Trending Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

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Last updated: March 25, 2023

An accent wall plays a significant role in a home and serves other purposes in a room. It can help in defining the space; bring attention as a focal point to architectural elements. Moreover, it adds some drama and interesting vibes with vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and rich earthy textures. Choosing the proper accent depends on how much attention you wish to give this in terms of a unique look.

Some unique accent walls include chevron textural elements, stone accent walls, subway tile, brick wall, dark accent wall, reclaimed wood accent wall, chalkboard paint, or shiplap accent wall. You can get inspired ideas from architectural digest magazine if you want other ideas for a gallery wall. It isn’t only about a dark color, or pop of color because it’s about the shade, design, and material for an interior or exterior wall. Shiplap wall paneling creates a unique rustic texture that is suitable for any room in your home, including a home office or master bedroom.

The clean lines of the white shiplap wallboards, for example, creates a nice overlapping fit for an instant character that matches current design trends and décor style.

When it comes to making a complete makeover of the kitchen, many questions keep rising in the mind of what to do with the accent wall. The kitchen accent wall is the wall opposite the entry points or the window. There are only a few effective ways to take your kitchen to the next level.

Today, the concept has evolved past the easy way which was typically a standard splash of color. A kitchen makeover considers a creative twist such as designed tile displays and artistic murals for a single wall experience that enhances your breakfast nook, for example. Colors also play a significant role in bringing out the beauty of a splash in the kitchen, whether wallpaper, ceramic tiles, or just a paint color job. Always ensure that you identify the right wall before everything else.

Some of the accent wall ideas you can implement on your own, while others require the skills of an interior designer which is always a good idea. This article will discuss the best way to consider your next kitchen wall idea to use in the kitchen so you’re not left with an empty wall. You’ll learn about the favorite colors you can use and answers to some common frequently asked questions.

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Favorite Accent Wall Ideas for the Kitchen

You can apply these ideas in different practical ways to achieve that eye-catching accent wall you’ve always wanted. Trends such as black paint are making a comeback; however, I am not convinced. Any black full wall makes the room feel small and cramped and in the kitchen, so it’s a poor choice.

Kitchens are happy spaces that need pops of color, so a perfect example would be a dominant feature like mosaic tiles or geometric patterns to spruce things up. Some of our friends in New York know what we’re talking about because architectural clues give way to approaches that have little effort but end with dramatic effect for an entire room.

Combine a Splash of Warm Colors

Instead of going for the standard colors familiar with almost every home, you can accentuate the look of your kitchens accent wall. Try out a splash of bold and warm colors if you want to go with the traditional design. Most people will choose to go with an earth theme color scheme, but brown can also work because it can blend well with the white cabinets. Alternatively, try out a splash of chartreuse if you prefer a fresh look in your kitchen. This color palette wall will bring freshness to your kitchen.

Textured Wallpapers

Textured wallpapers are a popular choice these days among many homeowners. The best thing about using removable wallpaper is that you can conveniently change them whenever you want to. Moreover, they are removable and do not destroy the walls or cabinets when removing them.

Textured wallpapers are also an ideal choice of accent wall ideas because they mimic natural color addiction, and therefore everyone cannot miss a color of their choice. You can design your brick accent wall, natural wood wall, or natural stone accent wall with cute textured wallpaper anytime. However, as you pick textured wallpaper for your home, ensure that you choose the one that blends well with your quartz countertop.

Tropic Hues for an Accent Wall

Tropical Hues makes you think about and make use of natural botanical colors. Instead of using tropical-themed colors on the wall, find wallpapers of the same colors. There is a wide range of prints to choose from including reeds, and palm tree prints. Most importantly, blending is the key to achieving the look you want. As you go for the tropical hue accent wall, ensure that it comes along with the rest of the things in the kitchen. Also, since you have chosen to go natural with the wall, you can consider having bamboo stools around the countertop, straw-made rugs, wooden cups, and woven baskets that can jest op the entire look in your kitchen. This design is also ideal for the rest of the room, apart from the accent wall.

Black and White Wall Design

Using black and white colors incorporates a classical design in the kitchen which is more attractive. Black countertops with white cabinets and black handles can be magical today and even in the future. Also, use a pattern that inspires your creativity and mood. You can never go wrong with a black accent wall or an all-white color accent wall.

Stone Walls / Wall Murals

Coffee murals are typical, but this can be extended to the kitchen as well. The market offers many stone-themed wallpapers with a minor twist of creativity that makes your kitchen lively. All you need is a few bucks to get the print. These murals are the perfect way to bring out the required charm in your cooking area.

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard wall still trends in making an excellent kitchen accent wall idea. It is a great way to add artistic features to a small area in the kitchen and is a good option for art lovers. This wall brings into your cooking area an appealing and inviting mood. It is an unusual but eclectic addition to your kitchen.

Floating Shelves

Instead of leaving the wall blank, try to add a floating shelve to accentuate your kitchen wall look. These shelves are magical and attractive such that everyone would want to have them in your kitchen. However, it does not mean that you can use them for any wall to fill the emptiness. Mount these shelves on a kitchen accent wall that is opposite a large window.

Consider Multiple Kitchen Accent Walls

Sometimes, the one accent wall in the kitchen might not meet your expectations. Try to design two accent walls, with each having a different color, or use a wood-look tile or herringbone pattern for a portion of a room. Your cooking kitchen small space as a woman is somewhere you spend most of the time, and you will always want to make it appealing. You can achieve this by having accent walls that are eye-catching and meet your expectations. Try to have a floral wallpaper print on the entire wall and a white and green tile on the second wall. If these options do not work for you, try different accent ideas and figure out what works.

Use Your Words

As mentioned earlier, accent wall ideas in the kitchen are not all about painting anymore. For instance, when you paint your kitchen wall all white, you can add something to make it stand out more and be unique. If you love a song, you can have the lyrics written in the culinary space. Alternatively, you can have the words on top of the wood paneling wall.

Hacienda Style

Hacienda style uses wallpaper that mimics antique or mosaic wall tiles that help give the kitchen wall a stunning design. In your kitchen, you can add many white pieces. For instance, you can have utensils in white color to complement the look.

Top Favorite Accent Colors for the Kitchen

For most young women trying to improve their homes, kitchen decoration relies on the countertop and cabinets. These two might be the essential elements of a kitchen but accentuating the wall in the kitchen gives it character. When thinking about accent wall ideas in the kitchen, the color becomes an integral part for good reason.

Think about architectural features and existing design ideas. For example, crisp white walls work best with a black countertop while dark gray cabinets work well in this arrangement, and some white furnishings

A perfect accent color used in the right way brings out personality and uniqueness to a kitchen. You can use these colors in backsplash, décor, and even in the kitchen’s accent wall. Whether you consider a small amount or more, the color used will impact the general look of the space. Below is a list of some of the popular accent colors to use in your accent wall.


This color is a perfect choice for bright colors used in the kitchens, dining room, and living room since it is supposed to stimulate the appetite and cheer the mood up. It brings out a bold statement when used in the accent kitchen wall. Whether it is a vibrant red, rich red, or bright red, you are good to go as long as you ensure it blends with the kitchen’s theme.

Navy blue is a bold color idea for your kitchen accent wall. Any shade of blue color is a good way to bring a relaxing vibe. Navy blue, in particular, is elegant and adds some quality to a space. Often this color is associated with nautical or coastal style, but you don’t have to limit it to these two themes. You can use it with a sophisticated, casual, or luxurious piece, depending on where you want to use it and the surroundings. For the kitchen accent wall, any themes will work perfectly.


This color has been trending for the past few years and is a good choice, with various homeowners incorporating it in their home spaces. It is one of the colors that bring out a cheerful vibe and goes well with a coastal theme. Try to apply this color to the accent wall for the kitchen and match it with white cabinets.


Green brings out the earthy quality vibe, which is clean and fresh. It is often a go-to accent color for the accent wall in a farmhouse kitchen, but it can also work with various styles. With different shades to choose from, Emerald has an elegant and glamorous vibe to your kitchen, while the lime green one is a cheerful and fun way to bring happiness.


Gold color is a nice accent color to work with, especially when bringing the accent wall design to the kitchen. It has a significant impact and can be an excellent primary accent color. You can use it in the accent wall for the kitchen, add some gold hardware, artwork, dishware, and even décor to make the glamour look strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Identify the Kitchen Accent Wall

The first step is to look for a wall that has distinct architectural details and enhance them. Also, if you have a sloppy wall from a vaulted ceiling or arched from a barrel ceiling, these kitchen walls can be perfect for accentuating. Walls with shelves display decorative utensils, and ceramic pottery or those behind a decorative buffet are perfect. Another common technique to point out an accent kitchen wall is standing in the entryway and seeing what attracts your attention first. Please do not ignore the ceiling because it can also be an excellent accent wall to introduce unique colors to your room.

The theme is an essential aspect of a kitchen, and whichever theme you use in the kitchen can help one identify the best color to apply to the walls. However, there are standard and favorite colors you can find in almost every kitchen. Colors such as green, gold, navy blue, red and turquoise are popular with kitchens, and that is because of the impact they bring to the kitchen


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