Our French Country Kitchen Chandelier Selections

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Last updated: July 9, 2023

A French chandelier may not sound like the choice for light fixtures in a kitchen, but is actually the perfect balance for beauty, chi, and purpose. Suspended light has been important since biblical days when they considered large chandeliers a symbol of enlightenment. 

For those who find important meaning in Feng Chu, chandeliers welcome chi as energy. Besides an enhanced experience in the dining room, chi can be a wonderful element of good luck and stimulation. A French country kitchen chandelier can also be light with magical beauty.

As modern as kitchens are, there is still a love for history, antiques, warm colors, and nature. French country design offers these things while staying in touch with modern lifestyles and products. There is no better way to deliver the fresh feeling of the French countryside than with a new chandelier that brings beauty and nature together. From glass crystals to rustic metal, the chandeliers of today help to deliver a taste of France.

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Types of Kitchen Chandeliers

The French countryside provides plenty of options for gorgeous French country chandeliers. The natural aspects of wood, metal, and glass give you hundreds of choices in the distinction of your hanging light. Chandeliers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some of these forms include:

Crystal Chandeliers

When picturing a chandelier, most people envision this type. Made of glass teardrops and containing lead oxide, they create a dazzling prism effect that draws attention.

Drum Chandeliers

A drum-shaped chandelier usually has a textile shade that covers the bulbs. A series of lights make a warm glow throughout the room.

Sputnik Chandeliers

A modern look unfolds with creative sputnik ceiling lights. Branches of metal grow from the center of the base to deliver an array of different designs. This is a great option for industrial or modern French country style. 

Mini Chandeliers

Mini chandeliers are smaller versions of chandeliers that work in more enclosed rooms. They are also less expensive.

Waterfall Chandeliers

Dripping with crystals, this chandelier gives the appearance of water falling. They come in various shapes and sizes and make a dramatic focal point.

Hybrid Chandeliers

A hybrid chandelier is a mixture of styles when no one style fits your desired decor. Lovely for a transitional modern look when selecting from a vision board for new homes.

Interior of modern light kitchen with white wooden furniture, potted plants and chandelier

Styles of Kitchen Chandeliers

French country decor is accepting of many styles of chandeliers. From traditional to a French country home, there is a host of gorgeous French country chandeliers that can bring a statement to your kitchen. 

Antique Rustic Boho

Wooden beads take the place of crystal in an elegant, yet rustic hanging lamp. Iron pieces and white oak wood make Bohemian a modern choice for a new French country chandelier.

Classic Candle Design

A classic chandelier goes with everything, and a French country design is no different. A 6-light chandelier hung over a kitchen table will blend with the simplicity of a French country kitchen or a shared living room.

Caged Chandeliers

Hanging from an adjustable chain, this is a farmhouse chandelier that is appropriate for a French country kitchen. Available in a variety of natural materials, a boxed-in presence is simple and easy to match. 

Island Light Fixtures

Lately, they have transitioned modern industrial into French country. Metal horizontal chandeliers with black finish and exposed light bulbs are becoming popular over a kitchen island. Instead of using pendant lights, this single tier chandelier its many modern farmhouses, and rustic or French country settings.

Pendant Lighting

I frequently used small chandeliers when fighting for a position in the kitchen. A ceiling fan or recessed lighting can take up a precious room. Today’s commercial range hoods, often eliminate ceiling fans in the cooking area. Small French lanterns can merge nicely in an L-shaped kitchen above a peninsula.  

Latest Design Trends

Hang a small rustic French country chandelier above your sink. Replace surrounding cabinets with open shelves, and you have an instant design change. Select a light with a metal cover of copper or white finish, depending on your color scheme. Copper will match natural weathered shelves while white mixes well with sleek shelves of a neutral color like gray or blue.

Someone can reimagine a graceful picture of a classic French country by using a dining table instead of a kitchen island. Tables were the original French farmhouse style for cozy family gatherings. Mix glass front cabinets with single-panel white cabinets for an elegant design. A rough hand-sewn oblong table with wooden chairs will make the room feel warm and inviting. Hang a candelabra of black metal chains above the table for an aesthetic transitional look.

Homey and elegant are two words that describe French country decor. You can be classy and comfy at the same time by starting with wood floors and wood beams. White walls and cabinets add a flair for sophistication with a new chandelier of crystal and gold plating. Use vintage wood bar chairs and metal cup pulls on cabinets. The mixture will deliver a chic look.

A plain rustic chandelier with a round metal cover is perfect for adding a French country look to an existing kitchen. Paint cabinets a distressed white and add iron around window frames. The rustic chandelier can be singular above a farmhouse kitchen sink or spread out as pendant lights over a kitchen island. Metal and weathered wood are favorites for the French country atmosphere.

A checked floor with natural wood and wicker accents is the perfect kitchen setting for a farmhouse chandelier. Lights hanging from a wood beam set the pace for everything from French country. This theme requires lots of plants and flowers to accent a tiled backsplash and for a beautiful natural look.

There are hundreds of selections in chandeliers that are more popular today than in the past. With different illuminations, dimmer switches, and creative bulbs, you can find the right choice in bringing light to your French country kitchen.

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