The Elegance of a Hamptons Style Living Room

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

The Hamptons are a well-known summer vacation spot for the elite, featuring seaside resorts and private golf clubs. Year-round residents include artists, farmers, and fishermen. However, most homeowners are investment entrepreneurs, celebrities, and old money heirs. Considered a playground for the rich and famous, vacationers can rent beach houses, but the price is steep.

Consider creating a Hamptons-style living room without using your retirement funds for an unforgettable trip. Your space is your own, and we can make the grand elements of the Long Island Hampton style with natural materials like a timber floor, a coastal theme, and sophisticated interior accessories.

A Hamptons style resonates with light colors such as pale blues and white furniture, classic forms, and high quality of life. One of the most fashionable ways to flaunt this look is with a window bench beneath a picture window. Patterned throw pillows, rattan poufs, and original sea fan art will catch everyone’s eye when applying a balance of color and form.

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The Hamptons Look

Many factors bring together the classic style of Hamptons interiors. A great starting point is considering your home’s layout. The main thing to consider is the size of your living area. Natural textures covering oversized furniture are a characteristic of this interior design style.

An open space where the living room, dining room, and kitchen interact together makes the perfect place to form a Hamptons-style decor. Plenty of windows are popular in coastal living along the East Hampton group of villages. The ocean views and sandy beaches make outdoor entertaining areas a must and are the heart of Hamptons-style makeovers. 

Coastal Scandinavian living room interior with white framed pictures, bamboo sofa with plus white pillows and seating pads with light blue pillows and white lamps

A white color palette intensifies the natural light. Light turquoise and pale blues in window coverings and throw pillows weave a polished look to white furniture. Hamptons’ living room ideas are helpful throughout the entire home; for example, a Hamptons-style bedroom could take advantage of stylish bedside glass lamps and other modern accent touches.

In recent years, Hamptons style interiors have reflected the geographical areas of homeowners that long for coastal decor. Not only location but intertwining with other countries and designs extend the flavor of the long-lived Hampton style. Sweden’s Scandinavian style, Australia’s casual designs, and Japan’s simple nautical look can make one feel a little freer than following the guidelines of the East Coast Hampton designs. 

Hamptons Meets Naples

Naples, Florida, has the perfect climate for a coastal style in home design all year round. There is a lot of visual interest when deep shades of blue and pink get used in the traditional Hamptons style. While crisp white walls lay the background of a coastal look, nautical influence merges with a traditional classic take for a fresh approach to a coastal vibe.

Fabric-covered books tell you there is nothing typical of this modern Hamptons look. A sea glass mosaic bowl would add coastal blues. Mixing patterns and textures among the soft furnishings delivers a sophisticated interior style different from the casual Florida feel. Simple items, like a glass coffee table with colorful vases, can add true luxury and hue. This design scheme of Hampton, with a light mixture of Mid-Century, will give you a new modern take to the next level of a coastal luxury house.

Modern coastal style living room interior with white sofa, bamboo white chairs and plush orange and white pillows with orange blanket

East Hampton in Cleveland

New Yorkers aren’t the only ones that wish for a beach house on the East coast. The weather in the Midwest can be frightening. But sitting under a brass floor lamp on a couch laden in white slipcovers while sipping tea can send you many miles away. Living in the Hamptons will probably never happen, but the refined look and feel are definitely within reach. 

Whether from New York City or Cleveland, the winters can be brutal. Table glass lamps that feature a crisp shade of neutral tones on a polished ceramic base speak of modern luxury. A classic mix of flora print, heavy curtains, and stone side tables take away the sea’s angry precipitation. Various shades of rose and peach in accent chairs will brighten the beneath the soft glow of crystal pendant lighting or classy floor lamps. 

Living room interior in coastyal style with white frame white furniture and light blue and white striped sofa and chairs

A showcase of white vases and bowls will deliver a beachy vibe in bookcases. White shaker cabinets define the very timeless sophistication of this distinctive cabinetry. This style in the kitchen will bring a bit of seaside glamour to your home. Last, use cotton rugs on the timber floor where your desired color aligns with contemporary patterns.

California Takes on The Hamptons Trend

The delightful shingle-style homes of the Hamptons appear in parts of California. White paint with tints of gray blends with the exterior to provide outdoor spaces to interact with coastal interiors. We can see everywhere crisp whites, from a white sofa to wall paneling and white wainscoting. 

A kitchen of Hampton’s interior decorating style can include an island of dusty blue kitchen cabinetry with chrome pulls and a white stone counter. A pair of pendant lights of porcelain and silver wire adds elegance. Bar stools of wicker will fit the coastal mood of the patio that lies just beyond the large windows on the patio doors.

Wicker chairs around a glass-topped table and Savanna ceiling fans overhead are perfect for a coastal setting. Navy chair cushion covers deliver a royal look, while yellow and white cotton pillows provide the perfect touch of bright color. Lantern-style lights mounted on the wall carry a fresh and soft look.

The classic Hamptons style is a winner no matter where you live. From your own sophisticated, casual coast living room without ever leaving home. Refine the raw edges of the coastal look with polished finishes of handwoven textiles, plenty of stone and glass, and finished wood.

Crisp white can be beautiful when dotted with bold, cool colors or warm pastels of nature. Never forget the lush plants that makeup color and form and the beautiful flowers that treat any space with awe. Traditional Hamptons style has been around for decades and will be around for many more.

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