How to Decorate with Bathroom Towels

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

Simple decorative towels and sets are an icon of practicality, and beauty found in bathrooms everywhere. Their purpose is to eliminate moisture from the hands and body efficiently. We can keep towels behind closed doors and drawers, but we would sorely miss them in times of need. 

Learn how to decorate bathroom towels to incorporate into your bathroom theme with a few tips and placement ideas. You will quickly see how fresh towels play an important role in part of your bathroom decor.

There are many creative ways to do this, even if the size of your bathroom is small or large. My simple step tutorial will help you maximize the look of your bathroom. Perhaps this will be the end of the towel doldrums too.

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Choosing the Best Bathroom Towels

Have you ever dried your hands in a guest bathroom and acted surprised by the softness of the hand towel? Different cotton is used to manufacture a bath sheet, providing a mediocre or high quality towel. Most bath towels are mass-produced and use Upland cotton as the source. 

Upland cotton has short-staple cotton fibers that are great for everyday use. However, if you are looking to impress your guests, use guest towels made from one of the following types of cotton:

  • Turkish Cotton
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Pima Cotton
  • Supima Cotton

It will tempt your guests to leave with your hand towel or face towels as soft as a spa towel. It is incredible how one specific towel can make such an impact on the senses. Expect to pay more for this excellent choice of good-quality fold towels, but the outcome can be worth it. 

Decorative Bathroom Towel Holders

There are hundreds of ways to display simple decorative towels to add pizzazz to your bathroom. Consider the size of the room, the color scheme, and the decor theme before purchasing hardware, such as a towel rack, towel ring, or towel hooks for your new look.

Towel racks provide ample room for hanging a pair of large towels and face towels. The most common towel bars come in 18, 24, and 30-inch lengths. Chrome or wooden towel bars are the most preferred. Wash cloths can add pops of color when used besides a hanging towel display. Using a different color or pattern atop your towel display is a chic way to deliver style.

Marvelous Design Ideas for Displaying Bathroom Towels

A black and white combo is a sure-fire winner for modern or minimalist decor. Large white towels draped over a towel rail with black hand towels overlapping will present a stark contrast in the room. Add a pop of color with a fabric-tied ribbon around the middle.

Kids’ bathrooms should have lots of color and fun. Choose splashy colors, like yellow or red towels, for a festive way to remember bath time. Top off your new look with a fuzzy bath mat. Place two or three rolled-up towels in a large floor basket for easy access.

Colorful children bathroom with toilet and orange bathroom towels

Create a basket storage solution with an open console beneath a vanity, or use the frame of an old dresser. Paint the exterior in a color that follows your decor. Use cloth-lined wicker baskets or galvanized tubs as holders. Low flat surfaces make it convenient for young ones to always have a towel but keep them attractively tucked away. 

Creative Ideas for Small Spaces

A small bathroom may benefit from a ring holder next to medicine cabinets to provide extra space. The back of the door is helpful with coat rack hooks. Use alternating colors and sizes of towels for a towel display idea.

A small towel bar with a single towel is the easiest way to form a modern look. Add a touch of distinction with a flower rope or tassel tied around the middle. A burlap bow will add a country flair to your simple towel hanging. We need little space to create a spot of color with a hand towel.

Using a towel roll is a great way to conserve space in a small bath. Wicker baskets come in all shapes and sizes and are an excellent idea for making a display of small towels, designer soap, and hand cream. When placed on the vanity or the back of the toilet, there is ample space for prepping.

How to Decorate a Large Bathroom with Towels

When walls and bathroom floor space are available for extra towels and bathroom essentials, use a floating shelf as an alternative to storing towels in a linen closet. This can serve a decorative purpose with color to supercharge your theme.

A tropical atmosphere takes shape when blue, green, and yellow bath towel rolls are displayed on a ladder shelf. Surround with nautical-themed decor items to create a new bathroom focal point. A grey towel below weathered picture frames delivers the beauty of wind-whipped beaches.

Stylish interior of modern bathroom with bathroom towel holders and trays

Open shelves provide space for towel storage instead of a linen cabinet. Storage solutions for an enormous bathroom can maximize your ability to bring color to your decor. The color of your towels represents your taste in design, and how they have displayed advances your theme. 

Do not be afraid to experiment if you have a good idea for using ribbons, artificial flowers, or another unique way to bring out your style with towels. Grab the end of the towel and roll it at different angles and place it on wooden shelves. Use decorative pieces of jewelry, ribbons, or dried flowers to tie around hanging towels to add a little charm. 

The best tips for making towel sets functional and aesthetic are to choose your layout carefully and to keep in proportion to the size of your bathroom. Use as an accent to your particular style and color. Get playful with trinkets and bows that draw minimal attention to the design. 

Towels can be the perfect way to add color and depth to a room that you may be hesitant to update. Try it if you think a particular towel color or arrangement might be too dramatic for the space! It could be the stylish pop that your bathroom needs. 

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