FORM AT WOOD: Breathtaking Craftsmanship

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Last updated: August 31, 2023

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Drawing on a lineage of woodworking mastery, FORM AT WOOD emerged. Kamil Schynol and Mateusz Halek founded the firm, which evolved from a humble carpentry workshop established by Halek’s grandfather into an international design sensation captivating interior design aficionados worldwide with its precision-crafted decorative wall panels.

This is not the story of a fledgling venture but rather an innovative enterprise rooted in a rich woodworking tradition. The narrative is one of old-world craftsmanship melding with new-age technology in the heart of woodworking mastery.

In the frantic pace of daily life, there is something uniquely comforting about entering a room that envelops you with warmth and coziness. FORM AT WOOD panels bring a softness reminiscent of freshly baked bread, the calm of a placid lake, or the tender embrace of a loved one to your living space.

With a collection that is visually stunning and soothing to the soul, FORM AT WOOD is revolutionizing interior design. The company has embraced and contributed to the growth of the DIY market, inspiring homeowners, and design enthusiasts with their innovative designs.

Table of Contents

Harnessing Innovation and Sustainability in Modern Woodworking

FORM AT WOOD’s creations bear witness to the potential of human creativity when harnessed by cutting-edge technology. With the advent of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, new design possibilities have emerged. FORM AT WOOD’s artisans leverage this technology to carve intricate designs with unprecedented precision. However, it is the human touch that sets their work apart. Each product is subject to a multi-step process of manual processing and quality control, meeting the highest standards. The company remains receptive to innovations and continuously seeks ways to breathe life into spaces with their wooden panels.

FORM AT WOOD’s panels are an investment in transformative design. The integration of geometry, artistic collaborations, acoustics, and responsible sourcing imbues living spaces with vitality. The panels are versatile, catering to various tastes and preferences. They serve as conversation starters, mood enhancers, and bastions of serenity.

Versatility of Wooden Panels

Wooden panels can be the distinctive element you need when renovating your home or workspace. FORM AT WOOD’s panels are adaptable, suitable for living rooms, kitchens, restaurants, and hotel hallways alike.

Ease of Installation

FORM AT WOOD ensures the installation process is straightforward. The company’s global network is available for assistance if DIY is not your preference or if you have concerns about the installation process.

Customized Decor Solutions

FORM AT WOOD recognizes the uniqueness of individual tastes. They offer a team of decor specialists to help you choose designs that transform your space into a reflection of your style.

FORM AT WOOD: Establishing strong partnerships as a key to success

Diverse Collections to Choose From

FORM AT WOOD offers a range of collections, such as the EDGE collection, which adds a striking touch to your walls, and the SMOOTH collection for those preferring a clean, sleek aesthetic. The FLAT collection showcases the natural beauty of wood for minimalists, while the DESIGNER collection brings art to life on your walls. The ACOUSTIC collection, ideal for audiophiles and movie enthusiasts, enhances the room’s acoustics.

FORM AT WOOD: Panel Collections in Detail

FORM AT WOOD offers more than just wooden panels; they provide endless possibilities for personalizing your space. With a dedicated team of design experts, they guide you through the selection process to ensure your project is uniquely yours.

FORMAT AT WOOD: Caro Minus Styling
Caro Minus panels are characterized by their soft form and organic design.
Caro Plus panels ensure that each room gains distinctiveness and style.
FORM AT WOOD: Styles for dining and entertainment
FORM AT WOOD: Styles for dining and entertainment

The EDGE Series: Embracing Symmetry and Elegance

The EDGE series reflects the inherent beauty of symmetry and patterns. Crafted from solid wood, this series incorporates geometric patterns, such as triangles, rhombuses, and squares, creating an artful arrangement that leaps from the walls. With sharp angles and a three-dimensional effect, this series appeals to those with a preference for avant-garde design.

The SMOOTH Series: Drawing Inspiration from Nature’s Fluidity

The SMOOTH series, inspired by the natural fluidity of meandering rivers, smooth pebbles, and gentle curves, features panels devoid of sharp edges, favoring flow and subtlety. Ideal for bedrooms or reading nooks, the one-sided symmetry, choice of colors, and wood types converge to create a tranquil ambiance.

The FLAT Series: A Celebration of Simplicity

The FLAT series appeals to those who appreciate simplicity. With 2D panels for walls or floors, the series celebrates wood’s inherent beauty. The unembellished panels enable the creation of compositions reminiscent of minimalist poetry.

The DESIGNER Series: Where Artistry Meets Wood

The DESIGNER series is a treat for art enthusiasts. In collaboration with renowned artists, FORM AT WOOD transforms your walls into a canvas. The first creation, the IMPRESSIONS model, designed by the international design maestro Karim Rashid, is a 3D panel that transcends decor; it is artistry in wood.


The ACOUSTIC Series: A Union of Beauty and Sound Absorption

Developed in collaboration with specialists from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, the ACOUSTIC series serves a dual purpose. Besides their aesthetic appeal, these panels are designed to absorb sound, making them ideal for recording studios, conference rooms, or home theaters.

Price Range and Options

FORM AT WOOD offers a range of prices, from 169€ to 1015€ per square meter, depending on wood type, product series, and finishes. Their comprehensive customer service reflects a commitment to client satisfaction, which is in line with the global shift towards online shopping in the woodworking industry, where clients seek quality products coupled with expert advice and after-sales support.

FORM AT WOOD: Distinctive Wood Craftsmanship and Contemporary Living
FORM AT WOOD: Distinctive Wood Craftsmanship

Maintaining the Beauty of FORM AT WOOD Panels

Cleaning and Maintaining Wooden Panels

Maintaining the luster of wooden panels from FORM AT WOOD is effortless. Think of them as a treasured garment; consistent care is essential. Employ a soft cloth or a duster, ideally, one that does not shed lint, and delicately remove dust from the panels. Engage in this routine frequently to prevent dust accumulation. For more stubborn dirt, slightly dampen the cloth with water or a mild wood cleaner. Be cautious not to saturate the cloth — the panels do not need a soak. Wipe in the direction of the wood grain for optimal results.

Protecting and Preserving FORM AT WOOD Panels

It is important to refrain from using abrasive cleaning agents. The panels are made from natural wood, which warrants delicate handling. Shield the panels from prolonged exposure to sunlight and avoid installing them in areas prone to water splashes.

Responsible Sourcing and Environmental Stewardship

FORM AT WOOD places significant emphasis on responsible sourcing. Sustainability is not merely a catchphrase but a commitment. Although the company is yet to acquire its Forest Stewardship Council certificate, it ensures the wood originates from sources with conscientious forest management practices. All products are made from sustainably sourced wood, and the company partakes in the annual tree-planting initiatives, blending the allure of traditional wood with sustainability.

FORM AT WOOD: The Pillow Model
The Pillow Model is a 3D wooden decor panel set in a square.

Ensuring Safety with FORM AT WOOD Panels

Safety is paramount. FORM AT WOOD’s panels are visually appealing and meet safety standards. While the panels come with a regular coating, additional protection, especially against fire, is sometimes necessary. For public spaces or for extra safety precautions, the company provides specialized fire-resistant coatings, such as Ciranova UN1CO oil and Hasse MEGA-PUR varnish, which adhere to fire safety standards ****(B-s1, d0 class)

FORM AT WOOD: Panel Varnishing Options
FORM AT WOOD: Panel styling options to meet your distinctive tastes

Investing in Transformative Design

Expert Tips for Matching Panels to Your Space

FORM AT WOOD panels boasts a plethora of designs, patterns, and finishes, adapting effortlessly to diverse spaces including homes and offices. The key is moderation as a cardinal rule for ensuring harmony between room décor and panels.

Choose one wall as the focal point, complemented by subdued colors and décor. Use natural elements to create balance. Integrating other materials such as metal or glass adds dynamism to the room.

FORM AT WOOD: Panels with unique varnishing options
FORM AT WOOD: Panels with unique varnishing options

The Interplay of Light and Shadows

FORM AT WOOD offers a spectrum of color options, with customization available for specific shades.

The magic lies in the interplay of light, as both natural and artificial lighting transforms the panels into a vibrant dance of shadows and hues. The panels interact exceptionally with light, transforming spaces.

Natural light imparts a warm ambiance, while the 3D shapes in the panels create playful shadows. Dimmable lights cast a subdued glow, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Recap on Collections and Features

  • EDGE Collection: Conceived for contemporary or industrial aesthetics, the EDGE panels introduce bold elements reminiscent of vivid brush strokes in a painting.
  • SMOOTH Collection: Epitomizing sleek elegance, these panels are akin to a classic black dress, ideal for a minimalist décor.
  • FLAT Collection: With the natural beauty of the wood taking center stage, the FLAT collection offers versatility, adapting to both classic and eclectic interiors.
  • DESIGNER Collection: A fusion of artistic ingenuity and masterful craftsmanship, this collection is ideal for those seeking an art gallery ambiance.
  • ACOUSTIC Collection: Optimal for spaces where sound is integral, these hexagonal panels enhance acoustics in offices, studios, or home theaters.

Conclusion: Unleashing Your Creative Vision

FORM AT WOOD’s wooden panels are the epitome of versatility and functionality, akin to a coveted Swiss Army knife. In a fast-paced world, they evoke a sense of patience, precision, and the eternal grace of wood.

Whether you are an architect, homeowner, or connoisseur of refined aesthetics, FORM AT WOOD beckons you to partake in its journey.

Their commitment to shaping the future of interior design and pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship will undoubtedly continue to inspire for years to come.

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