How to Hang No-Drill Curtains Over Horizontal Blinds

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Last updated: July 16, 2023

Alright, imagine this: Your room looks pretty amazing, but you think, “Hey, what if I add curtains to make it even more awesome?” Makes sense. But wait, we have a small problem – you have horizontal blinds, and you don’t want to use any drills. No problem.

I’ll show you how to hang curtains over horizontal blinds without drilling. That’s right, no drills, no mess, just fabulous curtains!

Curtains add that special touch to any room. They can make it cozy, elegant, or just plain fun. Plus, hanging them over blinds means you get the best of both worlds – the ease of using blinds and the stylish look of curtains. So, let’s dive into how to hang no-drill curtains over horizontal blinds and let’s help you transform your place into something special.

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The benefits of no-drill curtains

Renters, that is for sure. If you’re renting a place, you know that you can’t make major changes. That’s why, any snazzy window treatment is low risk because you can easily pack them up and take it with you when it’s time for a change.

This isn’t only beneficial for renters. What if you were hosting a mega-cool party or have some other big event and you want to jazz up your windows for it. Throw up some special blinds, to make the them or mood just right, and just like a magic wand, you can make it go away after your special event. Switching back becomes so easy.

Thankfully, you can hang your curtains over your horizontal blinds and skip drilling using several super easy and straightforward methods. But of course, the best way still depends on the weight of the curtains and where you plan to hang them.

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How to hang no-drill curtains over horizontal blinds

The combination of hanging curtains over horizontal blinds is a great way to control the light in your living area. You can opt to open both to allow the natural light inside during the daytime or keep them closed if you want to take an afternoon nap.

You can also improve your privacy thanks to combined blinds and curtains. Curtains alone tend to open inadvertently, giving other people outside a good look at what’s happening inside the house.

But if you have both curtains and blinds in place, you don’t need to worry that your privacy will be compromised in any way. This will let you focus on whatever you’re doing without being bothered by the things happening outside.

Most importantly, curtains are no doubt attractive. Once you combine the softness of curtains with the functionality of blinds that you can customize to perfectly match your space, you can enjoy light control, privacy, and style simultaneously.

Steps for no-drill curtain hanging

If you’re curious to know how to enjoy these perks of the curtain and blind combination, here are the steps you can follow for a drill-free way of hanging curtains over horizontal blinds.

Step 1

Curtain brackets can be drilled into the wall or installed on the headrail. Headrails are the bras running horizontally above the blinds. Direct installation of the brackets on the headrail will eliminate the need to drill holes in the wall Many curtain brackets also come with screws required for installing them onto the headrail.

You can also buy essential screws separately at your Home Depot or .

Installing curtain brackets on the blind headrail is the simplest way of hanging curtains over horizontal blinds. You can also try adhesive hooks but ensure you only use those that can hold considerable weight.

You may need several adhesive hooks to hold the curtain rod if heavy. Install a third hook on top of the center of the window for the rod to stay in place. Command hooks or brackets are the best way to go if you want to go drill-free.

Step 2

Make sure your curtain has a pocket that runs through it where you will thread through the curtain rod. Pull the curtains taught on the rod to begin. Ensure that they close across both the rod itself and the window.

Step 3

Place either end of the curtain rod securely in the bracket to hang it. Ensure the precise placement of the rod on the window or wall and that the curtain is balanced. Try to open and close the blinds and curtains to confirm that everything functions as expected.

Hacks for hanging curtains

If you want to avoid damaging your wall surfaces just like me, let me share a few hacks for hanging curtains that don’t involve drilling.

Although you might be perfectly okay with ignoring the rules of your landlord and drilling holes in the walls happily to hang your curtains, artworks, and other trinkets, there will always be those times when you end up with a stickler landlord who wouldn’t even allow you to bring a drill inside the apartment.

In case you’re in this situation, the following no-drill ideas for hanging curtains can help you protect your privacy and, most importantly, your security deposit.

Using kwik-hang brackets to hang curtains

Kwik-Hang Single Curtain Rod Brackets – No Drill, No Damage – Perfect Curtains Every Time – 5/8” Gold

The patented no-drill brackets from Kwik-hang are an excellent option for hanging their curtains without drilling.

Using Kwik-Hang is very easy. First, position the Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets on the window frame corners. Use a hammer to tap them in, and you’re finished. It’s as simple as that.

These curtain rod brackets are all USA-made, featuring patented damage-free and no-drill technology. You can easily install your curtains in seconds without needing to level, measure, or drill any wall holes.

Using magnetic curtain rods to hang curtains

Rod Desyne 7/16 inch Magnetic Rod 28-48 inch - Black

Magnetic curtain rods are great if you hang your curtains on a metal window or door. These require easy installation with no tools or hardware required.

These products feature an adjustable width design, ensuring a perfect fit for your chosen curtains. Their weight capacity ranges from 5 to 30 pounds depending on the design and brand. Cheaper options often carry less weight, so it might cost you more if you are hanging heavier drapes.

You also have to remember that these magnetic curtain rods may shift out of alignment, which makes them less convenient for areas with high traffic. You might also need top and bottom rods to control and prevent curtain sway.

Using command hooks to hang curtains

Command Forever Classic Large Metal Wall Hooks, Damage Free Hanging Wall Hooks with Adhesive Strips, No Tools Wall Hooks for Hanging Decorations in Living Spaces, 2 Metal Hooks and 4 Command Strips

Command hooks are the best choice if you love decorative finials or you prefer the look of an actual curtain rod. These can attach almost everything to walls, from photo frames to small shelves. However, a simple tug on the strip tab will instantly release its hold.

The command also offers metal hooks specifically designed for holding curtain rods, with the brushed nickel finish working with most curtain styles.

Using adhesive hooks to hang curtains

ANDGOO 4 PCS Self Adhesive Curtain Rod Brackets, Clear Plastic Curtain Rod Holder Rod Hook Curtain Rod Hanger (Transparent)

Adhesive hooks stick to walls, come in different styles, and can be paired with many straight rods. To use them, make sure you buy the right kind you need. Stick them on the wall and allow the hooks to sit for one hour. Hang the rods and curtains afterward.

Using a tension rod to hang curtains

Kenney KN723 Rogers Twist & Fit No Tools Easy to Install Tension Curtain Rod, 48-84" Adjustable Length, Black Finish, 5/8" Diameter Steel Tube

Tension rods stretching from one end of the frame to the other are a sophisticated and subtle way of hanging curtains, especially for traditional framed and paned windows. If you want to hang lightweight and sheer curtains, you can use a thin curtain rod with a size of 7/16 inches to achieve a delicate style.

You can also position the tension rod on top of your window to achieve maximum coverage or put it lower to create a café-curtain style depending on the specific look you want and the privacy you prefer.

Using Nono brackets for no-frill curtain hanging

NoNo Bracket - Outside Mounted Blinds Curtain Rod Bracket Attachment (Brass Set of 3)

Nono brackets are renter-friendly curtain hangers that don’t need any drilling. However, just make sure that you already have an existing blind set up because this is where you will be attaching the bracket.

But since most apartments are fitted with standard Venetian blinds, many of you will likely appreciate how handy this tool can be.

Setting up Nono brackets is easy; you can get them outside and inside-mounted blind styles. To do this, you must loosen the screw at the center of the bracket to help you achieve a secure fit. Put the bracket onto the blind in the preferred spot. Just tighten the screw, and you’re good to go.

luxurious curtains in mid-century modern beach house

Frequently asked questions

How can I choose the right curtains and blinds

Window covers, like curtains and blinds, can really change how a room feels and looks. When choosing these, think about how much light you want in the room and what you want them to do. Roller blinds with thin curtains can make a room feel bright and still give you some privacy.

The colors and patterns of your curtains or blinds should go well with the room. Safe color choices are beige, white, and gray. But if you’re feeling bold, try bright, patterned Roman blinds with curtains in one solid color. Just make sure the colors look good together. If you don’t know, you can go to your nearest Home Depot outlet to see what is available before you get serious about things.

The type of fabric you pick can change the room’s feel too. Fancy materials like linen, velvet, or silk make a room feel special. On the other hand, cotton or man-made fabrics make a room feel more casual. Mixing textures, like white linen curtains with light bamboo blinds, can make your room feel like a relaxed beach house.

Natural Linen Back Tab Curtains 84 Inch Length for Living Room 2 Panel Pocket Drape Light Filtering Semi Sheer Neutral Country Rustic Farmhouse Boho Curtain for Bedroom Muslin Look Ivory Cream Colored

StangH Extra Long Velvet Curtain Panels - Super Soft Velvet Textured Blackout Drapes for Bedroom Thermal Insulated Window Privacy Blinds for Villa/Living Room, Grey, 52 x 108 Inch, 2 Panels

Calyx Cordless Bamboo Roman Shade Blind, Light Filtering, 22.5" W x 48" H, Ceylon Light Russet

Make sure your curtains and blinds are the right size. Curtains should reach the floor and stretch a bit past the window on each side, while blinds should fit just right within the window frame.

NICETOWN Linen Sheer Stone Blue Curtains 63 inch Length, Grommet Top Casual Semi Sheer Privacy Window Drapes with Light Penetration for Beach House/Bedroom, W52 x L63, 2 Panels

Keep your design balanced. Pair simple curtains with busy blinds, or do it the other way around. This makes sure that your window covers make your room look better without making it too busy.

Lastly, pick what you like. Your room should reflect your style and feel like home to you.

Following these tips can help you pick curtains and blinds that go well together. They’ll make your room look and feel better. Paying attention to the little details will make your space cozy, welcoming, and stylish.

How do I remove curtains

Start by looking for the curtain clips, the small parts that keep your curtains up. These can be rings, hooks, or ties. Carefully unclip each one to avoid tearing or damaging the fabric.

Next, focus on the curtain rod. Many rods have two parts, connected by a piece called an ‘extender.’ Twist the extender counter-clockwise to separate the rod sections. If the rod is stuck, use pliers to help. But remember, put a soft cloth between the pliers and the rod to avoid scratching it.

Now, remove the rod brackets from the wall. These brackets hold the rod in place and are usually screwed into the wall. Use a screwdriver or a power drill to remove the screws, but be careful not to hurt yourself or damage the wall.

Once the curtains are down, put them in a sealable bag to keep them clean and safe. Whether they’re going to a new home or being stored for later, this step will help keep them in good shape.

Table: Quick Steps

1Detach the curtains from their hooks, rings, or ties.
2Unscrew the extender in the curtain rod (if present) to separate the rod sections.
3Use pliers if the rod is stuck, taking care to protect the rod from scratches.
4Remove the rod brackets from the wall using a screwdriver or power drill.
5Store the curtains in a sealable bag to keep them clean and safe.
Advice: When in doubt, consult a professional

How do I remove blinds

Start by finding the small parts that keep your blinds in place, known as end caps or brackets. Be gentle as you remove these to avoid damaging them.

Next, look for the headrail, the top part of your blinds. It should easily slide out of its brackets once the end caps are removed. If it’s stuck, use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry it out. Be careful not to scratch or dent it.

Then, focus on the mounting brackets. These are attached to your wall or window frame and hold up the blinds. Unscrew them carefully using a screwdriver or a power drill.

Finally, when the blinds are down, put them in a sturdy container that’s airtight. This will keep them clean and protect them from any damage.

Table: Quick Steps

1Locate and carefully remove the end caps or brackets that secure your blinds.
2Once those are removed, slide out the headrail (the top part of the blinds). If it’s stuck, use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry it out.
3Unscrew the mounting brackets from the wall or window frame using a screwdriver or a power drill.
4store the blinds in a sturdy, airtight container to keep them clean and protected.
Advice: The specifics might vary slightly based on the exact type of blinds and their mounting system. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

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