10 Most Appealing Italian Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

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Last updated: March 25, 2023

Italian-style home decor is one of the most popular and unique ways to accessorize your home. It consists of exceptionally fashionable, monumental, and high-end home décor with stunning styles and elegant craftwork. You can spruce up an empty entryway wall, boring bathroom, or master suite. You’ll recognize modern Italian kitchens by their Italian wall decor. Sure, you may find other decor elements in the living room, but we will stick to the kitchen in this article.

The ornate, elegant, gorgeously-gilted, and widely-designed furnishings make this ancient style a preference for many. If you’re intending to revamp your kitchen or simply looking for the best decoration design for your newly-built kitchen, the Italian-style décor can be the best way to enliven and inspire your space.

Whether you’re more into modern Italian kitchen designs or the traditional ornate styles, the Italian style has it all you need when it comes to culture and art. Kindly read on to learn anything and everything there’s to know about the Italian Kitchen wall décor, plus various examples of exclusive Italian wall arts to spice up your kitchen.

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The Italian-style home décor comes in many styles and designs, giving you the freedom to select a more suitable and soothing method based on your preference. In this post, I’ll slowly take you through some of the rich Italian artwork from both the old-world ornate Italian styles and the modern Italian designs.

Here are ten attractive Italian wall décor styles you can consider for your kitchen:

1. Tuscan Kitchen Decor

The Tuscan style is an old Italian home decoration design featuring rustic, distressed, sun-baked surfaces characterized by robust but straightforward furnishings and crumbling stone patios with elegant textured wall finishes, iron Tuscan accents, trompe l’oeil designs, terra-cotta tiles, mosaic tile, detailed murals, and the ever so beautiful Tuscan landscape.

Suppose you’ve always admired this Italian style. In that case, you can quickly achieve it through careful selection and installation/hanging of high-end and stylish Tuscan kitchen décor and wall art with abstract design. This style is usually sophisticated but not excessive. Beige hues and a graduated look are prevalent for this style. If you’re thinking about an entire wall, look for that blank area or spare space that will provide a fantastic design accent for your kitchen.

For a uniquely beautiful Tuscan-themed kitchen, you need to be careful about how you choose your earthy neutrals with metal and wooden surfaces. Who knows, maybe this will inspire you to become an amazing Italian chef.

2. Italian Wall Plaques

Your first purchase should consider wall plaques. Feel free to check out these suggested products at Amazon for ideas. Wall plaques are another excellent wall décor item that can significantly transform your kitchen. Italy’s art and culture provide some of the best Italian kitchen wall art plaques in the market today at highly affordable prices, some with free shipping to specific destinations.

From Italian food, fruit-themed accents, inspirational quotes, artistic carvings, sculptured walls to symbolic signs, the Italian-style décor has all the wall plaques you can ever need. These plaques also come in many designs and themes, including the Italian Tuscany and Florentine styles.

Most eateries and chefs today use Italian restaurant art prints for marketing their businesses. For example, a fat chef can use this KiaoTime Board Plaque to welcome people in his restaurant, while an Italian coffee shop can hang this SUMIK Coffee Board to show customers the types of coffee they offer.

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Always check the condition of any purchase from any retailer; especially, promotional purchases. Always look for exclusive offers and reward certificates in the hunt for a low price.

I did find another retailer called PiazzaPisano that has many kitchen decor products from Tuscan to Cocina and Cucina plaques, including other signs with the direction of Al Pisano.

This dimensional artist created art through carving and sculpting after starting his career in New York City during the 1950s. He went to Italy in the 1970s to learn about carving and sculpting, which transformed his business into the production of dimensional art. He started in New York City advertising as a paste-up artist.

By 1992, he would begin producing home decor, Italian gifts, and other items like Italian wall art for the home or Italian restaurant wall art. Yes, they even sell door toppers.


Dolce Vita simple means a good/sweet life. Living a smooth and luxurious life is an Italian norm. While Dolce Vita sounds like a cliché, the Italians truly embody the statement. To them, it’s not just a phrase but their actual way of life. You can see a lot of this in pop art examples.

Italian-style wall décor with work of seduction provides the best way to recreate the dolce Vita feeling. Examples of these wall arts are:

3. AlFresco Dining Kitchen Art

Al Fresco dining, or Outdoor dining, is an excellent dining form for parties and other casual events. An alfresco dining wall art is a beautiful addition to your kitchen’s walls if you need an enthralling and fantastic finishing. They would look great in white frames on empty walls.

The good news is that a lot of wall art uses sunlight and fade-resistant ink. These archival inks help keep colors vibrant.

Have a look at this beautiful Al Fresco art from WallArt Prints in Australia. Yum yum.

4. Coffee Art

Adorn your breakfast table or dining area with this colorful and enthralling coffee art. It’s a canvas print painting showing different types of espresso coffee wrapped in a timber frame for more sophistication. I have to admit, WallArt Prints in Australia has some really great art!

Coffee has its way of making someone feel better when they take it. Now, imagine taking your best espresso while sitting close to this high-quality and beautiful wall art. Nothing is more pleasing and soothing than this sight near your breakfast table.

Or you can imagine sipping the best coffee as if you were in Italy at these coveted places: Caffè Gilli (Florence), Caffè Sicilia (Noto), Caffè Mulassano (Turin), Murena Suite (Genova), Pavé (Milan), Gran Caffè Quadri (Venice) or Sal De Riso Costa d’Amalfi (Minori).


Besides the picturesque galleries, ancient cities, museums, rich art, and high sense of fashion, Italy is also known for its plenty of natural wonders and produce. It has a highly diverse landscape, including seaside escapes with clear waters, vegetative valleys with rolling hills, and high snow-capped mountains.

The Wall art for these eclectic collections can give your kitchen the Italian style you’re looking for if combined with well-selected furniture.

5. Tuscany Landscape Wall Art

Tuscany landscape paintings can be beautiful and eye-catching on kitchen walls. And with the many options available today, getting one matching your kitchen’s walls and furniture can’t be hard.

It can be a painting of the Tuscan home landscape, Tuscan sunrise, or Tuscan farm. Usually, the prices of these paintings will vary with the art’s size, appeal, and quality, but they’re primarily affordable and easy to install.

Wayfair has an excellent selection to choose from. Go have a look and get some inspiration!

6. Fresh Farm Produce

Nothing makes a kitchen livelier and more admirable like a fresh, farm produce painting with a relaxed and chilled Italian background. It gives people or your visitors the impression that you love your food fresh and tasty made with exclusively fresh ingredients and supplies.

This painting of the fresh Tuscan olives, green leaves, and honey will invite Italy’s spirit into your kitchen, café, or home.

Once again, Wayfair has some excellent options to browse from.

7. Tuscany Sunflower Field

Sunflower field paintings are among the most colorful and communicative kitchen wall art. They explicitly show nature’s beauty and the charming attraction of poppy flowers hand painted in solid canvas using high-end paints.

Etsy has an amazing assortment of options to browse through. Enjoy!

8. Italian Vegetable III Aglio Wall Art

Are you a garlic lover? Then this Italian Aglio wall painting sold on Wayfair may suit you well. Personally, this would sit nicely in my kitchen because I love garlic in everything. Move aside Emeril Lagasse! Aglio is an Italian word for garlic. This painting shows the proper form of garlic over a brown-colored background. Or consider a painting with an olive oil-covered background for Italian art that fuses the old world, such as an olive tree or olive branch. There are so many rich traditions in Italy that ideas are not hard to come by.

Make sure to also research wall-mounting hardware depending on the art selected, by size and weight.


Italians have both wise and funny kitchen wall quotes which you can use to decorate your café or home. For example, Ciao Bella means goodbye or hello, la Cucina means kitchen, and Buon Appetito means enjoying your meal.

Such wall art can be a great addition to any kitchen wall, restaurant, or café. They pass a message to your visitors/family telling them how relaxed or welcome they should be in your kitchen/eatery. Besides the wall decors written in Italian, you can opt for those with English themes/phrases.

If you have an Italian friend moving to a new house, an Italian kitchen wall quote sticker can be the perfect gift to give them.

Examples of this wall art are:

9. Mangia Wall Art

Mangia means eat in Italy. This art will make your kitchen emulate the walls of your Italian restaurant or café in your dreams! Adding this wall art in your kitchen will improve its overall look and make people feel welcomed and relaxed.

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10. Putuo Decor BBQ Zone Wall Decor


If you have a barbecue party or restaurant, a clear and conspicuous sticker can be a great way to welcome most people. This Putuo decor is big and attractive enough to show everyone your BBQ zone.

It’s also easy to install and comes in many colors and phrases you can select from based on your preference. It can withstand both indoor and outdoor settings due to its thick and durable aluminum material, high-quality color, and highly detailed image.

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Wall art is a great solution to accessorize your home, suit your lifestyle, and show your personality. However, the exact type of art you purchase will not only depend on your preference but also the specific room you’re accessorizing.

Some of the essential aspects to keep in mind to buy a more fitting kitchen wall art are:

1. Size

Your kitchen’s wall space matters a lot when buying wall décor. Usually, getting the best place to hand your décor can be tricky due to the cabinets, windows, and cupboards. Hence, it’s best to balance your wall décor to prevent your wall from overcrowding.

2. Theme

Selecting the correct style or theme for your kitchen’s wall décor is critical. You need to be consistent throughout and purchase arts that resonate with your theme. If you don’t prefer the canvas prints, posters, wall plaques, and paintings, you decide to go for attractive wall prints.

You may also consider acrylic prints as they do not need frames, and the borderless design delivers gallery-worthy appeal. The acrylic glass creates depth, whereas high quality paper will create a vintage and refined art appearance.

3. Focal Point

Where you hang your wall décor matters too, it can only be eye-catching and attractive when placed at a strategic position people can quickly notice. It can be more noticeable if placed on a bare wall or areas not obstructed by the kitchen cabinets or furniture.

4. Uniqueness

The Italian home décor breaks into two categories; the old-world ornate Italian styles and the modern Italian designs. If the traditional prints and paints aren’t your thing, it’s best to opt for more arts with cheerful colors and witty phrases. Going for unique artwork and colors will make your kitchen stand out.

5. Hanging Method

Different wall art has varying ways to hang them on the wall. It’s best to go for wall art with easy hanging options. However, a different size means another hanging method.

Usually, wall arts can come in different hanging hardware like hooks, slots, brackets, handles, and natural openings to help keep them on the wall firmly. However, some can miss these tools and purchase the appropriate wall mounting hardware like nails, hooks, or screws.

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