How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

One of the most common dilemmas among renters is that they cannot hang their window blinds because their landlords don’t allow them to drill holes in the walls. What options do you have if this is your situation or if you simply don’t want to drill into window frames in your home?

You may be wondering how to install window blinds without drilling?

Yes, there are easy alternatives with simple instructions. If you rent or own your home, temporary blinds might be a better choice if you ever plan to leave (and re-use in your new residence) or to eliminate distractions during a home re-sale. Window blinds are personal design decisions, anyhow.

  • Should you use tension rods? 

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  • How about adhesive strips for self-adhesive blinds?

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  • Will standard hooks and command strips be better? 
  • Can you use mounting brackets? 

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  • Or should you use a metal door paired with strong magnets? 

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Installing new window blinds to replace old blinds can be tricky and involved. Outside of following the manufacturer’s instructions which sometimes are not the best, you have to consider the size of your window.

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Your window’s measurements such as your window’s width and height need to be accurate. You also need the proper spirit level so that the blinds are not crooked. Please don’t use an iPhone app!

If you have always wanted to spruce up your home with new blinds, the good news is that there are several hanging options applicable for many different types of blinds and other window treatments. 

Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of Window Blinds Without Drilling Holes 
  2. Use Command Strips for Window Blinds
  3. Use Command Hooks for Window Blinds
  4. Use Magnets for Window Blinds
  5. Use Peel-and-Stick Window Blinds
  6. Install Tension Rod Window Blinds
  7. Put Up Window Corner Brackets
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Why hang window blinds without drilling?
    2. When to use no-drill window blinds?
    3. Are faux wood blinds a good option?
    4. Beyond standard sizes, are there other window blinds to consider?

Benefits of Window Blinds Without Drilling Holes

There are several available options for hanging curtains and shades, whether these are store-bought or DIY window treatments. A quick search online will provide helpful resources on mounting hole curtain rods with no need for a power drill or cordless screwdriver to drill holes in walls.  You can also forget about coat hooks, bracket holes, and a 4-inch hex head drill bit which is used to drill into wood, metal, or plastic!

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The major benefit of window blinds without drilling is easier installation. Wouldn’t you prefer easy steps compared to traditional curtain rod hardware?

Renters, in particular, can take advantage of using no-drill window treatments. It allows them to use the coverings they want on their window opening or even the side of the window with no need or worry.  No-drill options are worry-free, as they don’t damage the inside of the window frame or the top of the window. Most renters do not want not to create any problems for their landlord or themselves. As a homeowner, you may not want professional help (cost or budget) and don’t want to mess anything up such as making small pilot holes in the wrong places!

However, homeowners may also appreciate the convenience of a hole-free installation. Here are other reasons why it is a good idea to install window blinds without drilling:

  • Ability to adjust the placement or height if it is uneven
  • Simple steps: Easy and quick installation
  • Easy to change or replace if you like to try another look
  • No need to use drills and other types of power tools

Before you proceed with your DIY projects, note that these no-drill treatments are not always applicable in all solutions. For instance, if you prefer heavier horizontal blinds for your windows, using the drill-free style might not be your best option. These can also cause some inconvenience if you have children who may pull on your blinds or house pets that can climb or jump on them. Both situations can cause your window treatments to fall often. 

Now, it’s time to learn about other basic ways to install window blinds.

Use Command Strips for Window Blinds

Command strips are not just great for hanging picture frames, and these strips function just like velcro and have a sticky side that is perfect for your solid wall and window frames. But what makes them different is that these strips click together right in place, making them much stronger than traditional velcro. 

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Most product packages also estimate how much weight these strips can hold. To use this particular approach, you need to mount one side of the strip to the window frame or wall. Put one on both sides of the center and another in the middle. Use any brand of strong glue for gluing the other part of the strips to the top of the shade. 

Although command strips have sticky backs, these don’t stick that well to fabrics so they can use some help in the form of glue. After sufficiently bonding the strips to the wall and the glue has already dried on the material, you can hang the shade by clicking every protective strip. 

Use Command Hooks for Window Blinds

The most popular way of hanging window blinds without drilling is to use command hooks. These can also work if you need to hang blackout blinds, and you have to place a hook on both sides of the window and another extra one at the center for additional support. 

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You can use the ribbon, string, or fabric loops to the back or top of the shade. The loops can be attached using permanent glue or a thread and needle. 

After the loops get formed, you can then use these for hanging your shades in the hooks. Just remember that your shades are somewhat heavy, though. Make sure you follow all the instructions for mounting the hooks, specifically the part about making sure they bond entirely to the wall first before you hang anything. 

Use Magnets for Window Blinds

Magnets are your best option if you are lucky enough to have a magnetic window frame. They don’t need any sticky back hanging or additional glue because you can hang your shades beside the window frames. 

You can glue these magnets to the back of your shades, or you can pop these above the shade without using any glue, that is if you use magnets that are strong enough and don’t mind if they are visible. 

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Magnetic blinds are also an excellent option for covering glass panels with a metal door frame. These blinds feature strong magnets built on the piece stuck directly to your metal door. These can also get popped off and on instantly, making it easier to clean your windows. 

When you swing them closed or open, these blinds can also move on doors quickly because the magnet slides with sudden movements. 

Use Peel-and-Stick Window Blinds

Self-adhesive window blinds are another alternative that can stick to window frames. This particular option is often exclusively available in more lightweight materials like paper because any excess weight may pull away from the adhesive from the window frame. 

Although stick blinds don’t have the same level of durability as other types of blind materials, it is easier to modify paper if you ever need to cut this to fit your window. 

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The top rail has a strong adhesive with a paper backing you need to remove once you are ready to install the blinds. Wipe off your window frame to ensure no dust, grease, or other debris that may prevent it from sticking. You also need to check for any peeling paint that might flake off together with the adhesive. Just press the blinds against the window frame to secure them. 

Install Tension Rod Window Blinds

Although you use tension rods for hanging your curtains, you can also use blinds that are already built-in with tension rods, and it lets you create a single seamless unit that resembles regular blinds. 

Many blind manufacturers offer different types of blinds available for you to choose from, including outside mount blinds, roller shades or roller blinds, cellular blinds, Intu blinds, miniblinds, and Roman shades. 

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Their tension mechanism often holds more weight than other no-drill shade options, offering more variety. However, these can still come off if you pull the blinds too hard. 

The tension formed by the rod against the window frame will hold these blinds into place. These blinds can also be installed quickly, with some snapping right in place with the help of spring-loaded bars. Some get twisted to shorten or extend them to ensure snugly fit in the window PVC frame. 

Put Up Window Corner Brackets

Window corner brackets also offer a no-drill option for windows with trim if you plan to pair drapes or curtains with your blinds. These slide onto the window trim’s corner with no need to use the right tools like adhesives or nails. You can put the curtain rod on the corner brackets for holding the window treatments you prefer to use. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hang window blinds without drilling?

Even though hanging blinds using a drill and screws or nails is an easy DIY project you can do over the weekend, there are many reasons why you should avoid creating additional holes. 

For instance, you might be renting a property where you are not allowed by the landlord to drill into the walls. It is also one of the best ways to drill even small holes if you don’t have any tools. 

When to use no-drill window blinds?

Installing your window blinds without drilling is an efficient way to consider if you live in rented accommodations, if you only need to hang lightweight curtains and if your windows are of standard shape and size. It is also an easy way if you want to prevent damage and pencil marks on your walls; you don’t mind the price point and limited options, unlike traditional blinds, and you are confident that you will handle your blinds gently. 

Are faux wood blinds a good option?

Yes. Compared to wooden blinds, faux wood blinds are flat PVC slates that last long and don’t peel, stain, scratch, or dent. These vertical blinds are also moisture-proof, perfect in humid regions or rooms like your bathroom or kitchen.

Home Depot sells a variety of designs that also come with a guaranteed-to-fit promise for the right size blinds. This almost guarantees you’ll make the right choice based on the size of the window or the type of window. Each offers tilt wand and lift cord options to help operate the upper rail and shift blinds or raise them, whether they are mini blinds or larger ones.

Imagine the feel of real wood with stain options to help you make the perfect choice for your home’s look and style? You can even dress up the bottom rail of the blinds for stylish and finish.

Beyond standard sizes, are there other window blinds to consider?

What about french doors? Wayfair has wonderful blackout shades from Latitude Run. It is a quick and easy solution that helps with noise reduction and comes with simple guidelines and the use of velcro to attach above large windows. The front of the window benefits from an elegant solution with added privacy on the back end.

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Looking for fit blinds? Check out Louvolite, which has a fitting system the company claims is perfect and requires no drilling or screwing during installation into the side of your window.

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You can also find blinds for low windows which are smaller or narrow and do not have extra inches. These blinds are available as wood blinds, mini blinds, or faux wood blinds, come under 12 inches, and only have a tilt wand and no life cord. There’s a simple explanation. The headrail is too small for all the mechanisms.

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