Is Homey Design Right For My Living Room

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

As you browse the vast assortment of the Homey collection of furniture, what comes to mind is the selection is a head turner. It starts a conversation and tells a story without saying a word. The collection reminds you of kings and queens in England and how their furniture represented wealth and elegance. I think of Liberace. Some advanced searches might turn up some other recent celebrities with a passion for Victorian-style decor.

While the homey design extends to the bedroom, dining room, and home office, the homey design living room is the most common. After all, the living room is the gold standard of first impressions, and it causes guests and family to stop and stare. So what is homey design, what furniture and accessories are part of it, and what stores carry the brand?

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What is Homey Design?

Luxury, high quality, and striking describe the homey design. The retro vibe is a mix of traditional, European, Victorian flair, and classic designs, so expect a lot of curves and intricate detail. The craftsmanship is magnificent, updating old-fashioned charm and affluence to fit today’s modern and tech-heavy world to near perfection.

Artisans working on the Homey collection carve intricate details on solid wooden frames while keeping the furniture stout. The result of the solid wood construction is a continuous, thick portion of wood with no hollow inside. Additional materials used to construct seating furniture are textiles, metal, and leather.

Gold metal is the prevalent metal type in Homey Design. Most leather used on Homey furniture is faux and bonded. Textiles vary by furniture piece; there’s not a specific type tied to Homey Design, but recurring ones are silk, satin, and velvet.

On the surface, you notice the tuft pattern recurring in several sofas, loveseats, and accent chairs when you stare at the photos. The tuft comes from rich chenille fabric: soft, plush, comfortable cushions you will love to lean your back on. There are also decorative accent pillows adding regal flair, color, and softness to an already comfy couch.

Homey Design Furniture - Boudoir. Luxurious interior in the vintage style

When complete, it becomes a one-of-a-kind grand statement piece no other home will copy. The Homey collection allows you to live like royalty in your home. Homey Design retailers sell luxurious living room sets or separate furniture pieces.

Depending on the living room set selection, you can buy a three-piece sectional or a sofa, loveseat, and accent chair. The sectional comes apart to become a chaise, sofa, and chair. Pieces available to add a layer of sophistication to your home are a sofa, loveseat, sectional sofa, and an accent chair.

Don’t expect to see a lot of neon colors in this brand. The Homey Design collection mostly sticks to neutrals like white, brown, beige, and gray. Bright colors like red and gold are accent colors to make the furniture pop.

What Other Living Room Items are Homey Design Products?

Non-seating furniture like coffee tables and end tables follows the Homey Design theme. Other furniture pieces in Homey design are bookcases, console tables, and ottomans. All furniture uses authentic mahogany, maple, oak, or walnut wood.

Vases, statues, mirrors, and floor clocks are decor accessories available in the Homey design. They add the Homey design to the living room without diving fully into it. Most of these unique designs use solid wood or gold metal construction.

Non-seating furniture and decor accessories are perfect for people who want a few stunning quality pieces in the living room. It is also great for people to test the collection initially before committing fully. The difficulty is picking which furniture pieces to bring home. 

What Types of Stores Carry Homey Design Furniture?

There are specialty stores that only carry the Homey collection, and there are well-known stores that carry the Homey brand as one of many choices. All choices provide superb customer service and support. The delivery team will bring the furniture to your living room from the truck, and all the furniture pieces will be in the same condition as they left the factory. 

While most stores are online, know that the photographs are accurate and capture their beauty because the artisans pay attention to detail when carving out the curves and grooves. The color variation in the photos may vary because of the lighting used. Contact customer service online, by phone, or by email about the specifications of any item the company sells.

Homey Design Specialty Store

These are the stores that say Homey Design in the title. Those stores only sell Homey designs but don’t believe the living room is the only room they cover. The specialists expand the Homey Design to the bedroom, dining room, home office, den, and entertainment room. With so many options, their goal is to meet any type of request and to deliver a high-quality shopping experience.

Homey Design Furniture - Royal bedroom interior

Specialty stores use the company website to make their store nationwide with only a handful of brick-and-mortar establishments. That is an opportunity to browse in person and examine the details of showroom pieces. Some may only have a company website with a warehouse to ship items to your home.

Brick-and-mortar stores allow in-person ordering, but understand that you won’t take the furniture home that day as it takes time to ship it to your living room. Online and in-person orders use the same delivery truck method. Meanwhile, online ordering from a specialty store is secure and straightforward. 

Discount Furniture Outlets

Unless you live close to the store’s location, the discount furniture outlets are online only. What makes this an attractive buy is these companies offer the Homey Design brand at amazing prices. The holiday sales, the discounts, and the coupon codes keep the unapologetically expensive Homey brand affordable. 

Instead of paying thousands like the specialty stores, you shell out hundreds of dollars for a pre-assembled quality made living room piece. Pay even less for non-seating furniture and decor accessories. Should you want additional furniture pieces, the next sale is right around the corner; keep checking online for it.

If there is a brick-and-mortar discount furniture outlet to browse Homey Design, visiting in person means examining the intricate details and seeing its beauty up close. Like specialty stores, ordering online or in person is secure and easy. The hard part after selecting and ordering is waiting for the furniture to arrive.

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