Inspiring Turquoise and Brown Bathroom Ideas

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

When choosing a bathroom color scheme, a combination of design and light are important traits. Interior bathroom designs should flow with the overall style of your home. Traditional, modern, and contemporary interiors are common trends of today and can provide countless color palette blends for a bathroom.  The practice of color combination pairs can be a tricky and involved process.

Think calming when deciding on your perfect bathroom. Turquoise contains blue, green, and yellow for a pleasing universal flavor. The feel of the ocean is a natural stress reducer.

The proper lighting adds a background of warmth to enhance your experience. Add a neutral color, such as gray, brown, or white, and your bathroom decor will transform this room into an oasis of calm.

While Google can give you lots of ideas, here are some of my ideas for using turquoise and brown in your next bathroom remodeling project. 

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Turquoise Blue Bathroom Walls

A backdrop of turquoise color can lend a refreshing feeling of ultimate joy. Emotions are tied to different colors and a turquoise bathroom emits feelings of serenity, spiritual grounding, and creativity.

Adding a touch of brown accents to the dynamics of an ocean breeze. The shade of turquoise walls can create a feminine feel or a sophisticated presence by going with light to dark tones.

Ceramic Tile

Mosaic tile with a unique design can take a walk-in shower to new heights by giving your bath a modern look. Turquoise tiles scattered among different shapes and blended in multiple tones can create a focal point of a trendy modern bathroom. Include in the floor and ceiling design to round out an inviting look.

Simple Upgrade

Sprucing up an outdated bathroom look can be simple by painting or papering walls in turquoise or blue wall color. Use neutral hues to add texture and dimension. White subway tiles can be added around the perimeter of the bathtub. Add a warm shower curtain of neutral hues to make a lovely contemporary bathroom.

Small Bathrooms

Updating bathroom cabinets within a sink zone is a way to breathe new life into small bathrooms. A floor of white and black tiles never goes out of style, especially in a small space. The larger the tile design, the better in expanding your space.

Keep the walls and sinks nondescript with plain white walls and white tile. Add colors, like turquoise and brown with wall decor and painted cabinets. Brightly colored metal wall hangings are a great idea for delivering a pop of color and style. 

Rustic and country are popular choices in interior design. Walnut and birch are leading wood choices in adding a naturally rustic feel to a remodeled bathroom.

An accent wall with a full-sized mural in a blue tone can bring a romantic feel while soaking in a hot tub. Decals of flying birds or swimming fish can add a bit of whimsy to bare corners and walls. Freestanding tubs can become transformed into a quiet corner when a large piece of wall art is hung nearby.

Luxury designs in bathrooms are becoming the focus in high-end houses. White, cream, and subtle brown are the base to create an elegant room. Use lots of light and mirrors for a sparkling effect.

A white quartz countertop with a light turquoise glass basin demonstrates a rich look. White marble floors with brown or gray veins add glamour throughout the bathroom. Greenery and ceramic white accessories keep the flow of luxury intact.

Unique Designs

Minimalism does not have to be void of design and color. Open space with lots of built-ins can be an excellent choice for this style. Shower niches and a shower bench make a convenient and organized built-in appearance on shower walls. 

Modern industrial uses turquoise and brown to its advantage with dark hues of iron hardware. Try painting the ceiling black against a white painted wall brick to add drama to the industrial design. Dark colors for metal tubs and vanities will be striking against white marble floors.

Acceptable Lighting

Nothing can beat natural light for adding a desirable look. However, when used in interior design, today’s lighting possibilities can have mood-altering properties. Metallic accents and a large mirror can trick your mind into seeing more light.

Use warm light in layers, such as recessed lighting paired with wall sconces. Highlight a creative bathroom sign with a mini picture light and watch the atmosphere pleasantly change. 

Turquoise is a favorite choice for today’s bathroom designs. There is no limit to the style or tone of color to make a grand statement. Feng Shui, an ancient practice introducing good mental and physical health, says turquoise colors promote rest and slow time. 

Suggestions for bringing Feng Shui into your bathroom include buying an air-purifying orchid. Other moisture-loving plants include ferns, philodendron, spider plants, and Chinese evergreen. Use only round mirrors, use marble or ceramic tile around your countertop, and introduce brown or orange hues to your bath mat. If marble or ceramic is not in your budget, set a creative statue beside the vanity.

Scenic artwork of landscapes or cityscapes can add a sense of calm while providing contrasting colors.  Keep the competition down from too many accessories, but give yourself time to add desired pieces. A pop of color, like a bright yellow Turkish bath towel or a cheerful orange basket, can be just the right touch.

Cabinet hardware and faucets can even out your design with shiny or brushed chrome or gold-plated metal. Depending on your style, turquoise and brown are acceptable for both bold and subtle. Rely on your personal taste.

Start building your dream bathroom with beauty and your favorite style in mind. Allow the turquoise and brown to flow into adjoining rooms and hallways. It may be necessary to paint nearby walls to avoid clashing colors. This can easily be done with neutral or natural colors that coordinate well with blues and greens. Last, tease your visitors with the aroma of lavender that leads them into this bathroom of discovery. The picture of tranquility will be twice as appealing when the senses work together.

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