Explore 6 Stylish Edge Styles for Your Kitchen Countertops

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Last updated: April 7, 2023

If you think like me, countertops are meant to provide a solid surface for food preparation and to add a colorful presence. If someone were to ask what type of edge I preferred, the answer would be a rounded edge as opposed to sharp edges. Never in a million years would I believe that there were more choices than these.

With all the different selections of material for countertops available today, I paid more attention to kitchen countertop edge styles. Just like cabinet fronts or hardware, they work to add a detailed finishing touch to your kitchen design. After I noticed the differences in all countertop edge profiles, I started looking for more than square edges and rounded corners.

Once you discover something new, like different types of countertop edges, every example jumps right out at you. An antique dresser with a marble top with an ogee edge or a handmade wooden coffee table with a natural waterfall edge suddenly has a new beauty with harmonious features. 

New countertops rarely have such a distinctive outline, but I noticed how contemporary kitchens used specific design style edges as compared to traditional kitchens. If you are ready to learn the type of countertop edge that best fits your modern kitchen, here are a few examples.

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Kitchen Countertop Edge Styles

Beveled Edge Countertop Edge

Granite countertops are all the rage today, with our society wanting to be as natural as possible. The most popular granite countertop edges are square edge cut with a 45-degree angle and sharp corners. This design has improved over the years to prevent super sharp corners that were dangerous to young children. The safer straight edges become softer and also look amazing in a small kitchen.

Hollywood Bevel Edge Countertops

A sweet sloping edge creates an attractive profile in large kitchens. If you are looking for a lift to your kitchen island, the Hollywood bevel countertop edge is masterful. It blends well with straight and rounded countertops and can standalone with its beauty.

Ease Countertop Edge

Ease countertop edges have grown in popularity and now appear on granite and stone countertops. The slight roll and well-shaped rounded corners bring a classy and modern look to my smaller kitchen and my small children are better protected from sharp edges. There is nothing harder than stone and concrete. 

Countertop Full Bullnose Edge Profile

A marble counter top fits very well in a traditional design. My friend, Sharon, had new cabinets installed and selected a backsplash tile of pearl white to have a dramatic impact on the new cabinets. She was trying to decide on the vein design of marble countertops but never stopped to consider the different edge styles. 

Half-Nose Bullnose Edge or Demi Bullnose Square Countertop Edge

A half bullnose edge, or a Demi bullnose square countertop edge, is flat on the bottom edges and is a great option for natural stone countertops in a traditional style kitchen. If you are looking for a thicker countertop, having a flat bottom creates an illusion of more depth. 

They can design custom kitchen countertop edges to accent luxury kitchen islands or countertop edges for modern designs. From chiseled edges for a modern rustic look to 3-step beveled custom edge on quartz countertops, you will discover the right edge for your dream kitchen.

Ogee Countertop Edge

I can find a fancy version of standard edge styles with a dramatic S curve around the edges. Saved for luxury new kitchens that are large and demand visual interest, one or more S curves catch the attention of shiny stone countertops

A cove edge is like an ogee look, only with sharper straight lines and tight corners. I know the lip for a slight upturn that catches liquid spills instead of rolling off counter edges. These popular countertop edges work well in both your new kitchen and bath.

This edge appealed to Sharon. With the backsplash she had chosen and the veined marble, there was little need for a fancy countertop edge design. However, she kept coming back to the Hollywood bevel edge for an island update. 

kitchen countertop edge style with white countertops and large kitchen island and dark mohagony kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Countertop Options

Laminate Countertops

It is possible to bring an eased edge style to laminate countertop edges with strips of laminate that a countertop manufacturer has processed. I have the perfect countertop example, which is laminate and has standard edges with clean lines. 

The overall look fits my kitchen style, but at first glance, you can see where the top and side edges meet. I have to admit that before I drew my attention to the definition of bevel edge, chiseled edge, and another edge type, I never saw a difference in the overall design of laminate versus stone and granite. My personal taste in countertops and how to create a classic look is suddenly up to date.

I now feel confident in making an informed decision about selecting the right style for myself and others.

I could no longer live with the sharp-edge appearance of my old laminate countertop. Manufacturers now make edging that resembles the bullnose and bevel appearance, which can give you the best edge profile for laminates. Another option is choosing a granite overlay which can change the style of your kitchen with contemporary designs.

Kitchen Design Feel

With so many decorating options for kitchens today, your personal preference should dictate what type of cabinets and the right countertop materials get used. I never believed that my love of traditional kitchen designs would ever fade until transitional and modern industrial trends caught my eye. So they have made many changes to natural products and global designs that you need to stay open to all colors, textures, and emerging designs.

Pricing vs. Luxury

According to Home Advisor, the national average for new countertops is $2200. Marble and granite are the most pricey, with additional fees for custom edge styles. If you decide to use a waterfall countertop of granite as a focal point for your modern rustic kitchen, the cost can run as high as $8000. However, if you have a set budget that prevents you from selecting the best of the best, the laminate and butcher block are attractive and affordable. 

Countertop edging highlights your countertop material with artistic built-up edges for a high-end appearance. Eased edges are more basic and are usually included in the price of countertops. I opted for a new butcher block countertop with half bullnose edges, since my kitchen style reflected modern country. My focal point was the black metal hardware and appliances. Along with wooden open shelves and a natural-looking countertop, there was no need for a high-end look with edges.

New countertops with new edges gave Sharon and me plenty to think about and compare. Use your personal taste and budget to narrow down your choices. We never realized the number of options available with countertop edges.

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