How to Cut a Corian Countertop for your Sink

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Last updated: April 7, 2023

Corian is a type of polymer-based acrylic that can rival the visual appeal of marble or granite but without the higher price tag or heavier weight of natural stone countertops. The stain-resistant and non-porous property of Corian makes it a popular option among homeowners. Corian is easy to work with and cut for plumbing and other fixtures, unlike its stone counterparts.

If you want to know how to cut a Corian countertop for your sink, I can happily say that the process itself is a standard and easy one which you can do on your own.

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How to cut a Corian countertop for your sink

When I cut my Corian countertop for the sink, I started by marking the preferred lateral center link of the location of the sink using a pencil and tape measure. I also used a framing square for extending the center line perpendicular from the counter’s front edge to the backsplash.

You can follow these steps on how to cut the Corian countertop for your sink.

Cut the opening of the sink out of the sink template. I used scissors and followed the printed instructions with it.
Align the cut sink template on the center line. I also adjusted the front offset according to the sink manufacturer’s recommendation. There should be enough clearance between the backsplash to the location of the faucet and the sink’s rear rim. Once everything was positioned correctly, I used masking tape strips to hold the template in place.
Use a No. 3 or harder pencil to scribe the cut outline of the sink by the sink template.
Use an electric drill to bore a hole measuring ¼ inch at both sides of the outline of the sink, around half an inch within the pencil line you marked above. Slow down the speed of the drink as it reaches the penetration point to lessen chipping on the Corian’s underside.
Use a jigsaw mounted with a fine-toothed down-cutting blade to cut out the sinkhole from the countertop. The teeth of the down-cutting blade are cut so that the chipping that may happen while cutting will be on the bottom of the material. The cutting speed should be set to medium-fast, and make slow cuts to ensure that the blade doesn’t overheat and burn the edge of the cut.
After completing the cut, remove the sink cutout, and polish the opening with an orbital sander with progressively finer sandpaper.

Can you cut Corian yourself

Yes, you can cut Corian yourself. Even if you ask professionals, they will surely tell you that they just cut the material using ordinary woodcutting tools that you can use yourself. But if you want your installation to be perfect, you can seek professional help, since the material is only stocked some of the time in most home centers.

Modern Kitchen White Corian Kitchen countertops with colorful bowl of fruit and green plants

What is the best tool to cut Corian

Before you learn how to cut a Corian countertop for the sink, you should be familiar with the best tool you can use. The following are the saws you can use to cut Corian:

Beam sawRadial arm saw
Drop-cut sawStationary saw bed with sliding tray
Portable circular saw of heavy-duty qualityVertical panel saw

A corded worm drive saw is a good option, and is a very powerful tool.

On the other hand, the blades and saws that you should never use include the following:

Auger bitsJigsaw
Hack sawCombination or ripping blades
There are a few requirements to consider when choosing the blade
The blade must be specifically labeled to be used to cut hard plastics.
The blade must have six teeth for every inch.
The blade must feature triple-chip tungsten carbide teeth.

Can Corian be cut with a table saw

Yes, you can use a table saw to cut Corian; however, it is something other than what I’d recommend. The blade must be a fine-tooth blade with the saw adjusted to slow speed, and cutting Corian is best done using a circular saw with a fine-tooth blade.

What is the best way to cut a solid surface countertop

The following are the steps you can follow when cutting your solid surface countertop.

Start by drawing the mark lines

Deciding on the tools, you will use is one of the trickiest parts of cutting solid surface countertops like Corian. The difficulty of cutting solid surface countertops will depend on the tools you use. If you use saws officially recommended by the manufacturer, you can expect the process to be easier and simpler. But cutting Corian with a hand-held circular saw might be difficult.

Start by clamping the straight-cut guide on the sheet. It will help guide the circular saw foot. Straight cuts are essential, so you need a straight-cut guide fence when cutting solid surface countertop materials.

The cutting line should be on the sheet to guarantee a perfect cut. To prevent chipping, apply masking tape on top of the sheet before making a cutting line.

Make adjustments to the straight-cut guide fence

Remember to adjust the straight-cut guide fence. This will ensure that the blade will follow the marked line. To check it, you can lower the blade depth and rotate over the blade. Unplug the tool, bring down the saw to the fence’s length, and watch the alignment of the marked line and the blade.

Cut through it

Cutting through the sheet is the last step to cutting solid surface countertops. For this, you need to set the blade at approximately 1/8 inch deeper compared to the width of the solid surface material. You should then plug the saw in and start cutting.

Take note that when cutting solid surface countertops, it should be done continuously without stopping. Pausing the cut can make the margin burn. If you ever need a break, switch the power switch off first.

Another alternative method to cut solid surface countertops is the mirror cut method. If you ever need to cut a Corian countertop and want the sides to seam together, the mirror cut technique can be helpful.

To start with this technique, use your ½ double-fluted router bit. You should then clamp the precut countertops securely to stop them from moving. When you cut the countertop, the edge should be secured parallel to one part of the opening. You can then proceed to cut continuously.

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