Inexpensive Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

Adding some flair to any kitchen wall is a well-intentioned and desirable outcome for many homeowners. Do you wonder how you can fill an empty wall in a kitchen space without spending a fortune? You may not find the right pieces to decorate your kitchen walls, and kitchen wall decor can be expensive. To prevent the room from feeling empty in small spaces, the best way considers adding the right amount of decorations.

The kitchen is the heart of most homes and a good place to take some decorative risks. Families spend much time dining together or planning a grocery list.

Kitchen walls are available in various forms and sizes; whether it is a large dining room wall or a little dividing wall, you will want some useful solutions.

The best kitchen wall decor ideas are deeply personal.

You can follow the latest trend for decorative items but I am sure you have a good idea or different ways to spice up your kitchen ideas with a perfect backdrop. Modern design can include an easy DIY project where natural materials or fake fruits are added to your kitchen area.

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Let Us Begin With the Basics

You will have to identify the vacant wall areas in the kitchen and devise a strategy on what you wish to accomplish. Blank walls in a living room could serve as another storage option? Another great way to change things is to consider something sentimental or make a gallery wall. You really don’t need to undertake a massive kitchen renovation to change things around.

We’ve compiled some ideas to help with kitchen wall ideas. There are many inexpensive ways to do this and the best part is that your personal touch is a unique way to achieve a rustic or modern look.

The Best Inexpensive Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchens should be relaxing, comfortable spaces where you can spend time with family members and friends. Even though it’s okay if your walls are left blank, a little art and a few family photos can make your living space more charming and fun. After all, most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

You can find modern wall decor in either small or large sizes and artwork to suit every taste. You can choose the classic “Farmer’s Market,” “Eat,” or “Bakery” sign in a small kitchen for a simplistic appearance. Likewise, a brightly colored accent wall may improve your workday. Consider creating a gallery wall, installing a blackboard with a wooden supporting structure, or adding a homemade menu board if you’ve got a big kitchen. The kids will love adding dinner ideas. You could achieve a similar effect with a menu roll holder on a wall of the kitchen.

Vintage clocks, found in thrift stores, can be a perfect addition to any busy schedule. This decorative element can work on the walls of your kitchen. The perfect place has usually been the family living room or dining room but there are many modern kitchen wall decor ideas with great use of timepieces.

Decorating an open kitchen wall with contemporary and affectionate signs, accessories, shelves, and pictures, can be economical with several stunning yet economical kitchen wall interior decorations.

Therefore, if you’re contemplating a renovation, look at my kitchen wall décor ideas before spending an enormous amount of money to personalize your kitchen.


A backsplash, by definition, is a part of the kitchen that gets dirty quickly compared to any other place. As a result, updating the backsplash’s decoration can make the entire cooking space look cleaner and neat. There are plenty of backsplash wall design options, although not all of these are cost-effective.

Mosaic tiles are one of the most cost-effective solutions to improve the backsplash area. Unless you want something less expensive, split up standard tiles into tiny pieces. You can make this decor for much less money if you have remnants of tile at home. Additionally, you can mix and match various tile designs and sizes to create a fantastic effect.

You can also use other materials, apart from tiles, to create a backsplash kitchen design. Wood palettes tones, pegboard, wallpapers, and other odd materials such as pieces of fabric or maps, for example, can be used to decorate the kitchen walls. You can also renew the surfaces by just repainting them with a different hue.

Gallery walls are much more prevalent in living rooms and hallways, but they can also work well on the kitchen walls. Gather signs or photographs to make a collection with a similar subject. Use a wood frame for that perfect rustic or earth feel.

A modern kitchen can be enhanced using kitchen utensils such as forks, spoons, knives, as well as funny catchphrases such as “Those Who Love Eating Are The Strongest” or “Welcome Wall.” If you are talented in the arts and crafts, you can attempt making a creative art piece out of a well-known style.

Open Shelving

How do you decorate kitchen walls effectively? An easy way is to consider the various shelf options available. Most property owners prefer to keep kitchenware in cabinets; however, you can consider open shelves. They look good and can also store kitchen items, but they also exhibit art and antiques.

In terms of beauty and cost, floating shelves are an incredible option for kitchen wall decor. They are reasonably priced and simple to set up. They are also available in various styles and colors, even though their design is relatively conventional. Additionally, hanging shelves are adorable. Their design and weight mean they can hang from chains, ropes, or even ribbons. Alternatively, you could also put a rack against the kitchen wall with open shelves.

In essence, kitchen wall shelves can be rather bare. They are even possible to construct by yourself. You can, however, make the shelves stand out by adding colorful plates or art pieces on top. You can add glasses, coffee mugs, and dishes too, and also elegant jars, candles, flowers, or even food like fruits and veggies, in addition to artwork and collectibles.

My favorite pieces for decorative elements usually fall into the category of country kitchen wall decor ideas. As I’ve grown older, my favorite kitchen wall decor ideas have included bright colors and more natural elements, because of my stronger connection to nature.

Paintings On The Wall

A mural painting is an excellent kitchen wall décor option if you have a vast space to fill. Mural paintings can transform your kitchen, giving it a bistro atmosphere. It can be perfect as small kitchen wall decor and remains a great option for large walls of the kitchen.

It’s ideal for incorporating that urban vibe into suburban or modern kitchens. Based on your mood, you may turn it into a moody or scenic kitchen. Nothing surpasses dining alongside your beloved folks while enjoying a magnificent view.


This type of kitchen wall décor is popular because it helps to create a central focus in the space. The main focus would be the first image we see when we walk into a room, and it must be attractive and create a pleasant mood. The focal point looks unique from the rest of the kitchen because of its aggressiveness and distinctiveness.

Among the most common ways to make a focal point in a kitchen is to hang a huge art piece. Due to their versatility and low cost, posters are among the more popular suggestions. A giant poster on the wall can instantly transform the space. However, you have the option of replacing one large print with a sequence of small pieces.

On the market, you’ll find a wide variety of fascinating prints for your kitchen wall interior decoration; however, the food ones seem to be the most prevalent. Photographs are a great addition. Consider images of fruits, vegetables, beverages, and cooked foods, as they remain the perfect choice for almost any kitchen design.

However, you are free to search for another themed decor that will work well in your kitchen. As I’ve mentioned, I am a fan of rustic scenes that use various country styles, whereas conceptual art is a terrific complement to a modern setting.

Decorating the Kitchen Wall Using Book Pages

Kitchen wall decor full of book pages may appear unusual, but that’s a very distinctive way to express yourself. The book pages could be genealogical storylines of your family, with noticeable changes in your ancestor’s history.

In a recent coffee get-together, one of my friends documented how her ancestors moved around in one city, and she traced their movements through old city phone books. She would trace their movement with a map and then try to find before/after pictures of the streets or homes they lived in. Imagine telling that story from your kitchen’s walls!

There are many versions of this, but we all adore them all! We have even seen some fantastic designs that style pages from classic children’s books. Cooking, tea time, and other kitchen-related children’s books are usually the only ones that succeed.

This concept is a little more whimsical, but it’s a terrific way to make it even better for any wall decor.

If children’s books are not your style, consider using papers from classic cookbooks, your favorite bible verses, or motivational literature instead. Most people also like the notion of discovering antique books with floral prints and using them to make beautiful walls.

Wall Quotes

These are becoming increasingly popular as kitchen wall art. We chose them, though, because they are inexpensive. Wall posters with phrases are favorites, but prints are also popular. Both options are reasonably priced, and the price varies depending on the complexity and dimensions you select.

You may, for instance, include some motivational phrases. Because the kitchen is where your family and friends spend quality time, this is a terrific way to encourage and motivate them during breakfast or brighten them up from a long day in the evening. There may also be some cooking-related phrases and terminology. You can also hang your best recipe on the kitchen wall.

A hilarious word poster or sticker is a suitable adornment and might be a joke or a humorous statement. You can also purchase a personalized decoration using your own or your relatives’ and friends’ remarks. The surnames of the close relatives, as well as their initial names, are frequently printed.

Kitchen Wall Decorating with Floating Shelving

A floating shelf is a terrific solution all around because it is a very low-cost choice! Floating shelving is pricey, but you have a lot of alternatives, and it adds storage without taking up the extra space.

Many homeowners enjoy the concept of incorporating additional potted herbs into their home-cooked food for easy access and freshness. Your family will also appreciate this! It is ideal if you don’t have enough cupboard space for storage or need a place to showcase your herbs, spices, and other kitchen items.

Floating shelves are perfect for storing your manuals. A wooden frame or wooden board with a bold color (like a dark brown on a white or cream-colored wall) is a great idea and a good color scheme to pair up. If you’re a seasoned chef or a novice, everyone has cookbooks, or at the very least recipes, you need on standby! They’ll look fantastic on an open shelf.

Cookbooks are not only valuable for cooking, but they also make excellent decorative pieces. They bring character to a space when used to decorate.

Design of the Pot

It would help if you placed pots away from the kitchen if you have limited room. It not only enhances the general style of the kitchen, but it is also a simple way to obtain them.


How do you design a kitchen wall fast? By adding greenery. When you add plants to your kitchen wall, they refresh and brighten up the place. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bonsai, orchid, or cactus tree; it’ll look great in any design or color combination. You will need to pick pots with some care to match the room’s overall decor.

You can place the plants on any wall shelf in your kitchen for added vibrancy towards the walls. On a single shelf, you can put numerous pots or just one large plant. Plants can also be a cute addition to composition. You could, for example, combine a plant with photos, paintings, kitchenware, or keepsakes on a shelf.

Plants can also thrive well in suspended pots. Hang them on any available wall space in your kitchen. You can also hang it on the towel or kitchen utensil holder. Making a vertical garden is a fantastic concept, although it may be more expensive than simply setting a few potted plants.

Furthermore, you can grow herbs and vegetables in your kitchen. You’ll have a beautiful eco-friendly decor and fresh herbs like basil, spinach, lettuce, and other vitamin-rich crops straight from your indoor space this way.

The Rustic Hanging Trail

A wooden hanging trail is an excellent way for individuals to add a unique decorative element. Aside from it helping save space, it also becomes so simple but so artsy. It unapologetically brings out the rusticity in your kitchen.

Personalized Décor

There are many services to make this very simple but quite artistic ornamentation. It boldly emphasizes you, your family, and adds a unique charm. Just don’t get carried away with the family-like John Dutton who branded all his cowboys with the “Y” for Yellowstone. 😉

Decor That is Unique to You

You have complete freedom to customize your kitchen decor. As a result, you can use family images to beautify the walls. Decoration ideas for kitchen walls by adding another couple of images to the walls aren’t the same as transforming them into artwork. You can, for instance, make a large poster out of your best family portrait.

Alternatively, you can combine the photos with other ornaments. You can, for example, print them on mugs to embellish a wall shelf. You can also use pieces of personal importance for both you and your family to decorate the kitchen.

Vintage Pull Down Map

Well, it is a reasonably specialized example, but most people adore pull-down maps! However, if you want to be unique, you may need one to complete your kitchen wall art. These maps occupy a lot of wall surfaces and are also the reason why they are also expensive.

The pull-down map is generally more helpful within the dining area based on your kitchen or dining room setup. Still, it remains a terrific approach to making a big impression while also including a discussion starter. All you need now is a fun chandelier, rug, dining room table, and your pull-down map to complete the entire experience. You have a beautifully designed dining area that is ideal for meals with family and friends.

Also, it is not always a pull-down map all of the time. We’ve seen plenty of pull-down art that’s equally stunning! There are plenty of options for a fresh take on the pull-down wall décor trend.


These are not among the most common kitchen wall decoration ideas but, indeed, the most cost-effective ways to decorate walls. You might use their assistance to create an elegant feel or to adorn some smaller places. It’s also adorable that you’ll handle everything using your hands.

Stencils can have designs that appear like paintings or include complex patterns. The number of established options is enormous. You can use a basic ribbon lace design to fill the entire wand. You may also use the butterfly and flower stencil on your kitchen wall rather than wall art.

Utilizing stencils for wall art isn’t complicated in any way. One can quickly complete the job without the assistance of a professional. One of the most important things is to pick a color and pattern that will look good together in your kitchen.

Layered Kitchen Wall Decor

Stacking on all of your favorite products is a perfect opportunity to make a statement without spending a fortune! Layering is an easy mechanism to change the primary purpose of an item and give it a much more multidimensional appearance!

Getting praise is almost expected, and it did not cost you anything extra! The notion of stacking multiple tobacco baskets on each other is brilliant! You can hang them side by side with their own framed artwork or stack two on each other. They have a plethora of options available to them!

If tobacco baskets aren’t your thing, you may always try layering in various methods. You can layer by placing any wall element in front of it, such as stems, old shutters, a clock, stems, or a wreath.


Pay close attention to chalkboard decorations if you’re looking for unique kitchen wall decors. It is just a novel approach to home design. Therefore you won’t find it in many homes. However, it appears to be quite intriguing. Black is a striking, eye-catching color that makes a fantastic backdrop for chalk paint.

You will easily find a can of black chalkboard paint at Home Depot or any other home retailer. You wouldn’t even need to purchase abroad.

Get a can of black blackboard paint and apply it to the wall. You can use chalkboard paint to create a subtle touch or to cover the entire wall. Furthermore, standard square and rectangular geometries are not required. Creativity has no boundaries, so don’t hold back.

The remarkable feature of chalkboard wall art is adjusting the layout and scribbling what you want. You can also take notes, jot down ideas or dinner menus, exchange encouraging quotes, as well as declare love to your loved ones. You can also add anything amusing there, such as a joke.

Kitchen Backsplash in Teal

A fabulous kitchen wall decor idea considers a teal-colored 3d wall pattern. It gives color to your kitchen, as well as positive energy to the house. Everything appears to be interacting with each other on this well-placed wall design. It’s a stunning kitchen wall design.

Final thoughts

As you’ve seen, even if you’ve had a restricted budget, you can make some improvements to your home and kitchen. You can implement numerous kitchen wall decor options without spending a fortune. Choose a décor that complements your kitchen’s aesthetic and personal taste.

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