Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas On a Budget

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Last updated: April 9, 2023

A farmhouse kitchen is like a ray of sunshine even on the dreariest of days. There is something comforting about a timeless and simple design. Natural colors, practical accessories, and a farmhouse charm make a farmhouse kitchen the gathering point of a home. 

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The History of Farmhouse Designs

The farmhouse idea came out of the necessity of housing farmhands in the 1700s. The idea soon spread from German immigrants coming to the US and soon, the American Farmhouse became an icon for rural areas. Wood, metal, and natural stone were used to build furniture, cabinets, and utensils by hand. Rough and primitive as they were, the feeling of nature brought a special bond between man and the wilderness.

Out of this simple and functional design came 2 distinct farmhouse styles; classic farmhouse and modern farmhouse. A farmhouse kitchen design is the starting point for choosing your favorite style. 

Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

A classic farmhouse kitchen focuses more on the rustic look with distressed features and open shelves. Cabinet doors may be glass-front or be imperfect with rough wood. This look only helps to stay with the historical feel of yesterday. It is not unusual to see a hand-hewn kitchen table or an apron sink in the midst of a sprawling counter.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Country farmhouse kitchen decor ideas with a modern slant are for aesthetic and entertainment purposes more than one of comfort. Clean straight lines are recommended for a modern country look with traces of a farmhouse vibe here and there.

farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget :Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Interior

For example, a permanent kitchen island may have a butcher block countertop for a country look, but have a shiny counter top and bright white cabinets for a modern look. Natural materials, such as copper, gold, or a mix of metals may offset a farmhouse sink with modern and farmhouse styles intertwined.

Achieving that Farmhouse Look

There are many DIY projects that can put you on the road to starting a farmhouse kitchen makeover. The Internet and home improvement supply chains, such as Home Depot, offer advice on turning an outdated kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen look. Many times a beautiful home only needs a great example of a decorator’s suggestion to put you in the mood of a kitchen remodeling project. 

farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget : Beautiful Kitchen Room with Green Island and Farm Sink

Decide if a modern farmhouse or classic farmhouse is better suited for your taste. Continue reading to explore the most popular and affordable ways to create that country charm you’ve always dreamed of.

Classic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

It can be a blast shopping for decorative items for your rustic farmhouse kitchen. Anything vintage, repurposed, or having organic textures is worth looking at. Auctions, a thrift store, or flea markets are a great way to find a specific look to recreate your new kitchen. Think informal as you set out on your journey. You want your entire kitchen to pour out the country charm.

Consider having a coffee bar built from an old oak cabinet by removing the drawers and adding sliding barn door fronts that have been stained in weathered wood. Look for the right size that will fit easily into a corner to free up your traffic pattern. You could even add a back panel with chalk paint for leaving notes and other information.

Open shelving is another idea for creating your own farmhouse style kitchen. Upper cabinets did not appear in kitchens until new styles were added. Open shelves keep the look simple and convenient. There are many options on the shelves. Some of these include:

  • Floating boards
  • Weathered boards wrapped in metal straps
  • Bookcase-like tiers
  • Faceless cabinets

 These are just a few ideas that help to create your own kitchen with rustic appeal.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

If you have a traditional-style kitchen and desire a more farmhouse feel, farmhouse kitchen accessories can soften your space. A copper wire mesh basket filled with faux wildflowers placed on a dining table is a simple country change. The addition of wood tones with wooden utensils in a ceramic vase can make for a beautiful kitchen when set against a backdrop of shiny subway tile.

A long natural wood table with simple wooden chairs will bring an inviting look to your own farmhouse-style kitchen. Large hanging pendant lighting fixtures will add attention to the center table.

Mixing farmhouse features with modern sleek kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances will create a modern farmhouse presence and feel. 

Larger changes for taking on a modern farmhouse kitchen renovation can be adding wooden beams to ceilings or changing cabinet fronts and hardware. If you have dark-paneled cabinets, opt for some white paint and create a white kitchen. White is a fresh and cheery change from yesterday’s traditional decor. Faceless cabinets with glass-paned fronts are considered of traditional style, but using in a modern country kitchen gives the room a country feel.

Small Kitchens

Not everyone has the kitchen space to apply all the country design tips that are desired. A small kitchen can be a challenge in keeping a minimal and organized look that is found so often with farmhouse kitchens. Along with the limited space may come a small budget. Thankfully, farmhouse decor can be an easy way to save a lot of money on second-hand items, inexpensive cabinets, and simple things like a mason jar collection, delivering a focal point of country charm.

The best way to bring a small kitchen up to date in a farmhouse style is to consider the size and balance of the available space. A huge apron sink may have the look that you require but consider the dimensions. Many times counter space has to be sacrificed to add a larger sink. A new sink of stainless steel can be kinder to dishes and easier to keep clean in a smaller space. Always consider your options.

The best part of having a small kitchen is having easy access to cooking supplies. Hanging pots and pans and open shelves make cooking convenient. The color palette of soft and light neutral tones will expand the size of a small kitchen and pops of color in wall hangings and accessories keep a cheery mood. Use hanging shelves and small carts to make the most of your space. Wicker and rattan baskets can help to contain utensils and will present a warm and refreshing look.

Friendly farmhouse kitchen ideas do not have to take a lot of time, especially for a small space. Small changes will probably be considered once your kitchen has been totally revamped. This is expected and encouraged. There are many accessories that will continue to catch your attention because you have been bitten by the farmhouse charm bug. Replace and update to your heart’s desire. This is a room where comfort, smiles, and company are encouraged through your mixture of modern and country styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Difference Between a Country Kitchen and a Farmhouse Kitchen

While the decor of a country kitchen and a farmhouse kitchen is basically the same, a farmhouse kitchen is geared more toward cooking for larger families and groups with large countertops and plenty of storage space. A huge kitchen sink is a must in a farmhouse kitchen while the country kitchen leans more toward a warm and welcome interior.

What Style of Cabinet Fronts Represents a Farmhouse Look?

Lower cabinets are a great way to show off your love for your new farmhouse look. Beaded wood or Shaker style are two favorites for door fronts. Using light wood or painting them in lighter tones of white, beige, green, or blue will help to keep a sunny, positive feel. Gold hex cabinet pulls will introduce a modern feel.

What Colors Work the Best in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

Several light colors can be used to create an open and comfy modern farmhouse kitchen. A fresh coat of paint can update a kitchen and dining room combo and even a laundry room without much work. The most popular shades include:

  • Cream
  • White
  • Light blue
  • Grey

Olive green paint or dark blue paint can add modern touches without taking away from the farmhouse character.

You will want to select a practical flooring for your new kitchen that reflects the surrounding decor. It is a good idea to go with a material that will not chip or break if objects fall. Anything from black and white tile to wooden planks or stone is acceptable to match the modern farmhouse kitchen. If you feel your kitchen is lacking a colorful vintage tic, you can even line with a quirky vinyl sheet design. Marble or quartz would not be a good choice for promoting comfort.

Is it Expensive to Convert your Kitchen into a Modern Farmhouse?

Because country and farmhouse decor consist mainly of repurposed and used materials, you are able to search and collect whatever you need to start your project. While there are exceptions, such as new cabinets, new sink, etc. country, and farmhouse are an exciting way to redecorate your kitchen by DIY.

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