipped with 3/4″ plywood shelving, which helps hold heavy cooking utensils and minor kitchen accessories.

As espresso refers to the palette of natural shades, espresso cabinets are often used in modern design as they look great on wood, fabrics, leather, ceramics, and stone materials. An espresso with such a traditional color choice like this appears on wood facades or solid wood floors and granite counters, tiles, upholstery, and it looks just like an old coffee shop.

Contemporary Espresso Kitchen Appliances

A feature that distinguishes many modern and contemporary kitchens are the presence of small appliances. Modern kitchens often feature larger stainless-steel appliances with bright colors and designs, such as stoves, refrigerators, and sinks. With a splash of bright, bold color in their kitchen or as a contrast to the angular counters and cabinets, manufacturers offer boldly colored mixers, toasters, blenders, and coffee makers in clever designs that often sit pleasantly between modern, retro, and vintage style.

You can also reflect the contemporary design aesthetic in cookware, utensils, and flatware. It is not unusual to find lines of cooking and serving accessories at home goods retailers that are well-suited for use in modern kitchen designs because of their distinct contemporary craftsmanship and service of vibrant colors.

It is also possible to express modern design trends through kitchen furniture. The rolling bar or island, distressed farmhouse table, and chairs of mid-century contemporary or industrial styles provide an exciting contrast to modern kitchens distinguished by sleek and polished surfaces.

Add Embellishments:

1. Copper Theme

If you invest in a copper cookware set, copper pots, and copper cutlery, your espresso kitchen cabinets will give off a rustic look and exhibit an old-worldly feel.

2. Gold Theme

The rose gold handles on these cabinets are appealing add-ons that enhance their beauty. Mid-century kitchen cabinets with these embellishments will lend a sense of warm luxury to your dream home.

3. Steel Theme

The timeless feel of stainless steel accessories allows them to merge effortlessly with any color scheme. Combining brushed-steel knobs and handles for espresso cabinets and stainless steel doors for the oven will add sophistication to the kitchen.

Lighting Fixtures and Ventilation

To improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, you may want to consider enhancing the perfect contrast of light with added ventilation.

Espresso kitchen concepts tend to make spaces appear smaller than they are, so it is necessary to include all-natural lighting and ventilation sources when planning the layout.

The following tips will help you to design a bright, airy, and attractive kitchen space:

  • Make sure there are large windows in the kitchen so natural light can enter
  • Removing redundant walls and incorporating under-utilized spaces could result in kitchen enhancements
  • Heightening the ceiling will give the kitchen a more spacious appearance
  • Maintain a smoke-free and odor-free cooking area by installing an efficient chimney or exhaust system
  • Install efficient light dixtures such as energy-saving LEDs beneath the cabinets, counters, and other areas to perfect light contrast

The options for wall tiles, countertops, and flooring are as follows:

The wall and floor tiles should be slate-colored in a kitchen decorated in a burnished copper theme to provide the requisite panache.

You can use a lighter shade of gray or beige on top of the espresso cabinets to balance their dark hues.

If you are choosing flooring concepts, go with light colors. Compared to dark flooring, pale floorboards and tiles will create the illusion of more space in the kitchen. For a midcentury modern kitchen with espresso cabinets, hardwood floors are a great choice.

You can transform an ordinary cooking space into a trendy, contemporary hotspot by incorporating all of the décor mentioned above tips while investing in espresso kitchen cabinets., contemporary hotspot by incorporating all of the décor mentioned above tips while investing in espresso kitchen cabinets.

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